Story: Her Butterflies

A Fan Fiction involving MLP:FiM Characters, it can get into the realm of more Adult themes. SO Please be aware of this… It involves naughty talk and characters doing stuff that you really would think… OH MY!!

firstkissiconHer Butterflies
Written by: Colleen Phillips
A Fluttershy X Discord Fan Fiction –

Daft Punk- “Something About Us”

It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one
But there’s something about us I want to say
Cause there’s something between us anyway

I might not be the right one
It might not be the right time
But there’s something about us I’ve got to do
Some kind of secret I will share with you

I need you more than anything in my life
I want you more than anything in my life
I’ll miss you more than anyone in my life
I love you more than anyone in my life


Sometimes Fluttershy awoke afraid in the middle of the night, she shivered and cried a little bit when she had nightmares. One of these nightmares hit her this night when her friend Discord was downstairs on the couch. The nightmare was horrible and she screamed loudly and sat in her bed holding her blankets to her, she started to weep her breathing coming in gasps.

Discord awoke instantly with the sound of the scream, without hesitation he went up to her room in a snap of his fingers. He opened the door and went in without invitation.
“Whatever is the matter my dear sweet Fluttershy?” He asked as he approached her bed.

She looked at him her eyes rimmed with tears; she was still shivering frightened from the nightmare. “Oh it was horrible.” She whispered as a tear fell down her cheek. “But… I…it was nothing really.”

“Oh, come now. What are friends for?” He asked and patted one of her hooves softly.

“It was nothing,” She squeaked shyly and she looked at her hoof where he was patting it. “Sorry I woke you up from your sleep.”

He sat on her bed lightly on the edge. “My dear, I had been stuck in stone for centuries. I think I had a fair amount of sleep during that time. I doubt I am lacking in that department. He continued to pat her hoof as he moved up onto her bed a little more as if trying to get comfortable.

Fluttershy fully trusted her friend; but she wondered what his plans were. His tail snaked around her and pulled her close to him as he leaned back on her bed. “So please my dear, indulge me on what had scared you so much in that dream of yours?”

Fluttershy looked at his tail around her then looked up at him and blushed suddenly.

Discord knew what her dream was about but wanted her to tell him. He moved his tail slightly to her chin. “Come on Dear. Tell me what is on your mind.”

Fluttershy felt a knot in the pit of her stomach as she felt her resolve melt away at his touch. “I … I mean…” She looked away from him and blushed. His ears perked up and he leaned close to her.

“Yes?” He prompted.

“It was a nightmare is all. It wasn’t real right? I feel like a foolish filly.” She stated and suddenly felt her heart flutter like butterflies as she looked up at him and his face was right next to her.

“Fluttershy.” He smiled. “Nothing is foolish about you.”

She blinked at his compliment and felt her heart beat faster and she did something that she would never have done ever. She leaned up and kissed him.

Discord really didn’t expect that to happen. He blinked at first when he felt her lips push up against his. Then just as he realized she did it; she pulled away from the kiss her cheeks burning red with an honestly chaste blush.

He was at a total loss for words at that moment as he felt his whole body shiver and he moved his tail around her more pulling her closer he curled up around her and tried to get her to look at him.

She was looking down her face was burning with embarrassment. ‘Oh my goodness what did I do?’ Her mind raced and she felt his tail hug her closer and she looked up to see him looking at her with a question on his face. “Sorry.” She whispered.

He put his talon up to her chin and delicately tilted her face to look up at him. “Don’t be sorry.” He whispered back and kissed her this time and she didn’t pull away as they kissed softly for a moment. He curled around her protectively as they kissed and when they finished kissing he sighed deeply.

She didn’t know if the sigh was good or bad but she looked around her and saw he was curled around her. “Discord, you are on my bed.” She stated quietly.

He looked at where he was and smiled sheepishly. “Why so I am? Oh the wonders of it all. Are you going to kick me out of your bed?”

She blushed again and slowly shook her head. “No. I can sleep downstairs.” She started to flap her wings to get up. He put his paw on her back.

“Fluttershy, my dear, please stay. I don’t want to make you leave your bed. If you want; I will leave.”

She felt suddenly conflicted. She felt protected with him around her, but she kissed him; he might think she wanted more from him. She did want more but, she felt herself blush again and looked at him. “No, we can just sleep the rest of the night in here.”

He smiled showing his sharpest teeth, possibly to try and startle her, but she wasn’t fazed as she smiled back at him. “Goodnight Discord.” She moved her body against his. He looked at her up against him and moved slightly pulling one of his arms up to put it over her shoulder, his claws reached into her feathers to slowly caress them. She relaxed as they lay together and slowly she drifted off to sleep. He wished it would be that easy for him, he listened to her breathe for a few moments and lay his head down to sleep as well keeping one ear alert to anything that might happen in the night.

She awoke with a start and looked around, Discord wasn’t in her bed and she wondered if last night was a dream as well, but it felt real, they had kissed hadn’t they? She got up and slowly flew down to her floor and walked out of her bedroom. The house was quiet as she walked down her steps and saw Discord on her couch reading a book.

He looked at her and smiled. “Good morning Fluttershy! I hope you slept well? I for one, slept like a dream.” He floated over to her and gave her a wink. She blushed and ran into her kitchen to get breakfast ready for everyone. She had her animal friends to take care of. Discord followed her into the kitchen; he strolled in with his paws behind his back casually.

“What is on the menu today? Do you need any of my help?” He asked as he picked up a bowl, she flew over to him and took the bowl gently.

“I… need to feed Angel first, he never eats enough. Then I have to give the blue jays their seeds, feed the chickens and the fish. Oh, I have so much to do today.” She put a bowl of carrots down in front of Angel; the bunny put his nose up and kicked the bowl. It slid across the floor and stopped at Discord’s hoof. When Fluttershy’s back was turned Discord made a threatening gesture at the bunny and kicked the bowl back to Angel. The bunny gulped and started to eat the carrots while looking warily at Discord.

“Good boy Angel!” She praised the white bunny. She had grabbed a bowl full of bird seed and was flying out to the garden. “Thank you Discord for giving Angel his food dish, it must have slipped.” She hummed happily almost believing what happened last night was just a dream.

Discord gave a deep sigh and followed the yellow pony out to the garden. He watched her feed the birds and start throwing feed to the chickens. “Fluttershy?” He said and she turned and looked at him.

“Yes?” She asked as she stopped humming for a moment.

“Did you forget what happened? Or should I remind you?” He just stood there looking at her.

Fluttershy hovered there and slowly landed, she hid her face behind her long pink hair as a blush ran across her cheeks. “I… didn’t forget. I thought you didn’t want to talk about it or… I… I was hoping it was just a dream?” She made a hurt noise when she saw him frown at her answer. “It wasn’t a dream and I know that, because… you stayed with me last night. I had only thought it was a dream when you weren’t with me when I awoke.”

He smirked at her behavior she was acting flustered and her wings seemed to flap and shake when she was nervous her voice started to go quieter and quieter as she felt she was being judged. He walked over to her and put his finger on her muzzle. She squeaked at his touch suddenly and seemed to visibly relax as he moved his finger under her chin.

“I am not angry with you for thinking you forgot or that it was just a dream.” He picked her up suddenly; she let out a little squeak again in surprise. He held her at arms-length and she blinked a little almost forgetting that he was a lot stronger than anyone she ever met before. “I could just …” He smiled as he glanced around and brought her to him. He kissed her on the lips and she blinked for a moment then kissed back her eyes closing as he held her to his body. His tongue lightly licked at her lips and she opened them slightly as he pushed his forked tongue into her mouth. They kissed deeply her heart sped up like it was a hummingbird and she felt her cheeks flush with more than just shyness.

He cradled her in his arms she was like a delicate flower that he had to protect. He felt good around her, someone that actually gave him friendship but also gave him something he wanted for a while: Companionship. He reluctantly broke the kiss with her and she looked at him shyly, she was flush in her cheeks and she felt really warm in his arms. “Discord,” she whispered huskily. “I…”

“Shush…” He said to her and gave her a toothy smile. “All in due time my dear. Just know that you are wide awake right now.” He gave her another quick kiss and slowly set her down.

Fluttershy stumbled a bit on wobbly legs since their kiss made her feel like her legs were made of jelly. She steadied herself with her wings a little bit and stood still for a few moments as she watched Discord fade from her view and reappear inside her house to wave at her through the window. She blushed anew as she waved at him. She then went to finish her tasks of feeding her animal friends.


Fluttershy slowly walked into Sugar Cube Corner to meet up with her friends. Pinkie Pie was the first to greet her.

“Fluttershy! You are late!” The pink pony bounced around her and Fluttershy mumbled out an apology. Pinky stopped in mid jump and landed next to Fluttershy. “Oh you silly, you don’t have to apologize.”

Fluttershy walked over to the table where Twilight, Rarity, Rainbow, and Apple Jack stood chatting. “Hello, sorry I’m late” she said quietly.

“Darling, you know we don’t mind, you had your animals to take care of.” Rarity said as she pushed a cookie over to Fluttershy. “You can have my cookie I had an extra.”

“Thank you, Rarity.” Fluttershy took a bite of the cookie and smiled. She stopped chewing when she noticed all the girls were looking at her. “Um, did I do something wrong?”

“You didn’t hear me?” Twilight asked.

“No, sorry, what did you say?” She asked as she tried not to blush around her friends.

Twilight cleared her throat. “Well I wanted to know if the rumor was true.”

“What… rumor?” Fluttershy asked feeling like she was under scrutiny, she wondered if someone had seen her and Discord kissing and had started to spread a rumor about them.

Pinkie Pie grinned and interjected, “That someone here has a boyfriend!”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened in shock in the fact that they knew about her and Discord she started to speak. “Um I…”

“It’s untrue; ya’ll have to stop believing rumors like that.” Apple Jack was blushing and looking at her drink. “Ya’ll know I’m being honest when I say that those rumors are false.”

“Oh, we know that Darling, but there really is nothing wrong with having a boyfriend. My goodness we are all grown mares.” Rarity interjected.

“Ooh! Maybe it is you that has a boyfriend!” Pinkie teased Rarity. The white pony looked at Pinkie like she grew another nose. “Honestly Pinkie, get a hold of yourself.”

“If I was to have a boyfriend, I’d want one that was fun to be around.” Pinkie grinned as she hugged herself. “Like this Rarity?”

“I’d want one that was intelligent and enjoyed books.” Twilight sighed at the thought.

Rainbow Dash looked rather bored of the whole conversation. “I don’t need a boyfriend. I can take care of myself.” She muttered as she crossed her arms.

“Can we talk about something else?” Fluttershy whispered.

“Don’t feel sad Fluttershy, I am sure there is a special some pony out there for you.” Pinkie smiled at her friend and put her hoof on her shoulder.

Fluttershy kept her mouth shut even though she felt herself flushing with a retort about already having some pony special.

After about another hour of just talking about nothing in particular Apple Jack mentioned that she was going to be making a bunch of apple pies and needed some help in baking. Fluttershy had volunteered to help out. “Bring some apples to my house… I will bake some pies, if it’s not too much of a bother.”

“Shoot, it ain’t any trouble at all Sugar Cube. I will bring some apples to ya’ll in a couple hours.”

“Oh… okay, I… will be home.” She waved bye to her friends as she walked back home slowly. She was thinking about how she would make the apple pies and wondered if Discord would help her a little bit.

When she opened the door to her home she suddenly gasped and backed out of the house looked to make sure it was her house and walked back in. Her whole interior was covered in roses. The couch, the tables, the floor… everything had roses; they were pink roses to match the color of her hair.

“D… Discord?” She said nervously as she tried not to step on a couple of rather small roses.

Discord appeared right in front of her, he was wearing a suit and tie and he held a bouquet of roses to her. “It is so good to see you!” He lifted her up and hugged her then slowly set her on the floor. “What do you think?”

“I… I’m… why?” She asked as she tried not to slip on some flower petals.

He defied gravity again and floated in front of her on his back. “Because my dear, you are like a fragile flower and I want to show you how beautiful you are. It seems though; you outshine even the most delicate of roses.”

Fluttershy felt her face flush with a deep crimson, his compliments made her blush, she felt really awkward when he threw them at her.

Noticing that she was blushing; Discord slowly stopped floating and stood up. He looked at all the roses then looked back at her. “I guess I over did this just a touch.” He snapped his fingers and only the bouquet of flowers he gave her was sitting in the middle of her table in a vase. All the other flowers had disappeared and he walked over to her and looked down at her. She seemed to visibly relax seeing that all the flowers were gone. Angel came out of hiding and hopped over to Fluttershy and started to chitter about how Discord made the house a mess.

“Angel!” She scooped him up into her hooves and hugged her pet. “Have you been a good bunny?” Discord watched her hug the bunny and the bunny stuck his tongue out at him. He just gave Angel an innocent look and turned away for a moment.

There was a knock on the door and Fluttershy put Angel down. “Coming.”

Discord suddenly disappeared in a snap; he really didn’t want to see the other ponies. “I’ll be back, my dear Fluttershy.” She heard him in her ears but didn’t see him. She felt her heart hurt for a moment because he wasn’t nearby. She opened the door.

“Howdy Sugarcube I brought the apples for those apple pies you promised to make me.” Apple Jack greeted her and walked into the house, followed by Big Macintosh who had two large baskets strapped to his sides.

Big Mac gave her a smile as he shrugged the baskets from his shoulders down on to her floor.

“Oh… Um Big Mac… um, are you okay? Th… those looked heavy.” The gentle pony asked him as she looked at his shoulders.

Big Mac shrugged as if it was nothing and smiled at her thankful that his fur was red because Fluttershy always made him blush. He gave his answer in a simple “Yup.” And walked out of the house quickly; afraid if he stayed longer he’d do something crazy, like actually have a full conversation with Fluttershy.

Apple Jack watched as her brother left and shook her head. “Sorry Fluttershy, Mac gets a bit shy around girls sometimes.”

Big Macintosh leaned against a fence outside Fluttershy’s and waited for his sister to come out so he could deliver the next batch of apples when Discord appeared right next to him dressed in overalls and chewing on a piece of straw. “Good afternoon Big Mac.”

The stallion looked at the Lord of Chaos in wide eyed wonder and he glanced at Fluttershy’s house wondering if his sister was going to come out soon. Discord didn’t wait for Big Mac to answer him as he frowned; he pulled the straw out of his mouth and scrutinized Big Mac. “Don’t go thinking you can steal my Fluttershy from me. If you do, maybe you would like to be a dog again?” He put his finger in the air right above Big Mac’s muzzle. “It only takes a touch of my magic and… you’ll be eating dog food for a few weeks.”

Big Mac shook his head and backed away from Discord. “Nope.”

“Good, we have an understanding then.” He then disappeared with a snap of his fingers.

Apple Jack walked out of Fluttershy’s house and trotted over to her brother. “Okay Mac we can…” She stopped and looked at her brother and noticed that he was sweating and looking around nervously. “What the hay is wrong with you? Did you see a ghost?”

He looked around furtively and shook his head. “Nope.”

Apple Jack shrugged at her brother’s weird behavior as they walked off he was pulling the wagon full of apples they had brought and he looked behind him and gulped when he saw two disembodied eyes and a smile in the middle of the sky. He looked straight ahead afterwards not daring to look back.


Fluttershy had started to cut up apples in her kitchen as Angel bunny helped her by pulling out all the things she needed for making apple pies including the pie tins, he was trying to pull them out when they started to tumble and fall on top of his little bunny body when they stopped mid-air. The tins flew onto the counter top in a neat little row. “As much fun as it would be to see the chaos of pie tins falling onto the floor, I rather not hear them fall.” Discord said as he walked into the kitchen.

“T… thank you Discord.” Fluttershy said as she poured flour into a bowl.

Discord watched her for a moment. “It would be so much easier if you let me use my magic to prepare the apples.”

“N… no, it’s not a problem. I… can do this without m… magic.” She flew over to her spice rack and took down the cinnamon and sugar.

Discord leaned against the counter and rubbed his chin and goatee slowly as he got lost in thought. He did it often when he was getting bored. Fluttershy stopped what she was doing and smiled at the draconequus. “What are you thinking about?” She asked to try to get him out of his thoughts.

One of Discord’s eyebrows shot up at the question and he looked at her. “Oh, I am not thinking about much. Let’s do something fun Fluttershy, I can get these apple pies ready in two snaps of my fingers and we can go somewhere and have fun. When we get back all you have to do is pop them in the oven and in a few moments cooked apple pies.”

Fluttershy looked at the kitchen and looked at the bags of sugar, flour, and the canister of cinnamon and the bushel of unprepared apples. She looked over at Angel bunny that was shaking his head in disagreement.

“Oh… um… Okay Discord. Do you know how to make apple pie?”

He put his lion paw to his chest. “Oh my dear Fluttershy you cut me to the core. Of course I know how to make apple pie.” He snapped his fingers and all the ingredients started to rise up and start assembling in front of them. He snapped his fingers again they started to move faster.

Fluttershy gasped as she watched the pies get finished before her eyes. Soon the counter had several uncooked pies sitting on it. Each one was made nicely and plump with apples.

“Isn’t that a lot better?” He asked as he snapped once more to start cleaning the kitchen.
“Now all you need to do is to cook them.”

“That really helps a lot.” She whispered. “T… Thank you.”

“So do you want to do anything fun now?” He grinned, showing off his long tooth. “I can think of so many things we can do that will… cause some…” he hesitated.

“Cause some what?” Fluttershy asked.

He cleared his throat. “Sorry my dear I was going to do something bad and I remembered I promised I wouldn’t. I wanted to show you how I cause chaos, but I made a promise to you, my friend.”

Fluttershy sighed and looked down. “Um is there a way to cause chaos without hurting anyone?”

Discord considered it and slowly tapped on his tooth making a small ting noise. “Hmmm
Nope.” He shook his head. “Well, if you want to be technical about it… no one really gets hurt. I just get to have a lot of fun.”

“There are better ways to have fun.” She whispered.

He looked at her and saw she was blushing. “Oh? Tell me what other ways are there?”

“I… um think that we can go on a picnic, go out for a walk, and talk about things.” She looked at the floor and scuffed her hoof against it.

Discord closed his eyes and let out a sigh. “Sure we will go on a short picnic, but I think that we should cook these pies first, it shouldn’t take too long.” He waved his hand and two pies flew in the oven at once. Within the two hours all the pies were baked and they were sitting on the counter top cooling.

“I think Apple Jack will pick up the pies later.” Fluttershy said.

Fluttershy packed up a picnic lunch, putting a couple sandwiches, carrots and juice in a basket. She was about to pick it up when Discord scooped her and the basket up and ran out of her house as fast as his legs could take him. As soon as he got outside he breathed in deeply and exhaled out. “MMM AHHH Freedom!” He hugged Fluttershy close and walked out towards Everfree Forest. “Time for that picnic, a walk, and a lot of talking.”
Fluttershy squeaked when she saw he was headed towards the forest. “Um… The Everfree Forest, are you sure about this?”

“Trust me Fluttershy I know what I am doing.” He strode into the forest with confidence. Fluttershy closed her eyes as he carried her deep into the forest.


It always felt like night time in the Everfree forest, Discord felt the pony shaking in his arms and he hugged her to him. “Relax my dear; we’ll make a nice picnic near the river.” When he found a clearing he set her down and placed the basket on the ground. She opened her eyes just a crack and saw it was a nice sunny spot near running water. She relaxed a little bit. He pulled out a blanket from the basket, wait a minute she thought as he spread the cloth on the ground. “I didn’t pack a blanket.”

“You didn’t?” He gasped as he placed other things on the blanket she didn’t remembering packing. She looked up at the sky and saw what time it was by the position of the sun. She walked to the basket and glanced in it, everything she set in there was still in there. She sat down on her haunches and watched as Discord poured drinks and set up the plates.

As he made himself busy she looked around the clearing. She suddenly noticed something on the edge of the forest. It was acting like it was injured; she was about the go towards it when Discord looked up for a moment. “Remember Fluttershy, they do not call it Everfree forest for nothing.” He didn’t see what she was looking at as she got up and started to fly to the injured animal.

Just as Fluttershy reached the animal Discord got up and saw what it was. “No! Don’t touch that…!” It was too late and she fell to the ground in a heap and the creature suddenly reared up, its fangs growing large to bite into her. Discord used his magic to cage the beast only to have it turn to mist and flee.

Discord rushed to Fluttershy. “Wh… What happened?” She said to him as he picked her up.

“Oh no.” Discord muttered. “Dear sweet Fluttershy wanting to help anything; even a creature that you have no knowledge of.” He pulled her against him and looked around.
“You give me no other choice.”

He carried Fluttershy in his arms and she started to shiver. He flew up into the air and looked around hoping to get his bearings. He saw what he was looking for and flew down as fast as he could towards it.

He started to talk to her while he carried her, pushing away bushes and leaves as he made his way through the forest. “I wouldn’t even show this place to Celestia. I knew that I couldn’t trust her to respect this place. It’s very sacred to me although I hadn’t seen it for over 1,000 years.” He looked down at Fluttershy in his arms and she shivered as the poison started to work through her system. He pushed through the overgrowth and saw what he was searching for. An ancient ruin with a crumbling old fountain in the middle of it; he placed Fluttershy down on a stone slab near the fountain. He looked at the fountain and back at Fluttershy; there was only a trickle of strange blue water falling from the top of the fountain. Taking out a vial he placed it under the water and filled it placing a stopper in the vial he took a sip of the trickle himself. He shivered and then moved over to Fluttershy with the vial; kneeling near her he unstopped it and put the glass up to her lips. “Drink this. Please.” His paw shook slightly as he tilted it to her. The pony made a small noise and slowly drank the water and coughed a couple times.

“So sleepy.” She whispered weakly. “Can I sleep now?” She asked him as her eyes closed.

Discord shook his head. “No, don’t sleep. You have to drink this first, please.” He pleaded with her.

“But I am tired…” She whispered.

“Drink more of this.” He made her drink more as he felt his chest clench and felt a tear fall from his eye, he tried to keep it from falling, because he is a Lord of Chaos he shouldn’t be caring about someone that he would outlive… “I told you not to trust the creatures out in the forest. That one in particular was highly poisonous.”

“But, it needed help…” She closed her eyes again as her body started to twitch in a convulsion.

“Oh! No… No…” Discord pulled her into his lap and held her hoping to take away her pain. “I was too late. Too late.” He held her until her convulsions stopped and she lay limply in his arms. He buried his face in her feathers and wept. “Fluttershy… I love you. You cannot leave me…” He growled as he tenderly picked her up and carried her over to a wall covered with moss and leaves, he moved one hand in front of it and it dissolved into a solid door which flew open into a large room. A fire started in a hearth and the room grew well lit and a large bed appeared out of nowhere. He placed her on the bed and put the covers over her. He sat in a chair that magically appeared. He placed his head on the bed and looked at her as she lay there in a deep sleep.


Fluttershy blinked sleepily and rolled to her side; her blanket felt so warm and cozy. Slowly she started to drift off to sleep again when her eyes flew open with shock and she sat up in the large bed. She was in an unfamiliar room. The bed was huge, warm and comforting; the walls were grey, made with stones like what is used for a castle. Glancing around her saw a fire burning in an inviting hearth; she looked down and saw that beside the bed she was in; Discord was sitting in a chair; his head was resting on the bed but he was asleep. She didn’t know how she got to this strange room, she did remember a strange dog creature that was limping like it was hurt and she went to try and help it; but as soon as she touched it she felt sick and blacked out.

“D…Discord?” She put her hoof out and touched his antler gently. He moved his head slightly and moved his lion paw up to touch her form softly. “Um… Discord? Wake up.” She asked him in a soft whisper.

The draconequus stirred slightly at the sound of her voice he blinked his eyes and suddenly sat up straight to look at Fluttershy smiling at him. “Fluttershy.” He said as a look of relief washed over his face. He placed his paw on her hoof and started to pet her softly. “You were almost taken from me.” He then blushed sheepishly. “So… You see you forced me to bring you to my abode.”

She blinked and looked around her at the stone walls and the inviting hearth. She moved a little on the soft bed knowing that is where he used to sleep. “What do you mean by forced?” She noticed that he actually lived in a large castle.

“It is a little worn down; since I hadn’t been here for several centuries.” He reached up to her cheek moving her hair from her face so he could look at her eyes.

“It… it is beautiful, but why bring me here?”

“This is the only place I know of that had The Spring of Eternity, a healing spring.” He blushed as he looked at the ground. “I know that I shouldn’t keep these things from my friends but there was no need for it until now.”

“What happened? What was that thing?” She moved her hoof over the soft blanket that covered her.

“You have a big heart my dear; it’s too bad that some of these creatures in Everfree don’t realize this. You came into contact with a magical creature called a Haunt, they are highly poisonous and just one touch to them will poison you. I gave you the Spring of Eternity’s water, but I had thought I was too late.” She was shocked to see that his eyes had tears forming in them. “I thought you were going to be taken from me.”

“Discord?” She said as he snuffled and turned away from her. “Are… are you okay?”

He cleared his throat a couple times. “I am now…” He looked back and gave his familiar smile. He grabbed her hoof and looked into her eyes. “Fluttershy, I got to ask you something.”

She made a small squeak. “What is it?” She felt her body shake a little bit.

He bit on his bottom lip and looked away from her for a few moments as if he was getting his courage up to ask her this question. He took in a deep breath and turned back to her. “Fluttershy, I almost lost you. I need to know. Do you feel the same about me as I feel about you? I don’t want to hide the fact that I love you from anyone.”

Fluttershy blinked at him, did she hear him right? “What?”

“Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“I… I’d never known anyone to say that to me… except for my… m… mom.” She looked at his face as he watched her give an answer. “Wh… What am I to say?” She moved her face and her mane of hair fell in front of her eyes.

“Just answer my question. I can take it; positive or negative.” He got up from the chair and walked over to the hearth and stood silhouetted against the fire. He had given her his heart and he really hoped she wouldn’t throw it back at him; because he didn’t know if he could catch it to keep it from shattering.

She was still trying to let the confession sink in; her heart was fluttering in her chest like a trapped bird, her breathing increased as she felt a little faint. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly as she tried hard to get the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. “D… Discord.” He glanced at her. “I have thought a lot about you.”

“And?” he prompted as he felt his chest tighten painfully.

She moved her hoof over the sheets and let out a soft sigh. “I care a lot about you, but… you are immortal Discord, I am not.”

“Au contraire, you had the water from the Spring of Eternity, here. You are now immortal. Just like me.”

Fluttershy flapped her wings and got out of the bed and landed on the floor. “What?” She walked over to him. “Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t want to be immortal… I…” She started to feel weak and she wobbled on her feet. He caught her before she fell over and gave her a small kiss on her forehead.

“No need to thank me.” He cooed to her and gave her little kisses on her face. “So how do you feel about me?”

Fluttershy looked at him and blushed again as she wiggled in his arms. “I… Oh Discord…” She still felt her heart beat hard and fast. “This is hard for me.”

“I love you Fluttershy.” He said suddenly. “I will do anything for you. You want the moon? I will fetch it for you. You want anything at all; I will do anything for your approval. I will give up anything for your love. If it is any proof what I have given up for you, I had given up causing chaos for you, and only you.”

She felt her face burning with a deep blush. “I … I love you too Discord.” She said and looked innocently at him.

He looked at her in shock; he didn’t think she would actually say it out loud. A smile scrawled across his face. “You made me a very happy draconequus.” He picked her up and kissed her solidly on the lips and started to dance with her in his arms. She made a slight timid squeak as he danced with her.

“Discord, I’m still a little sick.”

“Oops; sorry.” He placed her next to the hearth and sat down next to her. “I am so happy right now. I want to announce to all Equestria about it.”

She kept blushing. “Please don’t, I want to tell my friends first; um… well can you help me tell them first?”

“Of course.” He held his claw up. “We’ll tell them now.” He snapped his fingers and all five of Fluttershy’s friends appeared in Discord’s house.

Each of them looked like they were in the middle of doing something when Discord summoned them. Twilight looked like she was plucked out of mid-flight and she fell on her face on the floor. Rainbow Dash was plopped unceremoniously on Discord’s bed looked like she had been lying on a cloud. Rarity had a pin cushion in her mouth and on her muzzle were her reading glasses. Apple Jack fell over because she was in mid-buck on one of her apple trees. Pinkie Pie appeared last and was making a face she stopped and looked around.

“What happened?” Pinkie Pie asked first as she looked around. “I was making faces at the twins and next thing I know. I am here, wherever here is.”

“What is going on?” Demanded Rainbow Dash as she flew up off the bed and hovered above taking in the surroundings she looked about and spotted Discord and frowned.

Rarity huffed and dropped her pincushion on the floor. “What? I needed to finish that dress tonight!”

Apple Jack shook her whole body and looked at Discord with contempt. “I don’ know what has gotten inta ya Discord, but I have a feelin’ it’s because of you; Mac has been hidin’ in his bedroom.”

Twilight stood up shaking off her confusion fast and she looked at Discord and sighed, “What is going on Discord? I was going for my monthly visit to Canterlot libraries. This had better be important.”

Fluttershy was hiding behind Discord as all her friends appeared and she hid her face at their angered reactions. He grabbed her and placed her in front of himself. “Fluttershy has an announcement for all of you.” She meeped and shrank back against him as all her friends looked at her questioningly. He leaned down. “It’s okay Fluttershy, we are all friends here.”

All of the girls forgot what they had been pulled away from to look at their friend. Pinkie walked to her and smiled. “Oh! Oh! Can I guess first!?” Fluttershy gave her a horrified look.

Rarity approached Pinkie Pie and smiled, “Pinkie dear, let the poor girl speak. You cannot go around guessing when you don’t know what it is to begin with. Go ahead Darling; tell us.” She said to Fluttershy.

Fluttershy began to blush a deep crimson and took in a deep breath and said in a very small voice. “Discord and I, are in love.”

“What did you say?” Twilight asked. “You have to speak up.” Her ears twitched and she looked at everyone else. Everyone shrugged except for Pinkie who was about to burst with excitement at hearing everything Fluttershy said.

“I umm… said….” Fluttershy began.

“AHHH! I AM SO happy for you!!!” Pinkie screamed before Fluttershy could finish and bounced over to Fluttershy giving her a huge hug and hugging Discord as well. “You TWO! I could have guessed that all by myself!”

The other four looked at Pinkie Pie confused.

“I don’t get it!” Rainbow Dash said in an exasperated tone.

Pinkie bounced in front of them for a moment and smiled. “You see! Look at them! Discord and Fluttershy! They are a couple now! It’s true love. Sooo CUTE! This cries out PARTY! I think we should start celebrating!”

The other four looked at Fluttershy and Discord as if to confirm what Pinkie was yelling about. He had a blush on his cheeks and she had moved a little closer to him and he slowly was rubbing behind her ears. She was blushing as well and looked at the floor her hoof shuffling on the stone.

“Is this true?” Twilight asked; then looked at Discord crossly. “Discord, you didn’t use some chaotic magic on her did you?”

Discord covered his chest. “I wouldn’t do that to my Fluttershy. She is my gentle treasure.” He settled close to her as he sat down putting his tail around her.

“I don’t believe it. I trust you as far as I could throw you!” Rainbow Dash flew up to Discord and looked him eye to eye. “You are nothing but a lying…”

“Stop it.” Fluttershy said to Rainbow. “Be nice to him. He saved my life…” she paused, “I really do love him, he didn’t use any magic on me; I… loved him for a long time… I just didn’t know that he… loved me back.” She blushed again and quieted down.

“Fluttershy…” Discord said softly and moved his paw through her mane. “If I knew that… I would have told you sooner, I was afraid… you’d reject me. I love you.” He leaned down tilted her face up to him and they kissed.

Apple Jack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight all stared at them with their mouths agape. Pinkie kept smiling and nodding in approval.

Rainbow Dash was the first to say something. “Ugh, all this love talk is gross. Where are we anyway?” She looked around the room and landed in front of the hearth.

Twilight looked a little confused and her wings fluffed out with her confusion. “Discord… How can you and Fluttershy be happy together?”

“Oh my dear Twilight Sparkle always a deep thinker. It’s my and Fluttershy’s secret.” He winked at Fluttershy and the Pegasus pony blushed and hid her face behind her mane.

“So, have you two consummated yet!?” Pinkie asked.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened and she shook her head and placed her wings around her face. Discord looked at the pink pony in surprise, totally at a loss for any answer.

“Pinkie, do ya even know what that means? Ya aren’t supposed to ask that.” Apple Jack scolded her. She and the others knew what it meant and she saw that both Fluttershy and Discord were shocked by the question.

“Um… I just thought I asked, some pony told me that when ponies like each other a lot, they consummate their relationship.”

“Not always.” Twilight stated, feeling a blush on her cheeks with that question.

“My goodness! Pinkie!” Rarity was blushing a lot. “Act like a lady and don’t ask those questions.”

“Okies, Um… What does it mean then?” Pinkie honestly asked.

Discord grinned at that. “Ahem, allow me to tell her.” He went over to Pinkie and leaned down and whispered in her ear. Pinkie’s eyes widened and she made a weird face and then if she wasn’t pink before she was on the verge of the color red.

“Oh…” She said and looked at Discord then at Fluttershy… “So, did you two?”

He rolled his eyes. “No.” He walked back to Fluttershy in the process he picked his eyes up off the floor and placed them back on his face. “And if we did… I am not telling you.”

“Aww, the Cakes do it all the time!”

“PINKIE!” Twilight gasped.

“What? I can hear them… at night…” She stopped talking for a moment. She looked around and stated. “Where are we?”

“That is what I want to know!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

Discord smirked. “Oh, well. This is my castle.” He stated. “Sorry it’s a little run down.”

Twilight looked around the room and saw a couple doors. “I assume one of these doors is the exit?”

“Very astute of you Twilight may I suggest you open a couple doors and find out?” He waved his talon towards a door. “Maybe you’ll find the library in this castle. I have a very extensive one.” He looked at Pinkie and smiled at her, “I also have a room in my castle that is dedicated to party supplies. I haven’t seen it in years and I cannot tell you how well it has been maintained. This castle is self-sufficient, but very chaotic like me; you’ll never know what door will lead to what. Be my guest though to explore it at your leisure. If you get lost I will call you back.”

Rainbow Dash opened the door and looked. “It’s a hallway full of doors.” She looked at all of them and smiled. “Are you sure it’s ok if we explore?”

“Have at it.” Discord offered. “Just have fun, mi casa es su casa.”

Rainbow Dash looked at him for a moment then shrugged. “Whatever you said, I’m gonna look around.” She flew into the hallway.

Apple Jack sighed and followed her. “Rainbow get back here, we’ll explore together.”

Twilight trotted out to the hallway too thinking that she might come across Discord’s Library. Pinkie bounced out to the hall as well, Rarity shrugged and followed after she had glanced at Discord looking at Fluttershy amorously.


(chapter rated: NC-17)

Fluttershy looked down the hallway from the room and watched as her friends looked at and started to open random doors. “Should I go with them?” She asked.

Discord slowly walked to the door and kicked it closed it with his hoof. “Why would you do something silly like that; when all the fun will be in here?”

She looked up at him and suddenly blushed. “Oh…” He lifted her face and leaned down to kiss her, his tongue teased against hers and she sighed with the feel, her legs shook like jelly and he lifted her up not breaking the kiss, and carried her over to his bed. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at her; she blushed as she looked at where he set her down. “Um, are you sure…?” She whispered at him and he slowly nodded.

“I know that you are scared.” He said softly. “I won’t hurt you.” He crawled onto the bed and put his tail around her. “If you want… we do not have to do anything. Only when you want to…” He snuggled up against her rubbing her ear with his lion paw.

She blushed and felt her heart beating in her ears. “I want to though. I want you… I am scared though… I… don’t want to be scared.” She bit her lower lip. “So… um, I don’t know… how do we start?”

Discord smiled at her. “Like this.” He kissed her again as he moved over her body with his as they kissed he helped her relax and moved his paw over her back and massaged her wings. She let out a gasp as he rubbed her wings he looked at her. “Did I hurt you?” He asked.

“No… That just felt good.” She whispered and moved slightly feeling his weight against her. “Why did you stop?”

He licked his long tooth with his tongue as if tasting her kiss. “I just want you to know, if anything doesn’t feel right to you. Tell me to stop and I will.” He moved his paw on her wing again she spread them out. “Oh Fluttershy.” He almost moaned her name as he admired her wings.

She blushed as she felt his paw on her. “Discord, please.” She said softly and it hit him the right way as he felt a chill run up his spine and he became fully aroused.

“Yes.” He grabbed her tail, smoothing her hair with his paw and moved it to the side. “I want you Fluttershy, I love you. I am sorry if I hurt you. It’s been so long, I cannot wait anymore.” He angled his cock up against her soft wet entrance.

She gasped as he pushed himself into her. “Ahh!” She gasped out loudly. He pushed into her harder and broke through her virgin barrier. She gasped again and shuddered underneath him, her shaking making him harder with desire.

“Sorry…” he moaned out as he moved against her. “Uh, you feel so tight my love.”

She panted as she felt him push into her and she gasped as he rubbed himself up against her sweet spot. She shuddered as her body tightened around him. He started to make love to her gently as he leaned down and nibbled on her ear softly. She moved her head slightly to look at him over her shoulder. “I…” she panted. “You feel so good.” She moaned.

“You feel so wonderful.” He shuddered as he felt a climax rising within. He gritted his teeth. “Not yet…” He admonished himself. “A little bit more…”

She gasped and moaned as he pushed in and out of her, her body was reacting to his movement and she felt her body shudder as she came, she let out a loud shuddering groan of pleasure. “Ooh… Discord…”

He felt her cum and he panted out softly, as her warm juices flowed over him. “I cannot take it much longer…You are too tight for me…” He grabbed her shoulders and dug his claws into them. He pushed into her deeply and released his orgasm.

Her eyes flew open at the feel of his claws in her and felt his hot seed spill deeply into her, she shuddered with the power of it and she came again. “AH! DISCORD…Yes!” She gasped.

“Oh… Yes Fluttershy,” He groaned as he pushed a couple more times into her, then; reluctantly pulled from her. He moved up against her and looked into her eyes. “I hope I wasn’t too rough.”

She blushed and looked at him lovingly. “It felt wonderful. I never felt that way before, and it felt really good.” She smiled. “When can we do it again?”

He smiled at that question and kissed her. “Oh Fluttershy, you amaze me. We’ll do that again, in due time.” He pulled her body against him as they lay down on the bed. She snuggled close to him, feeling safe with him; he placed his arm over her keeping her close.


Twilight Sparkle found the library and she gasped at how huge it was. There were books that hadn’t seen the light of day in centuries and she touched their spines lovingly. She wondered how Discord could have gotten so many books; there were literally millions of them.

She pulled one out: Chaotic Imaginings written by Buttercup Everclear. She opened it up and it contained several images and some very illegible writings. She closed it, placed it back on the shelf and pulled out another. Princess Celestia: The Untold Story written by: Discord. She opened the book and saw only blank pages. She gave an exasperated sigh. “Leave it to Discord to not really finish writing anything.” The library suddenly made a loud groaning sound and all the shelves shifted and moved. All the books shuffled before her eyes, she dropped the book in shock as she held onto the ladder she was using; and let her wings keep her from falling off. “What in Equestria is going on?”

Whatever system or lack thereof the library was ordered to basically revert to a more chaotic state, although Twilight knew that even chaotic systems still obeyed some rules, it was difficult to discern as in parts of the shelving there seemed to be a civil war going on between textbooks and fiction. Blinking as the dust settled around her she looked at the books in front of her. The Great Snipe Hunt, written by Anonymous. The Mysterious Human, by Three Dog Knight. Twilight made a face at these titles and looked upwards and saw the book she was looking at a few moments before the shift. It had sprouted wings and was flying around like a gnat. She flapped her wings and went up to where the book was flying around and she grabbed it. It tried vainly to get away from her but she forced it open. The first dozen or more pages seemed to be quite blank except for the occasional inverted printed letter or word lost in the gutter or margin of the pages; not until further into the book did it prove that most of the missing text had decided to have a party with the remainder of the book, with words and paragraphs slipping through pages to meet up with their friends towards the back. She moved the book onto its side and all the letters and numbers shifted over to that side she then shook the book, and all the letters suddenly disappeared.

“AH!” She was aghast at having cast the knowledge contained into disarray to be lost forever, until slowly the words grudgingly found their way back to their proper places again. She suddenly started turning the pages and she felt relief wash over her. Discord had written the book, but it still didn’t make any sense. A chapter titled: Celestia proves she is a Big Poopie Head. Twilight pages through it and it shows a couple crude drawings of Celestia and Luna. She comes to another chapter called: Celestia Argues with her Sister Too Much; and only two words are in that chapter. “Shut up.” Twilight closes the book and puts it in her pack that she had been wearing since she was rudely disrupted in mid-flight earlier. She really didn’t know what Fluttershy saw in him, but who was she to argue, they seemed happy.

She flew over to a door and opened it and left Discord’s library, taking note that she’d have to return to it soon.


Fluttershy was eating a daisy sandwich as a door opened from the hallway and all her friends fell back into Discord’s bedroom. They tumbled across the floor and looked around in shock. Fluttershy waved at them timidly. “Um… hi… I hope you had fun, Discord went somewhere but I don’t know where. Care for a sandwich?” She pointed at a plate full of daisy sandwiches.

“Aren’t you supposed to keep an eye on him?” Rainbow Dash asked as she flew over to the table and sat down grabbing a sandwich to munch on it.

“This is his place, I don’t tell Discord to do anything in his own place.” Fluttershy shrugged. “Did you find anything interesting?”

Rarity walked up to the table and used her magic to levitate a sandwich in front of her; she checked it and started to nibble on it. “He has quite a large collection of fashions. Old and new pony fashions. I was quite astounded by all the history he has here.”

“I for one was surprised on his eclectic array of novels and periodicals.” Twilight stated. “His system of book organization was a bit chaotic, to downright insane.”

Discord appeared with a slight pop right next to Twilight. She jumped back with a small scream escaping her lips. “Did someone mention chaos?” Fluttershy smiled at him as a blush lighted her cheeks. He blew her a kiss and looked at Twilight. “What is wrong with the way I organize my library?”

“Ahem, well you do not employ the practicality of organizing in alphabetical order of the authors or titles, how would you find anything without some sort of organization.”

Discord looked at her in an almost bored state and snapped his fingers and a book appeared in his hand. “The secret life of a bookworm: Written by ME!” He tossed it at Twilight and she used her magic to catch it. On the cover was her face and she looked at him and opened the book to see what it said.

“Chapter one: Twilight Sprakle is a Big Poopie Head.” Pinkie Pie read over Twilight’s shoulder out loud. She started to giggle.

“It is spelled S.P.A.R.K.L.E!” Twilight huffed.

“Oh, my mistake.” He snapped his fingers and the letters moved around to spell her name correctly.

Pinkie snickered. “Why would you correct the spelling Twilight; he is making fun of you.”

“Ah contraire, I know that Twilight has something in her bag that shouldn’t be there unless she asked me if she could borrow it.” He snapped his fingers and the bookworm book disappeared.

Twilight was suddenly blushing as she looked at Discord. “I was going to ask you… but you weren’t here.”

“I am here now.” He grinned and then as she was about to ask him to borrow the book he fell over and it was just a cardboard cut-out.

Apple Jack jumped back as it fell next to her. “What the hay?”

They all looked around and didn’t see him anywhere. Fluttershy looked under the table for him and sat up fast with small squeak. “Oh!” She started to giggle and then made a face as she wiggled in her chair.

“What is wrong with you Fluttershy?” Rainbow asked as she watched her friend wiggle and jump.

“Oh, Umm… I…” She blushed deeply. “Discord… Stop that… Please.”

“Oh, you are a spoil sport.” Discord said as he suddenly appeared right next to Fluttershy licking his lips, he had his paw on her shoulder and they assumed he had been tickling her while invisible. “Okay Twilight, ask me.” He said without looking at the Alicorn.

“Can I borrow your book?” Twilight said begrudgingly.

“Yeah, I don’t care. I doubt you’ll be able to read it outside my library though.” He rubbed his paw on Fluttershy’s wing and both of her wings popped up. Her eyes widened and she blushed.

Pinkie watched the way Discord and Fluttershy were reacting to one another and she bit down on her lower lip. Discord glanced at her and he noticed that she looked like she was going to burst with excitement. “I think we all should go before Pinkie explodes and makes a mess in my house.” He snapped his fingers and they all disappeared, his house grew gloomy and unfriendly again the fire died as soon as it came to life, the bed disappeared, and the chaotic castle went back into hibernation.


They all reappeared right outside Rarity’s Carousal Boutique. “There we go, back home in Ponyville.” He let out a yawn. “All this traveling makes me sleepy.” He winked at Fluttershy.

Pinkie Pie seemed to vibrate with excitement with being back home and she suddenly screamed. “PARTY AT SUGARCUBE CORNER NOW! You are all invited ESPECIALLY FLUTTERSHY AND DISCORD! SINCE YOU TWO ARE THE REASON FOR IT!”

“Umm, but Pinkie…” Fluttershy began but quieted as the pink pony grabbed her hoof and Discord’s paw and started to drag them to Sugar Cube Corner.

Discord detached his paw and followed Pinkie without being dragged bodily. Fluttershy looked at him pitifully. “Sorry my dear, you’ll just have to deal with it.”

When Pinkie showed up at Sugarcube Corner she turned to look at her guests of honor only to have Discord walk by her and she looked at what she was holding. “Ah! It’s just your paw!” She started to laugh at the trick as his paw suddenly woke up and crawled back to him to reattach.

The Cakes looked on as Pinkie brought everyone in for an impromptu party. They were used to her doing this and didn’t mind since she usually brought them patrons. They did act a little nervous though to see Discord was one of the reasons for the party.

“Okay!” Pinkie pushed Discord over to a chair and pushed Fluttershy to a chair right beside him. “We are celebrating that these two found their very special some pony in each other!” Fluttershy shook her head and hid her face behind one of Discord’s wings.

He looked mildly amused by this and moved his wing away from her. “Just smile and let Pinkie do this.” He whispered to her, he moved closer to her ear and continued. “After this, I will show you some other tricks I know.” He smiled and licked his lips slowly; Fluttershy blushed and knew that he was trying to hint at what he will do to her later.

The others showed up to the party, Twilight went home and invited Spike to join. The baby dragon ran into Sugarcube Corner then suddenly stopped and fell over as he saw that Pinkie was putting a party hat on Discord, she was trying to tie it to his goat horn and what surprised Spike more was Discord was letting her.

Fluttershy was eating a cupcake and looking around nervously. Twilight walked in with Rarity and Apple Jack. Rarity had told her sister Sweetie Belle about the party, the filly said she’d come after she was done with something she was writing. Apple Jack brought her sister Apple Bloom, the filly went over to where Discord was, and looked up at him with big wide eyes.

“Oh, Hello.” He acknowledged the filly.

“Howdy, Mr. Discord sir…” Apple Bloom stared at him. “Say, ya’ll have any idear why my brother is hidin’ in his room?”

Discord blinked and started to laugh. “HAH! That is great! Oh my! HAHAHA!”

Fluttershy looked at Discord. “What is so funny?”

“This Filly, she makes me laugh.” He patted Apple Bloom’s head. “Oh! I think I know you from somewhere! OH YES! I remember you.” Apple Bloom gulped as he winked at her. “Where are your fellow chaos creators?”

“Ah, well…” Apple Bloom looked around as if trying to keep from being alone talking to Discord. She spotted Sweetie Belle walking into the shop. She pointed at her. “Sweetie Belle; over here!” The relief was apparent in her voice.

Sweetie Belle walked up to Apple Bloom and stopped short when she saw Discord looking at her. “What? What did I do wrong?”

“Oh! Nothing at all!” Discord grinned toothily. “I just want to thank you and of course your other friend, but it seems she is not here.”

“T… Thank us? Fer what?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Oh, for releasing me from my stone prison the first time.” He winked at them. “Keep up the good work of causing chaos and destruction. I would not be who I am; without fillies like you.” He patted both of them on their heads as if to dismiss them.

Sweetie Belle looked at Apple Bloom for an explanation and Apple Bloom just shrugged as they both walked away. “Aye don’ get it either.”


(Chapter rating: NC-17)

Fluttershy yawned as she slowly flew back to her house she didn’t expect the party celebrating her and Discord being together would be an all-day and most of the night affair. Pinkie had given them a cake and they drank apple cider. She slowly started to drift down to the ground so she could walk the rest of the way. “Oh, I’m going to sleep all night.” She let out a meep as Discord suddenly picked her up off the ground. “I’m not going to allow you to sleep all night my dear. I’ve had a lot of time to restore my energy.”

“Um… is that wise?” She asked as he approached her house and opened the door with a loud bang.

“We’re home.” He still held Fluttershy in his arms and looked down at her; she was blushing a little bit. Just looking at her he felt his chest give a slight jump.

“C… Can you put me down? ” she asked him and he set her down gently on the couch.
Angel bunny ran into the room and looked warily at Discord then jumped up on Fluttershy’s lap. “Angel! How are you?” She snuggled the bunny. “I hope you didn’t misbehave while I was gone.” The rabbit looked innocently at her then pointed to his mouth to indicate he was hungry. “Oh dear, I better feed him.”

“Allow me.” Discord went into the kitchen and started to rummage around. He came back out with Angel’s dish piled high with fresh greens and veggies, topped with a fresh bright red cherry.

“Oh, that is perfect for Angel.” She exclaimed as she placed the bunny on the floor.
“Come on, look what Discord made for you. Everything you need to be strong and healthy.”

Angel looked at the food and looked up at Discord then looked at Fluttershy. He looked back at Discord, but the draconequus wasn’t paying him attention. He started to nibble on one green and then pretty much inhaled the rest. “Umm… next time you shouldn’t eat so fast… you’ll get a tummy ache.” She admonished him as she got down from the couch.

Discord strode over to Fluttershy and moved his tail over her flank slowly. “I thought you wanted to go to bed my dear.”

She shivered as he touched her. “Yeah, it is late. We had a very long day.” She started to walk up her stairs and Discord followed her with an innocent look on his face.

Angel squeaked suddenly and Discord looked back at the bunny. Angel grabbed Discord’s tail and pulled on it, then pointed at the couch. He grinned at Angel. “The couch is now all yours again. I have made other arrangements with your owner.”

Angel made a loud gasp and pulled on Discord’s tail harder. Discord lifted his tail and moved it in front of Fluttershy with Angel dangling from the tuft of fur. “It looks like we have a protester.”

“Angel…” Fluttershy put her hooves up and held the bunny as she flapped her wings and flew back down to the couch. “You will let Discord and I have time alone. I will give you extra carrots tomorrow to make up for it.” The bunny crossed his little arms and pouted, then turned his back on Fluttershy with his nose up in the air. “Good boy. Angel. Thank you.”

She flew back up the stairs to her bedroom and stopped right outside the door. Discord had gone ahead, and he was in her room, it’s not like he’d never been in there before. “Get a hold of yourself.” She whispered to herself. She opened the door and flew in and stopped mid-flight when she saw him lounging on her bed; he had changed the bed sheets, what was once nice soft white cotton was now what looked like shiny red satin sheets. He had some of the sheets over his hips as if he was trying not to intimidate her. She had really never seen him fully and she was still a little shy about that part of his anatomy. It was as if he knew she was shy about that so he covered himself.

“Come to bed.” He slowly moved his paw and claw over the sheets. “It’s comfortable.” He then lay his head down on the pillow and watched her; making his eyes big like a puppy dog and pouted at her.

She blushed and then giggled at his look. She sat on the edge of the bed. “Okay?” She asked as she looked over her shoulder at him.

He growled a little bit as he reached out to her and physically dragged her into the bed. He placed her towards the middle of the bed; she was on her back and looked up at him as he hovered over her. “You are a tease.” He stated as he looked at her, she had her hooves up like paws and her back legs were spread apart slightly. Her wings were spread under her body and her hair looked like pink silken waves that blended in with the red satin. “A cute and beautiful tease…” He murmured as he admired her.

She blushed as he pulled her onto the bed. He moved faster than she imagined him to, she glanced down slightly to get a glimpse of his anatomy as he looked down at her. He was big, long… and she blushed as she looked back up at his face. “Um… Sorry for teasing you?” She apologized. She felt her body betraying her; it wanted to feel him inside of her again.

He leaned down and kissed her gently on her lips. “No need to apologize. You are a beautiful tease.” He noticed she looked down and then back up at his face again and grinned. “Oh, you like what you see?”

“What? I um… I’m…” She stuttered and she felt her cheeks burning, but also felt herself getting warm and wet.

He put his finger on her lips. “If you apologize to me again, I will stick something in your mouth, and I rather save that for our third session.” He winked as he moved his finger down to her throat tracing along her body slowly. He moved down over her sides and she twitched with his touch as if she was ticklish. “You excite me.” He said as he leaned down and kissed her throat softly. “You excite me so much I cannot contain my desire to mount you again, but I will be a fair lover. I really should have waited, but I needed to feel you.”

Fluttershy panted with each of his kisses, wherever he kissed felt like a burning ember upon her. “Oh, Discord, ah.” She muttered as he continued.

“The intensity I feel for you, I just don’t know how I can express it any better.” He had moved down and was holding onto her legs and was looking at her flank. He kissed on each of her cutie mark butterflies and that made her body jolt slightly at the feel. He licked his lips and looked up at her. “I think you will enjoy this as much as I will.”

“Wha…Ooh…” She started to ask but she suddenly arched her back her wings quivering under her as he put his muzzle down between her legs, his long tongue lapped along her wet hot center. He moved his tongue expertly around the sides of her mons and up to her little button he moved back and kissed at her wet lips and rubbed the tip of his slightly forked tongue against her, making her buck up against him. He tasted her juices as they start to flow and slurped at them as he rubbed his tongue deeply into her to run up against her inner folds.

He pulled back when he heard her moaning with desire. “You taste delicious.” He said softly as he licked his lips. “Shall I continue?”

She looked down at him her whole body shaking and quivering from his attentions. “I…”

He didn’t wait for her to answer but went right back down between her legs again and she moaned out loudly her legs quivered with each lick and kiss. She shivered as she felt his tongue swirl and rub up into her. She panted out loudly, “Discord… please…” she pleaded.

He pulled back with a slurp and looked at her. “Please what? From my view, I already was pleasing you.” He put his paw and claw on her legs and lifted up a little bit. She looked down at him panting; her mane was wet with sweat and she sighed with relief thinking he was done.

Discord’s eyebrow arched up as he saw her put her head back breathing deep as she started to relax. “I don’t think I have stopped yet my love.” He put his talon down to her slick wet lips and slid his fingers deeply into her, rubbing her sex gently with his fingers and then up against her hard presenting button. She gasped and looked up at him her mouth open slightly with a pant. Her eyes were glossy from the pleasure he was giving her and he smiled as he watched her squirm and writhe with his attention. He licked his lips as he pushed into her deeply with his fingers, his other paw was on his member and slowly he stroked in time with his finger rubs inside of her.

Fluttershy felt her body quiver with the feel of his fingers and she moaned at every new sensation. She hadn’t known that this would feel so good, but now she just didn’t know how she could have done without it. She looked up and saw his tongue loll out as he looked up at the ceiling. She looked down more and saw that he was rubbing himself. He looked a lot bigger than before and she watched as he ran his paw up to the tip and down the length and back.

Discord looked down as he felt her body clench around his fingers; he grinned toothily when he saw what she was looking at. “Do you…” he panted slightly. “Like what you see?”

She inhaled and looked up at his face. “Ye… yes.” She managed to huff out as she let out another moan. “I… want… you… inside me.” She put her head back again.

“I think… I can do that.” He slowly removed his fingers and lifted them to his mouth and licked them slowly. He moved over her and licked at her mouth and she licked his tongue back as they kissed deeply; his tongue rubbing against hers. She tasted herself on his lips and they kissed deeper than they had before. He moved between her legs and rubbed his cock tip against her slick entrance, he teased her entrance with the tip rubbing it up against her sensitive spot and down again then pushed in agonizingly slow.

They were making love again, he pushed into her as far as he could and pulled back and continued, his member swelling to an almost painful need to fill her with his seed. He kept himself under control as he mated with her.

It was Discord who broke the kiss as he shuddered with the tightness of her. “Oh… how come you feel so wonderful? Fluttershy, I cannot keep from coming, you make me so…” He quickened his pace as he pushed in deep and slid out and started to pump in and out of her.

Fluttershy let out little moans tightening her sex around his member as he pushed in and out of her heat. She heard him confess about how she felt to him. “Ah, Ah…” was all she could say for a moment as he moved ever faster. “Discord…” She bit her lower lip as her body quivered in orgasm, her juices flowed around him, and he kept thrusting into her feeling her heat wash over him.

“I’m trying; I’m trying to hold on.” He confessed as he tried hard to decrease his speed. “Oh… I …” He thrust deeply into her and released his scorching desire into her. His orgasm filled her up coalescing with her own orgasm and he lay on her gently as he pushed a couple times into her. He slowly wrapped his arms around her and rolled together on their side facing one another. He kept himself inside her as he kissed her face softly and lovingly, he blinked suddenly as he put his paw on her side. “Oops.” He blushed as he realized something.

Fluttershy didn’t quite hear him as she continued to breathe heavy with the sensation of him still buried deep in her. He gave her more kisses and she felt his paw rub against her side as if he was trying to figure something out. “What is wrong?” She dared to ask.

Discord blushed and looked her in the eyes. “Well my dear. I think I did something, which I wasn’t intending to do so soon.”

“Well, I guess um… it isn’t that bad is it?” She put her hoof up against his face and petted.

“It depends on your definition of bad.” He grinned as a halo appeared above his head.

She looked adoringly at him. “You aren’t bad, you are wonderful.” She said to him, not quite understanding what he meant.

“I’ll tell you more another time my love, for now let’s just relax in this wonderful afterglow.” He kissed her softly on the lips as he kept his paw against her side. Maybe he was wrong… maybe.

Fluttershy snuggled against him and felt really full from the mating, she never felt as happy as she did at that moment. In his arms she felt content and secure and she nuzzled under his chin as he rested his chin over her head. “I love you.” She whispered to him.

He felt like he was going to dissolve into a lake with her sweetness. “I love all of you. You are so perfect. I should have known that you would steal my heart when I first met you… you were able to defy all my magic. I… had to take away your kindness by force. How can you do it Fluttershy?”

She didn’t reply as she had fallen asleep in his arms. He smiled as he continued to hold her. Slowly he placed both his hands upon her belly area. He closed his eyes and listened to her breathe. Eyes widening he’d suddenly debated on if he should awaken her with the news or not. ‘Oh, what would she do?’ He sat up in the bed and tapped on his long tooth as he thought of what her reaction would be. ‘Would she be angry with him, disappointed, or happy?’ He leaned down and kissed her face. “I’ll be back before you wake up. I got to ask someone for advice.” He covered her up with sheets and blankets and disappeared.


Luna walked slowly through the dreamscape and stopped short when she saw Discord waving at her. She approached him curious as to why he was there.

“What do thou need?” Luna asked him.

“Your highness.” He bowed and her eyebrow arched as she grew suspicious of him addressing her by her title.

“Ye used to call me Woona.” She muttered. “Why did thou decide that ye will call me by my title?”

He chuckled at that. “Oh yeah, but when I called you Woona, you were just a little Alicorn filly. Now look at you!” He waved at her body.

She just looked at him. “What do Thou need?” She asked again.

“I need some advice.” He shuffled his hoof on the ground.

Luna’s eyes had widened in surprise at his honesty. “Really?”

He nodded as he held up a ball of blue light. “Yes, this is a nightmare I saw of my friend Fluttershy.”

“Ye mean Fluttershy your mate?” She corrected.

He rubbed the back of his head with his paw as he held out the blue globe with his other hand. “Yeah, my mate.” He cleared his throat and held the nightmare to Luna.

She looked at it and nodded. “Yes, that is the nightmare where Fluttershy finds out she cannot have a foal.” She tapped it with her horn and it suddenly faded out with a blink. “How did ye become the holder of her nightmare?”

“She was going to tell me it a few days ago, but she was afraid I’d laugh at her. I knew about it though. I have a strange talent for things like that.”

“Ye are chaos, yes.” She nods. “So, ask thou the question Discord.”

“Do you know…?” He thought about how he should word the question. “Do you know how I should tell her that she is going to be a mother of my child?”

“There are ways ye could to tell her the news and then again she can find out by herself and she may want to tell and surprise ye in any case, congratulations Discord. If ye will excuse me…” She walked around him and entered into a dream leaving him. He stood for a few moments in thought as he rubbed his chin fur, he then snapped his fingers an appeared next to Zecora’s hut.

He knocked at the zebra’s hut she opened the door and her eyes widened at seeing who it was. “Discord, what brings you here? I have nothing for you, I fear.”

“You do. All I need is advice.” He stated.

“Hmm, I have an asking price for my advice.” She replied as she let him in her hut.

“What do you need for your advice?” He asked as she watched him walk over to her shelves to look at the rows of strange potions and paraphernalia.

“Water from the Spring of Eternity; that is what I need for me.”

Discord’s eyes narrowed. “How did you know about the Spring of Eternity?”

“From your lack of humor, I see it is no rumor.” She replied.

Discord frowned at the zebra. “Forget it; I cannot just give that water to just anyone.” He was about to magic himself away when the zebra held up her hoof.

“Please wait! I shall give you advice without debate. I will ask for the water, but you still not falter. Maybe I can change your mind, with time.”

Discord grumbled at her rhymes but stayed for a moment. “I really cannot stay too long. I will just ask one question.”

“As long as you stay, direct the question my way.” She waited for him.

“Here it is, I know some pony that knows that he has gotten another pony with foal; and he wants to know if he should tell her or should he wait and see if she will notice and tell him?” He talked really fast and he didn’t know if he actually said it right.

Zecora stared at Discord for a few moments. She couldn’t believe he was asking such a simple question; it sure wasn’t worth a vial of Eternity water. “Tell your friend, that it is not the end. Let her tell and all will be well.”

Discord nodded at her advice. “Hmm, good advice, but not worth the price of the spring water; I’ll give you the next best thing.” He dropped a vial of something green on her table. “Be careful of this, it’s very volatile.” He snapped his fingers and disappeared.


One month later:

Fluttershy stretched, yawned and rolled over. She looked up and saw Discord sleeping; his tail curled tightly around her. She smiled knowing that he was with her and she nuzzled at his chin, he awoke and smiled at Fluttershy. “Good morning, my sunshine.” He put his muzzle up to her cheek and kissed her. He then looked at her body and smirked. “All my good loving has made you a little chunky my dear!”

“Oh, don’t be silly Discord.” She admonished him as she got out of bed and stretched her wings and her back.

He sat up and watched her stretch. “Stop doing that.”

“What?” She stopped in mid-stretch.

He grabbed her and tickled her tummy. “Because when you stretch like that, you make me horny.”

She giggled and wiggled from his grip. “I need to go and feed the animals.” She said and then stopped for a moment when she felt nauseous. “Oh…”

He looked at her with concern. “Are you okay? You are looking a little green. Should we go to the doctors?”

She covered her mouth with her hoof and waved away his suggestion with the other hoof. “I’ll feel fine, I have been feeling sick the past couple mornings, but it goes away. Eventually…”

He let in a deep breath as he wanted to tell her what he knew, he thought about perhaps asking one of her friends to mildly suggest she see a doctor. Late at night after she fell asleep he would put his ear up to her soft belly and listen to their foal.

He jumped out of bed and ran past her down to the kitchen. Angel leaped onto his shoulder as he started to make breakfast for Fluttershy. He glanced at the bunny and shrugged making the small creature tumble down his back to the floor like a slide. He ignored the rabbit as Angel shook his little fist at him.

Fluttershy walked into the kitchen as Discord did multiple things with his magic, cutting up vegetables, putting bird seeds into bowls for outside and placing a bowl of cut up carrots next to Angel. He started to throw fresh spinach into a bowl, added fruits and nuts to it; he slid it across the table to stop in front of Fluttershy. “Eat up dear; I will do your chores today.” He walked out the back door with three bowls of different things.

She looked at her salad and looked down at Angel. “What has gotten into him?” She asked the bunny. Angel looked up with a carrot slice in his mouth and shrugged.


Pinkie looked at Fluttershy as she walked into the shop. Something was not right about the Pegasus, she closed one eye then the other as Fluttershy approached her. “Um… Pinkie what are you doing?” she asked her friend.

“Something seems different about you.” Pinkie stated. “So, what is new? Do you want anything? The Cakes put me in charge today.”

“No, we didn’t.” the voice of Mr. Cake came from the back. “You are just working the register.”

She grinned. “See. So what can I get for you?”

“I’ll have five peanut butter and daisy cupcakes and a large apple juice. Please.”

Pinkie gave her friend an incredulous look. “Five of them?”

“Oh, yes please.” Fluttershy nodded. “I’m starving, I don’t know why, because I had just eaten at home.”

“Fluttershy, are you doing okay?” Mrs. Cake asked as she walked out of the kitchen check on Pinkie.

“Yes. I’m just hungry.” She shuffled her hoof as she felt shy from another pony worried about her. Mrs. Cake looked at the yellow Pegasus and smiled.

“Dear, have you been to the Doctor lately?”

“Why is every pony asking me that?” Fluttershy asked. “I feel fine, except I’m just a little sick on the morning.”

“And you eat a lot of food.” Pinkie stated with a smile.

Fluttershy blushed and nodded. “I have been hungry a lot. But why do I need to see a doctor for that?”

Mrs. Cake smiled and pulled Fluttershy to the side, out of Pinkie’s hearing. “I know you and Discord are together; have you considered that you’re probably with foal, you should see a doctor to make sure.”

Fluttershy blushed deeply and stood there for a moment. “Um…”She leaned to Mrs. Cake and whispered. “I was told a long time ago that… I couldn’t.”

Mrs. Cake smiled and patted her shoulder. “Things change dear, go get checked.”

Fluttershy had a sudden panic attack and she started to breathe fast. She saw Pinkie bring her the plate full of the cupcakes she ordered. “Here you go!” She said cheerfully but paused at the look on Fluttershy’s face. “Are you okay?”

“Yes… I mean no…Oh my goodness. I got to go. Pinkie Pie? Can I get this taken to my house in a few hours?”

“Sure! I’ll take them there myself after my shift is over.” She smiled her famously cute crooked smile.

Fluttershy rushed out the door. “Thank you.”


“Oh my. Oh my… what do I do?” Fluttershy fluttered her wings in the waiting room of the doctor’s office.

She suddenly shrank down in her chair when Rarity walked in with Sweetie Belle the little filly had a bandage around her front hoof. “Enlighten me again as to why you attempted to put tar on the roof?”

The filly shrugged. “Cutie mark for construction? I didn’t know it was going to burn me.” Rarity sighed as she signed the sheet for Sweetie Belle to see the doctor. She turned and suddenly spotted Fluttershy trying to look really small in a chair.

“Fluttershy.” Rarity stated as she walked to her friend. “What brings you here? I hope you are feeling well.”

“I… um… feel fine, just a check-up.” Fluttershy squeaked.

“That is good. I’m here because my sister cannot stay out of mischief!” She put her hoof on Sweetie’s head. Sweetie Belle crossed her hooves as she sat in the chair next to Fluttershy.

“Oh, I… know how it is trying to keep someone from causing mischief…” She said as her cheeks started to burn with a blush.

Rarity was about to say something when the nurse pony came out. “Flutter Shy.”

“Excuse me…” Fluttershy said as she got up and flew slowly up to the nurse and they both went in.

“Now,” the nurse, a unicorn; began as she followed Fluttershy towards the exam room. “It says here you might be pregnant.”

“Umm… yes, maybe…” She felt like her voice was starting to grow smaller. The nurse opened the door and Fluttershy flew over to the exam table and sat down.

“You have been sexually active then?” The nurse asked as she wrote down on a piece of paper with her unicorn magic.

“Uhuh.” She nodded as a blush came to her cheeks again.

A thermometer was placed in her mouth, and she was getting her blood pressure taken as well. “Don’t be so shy, everything we do is confidential. The doctor will be here soon, she is very nice and she will see what is going on, and if you are pregnant she will tell you how far along you are and how healthy it is.” She wrote down all of Fluttershy’s vitals and put the paper on a clipboard and left the room, shutting the door behind her.

Fluttershy looked around the room and saw a diagram of the stages of pregnancy and she felt her face flush again. She looked away and started to shake, many years ago when she was just a little filly; she had gotten really sick and she had a fever where she almost died. According to her mother; the doctors told her that having that fever made her reproductive organs not develop correctly. She had gone through life with unpredictable estrus cycles and she just felt a little embarrassed that she couldn’t be like the other mares. She jumped when the door opened and the doctor entered the room. A unicorn, she had a soft magenta color, and had a dark blue mane pulled up in a bun; her cutie mark was a caduceus.

“Hello. I’m Dr. Epona Calliope. Let me see you.” She looked at her and her horn started to glow and a tongue depressor hovered to her mouth. “Say ah!”

“Ah!” The doctor looked in her mouth and then put her hooves on Fluttershy’s sides.

“Hmm, yes…” The doctor mumbled as a stethoscope floated down she got it in her ears and put the other end to her chest and listened. She smiled and lifted another device from the shelves, it wasn’t big but it had a big part with a cord attached to a smaller wand part; and it floated past Fluttershy’s nose as the stethoscope was put up.

The doctor grabbed the device with her hoof and she moved the strap on her hoof better with her teeth. “This is a fetal heart beat monitor.” She explained to Fluttershy as she saw the look of fear on the Pegasus’ face. “This is how we can tell if there is a little foal in there.” She placed the wand part against Fluttershy’s stomach and moved it slowly and carefully around her abdomen. There was an audible sound of her heartbeat. “That is your heartbeat, but if I move it this way…” There was a sound that made her eyes widen. It almost sounded like the beating of hummingbird’s wings. “Congratulations… That is the sound of your baby.” The doctor stated. She looked up at her and smiled at the look on the pony’s face. “So what do you think?”

Fluttershy blinked a couple times. “Oh, my… I… I got to…” She started to fall over as the room spun around her… she fainted.

Epona blinked as she saw that her patient fainted and she went out the room. “Nurse? This pony fainted, I need her emergency contact.”


Fluttershy blinked as she looked around the room, she was in her bedroom on her nice soft bed. She sat up quickly. “I have to tell him!” She yelled.

“Tell who what?” Twilight Sparkle asked as Fluttershy looked to see that her friend was sitting next to her bed.

“Um… nothing…” She whispered.

“Why on Equestria did you faint? A routine checkup shouldn’t make you faint.” Twilight stated as she got up off the stool and walked to the door.

“I don’t know why…” She whispered and shrugged. She didn’t want to tell Twilight why. She wanted him to know first before she let her friends know.

“In any case, you have a visitor.” She opened the door. “Come on in here… Ahhh!” Discord blew past Twilight with a swoop almost knocking Twilight from her feet as he was instantly beside Fluttershy. Twilight blinked as she watched him look at her.

“What happened? Are you hurt? No pony hurt you did they?” He was checking her hooves, her legs, her ears and her nose. “If anyone hurt you… So help me I…”

Fluttershy tried to speak as he checked her over. “N… Nothing happened… I… just fainted is all.”

“I cannot tell you how relieved I am to know that.” He moved up to her and kissed her on the lips, putting his paw on the back of her head so she wouldn’t shyly pull away.

“Ahem.” Twilight reminded them that she was still there.

Discord looked at her as if she had just walked in on them doing a more intimate act. “You are still here!?” He asked incredulous.

“Of course I am here; I still want to know what is wrong with my friend.” She walked over to Fluttershy. “What had happened Fluttershy? You can tell both of us.”

“You would think I am just being silly, but when I was little… I got really sick. It was a fever that almost killed me. It happened when I was developing…” She blushed deeply, talking about this with her friend and her lover both. She glanced at Discord, he was curled up and had summoned a glass of chocolate milk, in which he was drinking slowly as he listened. “Long story short… I… I couldn’t … conceive. I have had nightmares about it for years and years, the thing I wanted the most… a foal…I just couldn’t have.” She paused as she kept from crying, “Then…” She got a small blush and pulled her blanket against her as she looked at both of them.

“Then you and Discord?” Twilight said as she felt her own cheeks suddenly burn. The thought of them mating made her feel weird she just couldn’t look at him for a few moments as the image flashed in her very vivid imagination.

Fluttershy nodded. “I was at Sugarcube Corner and I had just left the house. And I had a really bad craving for peanut butter daisy cupcakes. I ordered five of them.”

“AH! Did you save any for me?” Discord asked suddenly and pouted at the fact that maybe she didn’t share.

Fluttershy smiled at him and nodded, “Pinkie is supposed to bring them by. Anyway, Mrs. Cake noticed that I was different and she told me to go see a doctor.”

“I don’t know what this has to do with you fainting?” Twilight seemed a bit annoyed.

“Let her talk Twilight.” Discord mumbled and he magically slapped duct tape over her mouth.

“MM!” Twilight growled and put both her front hooves on the tape to get it off her mouth.

“I went and saw the doctor and she listened to my heart and then she moved this machine on me and I heard… another heart beat … The doctor told me that it was my foal and I think I fainted. So… um… I’m pregnant.”

Twilight looked at her with wide eyes as she stopped with struggling to take the tape off her mouth. “MMM?!”

Fluttershy looked at Discord’s reaction and he just stared at her with wide eyes with the straw to the chocolate milk hanging freely from his mouth. “Discord?” Fluttershy asked as she leaned forward and waved her hoof in front of his face.

He blinked and closed his mouth, when a smile suddenly scrawled crazily over his face. He put his paw up and grabbed Fluttershy’s hoof and pulled her to him. “You know what this means?” He asked as he hugged Fluttershy, she giggled as he put his fingers through her tummy fur.

“You’re going to be a father?” Twilight answered after she managed to tear the tape off her mouth.

“Yes; that, but… We get to have peanut butter daisy cupcakes later! Twilight, get your priorities in order.” He reprimanded the Alicorn as he looked at Fluttershy; muzzle to muzzle gazing into her eyes and giving her soft kisses which she returned. “I am so happy. I love you, my Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy was bursting with happiness that he wasn’t upset that she was pregnant. She returned his kisses. “I love you too. Thank you.”

“Uh! I… but…” Twilight wanted to argue, but stopped when she saw the two of them staring into each other’s eyes. “Never mind… I… am going to go…” She started to walk out of the room.

“Wait… Twilight.” Fluttershy said as she wiggled from Discord’s arms. Twilight stopped and smiled at her friend. “Thank you Twilight for listening; can you not to tell the others yet. I want to tell them on my own.”

“Yeah, I’ll let you tell them. Congratulations Fluttershy; I wonder how you ended up being healed.” She thought for a moment. “I guess I’ll find out eventually. Have a good night!”

“Goodnight Twilight!” Fluttershy hugged her friend and Twilight hugged back.

“Take care of that foal developing in you.” Twilight advised. “I’ll bet the baby will look beautiful and… different.” She smiled as she headed home.

“Do looks really matter?” Discord asked Fluttershy as Twilight walked out the door.

“Why do you ask? Fluttershy looked up at him. “She said the baby will look beautiful.”

Discord seemed to pout as he folded his arms and sat down on the couch. “I know the foal will look great! Look at his Mom! Look at his Dad!” He stood up and flexed his muscles.

“Or her…” Fluttershy corrected him as she sat on the couch next to him.

He curled around her like a snake and kissed her lips softly. “Or… her… or them…”

“T… Them?” She squeaked at the thought of twins. He chuckled at the sound of her squeaking and he nuzzled under her chin then he began to lick her throat running his tongue up her neck. She shivered under the lick as her fur rippled with chills at the feel of his touch. He uncoiled around her a little bit as he licked down her throat again he moved his paw up to rub on her wing lightly. Fluttershy let out a quivering sigh at his licks. “Is it safe to, um…?”

He rubbed her wing and ran his claw down her back. “It is safe; I am as gentle as a feather.” He rubbed his claw on one of her feathers. “Would you rather wait several months before having fun with me again?”

She shook her head at his suggestion. “Oh, I cannot deal with that.” She said as she felt her heart speed up. “I really love the feel of you.”

“That is what I like to hear.” He licked her throat again and she shivered with the feel. He moved his paw down her back and over her rump. Pulling her against him as he leaned back on the couch and she was sitting atop him looking down at him. Her belly was a just a little pouch of fat and he knew that their child was in there developing. He looked up at her and smiled. “So want to talk about the first thing that comes up?” He asked and she suddenly squeaked as he pushed his hips up against her.

“From what I feel…” She wiggled slowly. “I think something already came up.”

“That is a very astute assessment, my dear.” He groaned softly as he moved his hips again. She smiled at him as she flapped her wings, lifting up off his lap. “Oh, are you going to leave me hanging?” He asked but then smiled as she looked over her shoulder at him.

“No Discord.” She muttered as she did a flip in mid-air and landed on his lap again, but turned around where she leaned down and he gasped as she licked his member slowly.

“Oh! Fluttershy, where did you learn this?” He panted out suddenly as she sucked his tip into her mouth and started to rub her tongue over it.

She had once looked at a book where it had very graphic images of mares and stallions doing certain things. She always wondered why that book fascinated and scared her all at once. Wanting to make Discord happy to not have to teach her another technique she swallowed her fear and bravely did something that would surprise him for once.

Without saying a word she rubbed her hooves down his shaft to his sack, noticing how he hardened as she sucked on his sensitive tip; moving her hooves up against one side of his scrotum to touch gently. She wiggled her body on his chest not realizing that she was giving him a show of her own.

Discord grinned as he saw what she presented with and he licked his lips slowly as she inched closer and closer to his muzzle. He felt shocking jolts of pleasure as she ran her tongue over him. Grabbing her rear suddenly with his paw and talon and held on. Moving his muzzle and head up better he let his long tongue out to lick between her wet folds; rubbing and teasing.

Her eyes widened when he grabbed her and shuddered with the licks trying hard to not get distracted with her own task. She sucked him up into her mouth, hooves rubbing his length up again then down; she let out a slurp as she pulled back and kissed down his shaft to his sensitive balls. She wrapped her tongue over him and sucked one of his balls into her mouth caressing it slowly.

Discord gulped when he felt her suck him into her mouth and tease, he felt his body tense up as if he came, but didn’t. He shook his head at the feel of her attentions on his sensitive jewels and his eyes twitched as he tried not to cry out as she released one of them and sucked in another. “Fluttershy…” He put his head back and let out a groan. “How did you learn… this?”

Fluttershy released his other jewel from her lips as she looked behind her to see his face. “I’ll tell you later.” She then kissed up his length again as she suddenly slipped off of his chest and fell onto the floor. “Eep!”

Discord blinked and looked at her on the floor. “It seems you fell on the floor.” He tried not to laugh but couldn’t keep it in as he started to laugh proceeding to fall onto the floor himself.

She started to laugh as he pulled at her; tickling her sides as he did so, they both laughed together then both stopped as their eyes locked. He kissed her pushing his lips hard against hers, as they started to kiss he pulled her onto his lap, her legs went around his hips as he lifted her onto his already hard need.

Fluttershy let out a gasp as he pushed up into her; she leaned up against his chest as her hooves rested over his shoulders. He huffed deeply as he pushed up into her tightness, as many times as they mated he was always surprised on how tight she was. He ran his paw down her back to grab onto her tail all the while his other claw gripped her hip; letting out a growl he increased the momentum, in which he thrust up into her.

Fluttershy panted with the feel of him; body shaking in throes of pleasure she kissed at his neck and nibbled a little as well. Her body shivered as he sped up and she groaned out as she felt an orgasm overwhelm her.

He felt her body tense around him and he grinned as he felt her orgasm, her hot juices spilled over his shaft as he continued to push into her again and again. His own desire was building up within as he pushed up into her over and over, but he wanted to try to let her taste him this time around. “Be ready my dear.” He gasped as he put his paw and claw on her sides.

“What?” She murmured as she felt him lift her up and withdrew his throbbing need.

“You are going to taste me.” He muttered to her as he placed her in front of him and he put his fingers around his shaft and stroked himself as she realized what he wanted from her.

She looked at him and looked at his hard desire then slowly started to lick on his tip at first. “Oh come on Fluttershy.” He moaned slightly as he put his paw on her head and pushed her down, she opened her mouth and sucked him in. “Mm, yes like that.” His fingers rubbed her ears as she sucked him into her mouth deeply.

Not really knowing what to do, she still managed to suck on him her tongue massaged against his shaft as she slurped him in deep as she tried to relax her throat a little and pulling back. She kept that up a few times and looked up at him as she drew on his hot shaft.

Discord looked down at her as she sucked him deeply into her mouth. “Your mouth is magical.” He panted deeply as she felt his orgasm build up more. “So sexy I cannot… stand this… Oh, be ready my love I’m about to…” He pushed her head down and she almost felt herself gag a little but she managed to compensate as she took him deeply. As he came her eyes widened at the sudden gush of hot semen that seemed to fill her mouth quickly. She started to swallow but it was more than she expected and it dribbled from her mouth, she didn’t want him to be wasted though so she tried harder to swallow every bit of his hot seed but it kept escaping her best efforts. He throbbed in her mouth as another jet filled her; she drank him down fast, but still some escaped. Discord relaxed; and Fluttershy pulled away and looked up at him while licking her lips. Discord smiled to her then pulled her up to his face; they kissed deeply; their tongues intertwining intimately.

“That was interesting.” Pinkie said and Fluttershy eeped and jumped behind Discord.

Discord looked at the pink pony with amusement. “So, you never heard of knocking then?” He asked.

Pinkie Pie grinned as she looked at him and glanced at Fluttershy behind him. “I did knock and Angel Bunny answered the door and let me in. I was just dropping off the cupcakes Fluttershy ordered. I wanted to make sure that she knew that I brought them and saw that you both were busy. I waited until you were done.”

“How very polite of you.” Discord said sarcastically as he stood up and stretched his back. Fluttershy eeped again and tried to hide behind the couch. Discord grabbed her by the tail and pulled her from behind the couch. “Dear, we have a guest, you should at least say hi to her.”

“Hi Fluttershy!” Pinkie waved at her. “I brought your cupcakes, but from what I saw, you might be too full.”

Fluttershy blushed deeply and looked at the ground and wondered if it was too late to move to another town. Looking up slightly she saw Pinkie smiling sweetly at her and not passing any judgment. “Umm… I’m sorry.” She apologized to her friend quietly.

“Sorry for?” Pinkie asked as she giggled. “I just… How do you do that? It seemed like… it would be hard to get your mouth that wide and that he… was so…” She shut up when she saw Fluttershy’s face was the color of her mane. “What is wrong?”

Discord stood to the side and started to snicker as Pinkie made Fluttershy even more embarrassed. Fluttershy heard him snicker and she shot him a dirty look, he blinked in surprise then decided to divert the chaos. “Okay Pinkie, I think Fluttershy is a little tired after that… Ahem, exercise. Where are those cupcakes? I, for one, am famished.”

“Oh! Yeah the cupcakes! I left them in the kitchen! Come on!” She bounced off to the kitchen.

Discord looked at Fluttershy and shrugged. “I didn’t know she was there… Honest.” Fluttershy still gave him a dirty look. “Don’t worry Fluttershy, it’s only Pinkie Pie, she doesn’t mind that we are doing the nasty. Should I ask her to join in next time?”

Fluttershy gave him a shocked look. “What? You wouldn’t dare!” She gasped out.

He giggled at her reaction and pulled her to him, even though she was stiff in his arms as he held her. “I am just kidding my love. Loosen up.” He kissed her cheek. “Now let’s have a cupcake.”


Discord had eaten a cupcake and was smiling at Pinkie. “So, what all did you observe my dear?”

“Um… Discord.” Fluttershy warned him.

“I saw a lot.” Pinkie nodded.

“Can you be more specific?” His grin widened.

Pinkie looked directly at him and smirked. “I don’t think we should talk about this. It makes Fluttershy uncomfortable.” She ate a cupcake and licked the frosting off her lips.

Discord harrumphed and looked at Fluttershy. “You gals and your friendship.” He pouted for a few moments with his chin in his hands. “Oh, I just thought of something.”

Fluttershy looked warily at him. “What is it Discord?”

“Pinkie is here!” He pointed at Pinkie and the pink pony grinned and waved.

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes, she is my friend.”

“No! Well yeah, but no… that isn’t what I meant. Pinkie is the Party Pony and I think that she needs to throw a party for you my dear.” He explained and Pinkie watched the exchange with curiosity.

“No…” Fluttershy shook her head. “I don’t want a party.”

Pinkie blinked. “Parties I can do! Just tell me you need one and instantly I can make it happen!”

Discord smiled. “Yes, I know you can, and I want you to invite Twilight, Rarity, Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash. Of course you are invited as well.”

“What is the party about?” Pinkie asked.

“It’s a surprise.” Discord winked at her.

“OH! I love surprise parties!” She started to bounce but stopped. “Wait, if it is a surprise how come she knows about it already?”

Fluttershy spoke up. “It’s because we are going to surprise my friends, including you Pinkie. Although, Twilight already knows the surprise, but it will surprise her anyway.”

“Yes,” Discord continued. “This party will have a lot of surprises within surprises… if you are up to the task?”

“I can do it!” Pinkie nodded. “When do you want the party?”

Discord rubbed his chin fur and closed his eyes in thought.

“As soon as tomorrow, or maybe the next day, I want to tell you all together, if it’s not too much of a bother.” Fluttershy muttered.

“It’ll be fun!” Pinkie said cheerfully and she winked. “Oh and Fluttershy, I really didn’t see much.”

Fluttershy blushed at her friend. “Thank you Pinkie. I think I am going to go and get ready for bed. I’m tired.”

Pinkie waved to her. “Goodnight Fluttershy sleep well.” She looked at Discord who still had his eyes closed she listened and heard him snoring slightly. She stifled a giggle as she slowly got up from the table and snuck out of Fluttershy’s house.

She turned around and started to hop back to Ponyville when she ran smack into Discord. “Leaving so soon? I got to tell you something Pinkie.”

“Yes?” She said cheerfully.

“I need you to pick up of a couple things for the party.” He pulled out a parchment and handed it to her. “It’s very important you pick these up for me, it is part of an extra surprise for Fluttershy, she doesn’t know about it.” He put his finger up to his mouth and winked at her.

“Okie Dokie Lokie!” She said cheerfully as she grabbed the parchment between her teeth and hopped back to Ponyville humming a song.

Discord disappeared and reappeared in Fluttershy’s bedroom.

Fluttershy was in bed already and she hid under the sheets when he just magically appeared in front of her. “You are going to put me into labor if you keep scaring me.” She said nervously.

He breathed in deeply and sat on the bed. “Fluttershy, I apologize for being naughty tonight in front of Pinkie.”

She blinked at his apology. “What?”

He looked at her. “I really didn’t know she was watching us, and I apologize for making you feel embarrassed in front of your friend.” He fell back in the bed and his head landed close to her. “Do you forgive me?”

She leaned down and kissed him lightly. “I forgive you. Sorry, I got angry with you.”

“Fluttershy, you got to stop apologizing so much.” He said as he nuzzled her cheek.


Pinkie gave Discord a bag full of the items that were on his list and looked at him for a few moments. “I wasn’t too sure why you needed some of the items, but I think I know what you might be thinking of.” She gave him a wink. “Good luck.”

He opened the bag and smiled; everything he asked for was there. “Thank you Pinkie Pie.”

“No Problemo!” She grinned as she went into Sugar Cube Corner. “See you in a few minutes!


Everyone was enjoying the party at Sugar Cube Corner and Fluttershy was standing to the side trying to figure out the best way to tell every pony about her pregnancy when Twilight approached her. “Don’t be scared Fluttershy, remember we are all friends here. We will all be supportive of you.”

“I know, but he has been acting so distant lately.” She looked over to Discord who was picking Spike up and dunking the small dragon in the punch bowl. The baby dragon had a look of panic on his face.

“Discord!” Twilight yelled at him.

“What? I was just spiking the punch.” He put Spike down and walked away casually as the dragon stumbled around for a couple of seconds. Fluttershy giggled despite herself.

“He seems the same Discord to me.” Twilight replied to Fluttershy before running to help Spike. “You’ll do fine Fluttershy, it’s not like all of Ponyville is here watching you.”

Fluttershy made sure that she kept an eye on Discord as she went over to the center of the room, she was breathing heavily as she started to lose her nerve.

Discord snapped his fingers suddenly and a spot light focused on her. She shrank back as the light was right on her and all of her friends turned and looked at her. She looked around at every pony and didn’t see him at all. “Oh… dear…” She started to back up and stopped when she backed up into him.

She looked up at him and he smiled down at her. “It’s ok Fluttershy. As Twilight told you, you are among friends. Tell them.”

“Well, umm… I wanted to say…” She paused and her eyes started to dart around for an escape.

“Wait… dear…” Discord said. “I know how to make you feel better.” He had a slight maniacal grin on his face as he looked around at every pony. He held up his fingers again and his snap seemed to echo in the room. The lights went out and every pony gasped as they were dipped into complete darkness. There was another snap from his fingers and he stood in the center of the room with a top hat, a suit with a tie and he held a cane. He twirled the cane and bowed to every pony. “Ladies and gentle ponies, I present you all with my talented and beautiful assistant: Fluttershy!” A light turned on above Fluttershy and she smiled as sweetly as she could but was still shaking with fear. “She will be assisting me with a lovely trick in which I will perform in front of all of you! My beautiful assistant will you please bring me that bag right there?”

Fluttershy looked around and suddenly saw a bag sitting right beside her. She grabbed it and flew it to Discord. “Here?” She was about to go back but he held his finger up for her to stay.

“Now, Fluttershy, you should just sit and be beautiful right there. I need you for this trick.” He put his hand in the bag and pulled out a bouquet of pink roses. “Please hold these.”

She nodded as she held the roses. “Um… okay.”

He paused as he put his hand in the bag again. “Oh… This is strange… OH!” He then put his hand deeper in the bag then his whole arm started to go in, he then suddenly disappeared into it as the bag fell onto the floor.

“Discord?” Fluttershy asked slowly as she peeked into the bag and suddenly jumped back as the bag wiggled and Discord climbed out.

He was panting as he pulled his arm from the bag. “Whew, I thought I was a goner there for a moment, but I managed to get this away from that hideous bag monster.” The other ponies clapped at his return. In Discord’s hand was a little black box. He did a bow to his audience and turned with a flourish to Fluttershy where he suddenly kneeled in front of her. “And now; for my best trick.” He opened the box and Fluttershy inhaled, it was an engagement ring. “Fluttershy, will you marry me?”

Every pony gasped and Fluttershy blinked at this surprise. “I… I…” She looked around and then back at him and saw him looking hopefully up at her. “Yes… I… will.” She felt her face turn bright red.

Suddenly she was lifted up in a hug. “You said yes! Oh, I am so happy! You will marry me and you are having my child!” There was another gasp in the room. Fluttershy felt her blush deepen, because he also managed to tell them that she was pregnant and she didn’t have to say anything.

Later on Fluttershy was sitting next to Discord at a table and every pony was congratulating her.

“Oh Fluttershy my darling, how far along are you?” Rarity asked her friend. She looked at Fluttershy as if she was thinking of fashions in which to dress her in. “I have always wanted to work on a line of maternity wear. Can I ask you to model for me?”

Fluttershy blushed at Rarity. “I’m only a month along, and Um, I’ll model a little bit for you…”

“Oh, you are such a good friend.” Rarity hugged Fluttershy. “I’m so happy for you, I almost cried when he asked you to marry him.”

“I was surprised.” She said quietly. “I didn’t know he’d do that.”

Rainbow Dash landed right next to Fluttershy and Rarity. “Well, Fluttershy, I never knew that you would be the first of us to have a foal. Actually, I was betting that Pinkie Pie would be the first one to get pregnant.”

“HEY!” Pinkie Pie overheard Rainbow from across the room. Discord started to laugh uncontrollably.


Three months later.

The waiting room at the doctor’s office was empty except for one Pegasus and a Draconequus. He was making the toys in the waiting room magically walk around and do tricks. The little elephant figure did a flip and Discord pointed it out to Fluttershy. She just stared at it and nodded. He frowned as all the toys stopped and fell on the floor with a clatter and he sat next to her.

“Don’t be so gloomy dear, this is an exciting day, we get to know how well you are and how well our little one is.”

She looked up at him and sighed. “What if something is wrong? What if the baby is sick? I am so scared.” Her eyes were glossed over like she would burst out crying any minute.

He put his paw on her back and started to rub on her wings softly. “Everything will be okay. Keep your chin up.” He put his tail tip on her chin and lifted her face up to look at him. “Just remember, I love you.”

He gave her a kiss and she smiled. “Thank you.” She whispered as she looked down at her stomach she was swollen just a little bit. “I already feel clumsy.”

Discord snickered. “You were clumsy before you got pregnant.” She gave him a dirty look and he laughed. “OH! There is my old Fluttershy!” he kissed her again.

The nurse opened the door and glanced out at the pair. “Fluttershy?”

Discord jumped up and picked Fluttershy up. “Here she is!” He carried her up to the nurse.

Fluttershy struggled in his arms. “Discord, I can walk!”

The nurse just stared at Discord as he walked through the door carrying the Pegasus. “Where do you want this?” He asked her. The nurse pointed to an exam room. He walked in there still carrying the struggling pony.

The nurse followed him in there and contemplated not closing the door. She closed it anyway. He set Fluttershy on the exam table and sat in a chair next to the bed. The nurse turned to start taking Fluttershy’s vitals and paused when she saw him watching her. “Ahem, Fluttershy can you please um step on the scale over here?” She asked the Pegasus.

Fluttershy nodded and flew off the exam table to land onto the scale. The scale’s numbers flew by fast. The nurse looked at it confused as it kept going a lot heavier than any pony could be. Fluttershy frowned and looked at Discord from over her shoulder. “Stop it Discord. You know I’m not that heavy.”

He snickered as a halo appeared over his head. “Spoil sport.” He looked at the ceiling as the nurse checked the rest of Fluttershy’s vitals. He tried to behave as much as possible and he yawned as the nurse left.

Fluttershy just sat on the exam table and looked nervous. “What is your doctor like?” He asked suddenly making her jump slightly.

“She’s a nice unicorn pony.” She answered. “She was young and had a blue mane, and she seems really smart.”

The door opened and a Pegasus pony came in wearing a doctor’s coat. “I’m Dr. Epona
Calliope, how are you doing today?”

Fluttershy blinked at her doctor for a moment. “But… You were a unicorn.”

Discord made a face and looked at Epona with an eyebrow raised. “I know you from somewhere.”

Epona looked at him and winked. “Of course you do. I’m Dr. Epona Calliope.” A horn suddenly appeared on her forehead.

Fluttershy made a low noise that meant she was a little frightened, but Discord sat up and smiled at the Alicorn. “It’s been a few thousand or so years Epona, why are you here of all places?”

“I’m just here to make sure that Fluttershy has a happy healthy foal.” She looked at Fluttershy and smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry Fluttershy, I’m still a doctor.”

“Yes, a doctor all right! More of a goddess…” Discord harrumphed as he stood up quickly. “Fluttershy, I think we need to leave.”

“Wait… she is my Dr.” Fluttershy stated. “If she is an Alicorn wouldn’t she be the best to take care of me and the baby?”

He gave an exasperated sigh as he’d seen her logic. “Okay. Fluttershy, but I am not happy with this idea.” He frowned at the Alicorn as he sat back down. “I’ll be keeping an eye on you.”

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” Epona stated as she smiled at Fluttershy. “Okay, let’s see how far you are along.” She started to exam Fluttershy, a couple of instruments were taken down from the shelves, and a tape measure unrolled magically and measured the size of her stomach as Epona listened to Fluttershy’s heart. Discord watched the Alicorn carefully. She worked fast and brought down a different device and strapped it to Fluttershy’s stomach. Discord sat up as he saw it buckle to his lover.

“What is that?” He asked suddenly sitting up to look at it.

“This is a variation of the fetal heart monitor I used on Fluttershy before. Don’t worry so much Lord of Chaos I know what I am doing.” She pushed a button down on it and it started to emit a fast fluttering heartbeat, she glanced at Discord and smiled as he leaned close his ears both pricked forward. “That is the sound of your offspring.” She then looked at Fluttershy and smiled because the Pegasus looked so happy to hear the heartbeat again.

“That sounds so beautiful.” Fluttershy whispered and blushed because Discord got up off the chair and walked up to her.

“That is our foal!” He gasped and put his paw on Fluttershy’s hoof. “How far is she along?”

“Discord… really?” Epona looked at him incredulously. She then blinked as he made a worried face at Fluttershy, showing that he really loved the Pegasus, something she hardly ever saw from him those thousand years ago. She decided not to spill the fact that he already knew how far along Fluttershy was. “About seven more months, this little one seems very strong from the sound of the heartbeat.” She winked at both of them as she unstrapped the monitor.

“That is good news right?” Fluttershy asked. Epona nodded as she used her magic to put all the instruments away.

“Are we done?” Discord asked as he watched the Alicorn carefully.

“Yes, but,” She paused for a moment. “When Fluttershy is closer to her due date we need to be careful, she is a very small pony, from what I saw of her bone structure she might have a difficult labor, so I suggest she gets plenty of bed rest.”

Fluttershy flapped her wings anxiously. “Bed rest? I have to make sure my animals are taken care of first!”

Epona smiled reassuringly at her patient. “Don’t worry, as soon as your animal friends find out about your condition they will not have a problem with helping you out. Plus you have Discord to help out as well. Right, Lord of Chaos?”

Discord frowned at the way she used his title, but looked at Fluttershy and smiled. “I will help you any way I can my dear.”

“Good, go out and see the nurse to make a new appointment.” She grabbed Fluttershy’s chart as Fluttershy flew out the door to the front desk. Discord stood looking at Epona for a few moments and she looked up from the chart. “What do you want Lord of Chaos?”

“Don’t call me that.” He stated then said, “So…”

“So?” She looked at him and tilted her head.

“Why are you really here Epona?”

“Just keeping an eye on you my Lord; I wanted to make sure you are well taken care of. I have been waiting forever for you to come back. I know you think I left you a long time ago, but it wasn’t my fault.”

He rubbed his chin slowly at her small explanation and grinned. “Really? You became scarce when the Princesses decided that my reign was too chaotic for them. How mighty convenient of you to just disappear when I needed your help over a few thousand years ago. You do have a lot of nerve to show up and act as Fluttershy’s doctor.”

“I am not acting like her doctor. I am her doctor, things change Discord. I am no longer an Alicorn with power; I no longer care about power. All of my powers are used to heal and help ponies take care of themselves before and after they have foals. I am sorry if you think I abandoned you.”

“Just don’t abandon taking care of Fluttershy.” He growled.

“Of course I won’t. I care a lot about my patients. Now go to her before she begins to wonder what is keeping you so long.” She pushed him out the door.

He strolled over to Fluttershy as she looked at her appointment card and waited for him. “What do you think?” She asked him.

“I think you are cute.” He picked her up and snapped his fingers and they disappeared.

Epona walked out of the exam room and sighed. She put Fluttershy’s chart up and rubbed her eyes with her hoof. “I need a vacation.”

Her nurse looked up from the desk. “What is that Doctor?”

“Cancel my appointments for a couple days. I need to go to Canterlot.” She told the nurse.

“Okay doctor.”

“Thank you.” She blinked out of the office.


The months went by a lot slower than he anticipated, he awoke early and put his arm over her sleeping form and just idly rubbed her tummy when something moved against his hand. His ears perked up and he quickly moved to look at her belly. The foal was moving and kicking, he kept his hand on her belly and felt the baby kick again. She made a little groan and sleepily woke up to see Discord over her with an odd grin on his face. She looked down and saw he had his hand on her swollen belly and he didn’t notice she was watching him as he put his ear up to her stomach. She kept watching him when he started to whisper to her stomach. “When you come out, I will show you how to make some world class chaos.”

“I doubt that will be the first thing you’ll do.” Fluttershy whispered to him.

He looked up at her with his eyes wide and grinned. “Oh, now you got Daddy in trouble with Mommy.” He kissed her tummy. “Hi Fluttershy, I was just talking to our child.”

She smiled and put both her hooves on her belly and rubbed. “Did you feel the baby move?”

He grinned and nodded. “I did, and I am about to just go stir crazy! How much longer do I have to wait?”

Fluttershy smiled at him. “As long as I do.”

“Oh, now you are talking technicalities.” He grumbled and kissed her on the lips. “So what does a bed bound preggies Pegasus need for breakfast today?”

“I need to get up.” She pouted. “I hate being stuck in bed.”

He put his finger on her muzzle. “Doctor Calliope said no.”

“She said for me not to overdo anything, but I’m bored Discord… please… Make it less boring?”

A grin suddenly sketched across his face as he looked at her. “Oh… you just didn’t just ask me that did you?” He started to laugh maniacally, “OH YES! For you Fluttershy, I shall make it less boring!” He snapped his fingers and he disappeared.

Fluttershy looked down at her swollen belly and shook her head. “I think your daddy is going to be bad today, and it is my fault.” She shook her head as she got up out of bed slowly. She felt heavy and couldn’t fly even if she tried as she walked down the steps and into the living room. Angel Bunny jumped on her back and leaned on her. “At least you aren’t heavy Angel.” She muttered as she lifted herself on to the couch slowly.

Angel jumped down and went into the other room he hopped back bringing her a book to read. “Thank you, Angel.” She opened the book and started to read. She jumped when her front door blew open and Rainbow Dash flew in wearing a clown suit.

“Fluttershy!” Rainbow Dash complained, “Why in the Equestria am I dressed like a clown? And why do I want to juggle?” She grabbed a couple odd objects around Fluttershy’s house and started to juggle. “I don’t even know how to juggle.”

“For someone that doesn’t know how to juggle you do quite well.” Discord said as he appeared next to Fluttershy. He handed her a box of popcorn.

“Discord!” Fluttershy yelled at him. “What are you doing?”

“I’m making your life less boring.” He grinned as he dug his paw in the popcorn and started to eat he was moving his talon claw like he had a puppet attached.

Rainbow Dash looked at Fluttershy as she juggled a couple small objects. “Can I stop now?”

Fluttershy growled at him. “Let her go Discord. She’s not your puppet.”

He pouted, “But Sweety! You are bored… I thought entertainment is what you craved?” He snapped his fingers and Rainbow Dash fell to the floor. All of Fluttershy’s stuff was put back neatly. The only thing that indicated that Rainbow Dash was a clown was the make-up on her face.

Rainbow got up and flew up to Discord and was in his face. “I am not your entertainment!” She put her hoof across the grease paint on her face smearing it.

Discord snickered at Rainbow Dash. “But you are so entertaining can I ask you for an encore in a couple weeks?”

Rainbow growled at Discord. “I’m leaving, sorry you are bored Fluttershy, but keep your fiancé away from me.” She landed and stomped out of Fluttershy’s house.

Fluttershy sighed deeply and looked at him. “Why do you do that to my friends?”

“They make good targets?” He shrugged as he floated over to her. “Are you hungry? I forgot to make you breakfast, and…” He looked at where she was. “You are on the couch instead of in bed.”

She folded her front legs and frowned. “I’m not hungry, Discord. Can you leave me alone for a few minutes? I’m mad at you.”

He blinked at her and his ears drooped. “Mad at me… but why? I… only wanted to make you smile.”

She kept her face turned away from him as she kept her arms folded. “Please, leave me alone; only for a few minutes.”

“Sure… Fluttershy… If you say so…” He looked sad as he disappeared.

“I shouldn’t have done that. It was my fault, not his…” She sniffled and started to cry. Angel bunny ran into the other room and brought her back a box of tissues.


Apple Jack was strolling down one of the rows of apple trees and noticed one of the trees was drooping low. She trotted over to it and saw a bunch of half eaten apples strewn all over the ground. “What sort of varmint is eaten all the apples here?” She asked as she looked up into the boughs of the tree. “Come on out of there!” She bucked the tree and Discord fell out of it.

“What in tarnation are you doing there?” She asked him and he just sighed and looked at her.

“Just eating apples…” He muttered. “I didn’t mean to bother you.”

“Whoa, wait a minute there! What is wrong with you?” She eyed him. “Where is Fluttershy?”

He shrugged and got up. “She’s at home. She kicked me out.”

“What the hay? Ya two are attached at the hip, what did ya do to upset her?”

He just kicked one of the half eaten apples halfheartedly over to another tree. “It doesn’t matter. Sorry for eating your apples Apple Jack. Maybe I’ll go home.” He disappeared and a bag of bits fell to the ground at Apple Jack’s feet.

She looked at the bag; he had left it as payment for the apples. “Oh, there is definitely something wrong here.” She grabbed the bag and ran to Ponyville.

She walked into Twilight’s castle. “Hello Twilight? You home? We got a problem.”

“What?” Twilight yelled. “What is the problem?”

“Where are ya?” Apple Jack asked.

“In the main chamber, what is wrong AJ?”

“It’s Discord… He’s gone.”

Twilight came around the corner. “What, where is he? What happened to Fluttershy?”

“Well I found him in one of my apple trees he’d ate about half of them. I asked him what is wrong, he said she kicked him out and that he was leavin’ then he paid me Twilight… He paid for the apples.”

“We better check on Fluttershy.” Twilight stated. “Tell the others to keep an eye out for him.”


Twilight knocked on Fluttershy’s door, “Go away, no one is here.” Fluttershy’s voice sounded strained like she was crying.

“Fluttershy, it’s me Twilight. Let me in.”

“I… can’t… just come in, the door is unlocked.” She answered.

Twilight opened the door and walked in, she looked around and Fluttershy’s animals were all running back and forth as if in a panic. She avoided stepping on a couple small mice that saw her and chittered. Angel Bunny hopped up to her and pulled on her hoof. “What is up Angel, what’s wrong?” He pulled on her more and Twilight followed him into the kitchen. She stopped and gasped as she saw Fluttershy on the floor.

“Help me up.” Fluttershy asked as she started to stand but gasped out in pain.

“Fluttershy, what is wrong?” Twilight flew to her friend’s side and helped her up into a chair.

“Oh, it’s nothing really, just labor pain.” She smiled slightly, but made a hurt sound when she felt pain shoot through her. “At least that is what Mrs. Mouse told me it was.”

“You need to go to the hospital.” Twilight stated as she looked at her friend. “How far is the pain apart?”

“I never thought to count it.” She suddenly started to cry and she put her head on the table. “I need him here Twilight… I miss Discord. He would make the pain go away. It was my fault he left.”

Twilight felt at a loss. “What do you want me to do? I’ll call for the Emergency ponies and get them to take you to the hospital, if you are in labor you need to be at the hospital.”

“Twilight please try and find him for me. Tell him I forgive him.” She cried more and made a noise as she was hit with more pain.

“Okay, I will. Are you going to let me get you to the hospital? I will make sure he knows you are there.”

“Yes, please.” She whimpered as she held her stomach. “Oh my goodness!” She blinked as she felt dizzy suddenly and she fell onto the floor again, Twilight put her hoof around her friend to steady her on her feet. “I am sorry but I need to take you to the hospital faster than the Emergency ponies.” They blinked out of Fluttershy’s house and reappeared outside the Emergency room of Ponyville Hospital. Twilight helped Fluttershy into the hospital.


Discord was sitting on the outskirts of Ponyville and he was looking at the trees of Everfree forest. He thought about going back to his castle, but it was so boring there, he wanted to bring Fluttershy back there, but she was angry with him.

He stood up to walk into the forest and leave for a few days at least but there was a noise behind him that distracted him. His ear twitched as he heard his name and he turned around to see a pink pony bouncing towards him.

When Pinkie got nearer he noticed that she didn’t look like she was her happy go lucky self. “Oh, Discord, I finally found you!” She said; out of breath. “All of us were looking for you.”

He frowned, “Why would you go looking for me? I am nothing but a trouble maker.”

Pinkie blinked. “No, you aren’t.” She grabbed his tail and he flicked it away from her irritably.

“Leave me alone Pinkie, nothing you say will make me follow you.”

“Fluttershy is in labor, and she is hurting bad. She keeps asking for you and telling us to tell you she forgives you.” Pinkie said.

He gritted his teeth. “Except maybe that… Where is she at?”

“Twilight took her to Ponyville hospital.” She suddenly squeaked when Discord grabbed her and disappeared only to reappear outside the hospital, he set Pinkie Pie down and strode into the hospital. Pinkie followed him.

“Where is Fluttershy?” He asked as he walked into the waiting room. Twilight looked up as he approached her. “Where is she?” He asked again.

“They took her to the maternity ward.” Twilight answered. “She’s waiting for you. Discord, I brought her here as fast as I could.”

He walked up to the maternity ward nurse’s station and saw a couple of pony nurses sitting there. “I need to see my mate.” He stated to them and they both cringed back.

“Sir!” A pony security guard said. “If you are not on the clipboard you cannot go past the nurse’s station.”

“Check the clipboard then!” Growled the draconequus irritably. “The name is Discord.”

The security guard looked at a paper on the clipboard and looked down a list. “Oh, it is on here. Go on through those doors and take a right.” Discord pushed through the doors and took a right as he looked around and saw a couple rooms, and he heard Fluttershy’s familiar voice. He then saw Dr. Calliope walk into the room he assumed was hers.

Fluttershy looked up hopefully as her doctor walked in. “Is he here?”

Epona smiled at her as she checked on how the I.V. looked and checked the status of the baby with the heart monitor. “He is here, I told you he’d come.”

Fluttershy almost cried again with relief. “He… he’s all right? I hope he’s not mad at me. I know it’s my entire fault.”

He peeked into the room and saw Fluttershy lying in a bed with a bunch of odd things around her. “I thought we were at a hospital, not a torture chamber.”

She looked up at him and smiled. “They found you! I am s… so glad…” Her eyes started to fill up with tears again.

“I’m sorry… ” They both said at once.

“Fluttershy, I know what it feels like for my heart to break, because you cause it to shatter every time you turn a disapproving eye at me. When you said you were mad at me; I got mad at myself for disappointing you and I’m sorry.” He moved to her and hugged her tightly as he placed his hand gently upon her stomach which tightened up in a contraction, and she made a hurt noise. Epona just jotted something down on Fluttershy’s chart.

“I’m sorry I got mad at you, I think it’s because of my body being pregnant.” She shifted on the bed from discomfort.

“How much longer?” He asked the doctor after he noticed her discomfort.

“Her pain has subsided a little bit, so we are seeing how far apart her contractions are. It’s strange, how the pain seemed to melt away when she knew you were here.” Epona kept jotting down every contraction that Fluttershy had.

He put his head against Fluttershy and looked in her eyes. “I’m here for you.”

She blushed and gave him a small kiss. “Thank you. I’m so happy you’re here, I don’t think I can do this without you.” She made a pained expression and grunted, “It is hurting again.”

Dr. Epona checked the time and her notes. “This is good, you are progressing well. Discord if you want to tell your friends that it’ll be a few hours before anything happens. Please do.”

“Hours?” He asked incredulous.

Epona looked at the clock on the wall and her notes. “Yeah, give or take.” She replied. “Maybe if you and Fluttershy walk around carefully, it will progress it more.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “Fluttershy, I’ll tell your friends about the wait…”

“Our friends.” She replied with a smile.

He nodded. “Our friends…” He said carefully, he kissed her lips softly. “I’ll be right back.”

He walked out of the room and Epona looked at her for a moment. “What is wrong Doctor?” She asked.

“Nothing is wrong, I am just thinking about ways to make you more comfortable.”


Discord looked out of the maternity ward and saw all of Fluttershy’s friends waiting there. He gulped at what Fluttershy said that they were his friends too. He strode out to the waiting room and Twilight sat up and looked at him.

“What is the news? How is Fluttershy?” Twilight asked as Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity and Apple Jack looked at him expectantly.

“She hasn’t had the foal yet, but she is doing well.” He shuffled his hoof. “I’d like to apologize to all of you. I have been selfish I am sorry. Especially to you Rainbow Dash; I was really unfair to you this morning.”

“I was irritated this morning, I had already forgotten about it, although it did take forever to get that make up off my face.” Rainbow dash smirked. “I did learn how to juggle too, oddly enough.”

Pinkie’s ear perked at the mention of juggling. “You juggle?”

“I quit already Pinkie.” Rainbow answered her quickly.

“I also need to tell you that Fluttershy’s labor may take a few hours. So if you need to do anything, do it now and come back?”

Twilight smiled. “It’s okay Discord, we’ll wait. Besides I don’t think we have much to do anyway, do we girls?”

“No darling.” Rarity said as she pulled a couple of knitting needles and yarn out of her bag and started to use her magic to knit.

“Yeah, I have some reading to catch up on.” Rainbow Dash pulled out a book about Daring Do and started to read.

Pinkie sat slightly behind Rainbow Dash and started to read over her shoulder. “Yep, we can wait all night if needed.”

Apple Jack nodded as she lay back on one of the waiting room couches. “I can catch up on some rest.” She tilted her hat over her face. “Just get us if anything at all happens.”

He smiled at them and let out a sigh. “Thank you… ladies.”

“What are friends for?” Twilight asked. “We are here if you need us.”


Fluttershy was panting as she lay on the bed and Discord stood next to her holding her hoof as she was pushing with all her strength. “It hurts. I… am so tired.” She managed to say.

“I’m here Fluttershy. You are strong you can do it.” He encouraged her. “Soon you will be able to hold our foal in your arms.”

Epona looked down and then back up at Fluttershy. “Come on dear, not much longer. The stronger you push the closer you are to being done. Remember to breathe.” She looked over at one of the nurses. “Be prepared to bring the warming table and the blankets.”

“Yes Doctor.” The nurse pushed a warming table over and started to hook it up.

“Ah!” Fluttershy groaned as she bore down with a new pain shooting through her. She was breathing sharp and deep and she looked up trying to get her attention away from the pain.

Discord looked at her and put his paw on her back rubbing between her wings. “Doctor, is there anything for her pain? I hate seeing her this way.”

Epona looked at him and smirked. “I am not going to grace that with an answer my Lord.” She looked back at Fluttershy. “Yes, that is it; you are almost there please push more.”

Discord craned his neck to see what was happening. He looked away for a moment to talk to Fluttershy. “You are beautiful, please use all your strength I believe you are almost done my love.”

She was panting as she looked at him. “I hope so, I feel so tired.” He rubbed her back more as she let out another groan and pushed down.

“Oh!” Epona exclaimed. “Here comes the head. Yes, good job Fluttershy.” The nurse brought the doctor a warm blanket. “Almost there, here it comes. Oh, look at this Discord a little boy.”

Discord blinked as he looked down and saw the little foal being placed in a blanket that still had the umbilical attached. “Uh… Um…” He was at a loss for words as he looked at the baby. He looked at Fluttershy and he felt the room spin and then blacked out. The nurses jumped as the draconequus fell at their feet. One took the foal and placed him in the heating cart and started to weigh and measure the baby.

“Oh…” Epona stated. “Looks like The Lord of Chaos fainted. Nurses; can you get someone to help get him into a bed?” She then turned back to Fluttershy. “You still have to push Fluttershy, I know you are tired, but as soon as you are done, you can rest.” Fluttershy gave a deep breath nodded and started to push again and Epona gasped. “Oh… What do we have here?”


Discord awoke and looked around he had been put on a bed right next to Fluttershy’s. She was humming softly to something in her arms. She noticed he had woken up. “Hello. New Daddy, come look and see.”

He scrambled out of the bed and went over to look and instantly noticed that she held two babies. “Twins?”

She nodded as she looked down at the bundles with adoration. “They need names. He is only a few minutes older than his sister. She is shy like me and was hiding.” She held one of the babies out to him.

He took the boy and a grin sketched across his face. “He looks like me. Look how cute his paws are, he’s got two paws instead of a paw and a talon. Hmm, I’ll teach him to snap with his paw.” He put his finger close to the paw and the foal grabbed his finger and pulled on him.

She giggled. “Discord, he’s just a baby, here let me have him.” He reluctantly brought him back and gently took the girl from her as she started to feed the boy who was starting to fuss.

Discord held the girl gently and looked at her. “She is perfect,” He noticed she had bat wings instead of feathered wings. “So very perfect,” He went to Fluttershy and kissed her. “They are very beautiful, just like their mother.”

Fluttershy blushed at his compliment. “I think they are very uniquely attractive like their father, who has a bad habit of fainting.”

“Well, I… Um…” He smirked. “I couldn’t help it.”

There was a knock on the door. Epona poked her head in, “Are you all ready for a time out from adorable babies? Did you feed them Fluttershy?”

“Yes, I fed them. She doesn’t eat as much as her brother. Should I be concerned?”

“No worrying yet.” She laughed. “They had just been born; all they want to do is sleep.” The nurse came in with two bassinets and the foals were placed in them and wheeled out.

Discord watched them being taken away warily. “I’m going to make sure…” He jogged out after them.

Fluttershy spread her wings and stretched them. “I am going to see my friends… is that okay?” She asked Epona.

“That is fine, just don’t overdo it, you are still sore. Your little ones will be in the nursery window for everyone to observe, if Discord hadn’t stopped them from being put in there.”

“Oh!” Fluttershy flew out timidly to find her mate. “Discord…” She flew a bit haphazardly over to Discord as he stood watching the nurses like a bird of prey. She landed next to him and rubbed up against him like a cat. “They aren’t going to steal them.”

“Fluttershy, what are you doing out of bed?” He picked her up and hugged her tightly. “Little mommy needs rest.”

She wiggled in his arms. “I need to see my friends, and make sure you don’t terrorize the nurses.”

He looked at the nurses and they both retreated into the nursery. “I don’t terrorize, I just needed to make sure our foals are in capable hooves.”

He carried her out into the waiting room and she folded her arms in a huff. “I can walk…”

“Tut, tut…I’m not going to let you strain yourself. Look at who I brought out.” He announced to the girls.

“Fluttershy!” they all said and the nurse at the station shushed them. They all shrank down. “Oops… We’re sorry.”

Placing her in the floor he gave her a kiss. And all her friends came over to give her a hug. “I’m going to go look at the babies while you talk.” He said as he strode over to the entrance to the nursery observation area.

“Oh… Oh! I want to go too…” Pinkie cried out after she hugged Fluttershy.

“We’re all going to look Pinkie, just hold yer horses.” Apple Jack stated.

Discord was looking at the little ones and making faces at them, but as soon as the door opened with the others coming in he leaned against the wall casually acting as if he wasn’t interested.

“My goodness, they are adorable.” Rarity cooed. “Twins, it’s so amazing. You really are going to have your hooves full.” She commented to Fluttershy.

Pinkie was making a very high pitched noise and Discord’s ears started to twitch from the sound. “Pinkie Pie, you’re making me want to strangle you.”

She looked at him grinning from ear to ear. “I have experience in foal sitting! I can watch them when you and Fluttershy want to have a ‘date’ night.”

He gave her an incredulous look and glanced at the other girls and they all nodded to confirm his unasked question. “I think we shall decline for now.” He said and looked at Fluttershy.

“Well, maybe in a few months after we are more used to having them around?” She answered.

“You promise?”

“I don’t promise anything.” He muttered and looked to Fluttershy for help.

Fluttershy was giggling. “I promise Pinkie.” She answered and Pinkie squealed with delight.

Twilight looked at the foals and saw that the little boy looked almost like Discord except that he had two front paws, two back hooves, and a pony tail; he also had small feathery wings. She stared for a long time at the little girl and saw that she looked a lot like Fluttershy but had a reddish coat, a dark blue mane and small bat-like wings and her tail was long like Discord’s and had spikes on it that matched the color of her mane, the rest of her looked to be in the shape of a pony she then observed that the girl also had two little horns. She turned to look at the two new parents.

“What are their names?”

“Well,” Began Fluttershy, “I named the little girl LillyRose. Discord named the little boy.”

Everyone looked at Discord he looked surprised as he smirked. “His name is Paradox.”


Fluttershy was worried about LillyRose. She fed the little pony and she let out little whimpers as she fed and the sound broke Fluttershy’s heart. So Fluttershy started to hum a song to Lilly to make her relax. Lilly flapped her little wings when she stopped and yawned at Fluttershy. She held the little foal close and rocked her slowly until the foal fell asleep; she kept Lilly on her lap until Paradox jumped up beside her and looked at his sister. He reached out with his paw and batted at Lilly’s ear.

“Dox, leave your sister alone she isn’t feeling well.”

“Ma…” Paradox let out a small mew and nuzzled her leg.

Fluttershy sighed as she let him onto her lap. He made a mewling noise as he wanted to be fed so Fluttershy fed him as well. “I wish Lilly would be as anxious as you when it comes to eating.”

Discord walked in and saw that Paradox was eating again and he saw that Lilly was sleeping against Fluttershy with her long tail curled up around her. “You need help?” He asked Fluttershy.

Fluttershy looked up at him and nodded. “Yes, can you take Lilly? I’m so worried about her Discord… Maybe we should take her to see Dr. Calliope?”

He picked up Lilly and looked at her. She spread her wings and curled her tail around his arm as he cradled her in his arms. She blinked sleepily and yawned at him as he put his finger on her forehead touching her horn nubs. She let out a complaint at his touch on her antler and gave him an irritated look. “I think I know what is wrong.” He said as he kissed Lilly’s forehead where the antler was.

Fluttershy looked up at him hopefully. “What is it?”

“It’s her antler. It is causing her pain.” He blinked his eye as if he remembered a similar pain a long time ago. “I guess we can find a way to relieve the pain, but it’s like cutting teeth. New teeth emerge through the gums, but it’s through the forehead and is complete agonizing pain, she’s not a unicorn, unicorns are born with their horns. She is growing her horns like I grew mine.” He grabbed one of his horns and took it off and pulled his antler off and then switched them around. “I can do this now, purely magic of course.” He snapped his fingers and they went back where they were. Lilly watched this and made a soft giggling coo at the trick.

Fluttershy smiled at Lilly’s reaction, but was concerned still. “So should we take her to the doctor?”

“Lilly is not eating as much as Paradox; and she really needs to eat more to be a strong draconequus like her brother.” He snuggled the foal gently and kissed her again on the forehead. “I can use a little bit of my magic to relieve her pain, but that isn’t healthy. Maybe it is time for their first appointment to see the doctor? It’s been a month.”


Epona looked into Paradox’s mouth, his little pink tongue kept wiggling in the way as she was trying to check his throat. “You’re a rambunctious little one, keep your tongue down.” She let the infant close his mouth and she looked at his paws and smirked. “Fluttershy, Paradox is developing fairly well, in fact I already sense that he has power.”

“Oh, is that good or bad?” Fluttershy asked as she looked at Epona. Discord was wiggling his claw at Paradox. The foal was batting at him playfully.

“It depends on how you look at it.” Epona glanced at Discord, he chose to ignore her as he tickled Dox’s belly and the little foal squealed in happiness.

“Can you look at Lilly then?” Fluttershy asked as she uncoiled Lilly’s tail from around her wing and set her on the examination table. The little foal blinked and let out a shy mew as she reached for Fluttershy flapping her little bat wings anxiously.

“Oh, it’s ok little Lilly.” Epona said soothingly. “I am your doctor; I helped your mommy have you.” She put on her stethoscope and listened to Lilly’s heart, started the examination and she paused a moment and looked over at Discord who was playing with Dox she then looked at Fluttershy. “She is a very healthy baby except she has a lot of pain from what I sense.”

“Yeah, Discord says it’s her horns…” Fluttershy muttered. “Um, can we get something to make her comfortable? She isn’t eating as well as Doxy.”

“Yes, I believe that there is something that can be used, but I really haven’t used it for a long time.” She looked over at Discord and he finally looked up from playing with Paradox and gave her a suspicious look.

“What are you looking at Epona?”

“Oh, nothing my Lord… Um Discord… I think that the water from the spring would help your daughter.” Epona replied to him as her cheeks started to turn red and she turned her face away from him before he noticed.

“There is not much left.” Discord stated as he picked Paradox up. “I do have a vial of it hidden in Fluttershy’s house; I just don’t quite know where I randomly placed it.”

“Is that the water you gave to heal me?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes, it is…” He answered. “I didn’t know that it would help Lilly, I guess we can always try.”


Paradox was growling and biting Discord’s tail as Discord rocked LillyRose in his arms. “Fluttershy; I think Dox is teething.” He lifted his tail and the little draconequus mewled and let go.

“He’s not teething, he’s serious.” Fluttershy answered in the kitchen.

Discord snickered. “I think I am rubbing off on you my dear.”

She gently flew from the kitchen carrying some sandwiches and drinks on a tray. She placed them on the table. She looked at Discord as she sat down. “I wouldn’t mind some different type of rubbing, if you know what I mean?”

Discord gave her a surprised look and then grinned. “Oh are you giving me a hint my love?”

“You were never one to misinterpret a riddle. So, you really don’t need a hint to know what I mean.” She ate a sandwich casually. Discord looked at Lilly, looked at Dox and back at his mate.

“Time for a nap.” He announced and picked up Dox, Dox wiggled in his arms as he marched the twins up the steps. “You two get some sleep; mommy and daddy are going to be busy.” He placed Dox in the crib and the foal looked at him warily, he ruffled the foal’s mane. He put Lilly in her crib and she gave him a small smile and made a purring noise after he kissed her on the head. “Just stay and take a nap.” He slowly backed out of the room.

He turned to walk back downstairs when he heard a crash in the room. He opened the door and saw the nursery in shambles and the two foals on the floor covered in baby powder. The powder still floated in the air as they both looked as innocent as could be. “If I didn’t know better…” he mumbled as he picked the foals up placed them in their cribs again, he turned around and ran into Pinkie. “What?”

Pinkie smiled at him. “My Pinkie sense said you needed a foal sitter.”

“I called her.” Fluttershy said from down stairs. “Let her watch them. We are leaving now.”

“Are you sure?” He asked as he looked at Pinkie and saw she had baby toys and other things she needed for foal sitting.

“Discord…” Fluttershy said warningly.

“Coming!” He disappeared leaving Pinkie behind with the foals.


Fluttershy sighed deeply as they both cuddled together inside a cloud. She looked up at him and he had his eyes closed. She spoke up. “Discord, are you happy?”

He opened one eye and looked at her. “What kind of question is that?”

Fluttershy shrugged and kept looking at him for an answer. He opened both eyes and looked at her face, she was so very beautiful and her big blue eyes made his heart skip a beat. She noticed him just looking at her. “Well?” She prompted.

“I am very happy; especially since you are with me.” He smiled as his tail snaked around her as he moved down to kiss her lips. “You have given me something that I had not had…”

She gave him a kiss in return and felt herself get really excited with just that slight touch of his lips on hers. “And what is that?”

“You have given me love, companionship, and understanding. Plus…” he paused as he moved his body against her and licked his lips as he casually positioned himself over her. “You feel really good when I do things to you.”

Discord really wasted no time in mounting her, he pushed into her deeply and he grasped her wings in his talon. As he pushed into her, he let out a gasp as he pulled she squeezed him tightly. “Oh, dearest sweet, you’re going to end up with foal again if you don’t watch out.”

“But… you feel so good.” She moaned out as her wings quivered with the feel of him.

Discord shivered as her body trembled around him, he was deep in her and every movement made him harder, he bit his lower lip as he slowly pulled and pushed in. “Your tightness astounds me.” He gasped out as he pulled back. “If you tighten any more I may just explode.”

“Aah… I cannot take this.” She moaned out as her legs starting to give out from the pleasure. “Discord, please.”

“Yes my love.” He whispered as he pushed in again and pulled back. When he thrust in again he felt her let go and her wonderful orgasm washed over him, he clenched his jaw at the feel to control his own building orgasm.

She panted as she came, her tightness clenching him willing him to lose himself in her. He groaned deeply and shuddered as he fought back the urge to spill forth into her deep folds. Before he lost all thought or control he pulled from her and just as he did so he came, releasing himself over her back.

“By the ancients of Equestria.” He panted. “Fluttershy my dear, sorry I made you a mess.” He made a towel appear out of nowhere and cleaned her off then it disappeared after he was done.

Fluttershy blushed as he cleaned her off. “I… um hope I felt good?” She mumbled shyly.

He gave her a dumbfounded look. “Felt good? You felt wonderful. You are the most amazing…” he just couldn’t finish the sentence when he just grabbed her and started to just kiss her. They kissed deeply his tongue curling around hers as they hugged tightly.

Within a few moments he slowly broke the kiss and just stared into her eyes. She blushed as no words were exchanged as they held onto one another. It was as if they knew that it was true love and nothing they said would have made a difference in how they felt.

The cloud they were in started to evaporate in the sunshine of the day; they hugged each other as the cloud slowly disappeared. They noticed that their cover was gone completely when Rainbow Dash flew by and came to a complete stop to look at them. “What are you two doing up here?” She asked them then saw that they were really hugging close, and she blushed deeply. “Never mind, I don’t want to know.” She then took off fast.

“It seems Rainbow likes to hide her feelings.” Discord mumbled to Fluttershy as he kissed her muzzle.

Fluttershy laughed a little bit. “I think you just like to make my friends blush.”

“Who me? Never.” A halo formed over his head, but it was a little crooked.

“You’re also an exhibitionist.” Fluttershy stated as she kissed his muzzle.

He suddenly gasped at the assessment. “My dear Fluttershy; I never… Okay, you do have me there, I do enjoy the attention.” He kissed her again as he started to dance with her in the sky. “So when shall we have our wedding dear? We put it off until after you gave birth, shall I ask you to marry me again?” Fluttershy eeped as her face turned red with a new blush. She didn’t say anything but he laughed at her reaction and snuggled her close. “No worries my Love, I will make it the biggest wedding in all of Equestria.”

Her eyes widened and she hid her face behind her wing. “Oh, please don’t.” she whispered.

He smirked at her request and continued. “I will ask Rarity to make a dress so elegant that you will outshine the stars. Ask Pinkie to make an eight tiered cake, have Rainbow give you a Triple Rainboom.” He looked at her and she looked as if she was going to crawl into her own skin to hide. “Tsk, Fluttershy, do you really think I would embarrass you that much? In all honesty, no dress would ever outshine your beauty. We can always have a small ceremony, you, me, our friends, and our foals; oh Princess Twilight can wed us. She is a Princess, she has the authority.” He smiled when she calmed down after he stopped with the extravagant talk.

“I would hate to be a problem.” Fluttershy said quietly to him as she blushed again.

He lifted her head to look into his eyes. “You are never a problem. So Fluttershy… Should I ask you again to marry me? If you want that; I am asking now. Please, marry me?” He produced the engagement ring out of thin air. “I want you to be with me forever.”

She looked at him as he held the ring out to her. She swallowed hard and looked around, no one watched and she felt no pressure from others around her. “I never took back what I said all those months ago. I love you Discord. When I said I would marry you; I would.”

Discord’s smile moved over his face slowly as he lifted her hoof up and placed the ring over it. “You make me a very happy draconequus. You give me everything that I ever needed or wanted.”

“I haven’t really.” Fluttershy replied.

“Oh?” He asked.

“You wanted to rule Equestria. You tried to anyway.” Fluttershy pointed out.

He looked at her for a long moment. “You are right… and that really wasn’t the first time I tried that.” He laughed suddenly. “I guess I won’t try that again anytime soon. Unless of course; you wanted to be the queen of chaos?” He saw her shaking her head frantically. “No… I didn’t think so.”

He became silent for a long moment as if he was thinking of something. She was grateful that he still was holding onto her as they floated in midair because by this time her wings would have gotten tired. They slowly ascended as he kept thinking. He would do this for hours at a time and she would wait for him to come out of his thoughts. She looked at the ring on her hoof and smiled at the thought of a small ceremony and getting married to someone she loved dearly. She leaned against his chest as he hugged her close while still lost in thought. They landed in one of Apple Jack’s apple trees and he suddenly blinked. “Oops, looks like we ended up in a tree.”

“Yes.” Fluttershy sighed and nuzzled against his neck. “I think we should go home and check on Pinkie and the foals.”


Pinkie Pie was asleep on the floor of the nursery; both foals were curled up together next to her, asleep as well.

Fluttershy went over to Pinkie and leaned down. “Pinkie; wake up…” She whispered to her friend. “We’re back.”

Pinkie blinked sleepily and looked up at Fluttershy. “Oh I am sorry, I must have fallen asleep.” She slowly stood up and carefully moved around the sleeping foals. “They are very energetic.” She yawned as she walked past Discord who was levitating the foals into a crib, hoping that they wouldn’t wake up as he did so. He closed the door as they all walked out.

Fluttershy gave Pinkie a hug. “Thanks for all the help.”

“It was fun.” Pinkie still whispered. “Did you know that Paradox likes to chew on tails?” She inspected her tail and didn’t see any real damage and let it go.

“Yeah, Dox enjoys chewing on mine a lot.” Discord muttered. “Thank you Pinkie, I am sorry for not trusting you to begin with, but apparently you make a very good foal sitter.”

“It’s because I think on their level.” Pinkie grinned and Discord stifled a snicker.

“In any case,” Fluttershy stepped in front of Discord before he said something. “If we ever need you again, I won’t hesitate to call you.”

Pinkie grinned and hugged Fluttershy again. “Oh! Before I forget! LillyRose knows how to do magic. Not basic magic either.”

She looked at Discord and he had a curious look on his face. “What sort of magic?” He asked her.

“Well you know how you can snap your fingers and things happen? Like… chocolate rain…” She stood for a moment and smiled happily at the thought.

“Pinkie… Please focus.” Fluttershy poked her in the side. “What sort of magic?”

“It’s really difficult to explain, but I had heard her make a strange click noise and things started flying around the nursery, when I told her that she shouldn’t do that she made that click noise again and everything fell on the floor. She then acted all cute and cooed sweetly at me.”

“A click?” Discord’s eyebrow rose. “Like this noise?” He snapped his fingers and a glass of chocolate milk appeared in his hand.

Pinkie nodded and eyed the glass of chocolate milk. “Yes, but… more like the clicking of a tongue.”

Discord handed Pinkie the chocolate milk and rubbed his chin. “That is very interesting.” He mused as he walked down the stairs leaving Pinkie and Fluttershy alone.

Fluttershy looked at him as he walked down the steps, leaving her and Pinkie behind. She looked at Pinkie who was drinking the chocolate milk. “Discord and I are going to get married soon.”

Pinkie looked at her with her cheeks full of chocolate milk, her eyes wide with Fluttershy’s comment. “Hmm?!” She exclaimed, not wanting to spit the milk out all over her friend.

“I don’t know when… um but I don’t want to be a bother for anyone… So I think we will just ask Twilight to wed us… a small intimate ceremony.”

Pinkie gulped the milk down. “Fluttershy! You have to have a wedding! He is a Lord! A LORD! You should marry him properly… You know with a long flowing gown and a BIG Cake! Not a Big Cake… A Huge Cake!”

Fluttershy started to blush and looked at the floor. “I don’t want a big wedding. I just want…”

“She wants a lot of attention.” Discord said behind her; making Fluttershy jump and look at him.

“N… no, I don’t Discord.” She said suddenly and he grinned at her.

“My dearest Fluttershy, you know that nothing I do is small.” He winked at her and licked his lips. She caught his innuendo and blushed deeply.

Pinkie watched this exchange for a moment. “If you two are going to start to have sex again, I would like to leave first.”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened and looked at Pinkie then looked at Discord who was suddenly on the floor laughing out loudly. “HAHAHAA!! HAHAHA! Oh Pinkie, you sure know how to make me laugh.” He stood up slowly and wiped the tears from his eyes still smirking. “Oh, no… No, we aren’t going to be doing anything naughty at this moment, sorry to disappoint. I thought you were trying to get my little Fluttershy to agree to an extravagant wedding?”

“Oh yeah!” Pinkie grinned at Fluttershy. “You should ask Rarity for a wedding dress, you know she’d insist on it. In any case, I am going to head home and get some sleep; I have to make blueberry muffins tomorrow. Just remember Fluttershy; a Humongous Cake! I will make one!” She hugged her friend and then gave Discord a hug too. He stood there at a loss at what to do and he just patted her head.

“Thank you?” He replied awkwardly.

“You’re welcome! You’re so silly Discord!” She hopped out of the door and down the road.


“Darling you must want to have an elegant gown?” Rarity fretted to her friend while they both relaxed in Ponyville spa.

Fluttershy just shook her head. “It’s okay; I really don’t want to be a nuisance.”

“You have never been a nuisance. It’ll be the least I could do for you after you modeled for those wonderful maternity fashions for me. By the way, how are your little ones?”

“Dox likes to eat tails. Lilly likes to use magic whenever she can and Discord is so happy that they are pretty much following in his footsteps.”

“Oh dear.” Rarity stated. “Do you need any help?”

“No, every once and a while Pinkie is available to take care of the twins.” Fluttershy smiled. “Today, Discord is supposed to be taking care of them. He said I needed the ‘me’ time.”

Rarity nodded. “Oh, you know he is right. Taking time to relax really does wonders. I do suggest we go and visit Twilight after we are done here; we should go over wedding plans for you.”

Fluttershy made a small squeak. “I really don’t want to any attention.” She said quietly.

Rarity waved her hoof. “Nonsense, Darling. What does Discord think?”

She blushed and sunk down into the spa mud that she was sitting in. “He has mentioned making it a big deal.”


Paradox was chasing Angel Bunny around the house while Discord was looking at Lilly’s horns, they were about an inch longer and Lilly really didn’t have any problems with them ever since he had her drink some of the spring water. She wiggled in his arms and flapped her wings in irritation, because she wanted to play with Dox. She clicked her tongue and Discord laughed when she disappeared and reappeared on the floor. “Lilly, you are going to have to be more patient.” he reprimanded her. “Maybe a little more unpredictable…”

He picked her up again and she growled slightly and folded her arms. “No no.”

Discord blinked in shock at his little girl. “Did you just talk?”

Lilly didn’t answer him as she saw Dox run by and she stretched out to her brother. “Eh…eh…” she voiced.

Dox stopped looked up at his sister and immediately bit Discord’s tail. “Hey.” Discord reached down and scooped Dox up in his other paw and held them both. “You two are ganging up on your old dad now?”

Dox started to giggle and showed his neat little rows of needle sharp teeth. Lilly wiggled more and was about to click her tongue but Discord used magic and made her tongue disappear temporarily. “Not today, Missy. Dox, how does your mommy feed you with those sharp teeth?”

He marched them up the stairs and placed them in their cribs. Lilly frowned and pouted because she still couldn’t click her tongue. “You behave or I won’t let you have your tongue back until you are my age, and that is a long time to wait.”

Angel Bunny peeked in the nursery and Dox jumped out of the crib to run after the bunny again only to end up being levitated back into his crib by Discord. “Oh no, you don’t. It is nap time for you both.” He closed the door to the nursery and he sat on the rocking chair that was in the middle of the room. “I am going to sit right here and read a book as you two sleep.” A book appeared in his hand and he opened it up and started to read it quietly.

Discord lowered the book slowly to glance at them and saw Paradox looking right back at him. The little draconequus bounced in the crib and stuck his forked tongue out at his father. Discord looked over to Lilly’s crib and she was sitting with her arms crossed and her cheeks puffed out. “You win Lilly.” He said and snapped his fingers and opened the book and started to read again. Lilly stuck her tongue out then clicked it. *click*

Lilly was suddenly sitting on Discord’s lap and she put her front hooves on the book he was reading as if she was trying to find the pictures in it.

“It’s not your story book. You want me to read to you?” He made the book he was reading disappear and a story book floated over to them. “What about you Dox? You want to hear a story too?” Dox gave him a toothy grin; nodded then suddenly shaking his head back to nodding again. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Twilight went over to her new collection of books. It was starting to grow again since the library had been destroyed, borrowing books from Canterlot and buying some as well. “Weddings… Weddings… Ah! Here it is.” She started to page through the book with her magic as she walked to the table where Rarity and Fluttershy sat. “Hmm, well, yes it says here that an Alicorn Princess can officiate a wedding. Fluttershy, you really want to marry Discord?” She looked up at her friend.

“Why do you think I shouldn’t? He is wonderful with the babies and I really love him.” She blushed deeply.

“Well, he’s immortal for one.” Twilight stated.

“Is there another reason?” Fluttershy asked.

Twilight looked at Fluttershy for a moment. “Well, I know you had his children, but he’s Discord. Don’t you remember what he has done?”

“All his good has outweighed the bad.” Fluttershy said softly as not to upset her friend. “He… saved my life… too.”

“Yes, about that? I need to know the details.” Twilight asked as she sat down with the wedding book open in front of her.

Fluttershy looked at the table in front of her, her cheeks burning because Twilight was looking at her for an explanation. “It was the day before we told you about our relationship. We had gone on a picnic that morning; I wanted to talk to him about something that happened between us. Anyway, we were in the Everfree forest and I saw an injured animal, he told me to be careful… And I got poisoned by a Haunt. He had me drink water from the Spring of Eternity.” She quieted down when she looked at Twilight.

Twilight blinked at her. “What was the name of that water?”

“The Spring of Eternity.” Fluttershy repeated. “It was the same water he gave to LillyRose and Paradox, he says it is running out, but it has healing properties as well as other things…” She added the last part in an almost whisper.

Twilight got up and walked over to her book shelves and started to pull books out with her magic. “The Spring of Eternity.” She announced when she found a book she was looking for. She paged through the book and came to an excerpt. “The Well of Eternity; also known as the Spring of Eternity; known for its healing properties and for granting anyone that drank it immortality, only a few know of the spring, it is also known to disappear from time to time, it is not talked about too much because it is known to be just a myth, or just a rumor, not even Princess Luna or Princess Celestia know of the location.” Twilight looked up from the book and looked at Fluttershy. “You drank it?”

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes, he told me… that I’m immortal. I told him that I didn’t want to be… but he told me he didn’t know of any other way to save me…” She swallowed hard and shuffled her hoof. “I… I’m sorry?”

“Fluttershy Darling, you didn’t know. I am so glad he was able to save you.” Rarity spoke up. “It sounds so romantic trying to save you; I bet he was scared he’d lose you.”

“He could have told us. Maybe we could have gotten you a cure without giving you immortality.” Twilight stated.

Fluttershy shrank back slightly as Twilight seemed to be a bit irritated, “I don’t know, I don’t remember a lot of it, I just remember the Haunt as I approached it and I remember darkness, then waking up and he looked so miserable looking up at me. I already knew I loved him Twilight, even before he saved me.” She blushed at her confession. “He was the one that confessed his love to me first.”

Twilight stared at her friend and was shocked at what Fluttershy told her. “Okay, I will do your marriage ceremony.” She smiled when Fluttershy looked at her and smiled.

“Thank you, Twilight.” She answered softly. “I don’t want anything too big.”


Discord looked at Twilight as she paced back and forth; only his eyes followed her as he grabbed an apple and started to eat it without blinking. “What do you want to talk about Twilight?” He asked her in between bites.

She stopped and looked at him. “The Spring of Eternity.”

He looked at her for a long moment then breathed in deeply. “Why do you believe in myths Twilight?”

“Don’t lie to me Discord. Fluttershy told me what you did.”

He tapped his claws on the table as he looked at her for a few long moments. “So, what do you want me to tell you?”

“Why did you make Fluttershy drink the water?” She demanded.

He stood up and loomed over Twilight. “I had to.” He stated.

“What do you mean you had to?”

He sighed and rubbed his muzzle. “You don’t understand…”

“Discord, tell me, why did you take such drastic measures? You couldn’t have asked us to help?”

He shook his head. “She was dying Twilight. I couldn’t let her die.” He wasn’t looking at her as he put his paw over his face. “If I had hesitated, if I had found some other way… She would no longer be with us.”

“What happened?” Twilight sat down and waited for him.

“I… We were at a picnic and I was unpacking it, in the Everfree Forest. She was sitting near me, and I had looked away and she wandered towards the edge of the forest and I saw the creature she was going to. I told her to stay away… It almost bit her… I scared it away.”

He slowly sat back down uncovering his face and Twilight blinked because he looked miserable. “I carried her to the closest place I could think of, and it was my castle, the only place where the Spring of Eternity is. I brought her there she was dying in my arms I didn’t want to lose her. I…” He paused as if he was reliving the moment. “Twilight, I thought I was too late. I gave her the water and she drank it slowly, and I pleaded with her to finish the amount I gave her. Then when she went into convulsions I really thought I was too late.” He put his head down. “It was when she awoke, that I knew I had to tell her how I felt. I wanted her to know, that I loved her, I couldn’t, no I cannot live without her. When she was dying, I felt as if I was going to die with her.” He placed his head on the table. “Now you know why I did what I did.” Twilight just looked at him as he turned his head slowly and closed his eyes.

“That water is also how… Fluttershy was able to get pregnant.” Twilight surmised.

He nodded as he sighed. “The Eternity water purged the poison from her body, but also healed her inability to become pregnant. It healed her and made her immortal. I used to drink the water when I was younger, it always revitalized my magic, but now… the spring is drying up, I don’t know if it is because I no longer reside at my castle or something else is keeping the spring from bubbling forth.” He opened his eyes and they were red rimmed.

“Why didn’t you ever mention the spring?”

“I am its guardian Twilight; I cannot go around telling every pony about water that will extend a life for an eternity. That wouldn’t make me a good guardian now would it? Can you imagine what would have happened if Tirek had known about it?”

Twilight shook her head. “I don’t want to.” She muttered.

“Even the Princesses don’t know where it is, my castle can only be found by me.” He shrugged. “I am curious… Were you ever able to read that book you borrowed from me?”

Twilight was surprised by the question. “Um, well no, I tried a lot of times too but…”

“You want to read it?” He asked.

“Yeah; of course I would.” She nodded and as soon as she nodded they both were in his castle in the library.

“Read it now, I wrote it many years ago and I wrote it as a parody of sorts. There are a lot more interesting titles in my library.”

Twilight gasped at Discord. “Why are you letting me explore your library?”

“I am granting you access to my library anytime you need it Twilight. It is what friends do, if you wish to visit my library; just think about it before opening any door and you will be able to visit, but know if you open any door from my library it will dump you back to where you were before you came.” He bowed to her.

“Thank you…” She replied.

“It is the least I could do Twilight. Thank you again for agreeing to perform Fluttershy’s and my wedding.” He grabbed and hugged her tightly. He dropped her and her wings were all messed up from the hug. She flapped them and straightened out the feathers.


“I cannot believe this is happening.” Fluttershy was shaking all over. “I… don’t know if I could do this.”

Rarity was pulling a string to Fluttershy’s corset and let it go as she used her magic to tie it tightly. “You’ll survive Darling.” She used her magic to bring down a blue garter belt. “Lift your back hoof.” Fluttershy lifted her hoof and the garter belt went snugly on her.

“Is all this necessary?” Fluttershy asked as she was dressed in a lot of lacy under clothes and she could hardly breathe with the corset tied to her.

“Of course it is Darling.” Rarity smiled as she pulled the dress she had been working on for several weeks out of the garment bag.

Fluttershy gasped at the beauty of it, the hemline was trimmed in silver and gold interlacing together in a dance of elegance. Pearls dotted within the gold lines and small diamonds hugged the pearls, shining like little stars. There was delicate embroidery resembling leaves going up the silk skirt and running around the waistline up around her neckline, dotted here and there with little white gems, more pearls and silver threads. It looked way too beautiful to be worn. “Rarity…” She breathed out. “This is too much… I am too plain for this.”

“Nonsense,” Rarity stated as she put the dress on Fluttershy. “This will make Discord forget every pony else in the room and just look at you. Not that he has eyes for any pony else.”

Pinkie Pie bounced into the room and stopped in mid bounce and fell. “Ooh! Fluttershy…” She just stared and said. “You look like a princess!”

Fluttershy blushed at the compliment. She felt a brush being applied to her mane as Rarity continued her magic.


Discord sat on the chair and looked at Spike and Big Mac standing to the side nervously. “You two are going to get on my nerves if you keep acting afraid of me.”

“But… Discord, you do scare us.” Spike stated.

“Yup.” Big Mac nodded in agreement.

“Guys, there is nothing to fear from me. I am as scary as a little spider.”

“Spiders can be scary.” Spike said.


Discord grumbled. “Okay, bad analogy, you two are part of the wedding, stop being so nervous. You’re more nervous than I am and I’m the one that is going to say ‘I do’.”

He stood up as he walked up to Big Mac. “I apologize for threatening to turn you into a dog… again. So, forgive me?

Mac nodded furiously. “Yup.”

He turned to Spike. “You, well, heh…” He chuckled as he put his paw on the dragon’s head. “I apologize to you too… Do you forgive me from dunking you into the punch bowl?”

“Yeah…” he paused. “Sure. I… forgive you.” He looked at Discord and nodded.

“Great!” He announced and he snapped his fingers and both Big Mac and Spike were instantly dressed in tuxedos. “We are now friends.” He snapped his fingers again and he was in a more elaborate tuxedo and he wore a top hat and had a cane with a large red gem on the handle. “Okay men, let’s try and make this a big success. Maybe afterwards Spike I’ll let you eat this gem on here.” He indicated the handle of the cane.


Twilight Sparkle stood at the end of the aisle in her castle. Almost all of Ponyville was sitting down and waiting for the wedding to start; she looked at her notes and hoped that she wasn’t going to mess up anything. She jumped slightly making her feathers ruffle when the music started. She seemed to be just focused on what she needed to do and before she knew it Discord was standing next to her looking down the aisle awaiting his bride. She looked over saw Spike and Big Mac standing uncomfortably, she then looked the other way and saw Rarity snuffling, Pinkie Pie grinning, Apple Jack adjusting her hat to look good while she wore a dress and Rainbow Dash looking down on the floor hoping not to show that she was about to cry.

Discord fidgeted as he waited for Fluttershy his chest tightened up as the music started and he felt like he was wound up like a tight spring.

Fluttershy swallowed hard as she was left by herself behind the door. She had to go through that door, she wanted to but she was afraid to, her heart beat loudly in her ears. “I cannot do this…” She whispered to herself. “I want to marry him, I want to…” She looked up and gasped as she saw her Doctor; Epona Calliope standing in front of her.

“Fluttershy, it’s ok, you can do this.” The Alicorn encouraged. She opened the door slightly. “Look in there… Tell me what you see?”

Fluttershy looked into the small crack and saw Discord standing there waiting, she felt an incredible urge to open the door all the way and run to him. She loved how his smile would make her darkest days seem a brighter. “I see… my happiness.” She felt her heart skip a beat when she said that.

Epona continued, “I have never seen him in love with any pony before. I knew him a long time ago Fluttershy. I admired him, his power, but you, you love him for who he is, not what he is. Go to him, marry him… be happy.” She used her magic to open the doors and she blinked out before anyone could see her.

Fluttershy nodded to herself as she swallowed her fear and stepped into the view of every pony. She looked ahead at Twilight at first and saw that she was smiling at her, she looked over to her other friends and they all smiled encouragingly to her, she then looked up at him and she felt her heart start to beat faster like it was threatening to jump from her. She walked up slowly and didn’t hear the admiring gasps and the whispers about how beautiful she was. All she saw was him standing there waiting for her. She swallowed hard when she stepped up to the dais and stood in front of him. He didn’t say anything to her as he just stared at her as a blush showed on his cheeks.

When she stepped into view Discord felt his legs give away slightly, she was in a dress that was beautiful, but it wasn’t the dress that blew him away it was her, she was so gorgeous, he felt his breathing become shallow and he shuffled his feet as he leaned on his cane to keep steady, he hoped no pony saw his moment of weakness and he steadied himself enough to look at her. She gave him a look that made his breath catch again and he blushed despite himself. He felt his heart skipping beats as he just looked into her beautiful eyes.

Twilight started the ceremony, she was talking but Discord just stared at Fluttershy not hearing anything Twilight was saying, and to him Fluttershy was the only one in the room worth listening to.

“Discord…” Twilight prompted him he glanced at her for a moment.

“What?” He asked her.

“Will you take Fluttershy as your wife?” Twilight nodded at Fluttershy.

“Of course I will… I do I do I do.” He looked back at Fluttershy and saw her cheeks turn red with a blush. He put a ring on her hoof. He continued to stare at her and Twilight asked Fluttershy if she would take him as her husband.

Fluttershy looked down at her hooves and looked back up at Twilight then looked into his eyes. “I do…” She answered as she placed a ring on his finger. “I will always.”

“Under the Authority of being a Princess of Equestria, I pronounce you husband and wife. Discord you may now kiss your bride.”

Discord pulled Fluttershy to him and kissed her deeply in front of every pony. Fluttershy kissed back and pretty much melted into his kiss as she felt her legs turn almost to jelly.

He broke the kiss with her and smiled as Twilight stepped back. “Friends, I give you Lord Discord and Lady Fluttershy.” Twilight announced.

Discord grinned as he picked Fluttershy up and carried her out. Twilight gasped at that and was about to tell him that wasn’t how it was done but shrugged because he had already left. She looked at their friends and Rarity was blotting her eyes with a cloth hoping that her mascara wasn’t smeared from her crying and they all smiled as they all left slowly to follow them out to go to the reception at Sugarcube Corner

Discord carried her out while looking at her. “Did I tell you how gorgeous you are?” He whispered to her as he slowed down his pace to walk to Sugarcube Corner.

She blushed with his compliment and looked at the ring that he had placed on her hoof and she felt a little light headed from the past hour. “Thank you…” She muttered to his compliment.

“You are my wife.” He stated as if he couldn’t believe it himself. “I never thought I’d get married… and to someone that loves me for me.” He kissed her lips and she kissed back.

“I love you Discord.” She whispered. “But you know at some point in time you will have to let me walk.”

He looked at her and smiled. “What is the fun in letting you walk everywhere? You have wings, flying is a lot easier.”

He suddenly stopped walking and just looked around as a smile started to sketch over his face, Fluttershy knew that devious smile he got and her eyes widened. “Discord…” She started to say, but it was too late as he flew up into the sky with her still in his arms. She blinked at how high he was flying up and she closed her eyes. “Oh, I don’t like heights.” She whispered.

She heard him laugh at her complaint. “That is so funny coming from a Pegasus. I would say it’s ironic.” He landed on a cloud lightly. “Open your eyes, because this will not last long.”

Slowly she opened her eyes, they were up really high, but she didn’t notice because she saw that he had rearranged the stars to read: FLUTTERSHY: I LOVE YOU! She gasped at the display and blushed as he put his muzzle up against her cheek to kiss her

“What do you think? I know Luna will change it soon but…”

“It’s beautiful…” She felt tears well up in her eyes. “Discord, you don’t have to prove to me that you love me. I have already seen your love.”

He placed his paw on her hoof and looked into her eyes. “I know, I know… and that is what makes you so perfect.” He kissed her again. “Do we really have to go to the reception my love? I want to figure out a way to get you out of that dress.” He rubbed his talon over the fine lace.

She blushed suddenly at him and she shook her head. “We have to show up Discord, it’s our friend’s way of celebrating our marriage.”

He stuck his tongue out at her explanation and nodded. “Okay Fluttershy. Are you ready to fly back down to Ponyville?” He pointed down and she looked down and realized how far up she was, she eeped and shrank away from the edge of the cloud. “Tsk.” He put his fingers on her wing and extended it. “These things are called wings… You have to use them eventually.”

“I know what they are.” She huffed as she spread her wings. “I’ll show you.” She walked to the edge of the cloud and took flight.

“Bravo my love.” He clapped. “Now that you are done proving that you can fly, I am going to take you back down there.” He pulled her over to him looking into her eyes he kissed her deeply as he snapped his fingers.

Discord and Fluttershy appeared in the front of Sugarcube Corner, they were still kissing deeply, and Fluttershy hadn’t realized they were there until she heard ponies talking inside the shop. She kept her eyes closed as they continued to kiss she didn’t want to stop as she felt his tongue slide against hers. She felt his paw move up under the dress, and caress her thigh; she moved her hooves over his shoulders as they continued to kiss.

He rubbed his tongue against hers as they kissed; he moved his paw up more and stopped when he felt the lace of a garter. He opened his eyes and reluctantly pulled back from her delicious lips. He felt out of breath and they hadn’t done anything yet. It took him a moment to compose himself. She looked up at him; and he knew exactly what the look she was giving him meant. She wanted him as bad as he wanted her. He swallowed hard as he spoke. “We have to go in there Fluttershy.”

She nodded in agreement; but she felt hot and very bothered. “Okay… but I’d rather…”

She didn’t finish as Twilight looked out the door at that moment. “It’s about time you two got here. Come on, we are ready for you.”

Discord put Fluttershy down and she stumbled a little on her weak legs since she was still reeling from their passionate kiss. They both walked into Sugarcube Corner together as every pony clapped for them. Fluttershy blushed again as they both walked to their seats and sat together, he leaned down and whispered in her ear. “So, do you think that if I lift your dress off; that it would ruin all the work Rarity put into it? Or do you think that you should start taking it off first? If I have to wait too much longer I might rip it off your body. Right. Here.” As he said these things her cheeks burned more and more.

Apple Jack came up to Fluttershy, “My goodness Fluttershy, y’all are blushing like there is no tomorrow. Ya give a new meaning to blushing bride.” She commented.

Fluttershy nodded to her friend. “Yeah… um I guess so. Thank you for helping with the wedding. You are such a good friend.” Fluttershy smiled at Apple Jack as her blush started to subside because Discord wasn’t trying to make her think of what will happen after the reception.

Discord grinned as he sat back and looked at the big red gem on his cane. He took it off the top of the cane and looked for Spike. He spotted the dragon standing next to the filly named Sweetie Belle. “Spike!” He shouted to the dragon, when Spike looked at him he tossed the gem to the dragon. “Mangiare bene.”

Spike caught the gem; he looked at the gem then back up Discord. “Um… okay?” He answered and ate it and relaxed because Discord nodded at him and gave him a thumb up to indicate that is what he meant when he spoke that weird language.

Pinkie Pie pushed a cake out to the middle of the room. The cake had several layers and was painstakingly decorated; it was in many different colors very festive and beautiful. Fluttershy blushed at how pretty it was as Discord sat forward to look at it. He leaned again over to Fluttershy and whispered in her ear again. Her eyes widened and she started to blush at what he whispered to her.

“Come on Discord and Fluttershy, you have to cut the cake together!” Pinkie Pie announced.

Both of them got up and walked to the cake. Discord grabbed the cake knife and twirled it. “So, we just cut it?”

Pinkie nodded. “Yes and then you feed a piece to Fluttershy and she feeds you a piece too. It’s tradition.”

He poised the knife and Fluttershy put her hoof over his hand. They both cut through the cake and he started to laugh. “Red velvet cake…” They put a slice on a plate. He picked up a fork and put a piece of the cake on it. He smirked at Fluttershy, but she didn’t notice his look as she started to open her mouth for him to feed her. She then heard him snicker and she looked up too late when he grabbed a pawful of cake and smeared it on her muzzle. “IT’S DELICIOUS CAKE FLUTTERSHY!” He shouted as he laughed.

“Oh you are going to play that?” She giggled as she grabbed a piece of the cake and pushed it on his muzzle. “EAT IT, DISCORD, IT TASTES LIKE CAKE!”

Pinkie was laughing at them as they pushed cake at one another; Twilight was blinking in shock as a bit of cake flew across the room. Discord grinned as he grabbed more cake and started to throw it at random ponies. Lyra was talking to Bonbon when a piece of cake hit the back of her head. Cheerie Lee ducked as a piece flew past her head and it hit Apple Jack in the face.

Suddenly, the whole reception was ponies throwing cake at one another. Discord laughed maniacally as he grabbed Fluttershy and pulled her out of the line of fire. “Now we can leave.” He whispered to her. “I am so happy you let me cause this chaos.” He snapped his fingers and they disappeared.


They reappeared in Discord’s castle, the hearth came awake with a fire, the torches all lit up and his bed reappeared, it was covered in satin pillows. Fluttershy looked around. “Oh… my…” she breathed in as she saw that the room was a lot more cheerful, warm and welcoming.

“I hope you like our castle.” He stated as he put her on the plush carpet near the hearth. She got up and started to walk around.

“It looks so nice Discord, it looks clean and…” She paused as she suddenly looked at him. “Our castle?”

“Of course, we are married, what is yours is mine what is mine is yours.” He thought about what he said then nodded. “Yes, what I said.” He walked over to her and started to look at the dress she was wearing. “So,” He began as he looked at her from every angle. “I think that I should…” He placed his paw on her back and felt a button. “Ah ha!” He exclaimed as he slowly started to unbutton the small latches. “This is a bit… complicated.”

“I know…” She offered. “Can I use that room over there?” she pointed at a door that was slightly ajar.

He looked at her dubiously. “Sure my dear, but I don’t know why you’d want to use my office.”

She shuffled her hoof on the stone floor. “It’s a surprise?” She replied as she opened the door and closed it behind her.

Discord waited and tapped his foot, not even three minutes passed when the door clicked open. She stepped from his office and he felt a tug at his heart. She was wearing a delicate looking lace corset and fine silken lingerie, white silken stockings graced her legs and on her back leg was a blue garter belt. She looked up at him shyly. “I don’t know why I had to wear this lingerie, but Rarity assured me that you’d… eep!” She was swept up off her feet by him; he kissed her deeply his tongue running up against hers as he carried her to the bed.

He felt his heart thumping up against his chest as he moved quickly to put her on the bed; he broke the kiss. “It’s like unwrapping a gift on Hearth’s Warming Eve.” He said as he started to kiss her lips again this time gently as he got on the bed. Fluttershy suddenly felt weak as he put his paw on her side and slowly untied the corset, the piece of clothing was soon tossed aside and she inhaled in some air.

He kissed her neck as he moved his hands over her, slowly removing her silk stockings. She glanced at him and she blushed because he was very aroused but was taking his time to undress her. “Discord…” she said softly.

He continued to deliver soft kisses on her neck nuzzling his muzzle under her mane. “Hmm?” He answered as he looped his finger around her soft lace under garment and pulled it slowly from her.

She let out a deep sigh as he kissed her neck tenderly. “I… need… you.” She whispered softly.

“I know you do.” He said back as he slowly nibbled gently on her ear. He rubbed his paw over her haunch moving back to the base of her tail; letting his paw pads slide slowly over her flank down lower. He licked her neck as he moved his paw over her slick lips. “I… need you too…” He whispered as he moved up against her slowly, as he sat up and looked at her taking in her beauty as she looked at him. “You are mine aren’t you?” He asked.

Fluttershy nodded to him, her breath hitching from his tender touches. “As you are mine.” she whispered back to him.

Discord nodded with this information as he grabbed her tail gently; moving up against her rump with his body he ran his hands up her spine as he mounted her. He stretched her with his girth; he was so excited that he ached with the need to feel her. She let out a moan of pleasure and her wings quivered. “Ahhh…” he groaned in pleasure as he felt her body orgasm instantly around him.

Fluttershy felt everything and her body ached with desire as he pushed into her and she instantly came. She blushed at how soon he had caused her to release. Her first instinct was to suddenly apologize. Before she uttered one syllable he started to make love to her.

Her orgasm made him harder if he could believe it, for every thrust he ached for release. Holding back he wanted their first time being wed to be memorable. She felt so tight though. “Fluttershy, I cannot help it.” he groaned loudly as he pushed into her deeply. “I’m sorry.” he growled out as he couldn’t hold back and came hard and deep into her.

Her body shuddered as it was wracked with another orgasm at the feel of his hot seed coalescing deep within. She was panting with pleasure as she still felt him buried inside and relaxed her body as he lay down on top of her. He nibbled along the back of her neck as he kept himself in her; he started to kiss her neck as he moved his hips letting his arousal revive again. Fluttershy’s eyes widened in surprise as he started to thrust into her again; slowly at first then he moved with more urgency and he breathed out a lustful moan. “Mm, my love is so tight; tight enough to awaken the dead.” He had renewed energy and he was moving his hips and pushing deeply into her as he licked the back of her ears, he moved his paw and claw to her shoulders and he pulled up so he was angled to plunge into her deeper. “I’m going to fill you up my love, until you beg me to stop.”

Fluttershy panted in pleasure as he pumped into her, her body shaking with yearning as she moaned out deeply. “Please… Discord…”

He increased his speed as he thrust into her grabbing her shoulders tightly as he made love to her hard he let out a loud groan as he started to hit against her cervix. “Yes… my Love…”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened huge when he hit her innermost spot and she cried out loudly… “AHH! DISCORD!” Her wings trembled as she was hit by a huge orgasm that made her faint in pleasure. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she collapsed underneath him.

Discord felt her tighten hard around him and he almost couldn’t move in that moment as he felt her orgasm around him, he then looked down at her and saw her wings shudder. He held onto her as she suddenly relaxed around him and her front legs folded under her. “Fluttershy?” He asked with concern as he looked down at her.

She slowly woke up then looked back at him over her shoulder and smiled. “I’m… okay…” she panted out. “Please… Don’t stop. You feel wonderful.”

“Yes.” He sighed as he continued to make love to her; he pushed in a few more times before he came hot and needful deeply into her again for the second time that night.

After he came he rubbed her shoulders down to her soft wings and started to pet down them rubbing his fingers through her underwing coverts. She sighed with the gentle massage and she felt him relax and pull from her, he drew her to him as he curled around her. “That was amazing.” She whispered to him.

“I am truly sorry for hurting you my love.” He muttered to her as he kissed her gently.

“I wasn’t hurt. I think I fainted a little bit; you felt so good.” She blushed slightly. “Sorry, for doing that.”

He grinned at her and shook his head to her apology. “Fluttershy, I love you.”

She giggled at him as she nuzzled into the fur on his neck. “I love you too, my husband.” She looked him in the eyes and continued. “I always will love you.”

He swallowed a lump in his throat. “You have such a deep beauty Fluttershy. I have something to confess to you.”

She blinked at him in shock. “You have to tell me something?”

He nodded as he placed his paws on her sides and started to pet her. “I know when …” He paused for a moment as if trying to find the best way to convey what he wanted to say. Swallowing hard as he breathed in, “I know when we… or actually you conceive.” He cringed and closed his eyes ready for backlash.

She looked at him for a long moment as she thought about what he had told her. He opened one eye as he looked at her. She suddenly smiled at him. “Oh… I figured you knew. That was why you kept telling me to go to the doctor so many times.” She shook her head. “It would have been easier if you just told me. I wouldn’t have been angry. Look at the beautiful foals we made together, I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

He looked at her and his bottom lip quivered slightly because he felt tears start to form. “Um…” He turned his face away. “Something is in my eye.” He composed himself and gave her a look… “You knew I knew?”

She nodded. “Yeah, after I knew; of course, next time though; can you just tell me right away? It would be so much easier.” She nuzzled his chin and kissed him on his muzzle.

He chuckled as he spread his fingers on her belly fur, a blush spreading on his cheeks. “Well… then…”

She looked at him shocked.

“Just kidding!” He laughed.

She laughed with him and shook her head. “Discord, you had me going there. Guess I’ll have to punish you later tonight.”

“Oh yes… Please do… Lady Fluttershy!” He pulled her closer and curled his tail around her. They both settled in the bed and drifted off to sleep. He held her possessively against his body.


“Dox…” Fluttershy looked underneath the couch looking for Paradox. “Come out of hiding.” She stood up and looked around. “Where can he go?” She walked into the kitchen and saw Discord with his head on the table sleeping. She let him sleep and looked under the table and smiled when she saw Paradox nibbling on Discord’s tail. “Dox… are you hungry? Mommy has to feed you.” Dox looked up letting Discord’s tail fall to the floor with drool on it. He put his paws out to her and she lifted him up and sat across from Discord. She let Paradox nurse as she read part of the paper Discord wasn’t lying on.

“Oh.” She said as she pulled the paper out from under Discord. “It says here that there will be an eclipse of the moon tomorrow. There is supposed to be a celebration.”

Discord snorted as he woke up. He blinked slowly and looked at her. “Did you say something?” He asked as he slowly sat up, he looked over and saw that Fluttershy was reading the paper and feeding Paradox.

“Yeah, there is supposed to be an eclipse of the moon tomorrow.” She pointed it out to him in the paper as she pushed it to him.

He looked at the paper but looked back at her. “I have a question.”

She nodded as she petted Dox on the head as he ate. “What is it?”

“Don’t Dox’s teeth hurt when he does that?” He sat back and stretched and frowned as he looked at the end of his tail. “Eww… Baby drool.” He grabbed a towel and wiped his tail off. “Don’t act innocent Dox… Daddy knows you did that.”

“No, it doesn’t hurt; but he only suckles, he doesn’t bite.” She giggled as Discord looked at Dox and shook his head.

“Where is LillyRose?” He asked as he looked under the table for her.

“She’s taking a nap. What do you think about that celebration tomorrow night?” She poked at the newspaper.

He made a bored face. “Oh, that means we’d have to see Luna and possibly that unbearable sister of hers.” He tapped his claws on the table which made Dox’s ears twitch in time with the tapping.

“We don’t have to go. I just need to get out and see my friends.” She said softly.

“Fluttershy, you know you are free to go and be around your friends. I can watch the foals. Just don’t end up being kidnapped, or possessed, or… eaten…” He blinked as he thought of all the horrible things that could happen to her. “Don’t go!”

She laughed at his reaction. “Oh, you’re being silly. You know nothing will happen to me by just going to a celebration.”

He looked at her and started to chuckle. “Summer Sun Celebration.” Fluttershy opened her mouth to retort but didn’t know what to say, he just sat back crossing his arms. “Exactly… I know something didn’t directly happen to you, but I cannot take a chance of something happening to my treasure.” He leaned forward and looked at her. “I guess I will have to go with you then, we’ll make it a family outing.”


Fluttershy was wearing a baby sling across her chest as she carried LillyRose, Discord walked with her as he carried Paradox strapped on his back. They walked into Ponyville and several ponies waved to them as they went towards the marketplace. Fluttershy wanted to buy some vegetables and needed to get some toys for the foals. Discord rubbed her wing briefly as he pointed to Carousal Boutique. She nodded as they both walked in different directions.

Fluttershy flew up a little bit and made her way to the vegetable stand Lilly started to giggle at the feel of the wind around her. She landed and went to stand in line patiently. The line dwindled and she was suddenly at the stand and she ordered two carrots and three tomatoes. Golden Harvest went to put the items in a bag for Fluttershy as she looked at the bundle, hoping to get a glance of the foal.

“Can I see your little one?” She asked Fluttershy.

Fluttershy moved the cloth a little bit showing Lilly to Golden Harvest. “Her name is LillyRose.” The foal yawned and nuzzled against Fluttershy’s fur as the other pony looked at her.

“Oh!” The other pony smiled. “She looks like you. She’s so cute.” Fluttershy blushed.

Another pony approached and soon a bunch of mares were looking at Fluttershy’s baby. Fluttershy got suddenly overwhelmed as she backed away from them. “I… I should go and…um… meet my husband at Carousal Boutique. Bye!” She grabbed her vegetables and flew away towards Rarity’s shop.

Discord sat in Rarity’s shop and watched Rarity try to take Paradox’s measurements for some clothing. Paradox kept trying to eat her tape measure. “Oh dear… Please hold still. Goodness, you sure wiggle a lot.” She fretted as Dox started to wiggle out of her hooves to fly up to the rafters. “Discord, can you please control your son?”

“Why? It’s so much more fun to watch you try to control him.” He snapped his fingers and Dox was suddenly picked up and placed on a stool. In which Dox promptly jumped down from and ran over to the door.

Dox started to jump up and down as he reached for the door knob. “Ma… ma… ma…”

Rarity gasped. “Is Paradox talking?”

Discord got up and walked to the door. “No, he just knows that Fluttershy is going to come through the door.” He opened the door and Fluttershy flew in and skidded across the floor panting. “Hello Dear, have fun at the market?”

She looked up at him. “I cannot bring LillyRose anywhere without every pony fawning over her. It was terrifying.” She sighed when she saw Rarity. “Oh! Rarity, have you figured out a new outfit for Dox?”

“Darling, little Dox won’t hold still long enough. Do you think I would have a better luck with Lilly?”

“Sure.” Fluttershy took Lilly out of the baby sling and placed her on the floor. LillyRose sat for a moment looking at Fluttershy then over to Discord. She got up on all four hooves and she flapped her little bat wings to stretch them. “Aunty Rarity wants to make you a new outfit will you let her?” Fluttershy said to the foal.

Lilly looked at Rarity then looked at her brother who was hiding behind Discord’s dragon leg. Dox was nodding his head frantically.

Lilly puffed out her cheeks then sat down and shook her head. “No.”

Rarity blinked. “Did she just say no?”

Fluttershy went over to LillyRose. “She didn’t. Don’t worry Rarity, she will allow you to take measurements.” She kissed Lilly on the head. “Behave for Aunty Rarity.”

She went over to Discord and sat down. He flopped down next to her as he picked up Dox and started to tickle him, he looked over to Rarity. “Oh, by the way… if Lilly clicks her tongue; be ready for some chaos.”

“What?” Rarity said as she took a measurement of Lilly’s head. “I thought you were not supposed to cause Chaos.” The measuring tape moved to Lilly’s waist and then to her hooves.

“Oh, um it’s not Discord doing it.” Fluttershy stated. “That would be Lilly; she is full of surprises.”

Rarity looked at Lilly and smiled. “She is such a cute, innocent, little foal; I doubt she would cause a whole lot of ruckus.”

Lilly looked at Rarity then looked over quickly at her parents. She smiled showing that she had one fang starting to develop. She stuck her tongue out then clicked it; and she disappeared.

“Wha!” Rarity backed up as she looked around for Lilly.

Fluttershy got up and walked over to where Lilly should be. “Lilly, get back here now.”

There was a click in the other room and Lilly was back where she was but she was holding two cookies. Dox perked up and wiggled from Discord’s grasp, ran over to Lilly and took the extra cookie from his sister.

“Oh, no you don’t!” Discord snapped his fingers and both cookies disappeared. “No cookies unless you both behave yourselves; now Aunt Rarity will take both of your measurements. You will behave.”

The twins sat next to each other; both pouting as Rarity took their measurements as quickly as she could. “I will make sure to make adjustments for growth patterns. They’ll be growing out of these clothes in about three weeks or more. I can take measurements again in a couple months and see what else I can make for them.”

Fluttershy looked at Discord and he nodded, she looked back at her friend. “That will be okay. I hope we aren’t asking for too much on too short of a notice. We do need the outfits in about two weeks.”

Rarity sighed relieved. “Oh thank goodness darling, I was worried you’d want them by tomorrow.”

“Oh, they can be done by tomorrow?” Discord asked as he grinned evilly. Fluttershy stepped hard on his tail; and his grin suddenly turned into a look of pain.

“Oops, ooh terribly sorry.” Fluttershy said to him as she gave him her stare. She then turned back to Rarity. “Don’t worry Rarity; we’ll need the outfits in two weeks. Thank you.”

Discord walked out of Carousal Boutique with Paradox on his back again and holding his tail while pouting.

He looked back at Fluttershy who was trying to convince Rarity to take payment for the work she will put into the twin’s outfits. She was able to make Rarity take a small amount and she joined her husband outside the shop she had Lilly back in the baby sling. She paused when she saw his look. “Don’t pout at me, you know that wasn’t funny. Rarity always stretches her resources thin when she is feeling generous.”

He rolled his eyes and picked them up as they walked to the town hall, where the celebration of the moon eclipse will be held. “Of course, she is the Spirit of Generosity. She would have made those outfits overnight too…”

“Discord that is not what we do to friends; we don’t need the outfits that soon, I still don’t understand why you want these outfits.”

He shrugged. “I have my reasons.”

She flew up and in front of him and he stopped as she looked him in the eyes. “You’re not going to tell me?”

“Fluttershy… I am not keeping anything from you. I just want to surprise you. It’s not a big deal.” He put his paw on her hoof and pulled her close and gave her a kiss. “It’s nothing to worry your pretty little head.”

“I trust you.” She said as they continued on their way to the town hall as evening descended. Several other ponies started to make their way to the Town hall as well. Fluttershy saw Twilight and Pinkie Pie and made her way to them; Discord followed but really didn’t want to listen to girl talk so he stood a little to the side as he unstrapped Dox from his back.

Paradox giggled as Discord made a cookie appear in his hand. “Daddy’s little boy wants a cookie?” He asked and Paradox flexed his paws out at him in a grabby way.

“No!” There was a click that came from where Fluttershy was and Lilly appeared on Discord’s head reaching for the cookie herself. “Ookie!!”

Fluttershy looked around in a panic then looked at Discord and saw he had Lilly on his head. She sighed in relief and turned back to talking to her friends.

“I have a cookie for you too Lilly.” He gave the first cookie to Paradox who just started to drool on it and then another cookie appeared which he handed to her and she started to eat it while sitting between his horns her tail was curled around one horn.

Twilight trotted over to Discord as she looked up at Lilly on his head eating a cookie. “Discord… Did Lilly just ask for a cookie?”

“What makes you say that? Lilly doesn’t talk. She just saw I was giving Paradox a cookie so she wanted the same thing.” He kept her balanced on his head as he watched Paradox nibble on the side of his own cookie.

“You mean you didn’t hear Lilly say Cookie? Or the fact that she yelled “no” before disappearing and reappearing on your head?”

“Twilight, you are hearing things.” Discord stated as he noticed Fluttershy coming over to them, he smiled at her. “Hello Dearest.”

Fluttershy blushed and hugged his waist. “Hi.” She replied simply as she leaned against him.

Twilight shook her head but still smiled on how happy both of them were. “I am so glad you two decided to make this a family thing.” She said. “Luna and Celestia need to move the sun and moon opposite each other and in the process Equestria is going to cast a shadow against the moon making it disappear briefly.”

“Technically it won’t disappear.” Discord muttered.

“Yeah it won’t really disappear.” Twilight said as she gave him a look and she cleared her throat. “Anyway, it should be a sight to see.”

“Seen it already….” Discord muttered as he tickled Lilly’s hoof. The little draconequus giggled and slid over his eyes. He picked her up off his head and shook his head and cookie crumbs started to fall over every pony. “You got cookie crumbs in Daddy’s mane.” Discord gasped and he gave Lilly little kisses on her cheek. “It’s ok, Daddy loves his little LillyRose.”

Paradox just silently nibbled on his cookie and suddenly growled when Pinkie Pie approached him and started to reach for his cookie. “Miiine!” He screeched and ran and hid behind Fluttershy’s back hooves.

“Aww…” Pinkie sighed. “I wanted a cookie.”

Twilight stared at Paradox with her mouth open. “He just said “Mine.” Come on, you two didn’t hear that?”

Fluttershy and Discord both shook their heads as Twilight looked at them in shock. “Sorry Twilight I didn’t hear it.” Fluttershy answered.

Twilight was confused as she sat down and looked up into the sky at the moon. Rarity trotted up to them. “So glad I got here before it was too late, had the princesses arrived yet?”

“There is a princess here already.” Discord stated as he put Lilly next to Paradox. “You two stay here.” He curled his tail around them as he sat down; Fluttershy sat next to him as they settled for the moon watching.

Rarity blushed. “Yes, Um… sorry Twilight.”

“It’s ok Rarity, I understand.” Twilight answered as she shook her head. “Let’s just sit here and watch the lunar eclipse.”

Pinkie sat down as she opened a bag of popcorn and started to eat. More ponies arrived and sat to watch the moon. Discord noticed that the princesses hadn’t shown up yet and he started to frown. He placed his paw on Fluttershy and stood up to look around. “Something isn’t right.” He looked over to Twilight. “Do you sense it Twilight?”

Twilight nodded her head. “Yes I do. What do you think it is?”

He grabbed Paradox, LillyRose and Fluttershy. “Whatever it is… We need to leave now.” Discord looked around. “Tell the ponies to go home; there is something major going down. It might not be here, but it is…” He looked up to the sky and all the ponies around gasped at the comet shooting across the sky. “Get every pony home.” He shouted. “I know who that is, that isn’t a comet. I’ll be back soon.” He disappeared with his family.

“Come on girls.” Twilight said to her friends. “We need to get everyone to safety I never seen Discord be afraid before so I suggest we do what we can. Don’t cause a panic. Pinkie if you see Apple Jack tell her to get these ponies to go home.” Pinkie nodded and hopped away.


Discord reappeared in Fluttershy’s house with everyone. “Discord, why did you bring me? I could’ve helped them.” Fluttershy said as she was shaking and looking at him.

“Dearest, I just wanted to protect you. What we saw wasn’t just a normal comet… that is…” He put his paw and claw together and pleaded. “Stay here! Please… I don’t want you to be harmed.”

“I have to go and help my friends. Take me back.”

“Okay, so who is going to watch the foals?” He asked.

Fluttershy looked at her children who he was holding. “I… I guess I will stay, but Discord?”

He put the foals down and kissed them. “Yes, my love?”

She hugged him. “Be careful, I don’t know who that is or how you know it is not a comet, but please don’t get hurt and make sure our friends stay safe.”

He leaned down hugged her and gave her a kiss. “I will. I love you Fluttershy.”

“I love you too.” She answered and he disappeared.


Discord reappeared back in the clearing around the Ponyville town hall and he saw that a lot of the ponies have been told to go home. He looked around and saw Twilight on the far side telling ponies to head back and that the celebration had been cancelled. He appeared next to her.

Twilight turned when she saw him appear. “Tell me what is going on? I have sent a message to Celestia to see what is going on and she hadn’t replied yet.”

“She won’t answer you.” Discord said as he felt a chill run down his back suddenly. “It’s what I thought it was.”

Twilight looked at him. “What is it?”

He smirked at her as he folded his arms. “It’s my sister.”

“WHAT?” Twilight gasped.

“No, her name is Misery. I don’t think I have a sibling named What? This is going to be an interesting reunion.”

“Why won’t Celestia or Luna answer my messages?” Twilight asked as her other friends gathered around them. Everyone was there except for Fluttershy.

He looked at Twilight. “Well you see the trajectory of the comet where it hit beyond Canterlot? That is where she went first. She went to Canterlot… I figure she is trying to find her dear sweet sibling. That would be me.” He said sibling with bitterness. “I figure since she couldn’t find me, she faced off with Celestia and Luna and things didn’t go the way they should.”

“So what does that mean to us?” Apple Jack asked.

He rubbed his chin. “Good question. I hope you don’t have to deal with her. I will ‘head her off’ so to speak. Maybe talk some sense into her.” He bit his lip and gave a heavy sigh. “Family… cannot wait a couple weeks before being introduced…” he mumbled and disappeared.


“Where? WHERE IS HE?” A female draconequus was yelling inside of the Canterlot castle and every pony she came across she turned them into a statue. She had long black mane, she resembled a hippogryph, her eyes were yellow with red irises, her tail was a dragon’s tail and looked a lot like Discord’s, and both of her wings were bat-like. “I need to know where my brother is…” She was breathing heavily as she went back into the throne room she paced between two statues. One was Luna and the other was Celestia, she picked up the throne in her claws.

Discord appeared outside the throne room he heard her yelling and frowned. “Misery loves company.” He said loud enough for her to hear.

Misery stopped from throwing the throne at the Celestia statue. “Dissy?” She placed the throne down amid broken glass fragments that were from a shattered stained glass mural.

He opened the doors and frowned at his sister. “You know I hate being called that.”

She smiled at Discord and then frowned. “Dissy! Where have you been? I have looked for you everywhere!” She marched over to him. “I had to turn them to stone; they didn’t tell me where you were!”

“Misery, turn them back.” He folded his arms. “No one deserves to be trapped in stone for centuries.”

“But… They did it to you.”

“Misery.” He stared at her and she suddenly cringed. “Change them back.”

“You became soft Dissy.” She muttered as she snapped her fingers twice and all of the statues became flesh and blood again and collapsed on the floor.

“Don’t call me Dissy.” He growled grabbing her arm, he snapped his fingers and they both disappeared before the princesses woke up.

Luna stood up quickly and looked around; she spotted Celestia on the floor and went to her. “Sister I believe that was a draconequus.”

Celestia nodded. “Yes, I know. I thought that Discord was the last one, but apparently not.” She stood up slowly. “Sorry Luna, it looks like we’d have to do a lunar eclipse at a later date. Right now we have to find out who that draconequus was.”


Discord reappeared with his sister in his castle. Misery grinned when she looked around the castle. “Oh! You still have your castle!” She said as she clapped her claws.

“Why did you come looking for me? I was planning coming to visit you and our brother in a couple weeks. You couldn’t have waited that much longer?”

Misery hung her head. “You were going to visit us?”

He nodded. “Yes, I was… and I was going to introduce you to my family.”

“Dissy?” She gasped. “You have a family?” She smiled eerily like he does. “You have little ones?”

His eyes narrowed. “Stop calling me Dissy. Yes, I do have little ones.”

Misery looked hurt. “Dissy is what I always called you.”

“Yes, and every time you called me that I wanted to make your tongue disappear forever.” He growled. “Now stay here in my castle. I got to fix up the mess you made. If you behave I will come back with my family.”

“Dissy!” Misery yelled but he had already disappeared. “If I don’t come back with you in a few hours Sorrow was going to come looking for both of us.” She replied to no one.


Discord sighed deeply as he appeared back in Ponyville and was greeted by Twilight, Luna, and Celestia. All three of them looked at him frowning and he hung his head down. “It wasn’t my idea.”

Celestia spoke first. “Twilight said that it was your sister who attacked us. Why didn’t you tell us that you had siblings?”

Discord looked up. “Well that isn’t something that comes up in conversations every day? Oh yeah Princesses, my brother is the lord of sadness and despair. My sister is the lady of agony and torture, but that is okay, they don’t know where I am because I cannot stand being around them.”

“That was Ye’s sister?” Luna asked. “Wherest her now?”

“She is where she cannot do any harm. Her name is Misery; she’s crazier than I am.” He chuckled. “Believe me you really don’t want to deal with her.”

“She has made a big mess Discord.” Celestia stated, “Who is going to deal with the damages to the castle?”

Discord stared at Celestia. “If it wasn’t for me appearing when I did… you’d be in pieces all over the castle floor. Misery isn’t a rational thinker Tia, believe me. It is better she is where I put her until I get her to go back. I will help clean up the mess after I get rid of her. Now if you would excuse me I have to check on my wife and children.”

“Wait! Discord what if your brother comes looking for your sister?” Twilight asked.

“I’ll deal with him too. Let me try and deal with them first, if I need your help I’ll ask you.” He then disappeared.

Celestia shook her head and turned to Luna. “If there are three of them, I don’t know how we can possibly deal with that much chaotic magic all at once.”

Twilight interjected. “Princess, I don’t think Discord wants to be a part of this. I think he’s trying to distance himself from his family. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.”

Luna nodded at Twilight. “Yes, I agree Sister. Twilight Sparkle is your brightest student she has been around Discord longer than we have. I say to agree, and let the draconequus deal with his kin.”

Celestia nodded. “Okay Twilight. I do hope you know what you are dealing with; remember you still have the power of the elements within you and your friends.

Twilight smiled. “You can always count on me Princess.”

Both Luna and Celestia flew back to Canterlot.

Twilight bit her bottom lip. “I sure hope Discord doesn’t let us down.”


Fluttershy was sitting in the nursery and with every noise she looked out the window. Paradox was curled up asleep on her lap and Lilly was sitting up in her crib looking out the window every time Fluttershy did. “Lilly, don’t worry about your daddy. You need to get some sleep.”

There was a noise downstairs. Fluttershy got up and put Paradox in his crib and walked to the door way of the nursery. “Discord?” She whispered down into the darkness. She could hear her heart beating in her ears. She looked back at Lilly and smiled at her daughter reassuringly. “I’ll be back Lilly; I bet it’s your daddy.” She closed the door of the nursery as she made her way down the steps.

She looked around the gloom and stopped when she saw what looked like Discord standing in the living room. “Discord, are you okay, what happened?” She turned the lamp on next to her and she stepped back when she saw that it wasn’t Discord. “Who are you?” He was as tall as Discord but he was a dull brown in color. His eyes were pale green with red irises. He had a head that resembled an old lion and had a dingy grey mane. He had two antlers on his head, his hands were dragon claws; his tail was long like a lion tail with a grey tuft at the end. He looked extremely sad, almost depressed.

“You seem to know my brother.” The draconequus stated. “Before I answer who I am, I would like to know who you are.” He started to walk toward her.

Fluttershy started to back up more as she looked in different directions to find a way to run. She stopped when she ended up in a corner. “I’m… Fluttershy.” She muttered nervously in reply.

Discord appeared between Fluttershy and the other draconequus. “Back off Sorrow, Fluttershy is my wife.”

The sad looking draconequus tilted his head to look at Fluttershy. “She’s a pony.” He shrugged. “Where is Misery?”

“Wow, Sorrow, your powers of observation is insurmountable. Yes, my wife is a pony. Misery is where she won’t cause a problem. Why the sudden interest in what I am doing with my life?” Discord demanded.

“Misery wanted to see you again. I could care less, but I told her that if she wasn’t back in a few hours I’d look for you both.” He gave a smile showing he had sharp needle-like teeth. “I found you, but not her.”

“I want you out of our house.” Discord pointed at the door. “You are scaring Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy looked at Sorrow and then back at Discord. “Um, I’m not afraid.” She said quietly. Discord looked back at her and gave a smile.

“I give you some credit Discord, this pony does look nice and has a bit of a brave streak.” Sorrow mumbled. “So where is Misery? I shall take her home before I start causing your wife to become depressed.”

Fluttershy blinked at Sorrow. “You don’t make me depressed. Why are you so sad though?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know. I don’t care.”

Discord looked at her. “Fluttershy my love, he has always been this way. Nothing you do or say will make him feel better. He is the Lord of sadness and despair if you are around him too much you will become depressed and want to do nothing but cry for hours.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” She said as she flew over to Sorrow and hugged him tightly.

Discord looked at her in shock. Sorrow looked down at her as she hugged him and he looked up at Discord. “What do I do brother?”

Discord shook his head. “I am guessing that you hug her back?”

Sorrow slowly hugged her back hesitantly then let go of her as soon as he could. She let go of him and smiled. “Doesn’t that make you feel just a little bit better?”

“I… umm yes?” Sorrow stuttered as he watched Fluttershy fly slowly back to his brother and lean against him. Discord placed his paw on her back and petted her. Sorrow still was shocked because he actually felt… good. “What is wrong with your wife?”

Discord smiled. “Absolutely nothing is wrong with her.”


Discord brought Sorrow and Fluttershy and the twins to the castle. “Misery, I brought company.”

Sorrow was staring at Fluttershy who had both twins strapped to her in baby slings. She was smiling calmly as she rocked the two foals. Paradox was still asleep but the little girl was looking at Sorrow with curious eyes.

Misery appeared through a doorway and blinked when she saw that Discord had Sorrow with him and a Pegasus pony. She looked warily at the pony and then noticed that Sorrow didn’t look so depressed. “What happened here?”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened as she saw Discord’s sister. She was more hippogryph than draconequus though she had a tail like Discord, there were family resemblances. She noticed that she was glaring at her.

“Misery, this is my wife Fluttershy and she is holding our twins; LillyRose and Paradox.”

Misery approached Fluttershy and she grinned wide showing she had two long fangs and sharp rows of teeth. “Oh! Dissy, you and a pony…” She giggled then stopped when she saw LillyRose staring at her. “DISSY! A draconequus foal! She is just perfect.”

Discord sighed and shook his head. “Misery, please stop calling me that.”

Misery looked up at him. “I call you that because it makes you miserable.” She grinned and looked back at Lilly, she then smiled at Fluttershy. “Can… I hold her?”

Fluttershy glanced at Discord and he was shaking his head slightly. She smiled and looked back. “Ok.” She took Lilly from the sling. Misery took the foal in her claws and she smiled.

“Oh… Sorrie! Look! She has horns like Dissy does.” Misery grinned and held Lilly out to Sorrow.

Sorrow glanced at LillyRose and looked back down at Fluttershy. “How do you do it?”

Fluttershy looked up at him. “How do I do what?” She asked as she took Paradox out of the sling and held him, he was still sound asleep.

Sorrow sighed and shrugged. “How can you make me feel happy? I find it a strange feeling, something foreign inside.”

Discord heard his brother. “Fluttershy is the element of kindness; that is how she does it.” He hugged her and she gave him a hug in return. “Now that you two visited with my family can you two please go back to where you came from?”

“Lilly loves her Aunty Missy! Aunty Missy loves Lilly!” Misery was cooing at Lilly as she held the foal. Lilly just looked up at Misery warily.

Paradox awoke suddenly and he looked up at Fluttershy then looked at his sister being held by a stranger. He wiggled from Fluttershy’s grip and he jumped down and ran at Misery, jumped in the air with his mouth open and bit down on Misery’s tail hard.

Misery’s eye twitched as she looked away from Lilly and down to her tail. Paradox growled as he bit down on her tail digging his teeth deeper into her flesh. A tear came to the draconequus’ eye. “Dissy, can you please get your son off my tail?”

Discord just snickered and started to laugh outright. Fluttershy gasped and flew over to Paradox. “Dox, no… Please let go of your Aunts tail, she’s not hurting Lilly.”

Sorrow gave a slight chuckle. “It seems that your son is just like you brother.” He then turned and looked at Misery. “I bet that hurts.”

“More than you can imagine.” Misery gritted her teeth but smiled anyway. Fluttershy managed to pry Paradox from Misery’s tail.

Discord stopped laughing for a moment and took Lilly from Misery. “I’m not going to apologize for my son. It seems he doesn’t like you… I find that reassuring.”

“Dox, you shouldn’t just bite anyone.” Fluttershy was telling her son and he just grinned and nuzzled up against her. Fluttershy gathered him up and put him back in his sling.

“Yeah, you might get rabies or worse.” Discord muttered under his breath.

Misery looked at Discord and growled at him. “I’ll have you know I don’t have rabies.” She flapped her bat wings in irritation as she turned to look at Sorrow. “I want to go home now Sorrie. Dissy is being a meanie to me.”

“Misery, you deserve being treated that way. I told you Discord didn’t want to see us, but you had to insist.” Sorrow said in a monotone voice. He looked over to Discord. “I’m taking her home, I guess this is goodbye?”

Discord crossed his arms. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

“Discord!” Fluttershy said as she went over to Misery and Sorrow. She bowed to them and smiled. “I am glad to have met you. I am sorry it was under these circumstances. If it is okay, I would sometime like to see you two again.”

Misery stared at the Pegasus. “Are you for real?” She asked. “No pony wants to see us. Not even our own brother wants to be around us.”

Sorrow nodded slowly, and frowned. “No pony likes us.”

“That is just awful.” Fluttershy said. “Well, if it is any consolation, I like you.”

“Fluttershy, don’t get too ahead of yourself dear.” Discord put his paw on her shoulder.

Sorrow smiled slightly at Fluttershy and Discord. “Brother, you have a rare find, keep her safe. Fluttershy, I may not look it, but I am happy to call you a sister-in-law. Take care.” He put his claw around Misery’s arm and he snapped his fingers as they both disappeared.

Discord physically flopped down on the floor still holding Lilly; he placed her on the floor as he looked up at Fluttershy. “That was mentally draining.”

Fluttershy looked at him and smiled. “Why didn’t you tell me your family was nice?”

He looked at her strangely. “Are you feeling okay Fluttershy?”

She started to giggle as she picked Lilly up off the floor and nuzzled her. “I’m fine Discord. They were a bit different, but after being with you, I don’t think I am surprised by your family.”

He got up and looked at her in admiration. “Sorry they were thrust upon you like this. I was hoping to introduce them to you in a couple weeks in smaller doses.” He hugged her. “Now I have to give the all clear to all the princesses and to clean up the mess that Misery made in Canterlot.” He rubbed his muzzle. “I just want to go to bed.”

“Let’s go back home first.” She whispered as she put Lilly back in the sling. Lilly yawned and Paradox was back asleep as if nothing happened.

Discord nodded as he hugged her close to him and snapped his fingers.


Celestia looked at Discord as he smirked at her. “What are we going to do with you Discord? I didn’t know you had siblings. Are they going to be a problem in the future?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know Tia. They went back home. They can now find me; much as I dislike the fact that they know where I live they will return I am sure. They will be my problem though, not yours. As much as I hate to say it, they are family, and I cannot harm my family.”

She looked around the throne room that he had cleaned up even patched up the broken stained glass that Misery had shattered upon entering the castle in her rage. “Thank you Discord for helping fix the mess. I do have a warning to your family though, if they come back to terrorize my subjects I will not think twice before banishing them to Tartarus.”

“Duly noted.” Discord frowned as he sighed. “May I go now?”

“You shall leave.” She stated.

He snapped his fingers and disappeared.


Twilight was sitting in Fluttershy’s kitchen; she had invited Twilight over to talk about Discord’s family.

“I was scared at first, but when Discord got here; Sorrow wasn’t as scary as I first thought. He had such a deep sadness Twilight, it is hard to explain, and it is as if he gave up on everything. Would you like some tea?”

“Sure.” Twilight nodded and thought about what her friend told her. “So, Discord only has a brother and sister?”

Fluttershy nodded and looked over when Paradox ran into the room he stopped and ran to her. “Up! Mama! Up!” Paradox jumped up and down next to Fluttershy as she carried the tea tray over to Twilight.

“Hold on, my hooves are full.” Fluttershy replied to him. She placed the tray down on the table next to Twilight then picked him up. He made a happy purring noise as she held him close.

“Fluttershy?” Twilight asked.

“Yes?” She looked at her friend.

“Don’t lie to me; you heard Dox talk didn’t you?”

Fluttershy looked at Dox and back up to her friend. “Well, he did say ‘mama’. I wouldn’t really call that talking. I think talking would be a full conversation like we are having now.”

Twilight placed her hoof on her face. “But he talked!”

“He said: Up, mama up.” Fluttershy said. “That is not a conversation Twilight.”

Twilight looked at Fluttershy for a long moment. “So… if I asked Discord the same question, he’d tell me the same thing you told me?”

“I guess so.” Fluttershy said as she sat back down across from Twilight. “I’m not Discord so; I am guessing he’d say that talking is a conversation between two or more ponies.”

Twilight sipped the tea while she thought about it. She looked at Paradox as he slept in Fluttershy’s lap. “Are you up for an experiment?” She asked Fluttershy.

Discord walked into the kitchen, stopped when he saw Twilight sitting there; he closed his mouth turned around and started to walk back out. “Discord.” Fluttershy said and he stopped in mid-step.

“Yes?” He asked as he turned back around. “What can I do for you?”

“Twilight wants to do an experiment on our children.”

His eyes narrowed as he looked at Twilight. “No.” He stated and turned back around and marched out of the kitchen.

Twilight got down and followed him out of the kitchen. “You don’t even know what I am going to do! How can you answer without wondering what it is?”

“Ok. To be fair, I will ask what it is.” He looked at her. “What is it?”

“I want to see if your children talk to each other when you two aren’t with them.”

He kept staring at her. “So… Do you really think that LillyRose and Paradox can talk?”

“Yes, I have heard them. You and Fluttershy may be in denial about it, but I can prove they are talking.”

Discord opened his mouth as if he was going to say something then closed it. He made like he was thinking about it and rubbed his chin. Looked her in the eye and breathed in then said without any emotion. “No.”

“UGH! Discord, you make me so frustrated.” Twilight said as she stomped back into the kitchen.

He smiled to himself. “Heh, that means I am doing a good job then.” He made a book appear out of the air and he lay down on the couch to read.

He had just turned the page when Lilly appeared on his chest “Daddy? ‘Sokay I nap here?” She said and curled up on him. He looked at her and blinked, he then looked to the closed kitchen door and back at Lilly who was sleeping.

“Oh… So Twilight was right, hmm imagine that…” He put his claw over Lilly’s mane petting her softly. “I won’t admit that to her though, it’ll be our little secret.” He began to read the book as Lilly slept.


Nightmares didn’t come too often since marrying Discord, but tonight was different. Fluttershy cried out as she sat up in bed panting as tears started to stream down her face. She felt for his familiar form but was gripped by sudden panic because he wasn’t there. Her heart was racing and she started to look for him. “Discord, help me. Help me. Where are you?”

Discord sat up in bed because Fluttershy was screaming in her sleep he put his arms around her. “Wake up, it’s a dream. Please.” She flailed as he kept holding her. Tears ran down her cheeks as she still slept and he desperately needed to wake her up. So he placed his claw against her temple. “Wake up love. I’m right here, right beside you.”

Her eyes fluttered open to see Discord. “Oh…” She hugged him tightly and kissed him. “I was so scared; I awoke from a nightmare to a nightmare. I couldn’t find you Discord.” She leaned against his chest her breath hitching because she was crying.

“It was only a nightmare.” He kissed her again as he held her. “Sounded like a really bad one.” He smoothed her mane with his claw. “I’d never leave you without telling you.”

Fluttershy sighed as she leaned against him. “I’m sorry I woke you.”

“Nonsense, I am not sorry at all. I get to sit in bed in the dark with my wife.” He grinned suddenly. She didn’t notice his grin and just settled down against him. He moved his claw up along her shoulder to her wing where he slowly started to pet and massage.

“Oh.” She said as she spread out her wing slightly. “That feels good.”

“Yes. I know it does.” he whispered as he kissed her along her neck. He moved his hand down her wing slowly caressing it.

She felt her whole body react to his kisses and his touch along her wing. She blushed suddenly as she got chills along her spine and she sighed deeply.

Discord moved up against her body as he slowly moved his paw on her other wing. “I can make you forget that nightmare.” He whispered as he rubbed both of her wings as he moved to a better position. He leaned forward and licked behind her ear.

She felt his weight shift until he was resting up against her rump; she let out a heavy needful sigh as she felt him against her. His lick made her jump slightly and she took that moment to wiggle herself up against him, inviting him. “Please help me forget that nightmare.” She answered him her voice soft and husky with need.

“Mm… yes I will.” He groaned as he followed through with her invitation and pushed his arousal deep into her. Her wings shivered as he held them in his hands and he grunted when she tightened her sex around him. He moved slowly feeling her soft folds pull on him. “You are tight as always my love.”

She moaned softly as she felt him push deeply into her. She moved her wings as he gripped them. Her primary feathers tickling his arms, he looked down at her as he made love to her his hips moving slowly. She panted softly at the feel of him she glanced back to him. “You feel so good.” She managed to say.

“Yes, so do you…” He replied. “So… do … you…” He sped up his thrusts.

She tightened herself around him as he rubbed against her sweet spot, she moaned out loudly as she suddenly came. “Oh! Yes…”

Her body clenched him tightly and he gritted his teeth. “AH! Oh Fluttershy you make me so very hard.” He closed his eyes as he tried to keep from flooding her with his hot seed. He felt her sex tighten around him and he fought the urge again. She was shuddering in pleasure under him and he gripped her wings in his claw and paw. “I… cannot…” He growled as he pushed into her deep and let himself release. “Oh… my love…” He panted as he leaned over her kissing gently along her neck and behind her ears.

Fluttershy panted with him as he leaned on her, he slowly pulled from her as he placed his arms around her to hold her tightly to him. She nuzzled him as he slowly relaxed next to her. “Thank you.” She whispered.

He blinked. “What are you thanking me for?” He asked.

“For helping me forget that nightmare.” She blushed and kissed his lips.

“Anything for you my love…” He then gave her a wink as he put his paw around her and slowly rubbed her belly.

She giggled as he rubbed her belly. “Oh that tickles!”

“I’m not trying to tickle you.” He said as he moved his paw over her belly again ruffling her fur.

“What are you doing?” She asked him as she wiggled up against him.

“Oh, well as we talked about on our wedding night, about knowing… that is what I am trying to figure out.” She breathed softly letting him move his paw over her. He stopped moving his paw and suddenly hugged her to him.

“So?” She prompted him in the dark.

He didn’t say anything for a few minutes and he just hugged her and he started to chuckle to himself.

She sat up and looked at him, he was chuckling. “What is it Discord?”

“Oh Fluttershy, I just love you so much.” He grinned at her. “I think we’ll need a bigger nursery.”

She blinked. “You aren’t joking?”

“No, my love, you are pregnant again.” He kissed her softly.

“I’m pregnant… I am… pregnant again.” She sniffled and hugged him tightly. “Discord, that makes me so happy. I love you.” She let tears fall from her eyes from happiness.

“I love you too.” He grinned as she settled against him and he rubbed her belly.


“Okay… just breathe. We met them once already. Can we just leave?” Discord asked Fluttershy. “I really think I might suffer from a coronary or a brain aneurysm.”

“We’ll be okay. I have never seen you act this way.” Fluttershy looked around at the dreary landscape unsure about her surroundings. Discord had brought her and their foals here through his magic and had warned her about how depressing it was she could see that he wasn’t exaggerating.

He looked at her; then looked at Paradox and LillyRose. Lilly was in a little princess type dress and Paradox was wearing a small suit with a tie. He then glanced at Fluttershy; she wasn’t showing that she was pregnant yet. He let out his breath and looked at the large oak door that had magically appeared in front of him. There was no building around the door; it was just a door in the middle of a boring landscape. He grabbed the handle and pulled and it opened to a courtyard with hedges and greenery. “Come on.” He said as he waited until Fluttershy was in the courtyard before entering behind her. He shut the door and it vanished.

Fluttershy looked around the courtyard and saw that it was beautiful and green with a few hedges cut into shapes of animals and ponies. She held Lilly and Paradox as she looked at the elaborate garden sculptures. Discord turned to find that Fluttershy was looking at them. He gulped as he rushed over to her. “Discord, these sculptures… They’re really intricate.”

He nodded and steered her away from the sculptures. “Yes, they are amazing. I suggest we do not linger here.” He looked back at the bushes and saw the tendrils from one bush was slowly retreating from where Fluttershy was standing a moment before. “Sweetheart, those bushes are carnivorous, let’s keep moving.”

She gulped. “Carnivorous bushes…?” She looked back and didn’t see anything odd about them. “Are you sure?”

“Oh, yes, I am sure. Those are Misery’s plants and those sculptures, are actually victims.”

Fluttershy’s eyes widened. “What? All of those poor animals.”

He nodded. “Yes, I know, sorry my love, but that is how Misery is.” He rushed her and the foals out of the courtyard towards the old castle that looked like it was crumbling with age. “The longer we take to get to the castle, the more chances we will be harmed, so let’s not waste time. Oh, I’ll make it easy on all of us.” He picked her up as she held Dox and Lilly and walked quickly to the castle.

Lilly was looking around at everything then she looked up at Fluttershy. “Mommy, is ok?” She asked.

Fluttershy nodded at her. “Yes Lilly, I’m ok. Daddy is just being protective.”

Lilly giggled. “Daddy is a hero.” Discord looked down at his family and he smiled as he walked up the steps of the castle to the front door.

He placed them on the ground right outside the doorway. “Okay, let’s get this visit over with.”

Paradox smacked his lips as he woke up from his nap and he looked around as he stretched his paws out and flexed his claws. He made a noise at Lilly and she made a noise back at him. Fluttershy watched the exchange with them, she knew that Lilly talked, but Paradox seemed to not really talk a lot and he had yet shown any magical abilities. She was worried about him but she tried not to be; he may grow into it.

Discord opened the door to the castle and it made a loud groaning sound from its hinges. “Hello? Sorrow? Misery? Fluttershy and I are here.” All of them walked into the castle and the door slammed loudly behind them.

A sudden breeze went through the castle and Misery instantly appeared in front of Fluttershy. “Flutters! You brought the babies! Can I hold them? Can I?” She put her claws out to Fluttershy. “Please? I never get to hold little bambinos!”

Fluttershy handed Paradox over to Misery. “Here is Paradox.”

“Ooh the one that bites hard to protect his sister. Just like Dissy used to do for me.” She held Paradox and put her claw on his forehead. “Oh! He is her twin just like Dissy is my twin. He’s older than me.”

Fluttershy blinked. “You’re twins?”

Discord sighed. “Yeah, Misery and I are twins. I guess it runs in the family. Misery, your plants tried to eat my family.”

Misery looked at him innocently. “They looked delicious then. Sorry Dissy, I don’t know what my plants will eat. I’ll be sure to reprimand them later.”

Sorrow moved quietly into the room without anyone noticing him. He stood quietly as he watched Misery fawn over the children. He glanced at Fluttershy; she was blushing slightly and talking to Misery as if she was normal pony folk.

Discord stood up straight and looked behind him and saw Sorrow was standing there quietly. He watched as Sorrow warily looked at Fluttershy. He sidled over to Sorrow. “She is not to be stared at. It is a lot easier if you just say hello to her and engaged in a conversation with her.”

Sorrow glanced at his brother and looked back at Fluttershy. “I want a mate like her.”

“Too bad, she is mine.” Discord muttered to him as he frowned. “You got to find your own pony.”

Sorrow looked at Discord. “What other pony is there that can make me feel the way she makes me feel?”

“You really need to get out more.” Discord muttered to his brother. “I’ll be honest; Fluttershy is one of a kind, true. But there has got to be someone that is out there for you and Misery. Stop just hiding in this old castle…” He paused. “Just don’t come around Ponyville or Canterlot. The princess almost banished me for what Misery did.”

Misery looked up from playing with Paradox and Lilly. “What did I do?”

Discord looked at his sister. “Never mind Misery, I’m just talking to Sorrow.”

She nodded as she tickled Paradox. Fluttershy placed Lilly on the floor and she walked around in her little dress. Misery just giggled. “Oh, she is such a darling. She makes me want to just eat her up.” Paradox looked up and growled after she said that.

“She doesn’t mean that Dox, she won’t eat Lilly.” Fluttershy told him.

Misery looked at Fluttershy. “Okay, yeah I won’t eat family.”

Fluttershy blinked. “What?”

Discord left Sorrow and walked over to them. “Misery just because you’re carnivorous doesn’t mean you eat ponies.”

“Ponies have the most succulent meat though.” She grinned. Fluttershy looked at her in shock.

Discord rubbed his muzzle. “Just forget it. You’ve now made Fluttershy nervous around you.”

Misery looked at the Pegasus and noticed she was holding Lilly and Paradox close to her. “Fluttershy are you nervous around me because I eat meat?”

“Um… oh… I don’t know about nervous but, we aren’t going to eat meat at dinner are we?”

“Probably, but there will be some vegetables at the table too.” Discord said. “There’d better be vegetables at the table.”

Sorrow spoke up. “There is. We will be having a wide variety of food, and pony is not on the menu. Many different vegetable dishes and the main dish is wild pheasant.”

“Sorrow is a chef.” Misery stated. “He cooks lots of delicious meals.”

“I’m a connoisseur of great cuisine, I make delicious meals for everyone to enjoy, which is mostly just Misery and I.” He didn’t smile just stated what he did then just stared at Fluttershy.

Discord growled under his breath. “Maybe you should check on the food.”

Sorrow looked over at Discord. “Yes. I’ll check on the food.” He walked out slowly as he glanced back at Fluttershy again.

Misery lay on the floor as she looked at Lilly. “Can Lilly do magic?” she asked her niece. “I bet she can.” She put her hand up and snapped her fingers. A rose appeared in her hand. “Like this.” Lilly clapped her hooves.

“Yes. Magic… Can do.” Lilly giggled.

Misery gasped. “Oh, you are already a talker. You are so smart Lilly. Show me what you can do.”

Lilly looked up at Discord. “Daddy?”

He looked down shocked. “What? You’re asking if you could. That is a first Lilly. Go ahead; knock your Aunts socks off.”

Misery looked at her feet. “Dissy, I don’t have socks on.”

He looked at her for a moment then shook his head. “I’m not going to play that today. LillyRose, show your aunt what you can do.”

Paradox sat next to Fluttershy as he scratched at his tie that was around his neck. “It hurt.” He complained and put his paw on her. “Ma… Ma…”

Fluttershy looked down at him and saw him scratching. “Oh Poor Dox, okay.” She leaned down and loosened his tie. “Is that better?”

“Ten-Q. Ma… ma….” He hugged her leg. “Luvs you.”

Fluttershy smiled at her little boy. “I’m proud of you Dox and I love you too.”

Lilly showed Misery how she could teleport from one side of the room to another. Misery clapped her claws with excitement. “Oh! She does a very nice job of that, and she’s clever for knowing to click her tongue; since she is all hooves.”

Discord crossed his arms as he looked over to see Fluttershy was hugging Dox close. He went over to them. “What are you two scheming?” He asked.

“Dox spoke to me.” Fluttershy smiled. “He told me that he loves me.”

Paradox looked up at Discord. “Dad! Luvs you too.” He hugged Discord’s dragon leg.

Discord reached down and ruffled Dox’s mane. “I love you too. When we get home I’ll teach you to snap your fingers.”

Fluttershy gave him a look. “Really?”

He smirked at her look. “Hey, I see he’s a mama’s boy, but you cannot teach him how to snap his fingers.”

Sorrow slowly walked into the room again without anyone noticing him, he glanced at everyone and gave a big sigh as he clapped his paws together. A long table fell in the middle of the dining room with a loud thump and six chairs appeared out of nowhere and all subsequently thumped on the floor, two were actually antique looking high chairs. A table cloth appeared and fell on the table and as it landed all the places were set. Sorrow then turned around and went back into the kitchen.

Fluttershy stared at the table in shock, because of all the noise it made and the fact the whole thing was set up within a few minutes of just Sorrow clapping his paws. She looked at Discord. “Will Sorrow need help in the kitchen?”

“I don’t know.” He answered as he picked up Paradox.

“I think I will go see if he needs help.” She started to walk towards the kitchen.

His eyes widened as he placed Paradox in the high chair. “No… Wait…” He raced over and intercepted her. “Sorrow can do it; I think he likes doing that himself.”

“Discord, are you trying to keep me from helping your brother?” She asked as she started to flap her wings.

“Yes… Um… no, I…” He let out a sigh. “We didn’t come here to have you do the work. We’re guests right? Besides you really don’t want to see a dead animal being cooked in there; do you?”

She folded her wings, “There is a dead animal in the kitchen? Why?” She had tears rimming her eyes.

“You didn’t think Sorrow mentioning wild pheasant meant the bird was going to join in eating the meal?”

She looked down and then up at him with a blush on her face. “Well, no… um… you aren’t going to eat it are you?”

His eyes narrowed and he took in a deep breath. “Fluttershy, I am going to eat what I want to eat, don’t make me feel guilty for eating a bird you don’t know personally.”

“But…” She looked at him her eyes wide and sad. “What if the pheasant had a family?”

“Oh for the love of…” He harrumphed. “I’ll not eat the bird…”

Sorrow walked out of the kitchen again and stopped, he raised his paws to clap them and stopped when he saw the look on Fluttershy’s face as she talked to Discord. “Brother, what is wrong?” He asked.

Discord jumped slightly and looked at his brother. “Nothing is wrong, is dinner ready now? I’m starving.” He marched over to Misery and took LillyRose from her and proceeded to grumble about not being able to have real food in centuries as he put Lilly in the other high chair.

Fluttershy watched as Discord pouted as he put Lilly in the chair and she sighed. “Oh… dear…” She turned around and ran into Sorrow. “Oh… uh Sorry.” She backed away from him. “I didn’t mean to run into you.”

Sorrow did something he usually didn’t do; he grinned showing his sharp teeth. “I don’t mind you running into me.” His smile disappeared as soon as it shown up and he lifted his paws to clap them. The food appeared on the table instantly all the different dishes were arranged on the table. In the middle of the table was a cooked pheasant. Sorrow looked at the spread on the table and slowly looked back down at Fluttershy. “I hope you are not too offended by the main dish. I apologize for making it, but that is what we eat.”

“I don’t want to keep you and Misery from eating something you are used to eating. Thank you for making vegetables.” She turned and walked to the table. Sorrow watched her walk and suddenly he looked up and saw Discord frowning at him.

Sorrow slowly walked to his seat at the head of the table. Discord sat down to the right of Sorrow and Misery sat to the left. Fluttershy sat down next to Discord, and right next to her was the twins. Misery grinned as she reached over and grabbed the knife and fork and started to cut the pheasant up. “One for me… One for Sorrow… then some for the bambinos two…” She said in a singsong voice.

Discord was drumming his fork on his plate while he frowned at his brother.

Fluttershy looked up at him and sighed. “You can have some if you want it so bad.” She whispered to him and then she looked over at LillyRose and Paradox and they were both staring at the pheasant. She hid her face and shook it. “Oh, Lilly and Paradox… you too?” She asked her children. Lilly started to nod and Paradox was jumping up and down in the chair.

Sorrow noticed how uncomfortable Fluttershy was. “You married an omnivore; he is going to need to eat meat every so often. It’s only natural that your children would be the same.”

“Oh… dear… Yes, I knew, but… I guess I cannot change the spots on a leopard.” She muttered as she served herself some salad.

Discord used his magic as he put a piece of pheasant on his plate and he looked at it then looked over at Fluttershy who was eating a salad and looking away. He sighed and floated the piece off his plate and put a salad on his plate. “It’s ok Fluttershy my love.” He said as he placed his paw on her shoulder. She looked over to him and saw the salad on his plate.

He waved his fingers and salads were placed in front of Lily and Paradox. The twins looked down at their plates then back at the pheasant on the table. Lilly pushed the plate away. “No… want that!”

Paradox nodded to agree with his sister as he stared at the pheasant and started to drool. “Want that!”

“Don’t worry dear; always let them try new things.” Discord stated as Fluttershy looked at her children horrified. He snapped his fingers and the meat appeared on top of the children’s salads.

Misery watched as Fluttershy turned away from watching the children eat.

Paradox had grabbed the piece of meat off his salad and chewed on it. Lilly touched it, but looked at her mommy and didn’t eat the meat. “Mommy, sorry. I no eat too, you sad.”

Fluttershy turned to look at Lilly. “No, Lilly you can eat.” She gently put her hoof on the plate in front of Lilly. “You should eat this it’s good for you.” she looked at the plate and noticed that the meat wasn’t what she expected it to look like. She looked at the table and saw that the pheasant didn’t resemble a bird at all. She looked at Discord confused.

Misery spoke up when she saw the look of confusion on Fluttershy’s face. “It’s still a pheasant, but I made it less scary looking.” she grinned as she lifted her fork and ate.

Discord put his arm around her. “It’s ok Fluttershy; I’ll just eat the vegetables with you. Let the children enjoy this rare treat.”

“I’m not being fair to you. You should eat it too; I know you haven’t eaten meat in a while. I know you crave it every so often.” She sighed and started to chew on a lettuce leaf.

Discord kissed her on her forehead. “I love you.”

“Aww, oh goodness Dissy; you make me have all the feels.” Misery sighed as she looked at them. “Now I think you should eat before I throw meat at you both.” she grumbled and stuffed a larger piece of food in her mouth.

Sorrow used magic and put food on their plates. Piling them high with different things and avoiding placing meat on Fluttershy’s plate. “If you two don’t eat all of what is on your plates. I’ll be offended. Eat now; debate later.”

Fluttershy looked at her plate; saw baked apples, eggplant casserole, two different salads. Her stomach growled suddenly and she started to eat. She had almost forgotten that she should eat; she didn’t want to starve the new life within her.

Discord looked at his plate as he saw there was a large piece of pheasant on it. He glanced at Fluttershy but she was eating her meal without looking at him or anyone else. He grabbed his fork and started to eat with gusto. Devouring the pheasant first and then eating the rest almost as fast. He looked at Lilly and she had eaten everything around the meat and didn’t touch it. Paradox had eaten the meat and was poking the vegetables on his plate with his paws. He swallowed what was in his mouth. “Lilly its ok, eat your meat. Dox eat your vegetables they’ll help your digestion.”

After dinner they all sat in a room with a fireplace. Over the mantle was a painting of a family portrait. It was really old in fact it had started to fade from age. It showed two larger figures standing, Fluttershy assumed it was Discord’s parents and there were four other figures in the picture. Misery and Discord standing beside one another the taller one was Sorrow. Fluttershy figured he was the oldest. The fourth figure though looked mostly like a pony. There were claw marks on the face of the fourth figure, so Fluttershy couldn’t see what she had looked like. She didn’t say anything in fact she was a little disturbed by the claw marks.

The furnishings in the room were old and sparse. Discord just went right to a large chair that looked oddly like the throne he had when he tried to take over Ponyville. He sat down and leaned back. “Ah my old chair, it’s still the same.”

Misery was yawning as she walked in. “Of course it’s the same; it keeps disappearing when you attempt to take over Equestria.” She said as she sat on the couch.

Discord looked sheepishly at Fluttershy she giggled at him as she sat on a chair near his, Paradox ran into the room stopped looked around, took a running jump and landed on Discord’s lap and flapped his wings to keep from falling off, he then walked in a circle, yawned and curled up. Lilly followed but trotted over to Fluttershy clicked her tongue, reappearing next to Fluttershy she yawned as well and settled down next to her and cuddled up close. She kept awake though to watch and listen to the adults.

Sorrow didn’t follow; he disappeared back into the kitchen. Misery looked at Discord and Fluttershy for a few minutes. “So… when is the new one due?”

Fluttershy blinked. “How did you know?”

Misery clapped her claws. “HA! I didn’t know, I guessed! Discord, you cannot stay away from her can you?”

Discord blushed as he looked down at Paradox. “Misery, please, there are foals around.”

“Yes and their parents fool around. Answer my question Dissy… You cannot stay away from her can you?” She tented her claws and grinned at how Discord was uncomfortable with this line of questioning.

He looked over at Fluttershy and she was blushing deeply and looking down at the floor. She was just as embarrassed as he was. He cleared his throat. “No, I cannot… but I love her. She’s beautiful.”

“You are a big softy.” Misery stated and stretched her wings as she leaned back on the couch.

Lilly stood up. “Daddy is brave.” She said and puffed out her cheeks.

Misery looked down at Lilly. “Oh I never said he wasn’t brave Lilly, don’t worry little one, I’m not calling your daddy anything bad. Although, he used to be a bad guy, and he made bad look really easy.”

Sorrow slowly walked into the room he was really good at entering a room without anyone noticing him. He moved unseen behind Fluttershy and Discord; but he walked forward slowly and was looming over Fluttershy without her being aware of him.

Lilly stood up and flapped her wings in irritation. “Daddy is very brave and is hero. I wanna be just like daddy. He was never bad.”

Discord smiled at his daughter. “You keep talking like that Lilly, I might start believing you.”

Lilly clicked her tongue and was instantly on Discord’s lap next to Paradox, who involuntarily kicked at his sister. She ignored her brother and hugged Discord tightly. “I love you daddy.”

He swallowed and smiled at his daughter. “I love you too little Lilly. I used to be a bad guy though; just ask mommy…” He turned to look at Fluttershy but she was missing. He sat up instantly holding both Lilly and Paradox against him. He looked at Misery. “Why didn’t you tell me Sorrow was in the room?” He growled.

“I didn’t think it was important… he always sneaks into the room.” Misery put her claws out to him. “I’ll take Lilly and Doxy. You better find Sorrow before he does something to Flutters.”


Sorrow put Fluttershy down on the floor she backed up slowly away from him. “What are you going to do?” She asked nervously.

He shrugged. “I… I… wanted another hug from you. You make me feel good; something I never felt before.”

“You could have asked me for a hug while we were with Discord and Misery? I would have given you one.”

He shook his head. “No… I don’t want a hug now.” He walked to the other edge of the room.

She looked around and noticed that they weren’t really in a room at all, it looked like a cave. It was damp and dark except for candles on a rocky outcrop which were lit. Some looked to have burned down and replaced because wax was running down the side of the stone. “W… what do you want then?” She asked cautiously.

“I want you to be with me instead of my brother.” He stated. “Discord doesn’t need you… but I do.”

“What?” She asked in disbelief. “I… I’m sorry Sorrow, I don’t know you and… I love your brother; he’s my… everything. He… needs me as I need him.”

Sorrow looked at her his eyes narrowing. “Is it because he is younger than I am; isn’t it?” He spread out his wings and put out his chest and fluffed up his mane. “I can look younger, see.” He flexed his arms. “Also, I can cook, I bet Discord cannot cook.”

She looked around trying to find a means to escape; her heart was beating so fast that she thought she’d have a heart attack before finding a way out. She was hoping that Discord would appear and rescue her, but he hadn’t shown up yet. She let Sorrow talk as she spotted the exit and she readied herself to fly through the exit, she didn’t know the layout of the cave system and was hoping that her escape didn’t cause her to get lost.

“Discord can cook.” She muttered as she nervously flexed her wings.

“What can he cook? It isn’t my cuisine; I will create such a delicious dish that you would swear your love to me.”

Fluttershy looked at him and shook her head. “Sorrow, umm… Sorry but … you are sounding crazy; just take me back to Discord… please. You know he’ll be upset if he finds out you took me. I promise you I will make sure he is not too mad at you.”

“Yes… Maybe…” He sat down and put his head in his paws. “You… don’t want me… No pony wants me; thousands of years with no one but a sister to keep company… is no company.” He looked up at her and growled. “I cannot stop thinking about you… Stop making me… want you!”

“I’m not doing anything Sorrow.” She swallowed and flapped her wings to fly toward the exit, but she eeped when he grabbed her hoof and pulled her down. He pulled hard enough that she fell and hit her head on the ground. She shook her head and tried to get up again but felt dizzy and fainted.

Sorrow stood up and looked down at her; he bent over her and saw that she was knocked out. “Fluttershy?” He backed up and looked around… “I… didn’t mean to…” He disappeared leaving her.


It was an hour before Discord found Sorrow. He was in the kitchen hiding in the freezer in a corner. Discord pulled him up and punched him in the face. “Where is Fluttershy? I know you took her! Where is she?”

Sorrow kept his face turned. “I deserved that… but, I didn’t mean to.”

“You didn’t mean to what? Where is Fluttershy?” He made another fist and was going to punch Sorrow again when his brother held up his paw.

“Please Brother… She was going to get away she was about to fly… I pulled on her hoof… I didn’t know she would hurt herself.” Sorrow confessed. “I left her in the caves. I didn’t want to be… blamed.”

“I will blame you… I swear, if you’ve done something to her…” Discord pushed him up against the wall of the freezer and disappeared.

Misery stood at the entrance of the freezer and was frowning at Sorrow. “Thanks a lot Sorrow, now Dissy will never come visit us again.” She turned and walked away from him shutting the freezer behind her.

Sorrow sank down to the floor of the freezer. “I… didn’t mean to.”

Discord appeared in a dark part of the cave system that was underneath the castle. He remembered when he and his siblings were little they had explored it all. “Fluttershy?” He called out to her… “Please be ok.” He thought about going back and making Sorrow take him to her, but he didn’t want Sorrow near her again. He went through the caves looking into each alcove and every side tunnel. “Fluttershy… please… Answer me.”

Fluttershy blinked as she shook her head and gasped out in pain. The candles that had been burning had melted down and were fading. She blinked in the waning light. She tried to stand up but felt all of her energy drained from her. Her ears were ringing and she sat up and put her hooves around her head. “Oh… my head…”

“Fluttershy!” Discord shouted again and she looked up at the sound of his voice in the distance.

“Discord?” She said loudly but winced because it hurt her head a lot.

His ears perked up, he thought he heard her. “Fluttershy, where are you? Please answer me if you can hear me.”

“I can hear you…” She said quietly and then said a little louder. “I’m here… I don’t know where here is, but… it has old candles.”

Discord heard her mention candles and frowned. “Stay there… I’ll find you.”

Fluttershy closed her eyes and felt the bump on her head, the candles were almost burned out and she looked around nervously. “Hurry Discord… I’m scared. Please get here before Sorrow comes back.”

He was out of breath when he entered the cave where she was. He went to her and picked her up. “Fluttershy, I’m so sorry.” He kissed her as she hugged him tightly. “I should have known he’d do something like this. Where did he hurt you? He didn’t touch you did he?”

“He pulled on my leg when I tried to fly away… I fell and hit my head.” She explained. She blinked her eyes. “I think I have a concussion.”

Discord looked at her head as he held her to his chest protectively. “I’ll take you back to the castle. Don’t worry, the foals are with Misery, she may be crazy, but she’s more responsible than that fool of a brother of mine.” He growled as he snapped his fingers.

They appeared in the family room and Discord placed Fluttershy gently on the couch. He kneeled down with her and looked into her eyes. “Oh, yeah… you do have a concussion.” He saw one of her irises was larger than the other. “We need to get you back home to see a doctor.”

“Where is Lilly and Dox?” She asked.

“Right here.” Misery walked in carrying the foals. “They are safe and sound. So glad you are ok Flutters.” Both Paradox and Lilly wiggled free from Misery’s grip.

Paradox crawled onto the couch and leaned over her flank and Lilly crawled up on Discord’s lap and put her hooves on Fluttershy’s shoulder. “Mommy you ok?” Lilly asked. “Daddy was yelling and he tore stuff up while looking for you.”

Paradox looked up at Fluttershy and put his paw next to Lilly’s hoof on her shoulder. “Missed you.” Paradox whispered.

She blinked and lay her head down on the couch. “I’m okay, don’t worry about me. Daddy saved me again Lilly.”

Lilly smiled and looked up at Discord with admiration. “See you are hero Daddy.”

Misery went over to them. “Dissy… please don’t avoid visiting me again? I didn’t know Sorrow would do that. I get so lonely… I want to have company.” She started to cry. “Please, don’t leave me alone. Please.”

“Misery, you can visit Fluttershy and I, just warn us ahead of time.” Discord said. “And leave him here.”

Misery nodded. “Okay, I will, I will do that. Thank you…” She wiped her eyes.

“We have to go though.” Discord said as he got up. “Fluttershy needs to see a doctor.” He picked Fluttershy up, and both Lilly and Paradox lay down in his arms with their mother.

“You will keep in touch?” Misery said hopeful.

Fluttershy looked at her before they left. “Of course, Misery.” Discord snapped his fingers and they were gone.

Misery looked behind her and growled as she got up and marched into Sorrow’s kitchen.


Dr. Calliope looked at the bump on Fluttershy’s head. “Oh… Fluttershy, what happened?”

“I bumped my head.” She winced as Epona wrapped a bandage on her head.

She frowned as she put the bandage on her. “Tell me the truth Fluttershy; Discord didn’t do this did he?”

“No.” Fluttershy stated. “He’d never hurt me.” She glanced at her Dr. “You know as well as I that he’d rather die than hurt me.”

“Yes, but I don’t like that you got a partial concussion. I really suggest you get some rest drink plenty of fluids and if you experience any memory loss, or pass out again, please come back.” She looked at Fluttershy with worry. “Go on out and I will talk to your husband to make sure he keeps an eye on you.”

Fluttershy walked out of the room and Discord sat up. “She wants to talk to you.” She walked over to Lilly and Paradox who were sitting near the toys playing.

Discord walked in the room and the door closed behind him. “What do you want Epona?”

“What happened to her?” She frowned at him.

“Epona, it’s really none of your business. She bumped her head I brought her here as soon as I could. Was it a concussion?”

“Yes, it wasn’t a full concussion, she needs rest, and I would like to you keep an eye on her. Bring her back if she experiences any blackouts or memory loss.” She took out another bandage out of the drawer and gave it to him. “Use this to rewrap her head tomorrow.”

He snatched the bandage out of the air and nodded. “Anything else?”

“I’d like to know what happened to her.”

“Epona, I rather not tell you. Let’s just leave it at that.” He turned and left the room walking over to Fluttershy he gave her a hug and kissed her gently on her lips. Epona watched in silence as he lifted everyone up and disappeared.


Discord sat up in bed with Fluttershy as she told him about what she remembered. “I don’t know what he would have done if I hadn’t tried to escape.”

He was clenching and unclenching his fist as he listened to her. She told him about what Sorrow said, she started to shake a little bit.

“I’ll kill him if I see him again. One punch wasn’t enough for that weasel.”

She looked at him and she placed her hoof on her head. “Ouch my head.” She blinked her eyes slowly.

He made a glass of chocolate milk appear in his hand as he handed it to her. “Drink this.” she slowly sipped from the straw.

She leaned up against him and sighed heavily. “I’m sorry I’m such a bother.” She whispered to him.

“You are never a bother.” He replied as he rubbed her shoulders. “Let’s get some rest.”



Fluttershy awoke in the middle of the night in pain. She looked over at Discord as she held her stomach. Her head was hot and pounding from her injury and she was feeling really ill.

“Discord.” She whispered to him but she doubled over in pain as she did so. She slipped out of the bed and went into the other room, he was sleeping and she didn’t really want to worry him.

Discord rolled over in bed and reached for her only she wasn’t there. He sat up. “Fluttershy?” He felt the hair stand up on the back of his neck. He got out of bed as he looked for her going down the hallway he looked in the nursery. She wasn’t there. As he started down the stairs, he noticed that she was on the couch. “Fluttershy?”

She looked up at him, she was crying. “Oh Discord… I’m so sorry.”

He quickly went over to her. “What’s wrong… what?”

She cried as she shook her head. “I…” She paused not knowing how to say it. Her heart was clenched in a vice. “I… lost the baby…”

He suddenly felt weak as he kneeled down in front of her. “Wha… How do you know?” He placed his paw on her belly and she looked into his eyes. Slowly he moved his paw from her belly and sighed; he looked devastated.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered as tears fell from her cheeks.

Discord gathered her into his arms and hugged her tightly. “It’s ok, we can get through this. It’s probably stress…” He slowly let her go and stood up. “I’m going to kill him.”

She looked up at him and saw he was livid with anger. “Discord, it’s probably not his fault.”

“Oh no, it is his fault Fluttershy. If he hadn’t hurt you, if he hadn’t taken you… go get some rest, I’ll be back.” He snapped his fingers before she could protest.


Discord was back in his sibling’s castle. “Sorrow, I got some choice words for you.”

Misery appeared suddenly in front of him. “Dissy, what are you doing back?” she asked and saw he was angry.

“Where is Sorrow?” He growled.

She bit on her lower beak. “He is um… I um… have him in my torture rack in the basement.” He gave her a look raising his eyebrow.

“A torture rack… how come I’m not surprised, well I am just going to go down there and kill him. Okay?”

“What? Why?” She grabbed his paw. “Sorrow may be a sociopath but does he really deserve to die?”

“Misery… Fluttershy lost the baby.” He looked at his sister. “If it is not his fault it is my fault. My fault for bringing her here in the first place…”

Misery frowned, her face twisted up suddenly. “No, it’s his fault. I’ll kill him myself.” She disappeared. He blinked at her reaction and disappeared to reappear in the basement.

Discord looked around the gloom of the basement and saw Misery looking at a wall full of strange torture devices. He looked over and saw Sorrow tied down to the torture rack like she said he was. He frowned as he approached his brother.

Sorrow’s face was bruised up and he squinted when he saw Discord. “You decided to come and torture me too? I’ll tell you… Misery has been quite thorough.”

“Oh no…” He walked around the rack as he looked at his brother. “I’m not here to torture you; I really wanted to kill you for what you did to Fluttershy.”

Sorrow coughed and looked up at him. “I didn’t hurt her intentionally.”

“You did more than hurt her, she was pregnant… The key word here is WAS. I want to make you pay.”

Misery moved up next to Discord, she had a murderous grin on her face. “No… No… please brother. I want to do it.” She lifted a large knife in her claw and flipped it expertly.

Sorrow turned his head away and frowned. “Well, I figured it would happen eventually; just like I killed our baby sister.”

Misery gasped. “YOU killed her? I thought she left to live with the ponies because she looked like them the most! For centuries I thought she had betrayed us…” She growled. “OH! I really want to slash your throat now!”

Discord swiftly grabbed the knife from Misery. “Hold on Missy, I need to know what happened. Tell me what you did.”

“I’d rather you just kill me.” He muttered as he looked at the opposite wall.

Misery grabbed a tool on a table nearby, it looked like pliers and she clicked them. “Oh Dissy, let me pull out his nails… maybe it will make him talk.”

Discord shook his head and took the tool from her. He was starting to get a small collection of implements from his overly eager sister. “Talk Sorrow or I will let Misery do whatever torture pops into her mind.”

Sorrow sighed. “It’s a rather long story.”

“I’m not going anywhere; neither are you.” Discord grumbled.


The earth pony Rose Desire sat out on the grass under a willow tree near the castle courtyard, she had told her older brother that she needed to tell him something and she wanted him to keep it a secret. She asked him to meet her out by the old willow tree near the courtyard.

She stood up when she saw Sorrow walking up to her. His mane of fur was fluffy and well kept. “Oh Sorrow! I am so happy you came.” She went over and hugged him and he smiled at her as he hugged her back.

“What is the big secret sister?” Sorrow asked as he looked at his sister lovingly. She had soft purple fur and a long ebony mane that curled around her face; her eyes were deep violet almost black.

She grinned and walked in a circle almost prancing with pride. “Look, I got a cutie mark. None of us has one, but I got one.”

He looked at her flank and saw she had a black scythe as a cutie mark. “I’m impressed, but why are you keeping it a secret?”

She put her head down, “Because I… I don’t want to make any pony else to feel bad that they don’t have one. Misery and Discord always tease me because of how much I look like a pony.”

“That is how siblings behave.” Sorrow muttered. “I wouldn’t worry about them.” He smiled again as he walked with her. “I think we should celebrate your cutie mark. How did you get it?”

“I don’t know how I got it. I woke up this morning and saw it.” She grabbed her cloak she wore with her teeth and set it over her shoulders and it covered her cutie mark. She walked with her older brother. “What kind of celebration?”

Sorrow shrugged. “I am not sure; we never had a cutie mark appear on us before. If our parents were still alive…” He shook his head.

“You take too much responsibility for us Sorrow. I am thinking of leaving for my destiny. Maybe you would be less stressed if I left.”

“You’d leave the family?” Sorrow looked at her. “If you leave… who would appreciate my cooking?”

“You still will have Discord and Misery. I had a dream that I will be able to find someone for me, I won’t feel lonely anymore. I am thinking of leaving soon. Will you help me leave?”

Sorrow swallowed hard. “Rose, where would you go?”

“I don’t know. That is why I am asking for your help.” She trotted next to him. “You have seen places. You have been places. I want to go and have fun, then settle down.”

“Okay Rose. I’ll help you leave, but it will be a few days before I get a chance to help you.” His mane of fur suddenly started to be less full. “For now, I will make you a cake to celebrate your cutie mark; for my favorite sister.”

Misery interrupted: “What?! I wasn’t your favorite?”

Discord shoved her beak out of Sorrows face. “Continue.”

Sorrow wiggled his arms in the restraints. “I’d talk better if I was free.”

“I don’t think so.” Discord mumbled. “Just tell us what happened.”

Sorrow watched as Rose Desire reached for him. “Brother…Quickly… grab my hoof, I cannot hold on much longer.” She gasped as she scrambled and she couldn’t get a hoof hold on the crumbling cliff.

“I cannot grab your hoof Rose. You wanted to leave me, so I am letting you leave, but on my terms not yours.”

“Why? What did I do? I just wanted to be a normal pony… I just wanted you to be proud of me.” She scrambled more as she looked up at her brother, the one that she trusted most, but he didn’t help her. Sorrow turned away from her and listened as she breathed and struggled trying to get up off the cliff. “Sorrow… please… I cannot…”

He turned back to her swallowing hard for his guilt had built up. “I will…” He reached out to her but she fell before he grasped her hoof.

She screamed out loudly. “Sorrow!” He went to the ledge and looked down then turned away quickly putting his paw to his mouth. He had seen that she was on a ledge below; she looked like a broken toy discarded. He disappeared to hide; not telling anyone what he had done.

Sorrow sighed and looked up at both Discord and Misery. “So… what are you two going to do?”

Discord frowned and grabbed the knife Misery had a few moments before and lifted it up. Sorrow’s eyes widened as he saw the blade flash. Discord cut both of Sorrow’s paws free of the binding and cut his legs free as well. “Sorrow you disgust me, death is not fitting for you. I rather you suffer with the knowledge of what you have done to our family and mine.”

Misery stared at Discord. “But… Dissy.”

Discord handed the knife back to Misery. “I had it with him.”

Sorrow sat up and rubbed his wrists as he looked at his brother. “You are nothing but a pony lover.”

Discord punched him in the face knocking out two fangs. “Yes, I love my wife… At least I have someone in my life. I would not mind if you stayed out of it Sorrow.” He turned to Misery. “I’m sorry Sister.” He snapped his fingers and left.


Fluttershy hugged Discord when he reappeared and she wouldn’t let him go. He placed his paw on her back as he hugged her in return. “I didn’t do anything regrettable love. I’m ok.”

She nuzzled into his chest fur. “I knew you wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t worry.”

He slowly pet down her mane. “I’m sorry that I worried you… I’m sorry that Sorrow did this to you. I found some things out though, that I would love to talk to you about when you are feeling better.” He picked her up. “Come on love. You really need to rest; your body cannot take any more stress.”

They went up the stairs, he was carrying her and when they got to the room he set her down on the bed. “I am so tired.” She admitted.

“Of course you are. You were pony napped, hurt, and you lost… something dear…” He looked at her sadly as he kneeled down. “I wish I could have prevented it.” He placed his head in his hands and sobbed. “I’m sorry Fluttershy.”

She leaned down and kissed his forehead avoiding his antler. “It’s not your fault. I love you. You couldn’t know that all this would happen.”

He looked up at her his eyes were red with his tears. “You complete me Fluttershy.” He muttered. “That is why I love you.” He slowly got up. “Get some sleep my love… I have to think. I’ll be in the nursery.”

Fluttershy nodded as she settled down in the bed. “Come to bed when you are ready.”

He walked into the nursery and sat down in the rocking chair. Lilly and Paradox were sleeping soundly as he sat down. He started to think about all that had happen in just a day, but being in the room with his children calmed him; and he looked at how they slept and it made him smile. He slowly got up and kissed Lilly on the cheek then kissed Paradox on his forehead. He left the nursery and went back to bed with Fluttershy, he put his arm over her form and curled his tail around her protectively.


A few months later.

Pinkie Pie was blowing up balloons and placing them on the walls. She giggled as she put another balloon on the wall and Twilight looked at her. “Pinkie, why are you putting balloons all over the walls?”

“Its static electricity Twilight, go with it.” Pinkie smiled and continued to inflate balloons.

Rarity walked into the room saw all the balloons and shook her head. “It looks the birthday party has already started Pinkie.”

“It’s hard to believe that it has been a year since Fluttershy had the twins.” Apple Jack said as she placed an apple pie on a table. “When will Fluttershy, Discord and the twins be back from the picnic?”

“I am not sure.” Twilight confessed. “We just need to finish the decorations in here.” She looked around and saw two cakes sitting on the table for the twins, she looked to Spike. “Let’s go over the check list.”

“Sure thing Twilight…” He unrolled the checklist Twilight had him write down earlier.

She went down the list and Spike checked them off. She inspected everything but stopped. “Pinkie, the room needs more decorations.”

“No Problem!” Pinkie grabbed her cannon. “Stand back every pony!” The cannon went off with a loud bang and the whole place was covered in streamers, balloons and confetti. Pinkie hugged the cannon. “Who is a good cannon? You are! You are!”

Rainbow Dash backed away from Pinkie giving her a strange look.

Angel Bunny ran into the room and jumped up and down. Twilight noticed the bunny. “Oh it looks like they are on their way home, let’s get ready.

Discord opened the door and LillyRose and Paradox ran into the house and they both skidded to a halt together as they looked at the room full of decorations.

“Surprise!” Pinkie jumped out at them while the others stood to the side.

Paradox’s eyes widened and he disappeared instantly. Lilly grinned at Pinkie and clicked her tongue and appeared on her head. “Aunty Pinkie!”

Rarity looked around. “Goodness where is Paradox?”

Discord chuckled as he walked in next to Fluttershy. “He’s on the ceiling.” He pointed up and Paradox was standing upside down looking at everyone warily.

Paradox walked easily on the ceiling. “All Aunties scared me.” The draconequus confessed from the ceiling.

Fluttershy flew up to pluck him from the ceiling “They didn’t scare you that much Dox.” She giggled as she brought him down. “It’s your and Lilly’s birthday party, nothing to worry about.”

The twins looked at the cakes in front of them; Lilly reached over and took Paradox’s cake and Paradox took hers. Rainbow blinked in confusion. “What was the point of that? The cakes are the same.”

Lilly looked at Rainbow Dash. “I liked his better!”

Paradox just nodded as he suddenly opened his mouth and jammed as much cake in it as he could.

“Whoa there! Aren’t you worried that Paradox is going to choke?” Apple Jack asked after seeing Paradox take such a large bite of cake.

Fluttershy just shook her head as she ate some of the apple pie that AJ had brought. Discord just laughed. “Paradox is actually limiting himself; I’ve seen him eat bigger things.”

Pinkie Pie was making faces at Lilly. Lilly just stuck her tongue out at Pinkie in return.

Twilight was looking at Fluttershy and Discord as she sat across from them. “I told you so.”

Discord looked at her with his eyebrow up. “Told us… what?”

“About the twins talking.”

“That is old news Twilight, geez get with the times.” Rainbow Dash said.

Twilight put her head on the table. “I give up.”

Discord patted her on the head. “I like you Twilight. You make me laugh.”

Twilight sat up. “Oh, I was just reminded that the archivist is going to be coming into Ponyville next week, you two need to meet her, she records all the history of Ponyville past and present, and you’ll have to tell her about Paradox and Lilly. If she doesn’t already know about them.”

Fluttershy looked at Twilight. “It’s been five years already?” She looked at Discord. “The archivist only comes through Ponyville every five years.” She explained.

Discord looked at her. “So? What does that really have to do with us?”

Twilight sat up straighter. “Well, the archivist is really a very old earth pony, but she acts really young. She keeps all the history of Equestria although she has other ponies helping her, but she writes down the most important history.”

Pinkie Pie looked over. “Rumor has it she is older than Celestia.” She said it in a suspicious tone.

“That is just a rumor Pinkie Darling.” Rarity said. “The archivist is only a little bit older than AJ’s Granny Smith.”

“It doesn’t matter how old she is.” Twilight stated. “I just think Discord and Fluttershy should meet her.”

Discord shook his head. “It’s up to Fluttershy.”

“I guess we can see her.” She shrugged.


The archivist didn’t look like an old earth pony, in fact she looked about as old as Twilight’s mother. Her mane was long black with grey streaks running through it, her purple coat still had a healthy shine to it. She looked down at several scrolls of paper and wrote slowly upon one with a quill in her mouth. She looked up when someone stepped into her light and she frowned dropping her quill. “The other archivists are here to help as well; I am not the only one that records history in Ponyville.” She blinked when she looked at Fluttershy and Discord. Discord had his arms crossed and looked at the dusty old tent they were in.

“Sorry to have bothered you Miss Archivist.” Fluttershy said. “But Twilight said you would have liked to meet us?”

The pony bit her lower lip and nodded. “Oh, uh yes… Twilight Sparkle… she is a princess.” She grabbed her quill and started to write down their meeting quickly. She placed her quill in the ink well. “Okay now,” she walked about the tent. “Please you two, have a seat…” She watched as they both sat down and she went over grabbed a new scroll and unrolled it. “Instead of calling me Archivist you can just call me Rose.”

Discord’s ears perked up at her name but he shrugged, Rose was such a common pony name. He yawned already bored as he watched the pony start to write on the scroll. “So, how did you two meet?”

Discord started to laugh. “Oh Boy… what a loaded question that is.”

Rose stopped writing and looked at him. “Okay… Why don’t you two tell me about your relationship so I can write it down? First things first, your names please.”

He made an irritated sound. “I’m Discord and this is Fluttershy. We’re married.”

She squinted at him and then started to write what he said down. She dunked her quill again. “Keep talking and I will write it all down. I cannot keep stopping just to ask questions.”

“We met after Discord was freed from being encased in stone. He tried to control my mind and I resisted and he took control by force…”

“I… Fluttershy you make it sound really bad.” He blushed. “Anyway, Fluttershy was able to reform me from being a bad guy.”

They started to just talk about their relationship and they stopped talking when the subject of Discord’s family came up. Rose looked up when they quieted down. “Go on?” She asked as she dunked her quill in the inkwell.

Fluttershy sniffled and looked away. “I thought his family was ok… Until his brother turned out to be crazy.”

“All kinds of crazy.” Discord grumbled. “I hate him and hate is a nice word in this case.”

Rose stopped and looked at Discord for a long moment, “I really would like to get some names, the name of your brother and sister is important for the archives.”

“Well my sister’s name is Misery and I really don’t want to say his name…” Discord stated.

“Your brother is named Sorrow.” Rose said as she dunked the quill and wrote it down.

Discord stood up. “How did you know his name?”

Rose approached him. “I was waiting to see if you remembered anything about me. I know his name because he left me for dead on a cliff ledge, I trusted him… I… Discord, why didn’t you or Misery look for me?”

Discord stepped forward as he looked at her. “Rose… Sorrow told us you left. He lied to us. He told us you ran away to live with the ponies. I didn’t even know that he tried to kill you until just recently. He believes that he killed you.”

“He thinks I am dead?” She replied.

“Yes Rose.” He answered. “I believed it too, until now.”

Fluttershy blinked and looked between Rose and Discord. “I’m a little confused. Rose, you were in that family portrait I saw over the hearth. You are Discord’s sister?”

Rose nodded. “Yes, I am Discord’s younger sister. I am the only draconequus that looks more like a pony than my siblings. I am so much like a pony that I have a cutie mark.”

“I have a cutie mark too.” Discord said as he shifted into a unicorn pony with a twister for a cutie mark. “See!”

Fluttershy put her hoof up to her face. “Oh my goodness… You never showed me that you could turn into a pony!”

He smiled at her and gave her a leering look. “Why? You want to have some fun with a stallion?”

Fluttershy blushed and giggled. “Stop it Discord, you’re making me blush.”

Rose giggled and shook her head. “Discord… I had forgotten how you always tried to make everyone smile. How were you able to get away?”

He shifted back. “I just left. I didn’t tell them. Maybe that is what you should have done. I found our brother unbearable to be around. Misery wasn’t as bad as he was but she is still living there with him. I feel bad for her having to look at his face daily.”

“So you will not say his name any more.”

“He is dead to me.” Discord pulled Fluttershy to him. “You might want to write this down for your archives.”

Rose grabbed her quill and started to write what happened between Discord, Fluttershy and Sorrow. Then wrote what Sorrow had confessed to, although she had stopped at the part where Sorrow had left her for dead. “I can fill in the rest of that, on what happened after he left me.”

“Please tell me.” Discord smiled. “I really would like to know. I cannot wait to tell Misery that you are still alive.”

“Before I tell you…” Rose sighed. “Are you still the protector of the Spring of Eternity?”

He frowned. “Yes, I am, but the water is just a trickle. The Spring is drying up.”

“That is too bad, because some of that water has sustained me for a long time.” She shook her head. “That water is how I have been able to stay young for so long.”

Discord put his tail around Fluttershy. “I used it to save Fluttershy.”

“I never would have guessed that you would settle down with a pony, and have two little ones with her. I would love to see them.” She mused. “Sorry Discord that I never returned, but I was afraid of him.”

Discord nodded in understanding. “Please Rose; tell me what happened to you.”

She breathed in deep and trotted to the entrance to her tent. She looked out the tent and called one of the other archivists over. “I will be busy, please do not disturb.” She then walked back to them; she sat down and gave a small smile. “I was knocked unconscious when I had fallen down to that ledge; I assumed Sorrow had left me for dead. I cursed his cowardice as I tried to sit up. I had a broken leg and it hurt a lot, but I was relieved that I still had my bags and they were packed full. In one of my bags was a bottle of the spring water, I had taken just a sip brother and it gave me the will to live.” She gave a sigh as she stretched her neck.

Discord sat forward. “You saved the water for this long? You have any left?”

She shook her head as she continued. “It was by happenstance that some gryphons were scouting the area and they spotted me on the cliff, they saved me and took me to the closest pony town. I was relieved that the ponies there actually accepted me; they gave me shelter and food. I started my new life in that city. Well back then it was only a town, it’s now a large city: Fillydelphia. So I started my shop there; where I started writing about the history of Equestria. It wasn’t what my destiny was.” She looked at her cutie mark. “My destiny was something completely different.”

Fluttershy looked at Rose’s cutie mark. “That is a black scythe.”

Rose nodded. “Yes, my destiny is not an archivist.”

Discord started to chuckle. “Yep. You can say we are the four horses of the apocalypse.” He found it completely funny and he started to laugh louder. “Too bad we are such a dysfunctional family that we’ll never get to the end of the world.”

Fluttershy looked at them in shock. “So, if all four of you put your differences aside…”

“That will never happen.” Discord said. “Besides you reformed me, remember.”

“It won’t happen.” Rose laughed. “Have no magical abilities like my brothers and sister. “I’m just a regular earth pony.”

“That has an unnaturally long lifespan.” Discord whispered. “Even without the water from the Spring of Eternity dear sister. You are still part draconequus.” He stood up and stretched. “It’s getting late and I think Pinkie Pie has watched LillyRose and Paradox for way too long today.”

“Discord?” Rose smiled. “Can I meet my niece and nephew?”

He looked at her and shook his head negatively but said, “Sure.” He picked Fluttershy up and then smiled at his sister. “Want me to teleport you there instantly?”

She looked at her tent and saw her scrolls all scattered about. “Okay.” Discord smiled, picked up his sister and vanished.


Misery was apprehensive about leaving Sorrow home alone. She left the castle though without his knowledge and was curious as to why Discord and Fluttershy wanted her to come visit them.

She appeared outside the quaint little cottage that they have decided to make their home. Misery was about to do the polite thing called knocking when a movement out of the corner of her eye caught her attention.

Her eyes widened at the sight of a pony walking by, he was a stallion and she felt her cheeks reddening. She felt the feathers on her back ruffle and she closed her beak with a snap. Shaking her head she turned her attention away from the stallion and knocked on the door.

“Oh Misery, so glad you made it.” Fluttershy opened the door to let Misery in. “Discord has a surprise for you.”

“A surprise? I never got a surprise before.” She walked in and looked around at the little cozy cottage. She spotted the couch and sat on it. She bounced a little as she watched Fluttershy enter the room. “I hope it’s a good surprise.”

“Have you had bad surprises?” Fluttershy asked as she sat down on a chair.

“Well no. Tell me Flutters, give me a hint?” She tented her claws as she tilted her head.

“No hints.” Discord interjected as he entered the room. He grinned at his sister as he walked over to Fluttershy. “I am so glad you came, I have someone here I’d like you to see.”

“Oh… is it a boyfriend? Oh, a hot stallion ready for some strange loving, and is into some BDSM. Remember, I’m the Dom.” She grinned.

Discord made a face. “Eww… Misery no.”

Fluttershy looked at her curiously. She was about to ask what the letters meant but Discord looked at her and shook his head. He turned to look back at Misery. “No boyfriends, just something else. Well, some pony else.”

Misery’s ears perked forward. “Some pony else?”

He nodded “Come on in.”

Slowly Rose Desire walked in the room. She gave Misery a sheepish grin. “Hello Misery, do you remember me?”

Instantly Misery was on top of Rose hugging her as well as making growling noises and snuffling at her. “Sister… sister… where have you been? Sister Rosie, little sister.” Misery was starting to cry. “Sorrow said … he said he killed you… sister baby sister.” She gathered Rose in her arms and was rocking her.

Rose smiled at her as she tried hard to wiggle from Misery’s grip. “I’m okay Misery. Please, I’m no longer a little filly.”

Misery let her go. “Oh of course, but you are here, and I’m so… happy.” She looked up at Discord tears are running down her cheeks. “Thank you brother, she is the best surprise ever, better than a stallion that is into BDSM and a Sub.”

Fluttershy opened her mouth again to ask what that meant and Discord put his paw on her head. “I’ll tell you later.” he whispered to her. He then turned to his sisters. “Don’t thank me, Rose and I just happened to meet because she is an archivist and Fluttershy and I were giving our tale to her.”

Rose nodded, as she finally escaped from Misery’s grip. “Misery, I have a house in Fillydelphia that needs a caretaker while I am away. I know how much you would like to get away from that old castle and our… brother. I would love if you’d stay at my house in Fillydelphia take care of it and actually be around other ponies.”

Misery gasped. “What, you want me to stay with you? You want me to leave the castle? But the castle is all I know…” She whispered and looked around. “What do I do about Sorrow?”

“He could rot for all I care.” muttered Discord.

Fluttershy spoke up. “Misery, Sorrow is not your keeper, he doesn’t tell you what to do where to go. You have been under his shadow for so long you don’t know what it is to spread your wings and just fly.” When she said that Fluttershy spread out her own wings and flapped them. Discord watched and almost couldn’t restrain himself; he put his hands behind his back.

“Yes, Misery. You need to leave that sad soul and live a life you were meant for.” Rose explained. “Please, my house isn’t small, and I have a large collection of artifacts that you would love to look at. I will introduce you to my friends in Fillydelphia and they will love you.”

“Who knows,” Continued Discord. “You might meet that special some pony that likes BDSM and is the perfect Sub.” He smiled and Fluttershy looked at him confused.

Misery grinned. “Oh Rose, yes. I will stay with you; it will be lovely to get away from that old place.” She hugged Rose again as she started to cry more. She let Rose go and tackled Discord giving him a hug as well. “Thank you. You are the best brother ever.”

He gave her a hug back. “You deserved to be free from him Misery.”

She looked around suddenly. “So… where are the foals?”

Fluttershy smiled. “They’re upstairs in the nursery playing. They’ll be happy to see you Misery.”

Misery grinned as she suddenly grabbed Rose and ran upstairs. “Bambinos! Your Aunties are coming up to see you!”

“Oh! You think Misery is going to let Rose walk anytime soon?” Fluttershy asked.

“I guess she gets carrying ponies around from me.” Discord laughed. “She used to carry Rose in the castle a lot when she was just a filly. I guess she cannot stop thinking of her as still the baby of the family.”

“So, Discord?” Fluttershy looked over to him then asked. “What does BDSM mean?”

He covered his muzzle and started to laugh. “Um…” He snickered some more. “It’s rather…” He blushed as he leaned down and whispered what it was in her ear.

Fluttershy nodded as she listened then she blinked as a blush ran across her face. She then gasped as he whispered something more and made a motion with his hands. Her blush turned red when he whispered about restraints, dominance and submission. She covered her face with her hooves when he said something else. “Oh! Oh my!” She looked at him aghast. “Discord, no… Oh… No way, I cannot.” She blushed a lot as she stared at him.

He stood up shrugging while he blushed. “Hey, it was worth a shot.”

Fluttershy ruffled her feathers and looked at the floor her cheeks were burning. “I cannot believe you’d think that is even appropriate.”

“Of course it’s not appropriate Fluttershy, but… you’d look good as a dominatrix.” He blushed suddenly as he stood there imagining her as one.

She looked at him and she started to blush. “Discord, we have guests in the house…” She warned.

“Okay, Fluttershy… I will behave…” He grinned still as he looked everywhere but at her.

“Why won’t you look at me?” She asked.

“Fluttershy, if I look at you, I won’t be able to control myself.” He laughed. “You should know by now; once you get me going I’m like a freight train.”

She kept blushing. “I should have asked you what that meant when we were alone.”

He glanced at her briefly. “Yes, you should have waited.” He walked over to her slowly. She watched him as he approached her he moved his tail around her as he put his finger under her chin. He tilted her face up to him and he kissed her. She kissed him back as she felt her cheeks still burning as he moved his finger down her throat.

“Oh! I hope we aren’t interrupting anything?” Misery said as her and Rose descended the stairs. Misery carried Lilly and Rose carried Paradox.

Fluttershy licked her lips after they stopped kissing and was the first to smile at Misery and Rose. “No, um… Discord and I were just talking.”

“It looked more like lip locking than talking.” Rose laughed and Misery grinned at her sister.

Discord was blushing. “Yeah, we were just talking.” He turned away and took in a deep breath as he tried to compose himself as his sisters giggled at him.

“Misery, after we spend time with Dox and Lilly, we should go back to my archivist tent, and get ready to move back to Fillydelphia again. I can get you settled in my house before I can leave again.” Rose explained as she hugged Paradox.

Paradox was rubbing his cheek against his aunt’s cheek. “I love all my aunties.” He purred.

Lilly giggled as Misery gave her little kisses on her cheek. “Okies.” Misery agreed as she continued to hug and kiss her niece.


Fluttershy sat up in bed and looked around, Discord wasn’t in bed but it was morning and he usually got up early to help her with the chores and to get the foals up and ready. She had slept in pretty late and she made a face because she just was feeling a little bit off. She yawned and stretched and felt a familiar pang in her stomach. “Oh dear.” She bit her lower lip.

She was about to start a new estrus and she blushed because if he just got a little trace of her, she’d be walking funny for a couple days. She gradually crept down the stairs looking around cautiously; he wasn’t in the family room. She slowly went over to the kitchen and looked in there she let out a sigh of relief as she swiftly went in the kitchen.

Discord was outside with the foals he was feeding the chickens and watching as Dox and Lilly kept chasing them. “Don’t let your mother catch you terrorizing her chickens. Believe me, she is not too forgiving.”

Fluttershy watched from the kitchen and sighed because she knew where he was, “Okay, just get something to eat then I go and take a bath. I can do it.” She grabbed some bread and started to make a sandwich. She glanced outside saw the children playing in the yard, but froze when she didn’t see him. “Oh… dear.” She looked over to the backdoor and saw him approach.

Discord looked over his shoulder at the children. “You two behave and stay in the yard.” He walked into the kitchen and stopped in misstep. His ears perked up and a smile suddenly sketched over his face as he lifted his head slightly and he took in a deep breath. Looking around he knew she had been in the kitchen; he spotted the half made sandwich on the counter top. “Oh Fluttershy, where are you?” He looked around the kitchen, she wasn’t in there.

“Oh… oh dear…” She rushed into the living room and looked around. “Where can I hide?”

Discord put the feed bowl down and licked his lips. “Fluttershy, come out of hiding. You know I am an expert at hide and seek.” He walked into the living room. He glanced around and smiled when he saw her pink hair from under the couch. He stood near the couch and looked under it to see her aqua eyes looking up at him. “Boo.” He lifted the couch.

Fluttershy flew off like a shot back into the kitchen.

Discord chuckled as he followed her. “You know, this just makes me want you more.” He rushed into the kitchen and saw her scrambling to get up on the table, he didn’t understand why she didn’t use her wings but he watched as she tried to climb up but her back hooves just kept slipping off. “Let me help you.” He grinned as he approached her and grabbed her hips.

Fluttershy froze when he grabbed her hips and she looked back at him. “Um… I tried…”

He grinned at her. “Oh, yes you tried but you just make it so easy.” His grin widened as he pulled on her hips and pushed his arousal into her.

She trembled in yearning as he pushed into her. “Ah… Discord.” She moaned and slowly leaned over the table.

He bit his lower lip as he pushed into her deeply she was always so hot at this time of her cycle and he just couldn’t help it when he catches just a hint of her. “You are the biggest tease, and I love the fact you make me hunt you for a bit.” He thrust hard into her as her muscles clenched him tightly.

She leaned against the table and panted as they made love. He did satisfy that need within her and she blushed deeply.

He leaned over her body as he pushed deeply and kept the momentum going. “So tight. So hot.” He moaned out each time he pushed in and pulled back slowly to rub up against her button then pushed back in hard. He pushed her up on the table more as he growled deeply leaning against her he bit the back of her neck.

“Ah!” She exclaimed as she felt him bite her and she groaned out in pleasure. “You feel… so hard.”

He growled possessively as he pushed harder into her; his hips moving hard and fast. “I’m going to fill you up.” He rumbled as he put his claws on her shoulders digging in them tightly.

“Yes, please… please.” Fluttershy answered as she felt him rub hard against her and she bit on her lower lip trying not to orgasm, but he was driving her over the edge.

He felt her body tense up around his shaft and he huffed into her ear. “Come for me. Cover me with your fluids my love.” He increased his thrusts feeling her body tighten around him, he dug his hoof and dragon claw into the floor as he pushed her harder against the table. Pushing his member deep into her and sensing her need to release.

She let out a deep shuddering breath and moaned lustfully, he felt her hot juices spill over him as she hit orgasm. “Discord…” she panted out.

“That is it my love, that is what I wanted.” He growled lustfully as he felt her hot essences caress his hardness. He gripped her firmly as he kept his momentum of pushing into her now a lot smoother with her hot juices flowing around him. He thrust until he hits up against her cervix, he sensed that she is ready for him as he gripped her shoulders.

She feels him hit against her cervix and she shudders in pleasure as she comes again clearing a way for him to let himself delve deep. “Oh please…”

“Yes… my love.” He grunts as he pulled on her shoulders; he extends his wings fully and let’s his orgasm flood deeply into her. His seed jets out hotly against her cervix filling her body coalescing around deeply inside of her. He pumps himself and comes again sending more streams of his seed inside of her. “Oh….” He grinned as he lay on top of her panting. “I love you.”

Fluttershy panted as well as she felt his weight against her and she wiggled. “I love you too, but you’re heavy.”

He chuckled as he slowly nibbled on her neck. “Okay, my dear.” He reluctantly pulled from her, stood up straight, then put out his paw and helped her up.

Fluttershy blushed at him as she stood up and looked at the mess in the kitchen. “You know every time I start my estrus you don’t have to jump me.”

He grinned and stuck his forked tongue out at her. “Oh you better believe I do. It’s all a part of being your mate.”

Fluttershy stuck her tongue out at him as she walked over to the back door and opened it. Lilly quickly ran into the house and up to Discord and started to pull on his claw. “Daddy, Dox has something in his mouth, I told him I was going to tell you but he still has it in his mouth.”

Paradox trotted into the house carrying a hen in his mouth, the chicken was clucking nervously as he showed off his prize.

“Dox!” Fluttershy went to grab her son. He opened his eyes wide and he dodged her.

“Paradox, what did I tell you about the chickens?” Discord grabbed Dox and made him spit the frightened poultry on to the floor. The chicken got up and ran out the door with a loud clucking.

“Paradox, why are you terrorizing the chickens?” Fluttershy asked.

“Pheasant.” Dox stated and sat down to stare at the chickens outside.

“Who told Paradox that a pheasant was a bird like a chicken?” Fluttershy asked as she looked at Discord.

He shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I told them not to terrorize the chickens. They are smart maybe they put two and two together. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to him.” He turned to Dox. “Dox you shouldn’t play with your food.” Discord said and looked at Fluttershy for her reaction.

Fluttershy’s eyes widened and she frowned at her husband. “You are not funny.”

Lilly giggled. “I think you’re funny daddy.”

“Thanks Lilly, you and Dox are my best audience.” He picked her up and kissed her nose. She giggled again.

Fluttershy crossed her arms and glanced at the mess in the kitchen. “Discord, I’m going upstairs. I’ll clean this mess up later ok?”

Discord blinked at her. “Are you okay dear?”

“I’m okay, but I’m not okay.” she smiled at him. “You know why.”

He put Lilly down. “Yeah, I’m sorry I’ve teased you. Go get freshened up. I’ll entertain the troops here.” He watched Fluttershy walk out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

Discord cleaned the kitchen in a snap of his fingers and both of his children looked up at him with their eyes wide. “Yes, we shouldn’t always rely on magic for little things but this mess was my fault.”

“Daddy makes big messes.” Paradox mumbled under his breath.

“I heard you.” Discord stated.

Both Lilly and Paradox giggled and ran from the kitchen while he followed them. He glanced upstairs as he walked by and heard the water running.

Angel Bunny was jumping up and down on the couch and both the children were doing the same. “Hey… you two…” He marched over caught Dox in midair as he was about to fall. Then he grabbed Lilly and put her on the floor, “What, so Mommy is not feeling well so you both need to make your Daddy suffer?”

“What is suffer?” Paradox asked as he tried to wiggle from Discord’s grasp.

Discord looked at his son and placed him on the floor. “It’s to endure pain.” Paradox and Lilly both looked at him as if expecting him to explain it a little bit more. “I cannot explain it more than that…”

They both just looked at him then Lilly tilted her head to the side. “What is wrong with Mommy?” She asked.

“Nothing is wrong with mommy; she just has a small cold. She’ll feel better later.” He sat down on the couch. “You two please entertain yourselves while I read my book.”

Paradox nodded as he started to chew on the leg of the couch. Discord waved his paw at him. “Don’t eat the couch Dox.”

“Okay.” He jumped away and at Lilly.

She jumped back. “Dox stop, no jump at me.”

Discord watched as Lilly and Dox played, Dox had found Fluttershy’s yarn and was getting tangled up in green and blue threads and Lilly was trying to untangle her brother. He sat back and summoned his book to read. He had been reading for a few minutes and turned one page and noticed that the foals became really quiet; he looked down at them and saw that they had both fallen asleep on the floor, curled up together. He looked at them then looked at the stairs then looked back at the foals. Slowly he closed his book as he gradually stood up he flipped the book in his hand and it disappeared. He moved stealthily toward the stairs and slowly climbed them, leaving Paradox and Lilly asleep on the floor.

Fluttershy was settling in the tub surrounded by bubbles and she dunked her head coming up again and shook her mane and settled back. Closing her eyes she gave a heavy sigh as she relaxed in the warm water. She sank lower as she put her back hooves up on the other end of the tub. She hummed to herself as she soaked keeping her eyes closed. She didn’t notice the door slowly opened and Discord slinked in, closing the door quietly behind him with a click. Her ears twitched and he stopped in place. She was still humming though, he grinned as he moved closer to the tub watching her.

He flexed his claw as he slowly kneeled next to the tub still watching her to see if she had noticed he was there. He put his fingers on the rim of the tub and very carefully inched his claw down into the water still keeping his eyes on her. He moved his hand through the warm water and he bit his lower lip as he tried not to touch her legs.

Fluttershy’s eyes opened wide when she felt his finger rub up against her folds and push in. “Discord!” She gasped out as she saw him grinning at her.

“Hello Fluttershy. I thought you’d like some company.” He pushed his fingers into her and rubbed his thumb up against her sweet spot.

She gasped again but her legs spread apart. “Discord…” She panted out as he moved his fingers expertly, her body tensed up. “What… are you …” She couldn’t get her thoughts in order as he pushed his fingers deeply into her.

“I’m just making sure my wife enjoys her bath.” He answered her as he rubbed his thumb up against her button again feeling how hard it was. “Unless she doesn’t like this.” He slowly started to remove his fingers.

“I… didn’t say… I didn’t like that.” She said huskily as she looked into his eyes. “Wh… where are the … children?”

He leaned forward “They are asleep.” He moved his fingers deeper into her as he pressed his lips against hers and they kissed deeply.

She gasped into the kiss and let out a moan, and he increased the rhythm in which he rubbed up into her. His fingers rubbing in all the right places making her shudder in pleasure at the feel. Her cheeks were shining with a blush and she looked up at him lustfully. “I… want you.” She whispered.

His ears went forward at her request. “Oh, did I hear you right?” He slowly rubbed his thumb against her nub again sending a jolt through her body.

“Yes…” She said, “I want you…”

“But… you are all wet.” He grinned as he started to push his fingers into her and slowly moved them out again. “What should we do about that?”

She gave him a look that made him instantly hard for her. “Figure it out.” She whispered breathlessly as he felt her muscles clench around his fingers.

He licked his lips. “Sorry my love.” He apologized as he removed his fingers slowly from her folds, he stood up. She looked up at him as he stood beside the tub and she blushed when she saw his arousal.

He grinned at her as he slowly got into the tub with her, settling down and the water slowly flowed over the sides running onto the floor. He looked at her wondering if she was going to say something about the water on the floor, but she just looked at him with needful lust in her eyes. She let him get comfortable in the warm water, and then she moved towards him as she placed her hoof against his need. “So, you decided to join me?” She asked as she rubbed her hoof up against him making him harder.

He nodded as she rubbed him. “You told me to figure it out.” He reached out to pull her to him but she shook her head; her wet mane dripping into the water.

“I am glad you decided to join me.” The soap and water made her slide against him seem more erotic and he looked at her as she rubbed her body slowly against him until she was muzzle to muzzle to him. She flapped her wings slightly as water beaded and rolled off her feathers.

“I am glad that I decided to join you.” He moaned out at the feel of her body slipping against him.

Fluttershy kissed at his lips and slowly sucked on his bottom lip as he put his hands on her sides. She looked into his eyes as she kissed him slowly letting her tongue lick against his lips. “Oh, you will join me…” She said softly as he felt her hooves rub up against his arousal. His eyes widened when she moved her body against him until he was rubbing against her hot folds.

“Mm, I love the way you think my love…” He let out a gasp as she sat up on him allowing his tip to spread her lips apart and she sat on him pulling his heat deep into her as she started to move her hips slowly letting him delve deeper into her. He put his head back against the tub and groaned in pleasure.

She shuddered on him as she rode him, using the water around them to cushion and enhance the sensation. “Oh… you feel so wonderful.” She leaned back slightly and then leaned forward as she grind herself on him.

He let out a moan as she rode him. His paw shook on her hip as he looked up at her and saw her face was flush with desire as she looked down at him. She started to lean forward again and tightened her thighs around his waist as she started to move up then down letting him glide in and out of her tight folds. She was in control as she moved on him. “Fluttershy.” He whispered at her.

“Ah…” she gasped as she increased her momentum, rubbing her need along his shaft as she moved faster on him. Her wings flapped as she felt her body react to the feel of him and she moaned out as she came. Her body shuddering in pleasure.

“Oh… my love.” He groaned as he felt her hot need wash over him. Reaching up he grabbed her shuddering body and he shifted his weight sitting up and moving until she was pushed back and he was on top of her. She looked up at him her eyes like pools of longing. He kept himself buried in her as he took over, she was panting from her ride on him and her legs shook as her orgasm was still running through her. He started to thrust hard into her as the water in the tub started to splash out, he ignored the splashing and gritted his teeth as he kept up the pace.

She looked up at him as he took over the love making; she wanted him to fill her up again and she put her legs around his hips as he pushed up into her hard.

“Going to cum love.” He groaned deeply as he pushed harder and deep into her tight hot folds. “I hope you are ready.”

She nodded at him as she tightened her thighs around his hips, she gasped as he rubbed on her hot nub making her orgasm again her muscles clenching his hard shaft. He made a hard thrust hitting her cervix and he released his hot seed deeply into her again for the second time that day. He thrust in deep several times filling her with his hot jets of semen.

He panted as he pulled from her slowly and he settled close to her in the tub and looked around and saw that most of the water wasn’t in the tub anymore but on the floor. He smiled at her and blushed. “Oops. Looks like I have to clean up another mess.”

Fluttershy looked down at the floor and back at him and giggled. “Yes, you will have to clean that up, I didn’t splash that much.”

He shook his head and snapped his fingers and the floor instantly dried up and he slowly got up out of the tub, his fur dripping on the floor he just dried up. She flapped her wings and floated up and landed on the floor her hooves slipped slightly and he caught her in his arms. ”Be careful Fluttershy.” He grabbed one of the towels hanging nearby and started to dry her body off.

She stepped slightly over as he placed the towel over her back, “You shouldn’t worry about drying me off, you’re dripping all over the floor.”

“Oh please Fluttershy, this is nothing.” He snapped his fingers and he was dry instantly.

She looked at him for a moment. “You cannot dry me like that?” she asked as he got on his knees and started to dry her mane.

“What would the fun in that be?” He asked.

She stood for a moment in thought as he continued to dry her off. She smiled as she walked away from him in mid dry. She opened the door and flew down the stairs all without saying anything to him.

Discord sat there as he looked at the open door. “Touché.” He flung the towel into the hamper snapped his fingers to clean the bathroom and followed her down stairs.

Paradox and Lilly were both asleep on the floor as Fluttershy smiled and looked at them. She grabbed a blanket from the couch and placed it upon them. She looked at the mess Dox made of her yarn and she shook her head. She sat on the end of the couch and just watched them sleep. She looked up when Discord walked into the room. “They are like little angels.”

“Devils in disguise.” he whispered as he sat on the couch next to her. “I’m surprised they didn’t wake up with all that noise you made.”

“The noise I made?” She gave him a look as she folded her arms again.

He chuckled and put his arms around her and nuzzled her neck. “Yes, the noise you made.” He then moved his mouth up to her ear and gave her a perfect reproduction of her voice moaning in pleasure.

Her cheeks burned with a blush as she turned to look at him. “I do not sound like that do I?”

“You better believe it.” He grinned as he went back to nuzzling her neck. “I find it exciting and erotic.”

Fluttershy kept blushing but shook her head as she relaxed as he nuzzled her neck. “You are lucky I love you Discord.”

“Yes, because I guess if you hated me we wouldn’t have this conversation then.” He chuckled as he put his claw and paw around her waist and spread his fingers through the fur on her stomach.

She leaned back against his chest and relaxed as he hugged her tightly. “What are we going to do today?” She asked him.

He shrugged slightly. “Well,” he grinned. “We mated on the kitchen table and then we mated in the bathtub. You want to mate somewhere else today?”

She looked up at him. “I don’t know what to answer to that.”

“You don’t have to answer. It is okay love I’m quite content right now.” He kissed her forehead.

She settled against him and sighed deeply. Angel Bunny hopped into the room saw that the whole family was relaxing and decided to jump up with Fluttershy and Discord, he looked at them both then curled up beside Fluttershy. She giggled at her pet and slowly rubbed her hoof on his soft fur.

Discord curled his tail around her as he continued to rub his paw on her stomach. His ears suddenly perked forward and he looked down at Fluttershy. “I think we should stay home for a few months.”

Fluttershy blinked and looked up at him. “Why did you say that?” She asked.

He sighed. “Well, I think we shouldn’t go anywhere. I cannot risk you getting hurt and losing the baby again.”

She looked at him. “Discord… That isn’t funny, I’m not pregnant.” She rubbed Angel behind his ears.

“Well, you weren’t pregnant, but you sure are now. I would not joke about that.” She noticed that he was looking seriously at her.

She shook her head slowly. “I don’t know how to take this news.” She put her head down slowly and then nuzzled up against his chest and started to cry quietly.

He curled his tail around her and held her against him. “It is okay Fluttershy. I’m here. I will protect you and our children.”


Rarity knocked on Discord and Fluttershy’s door. “Hello?” She peeked into the window of the house and it looked empty except for the regular furnishings, but all the animals that usually made their home in the house were gone. The house felt abandoned. She trotted over to the back of the house where Fluttershy kept the chickens and her garden. The chicken coop was empty and the garden hadn’t been tended in a couple weeks. “This is very odd.” She decided to go tell the others about this.

Twilight blinked. “What do you mean gone?”

“That is it Twilight, the house is abandoned.” Rarity looked as confused as Twilight felt.

Spike looked at Twilight and at Rarity. “Did they go on a vacation?”

“I don’t think they would take the chickens, would they?” Rarity asked.

Rainbow Dash walked in followed by Apple Jack and Pinkie. “Hey, did you all notice that Fluttershy and Discord flew the coop?”

“I was just over at their house.” Rarity stated. “I’m worried.”

Twilight looked at her friends. “Okay, so none of you know what happened? Fluttershy didn’t tell anyone they were leaving? Didn’t mention it just a little?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“I… don’t know what to do.” Twilight stated as she thought about what to do. Then a thought came to her. “OH! I know.” She trotted over to a door. “Gals, I will be back. At least I hope I will be back.” She opened the door to a closet and walked in.

Spike ran up to the door. “Twilight! That is the door to the closet…” He opened the door and she was gone. “Twilight?”

All of them looked in the empty closet. Spike closed the door and shrugged. “I swear she went in there.”

Twilight was instantly in Discord’s castle in the library. She walked around the maze of book shelves. She stopped what she thought was the middle of the library. “DISCORD?” She shouted.

He appeared next to her dressed as a librarian and looked at her over the glasses he was wearing. “Shhhh…” He pointed to a sign that read: BE QUIET YOU’RE IN A LIBRARY!

“Discord…” She sounded relieved to see him.

“Twilight.” He answered and looked at her still over the reading glasses. “Why are you shouting in my library?”

“What happened? You and Fluttershy disappeared. This is the only place I could think of to find you.” She asked him.

He smirked. “Oh… I see. Well, I moved my family somewhere safe.” He stated as he was about to snap his fingers to disappear again.

“Wait, but why? Ponyville isn’t dangerous. Fluttershy is our friend, you cannot take her away without us at least saying goodbye to her.”

He looked down and frowned. “I’m not risking Fluttershy getting harmed, she is pregnant again, the last time she was pregnant we lost the baby. We’ll be back Twilight. I’ll tell her that you were concerned for her.” He snapped his fingers and disappeared.

“DISCORD! DISCORD!! COME ON BACK!” She kept yelling for him, but he didn’t reappear. She trotted over to a nearby door, opened it and walked through it.

The closet door opened and Twilight came tumbling out of it. She landed on all fours and looked around as her friends gathered around her. They all looked at her in shock. She hung her head and sighed. “Discord won’t bring Fluttershy back until he thinks it is safe in Ponyville.”

“What?” They all gasped.

“What does he mean safe?” Apple Jack demanded.

Twilight sighed. “Apparently, Fluttershy had been pregnant and she lost the baby. Now that she is pregnant again. Discord took her away from Ponyville.”

Rarity gasped. “Oh dear… but where are they? What if we need to talk to her?”

“Ah didn’t even know that she had been pregnant after having Dox and Lilly.” Apple Jack muttered.

“I don’t think any of us knew she lost a foal.” Twilight sighed. “I wonder why she didn’t tell us.”

“Because I didn’t want to upset you; Discord and I were really upset about it.” Fluttershy said as she walked in the room.

“Fluttershy!” They all went over to her and hugged her.

Twilight looked her over. “What happened? I thought he wouldn’t let you come see us.”

“Twilight, he is my husband. Not my keeper.” Fluttershy answered. “Sorry for making you worry about me. Right now, we are living in his castle but it’s so big that I keep getting lost and I have asked that we move back soon, I need to see the doctor to make sure the foal is ok.”

“I think it was not fair to tell us you were leaving.” Rarity stated as she hugged Fluttershy again. “We need to have a spa day again.”

Fluttershy smiled. “I know Rarity, I am sorry I didn’t tell anyone, but it was a last minute thing. When I found out I was pregnant again I became depressed.”

Pinkie blinked in shock. “But, being pregnant is a reason for a celebration!” she grinned.

Fluttershy smiled at Pinkie. “I know that Pinkie, but…” She let out a sigh and put her head down. “I cannot stop thinking about the one I lost.”

Twilight looked at her friend. “We don’t know what it is like to lose something like that Fluttershy, but we are here if you ever want to talk about it.”

Fluttershy looked up at her. “Thank you Twilight. I have nightmares about it, but right now…” She smiled. “I have come to terms with it. I don’t think he has though. Can we talk about something else?”

Pinkie Pie grinned. “I know!” She hopped over to Fluttershy. “What happened when you met the archivist?”

Twilight perked up. “Oh yeah! Did you and Discord see her?”

“Well, um…” Fluttershy blushed. “We got along with her really well. She wrote down everything we told her and found out she was Discord’s long lost sister.”

Twilight stood for a long moment and blinked. “What did you say?”

Fluttershy flapped her wings and looked at Twilight. “She’s Discord’s sister.”

“But she is a pony! How is she his sister?” Twilight looked confused.

“It’s complicated.” Fluttershy replied and quieted down as she looked at the floor. “Um… my first appointment to the doctor is soon. Do any of you want to come with me?”

Pinkie’s eyes widened. “Oh! I do!”

Everyone laughed and Twilight who was still confused about the archivist being Discord’s sister spoke up. “Pinkie I think Fluttershy is asking all of us to go with her.”



Discord put his dragon foot on Paradox’s tail. Paradox looked back at his father, frowned crossed his arms and frowned. “Want to play!” The family was sitting in the doctor’s office again, Dr. Epona Calliope was constantly checking on the welfare of the new baby, especially after hearing that Fluttershy had lost the other one. Fluttershy had convinced him that they should move back to Ponyville and her friends will make sure they were safe. She felt happier after going to the Doctor with her friends; she had cheered up considerably.

“Dox, if you were playing, your sister wouldn’t be crying right now, you need to stop being so rough.” Discord reprimanded.

“She’s not crying for reals. Lilly fake cries.” Paradox huffed.

Fluttershy was rocking and hugging Lilly as she cried against her. “It’s ok Lilly; Dox didn’t mean to hurt you. He is a good brother.”

Lilly snuffled against her mommy. “He is a meanie poopy head.”

Fluttershy glanced at Discord and saw that he was snickering. “Lilly you shouldn’t call your brother that. I don’t know where you get that kind of language from… but I have my suspicions.” She placed Lilly back on the floor. “Now run along and play nice. Mommy has to see the doctor soon.” Lilly hugged Fluttershy’s hoof and ran to the toys in the middle of the room.

Discord lifted his foot and Dox ran over to Lilly and stuck his tongue out at her. He shook his head and looked at Fluttershy and she was frowning at him. “What? I didn’t call anyone a poopy head in a while. At least not in front of the kids that I remember.”

She giggled at him. “I wasn’t angry at you.” She moved her body slightly, shifting her weight. “I cannot remember being so uncomfortable.”

He looked at her worried. “Dear, do you need anything?” He leaned over to her and kissed her cheek.

“No, I’m ok.” She got off the chair, stood up and stretched, her wings spreading out with the stretch.

He smiled as he admired her figure. “You have to stop doing that.” He muttered.

“Stop doing what?” She asked as she stretched each of her legs, she put one hoof against her pregnant belly and she sighed.

“Turning me on.” He muttered. “Every time you move.”

She looked at him. “Discord that is how I got in this condition in the first place.”

Discord put his claw to his chin and rubbed his beard. “I remember it differently. I think you wanted me that time, I was just sitting next to the bath tub as you took a bath.”

Fluttershy blushed. “You were doing more than just sitting.”

“I’ll admit it, I was.” He blushed and grinned at the same time. “I’d do it again too. I am not ashamed.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, she was about to say something when the nurse came out. “Fluttershy? The doctor wants to see you now.”

Discord went over to the children to pick them up as Fluttershy followed the nurse into the examination room.

“How are you feeling today?” The nurse asked Fluttershy.

“I’m okay, but I have been feeling really weak lately. I think it’s from carrying this extra weight around.” She felt like she was waddling as she followed the nurse into the room.

“You had twins before, does this pregnancy feel different?”

“Yes, it feels like I am carrying quadruplets.” Fluttershy said just as Discord walked into the room carrying the twins.

He only caught the word quadruplets and stared at her. “What? We’re having quadruplets?”

Fluttershy looked at him her face deadpan. “No, we are having sextuplets.”

“WHAT?” His arms relaxed and both Dox and Lilly climbed out of his grip.

The nurse tried not to laugh as she slowly closed the door to the room. “The doctor will be in here soon.”

Discord went to Fluttershy. “Six?! Six foals? Can you handle that? What am I asking, can I handle it?” He put his paw on his forehead and paced to the other side of the room. “Six.”

Lilly and Dox sat and looked at their father, then looked at their mother. Lilly started to wag her tail as she noticed that Fluttershy was starting to giggle. “What is wrong with Daddy?” Paradox asked.

Fluttershy was laughing more as she looked at Paradox. “Nothing is wrong with him.” She answered. “Discord?”

He looked at her his eyes wide. “Yes?”

“I’m joking. We’re not having that many babies.” Fluttershy grinned at him.

Discord blinked at her, frowned, opened his mouth and shut it again. He lifted his finger and pointed at her, opened his mouth again. He shut his mouth once again walked to the chair in the room and sat down folding his arms as he stared at his wife. Paradox and Lilly took the opportunity to climb up on his lap. Lilly grabbed Discord’s ear and started to tug on it while Dox pulled on Discord’s beard. He just sat and looked at Fluttershy as she giggled at him.

There was a knock on the door and Epona walked into the room and stopped. She looked at Discord just sitting staring at Fluttershy and saw her giggling uncontrollably. “Okay, what did I just walk in on?”

Discord glanced at the doctor briefly and looked back at his wife a frown on his face. Lilly and Paradox were still on his lap, but they had both settled down since.

Fluttershy looked up from her giggle fit. “Oh, it’s nothing. Sorry doctor. I just played a trick on Discord.”

Epona blinked and looked at Discord. “She… tricked you?” She asked incredulous.

He glanced at her again. “Yes.”

She started to laugh and turned to Fluttershy. “Congratulations. Discord you should be proud of your wife.”

He sat up as he looked at Epona. “I am proud of her, but I didn’t know she could be that evil.”

Fluttershy stopped laughing for a second and looked at him. “You thought that was evil?” She asked.

He grinned as he nodded. “Yes, very evil, making me believe that we were going to have six foals. How I fell for that… I don’t know. Oh my dear sweet Fluttershy, how much have I corrupted you?”

Fluttershy looked at herself then looks at Discord. “I’m pregnant again. I think you thoroughly corrupted me.” She replied.

“Daddy? What is corrupted?” Lilly asked.

Discord closed his mouth and looked at both Fluttershy and Epona. They both giggled at his dilemma. He looked down at Lilly, “I’ll explain later.”

Lilly pouted at him, jumped from his lap and pulled on Paradox’s tail making her brother slide off Discord’s lap to land with a thump on the floor. Paradox growled at his sister. “Stop!” Dox yelled and batted at her. She giggled as he jumped at her and started to chase her around the room.

Discord put his paw on his muzzle. “You two, settle down…”

Epona shook her head as she went to examining Fluttershy. She brought out her stethoscope and started to listen to Fluttershy’s heart then breathing. Paradox ran between her hooves and she ignored him as Discord tried to catch him and Lilly. She examined Fluttershy and Discord finally was able to corral Lilly and Paradox.

“So what do you think?” Fluttershy asked after a few minutes of Epona writing things down on the chart.

Epona smirked. “Well, you are carrying one foal, but we thought that the last time.” She glanced at the twins. “Do you have any complaints?”

Fluttershy took in a deep breath. “Well I have been really tired lately it seems that just waking up is enough to drain me.”

“That is not uncommon.” She said as she wrote it down. “I suggest you eat more greens.” She looked at her wings and frowned. “Fluttershy?”


“Have you noticed that you are starting to molt?”

Fluttershy gasped and spread her wings out. “Oh Dear! I forgotten to preen them. How embarrassing.” She hid her face behind her hooves.

“It’s ok; it’s not that bad Fluttershy. It is from the pregnancy dear. Maybe you can ask him to help you with your feathers.” Epona stated as she looked over at Discord.

Discord looked up. “Oh, well of course I can help her with her feathers; I love her wings.” He flapped his wings slightly.

Epona’s eyebrow went up. “Anyway, if you want I can give you some ointment to help with your feathers.”

“Umm… Okay.” Fluttershy was still embarrassed about her molting wings.

“Well, it seems all in all. You seem very healthy.” She smiled and looked at the foals. “They seem very active and healthy too. I am so happy to be your doctor Fluttershy.” She helped Fluttershy off the table. She grabbed her chart and opened the door. “You all can come out. I would love to see you Fluttershy in another two weeks; I really want to make sure you do not lose the baby.”

Fluttershy nodded as they all walked out of the room. “Thank you.”

Discord nodded as well, “Yeah, thanks Epona. I am sorry I distrusted you way back when, but you proved to be good at taking care of my family.” He shook his head. “I remembered how much of a spoiled brat you were…” He grinned as he remembered what he did to her those many years ago.

Epona shook her head. “Discord, don’t remind me.”

Fluttershy had walked ahead and was waiting by the nurse’s station. She had no idea what Discord and Epona were talking about. “Okay, I won’t remind you.” He chuckled as he picked up Paradox.

“Good bye, see you in a couple weeks.” Epona waved as Discord, Fluttershy and the foals went out the front door. She turned and walked away musing to herself. “They are such a loving couple.”

The nurse at the station looked up and looked at the family Epona indicated. Her eyes glowed green temporarily and she looked back to the Doctor. “You don’t have any more patients today Doctor.”

“Thank you.” Epona answered and went to her office shutting the door.


It was getting dark and Discord had been waiting for Fluttershy to get back home. She had gone to Ponyville to pick up some vegetables, it was starting to get dark and he was starting to worry about her. She was eight months pregnant but she insisted that he let her do errands without his help. He watched as Lilly flew up to the rafters and hid from her brother. Paradox had run into the room looking all over, but he looked up and saw her tail had been wrapped around one of the rafters for balance, he flew up and started to tug on her tail until she let out a squeal and tackled her brother. They both started to fall and Discord snapped his fingers and they stopped mid-air and he placed them safely on the floor.

He stood up and walked to the window folding his arms as he stared out into the darkness.

Lilly looked at Discord she walked up to him “Daddy?” She said softly.

“Yes my little sunshine?” He looked down at her.

“Is everything okay?” She put her hooves on his dragon leg and looked up at him.

He turned and looked out the window again. “I hope so Lilly.” He let out a sigh and smiled. “So what would you and Dox want for dinner? Looks like Daddy will be making it tonight.”

“I want some muffins!” Lilly grinned.

“Chicken!” Paradox yelled from on the ceiling.

“No Chicken.” Discord said as he looked at his son. “I can cook a couple of eggs. That is about as close to eating a chicken you’re going to get.” He walked into the kitchen and started to make dinner for himself and the foals. He was itching to find out where Fluttershy was though and kept looking out the window. He used his magic to make muffins for Lilly and started to boil a couple eggs for Dox.

Paradox flew from the rafters landed and walked into the kitchen. “I’m hungry.”

“I know you are. I’m making you something to eat.” Discord sat at the table putting his head on the table.

Paradox climbed up into his chair and looked at his father. “Sorry?” He said. “I won’t ask for chicken again.”

Discord nodded slightly. “It’s okay Dox, Daddy isn’t mad at you.” He answered as the beeper in the oven went off. He snapped his fingers and the oven opened and he used his magic to pull the muffins from the oven and set on the counter to cool off. He snapped his fingers again and the boiling eggs were placed on the counter as well pulled from the water and set on the side to cool off. Paradox watched all of it with wide eyed interest; he really enjoyed watching how his father used magic as if it was no effort at all.

Lilly trotted into the room and clicked her tongue and she was instantly in her chair. She saw Discord with his head on the table. “Daddy… You shouldn’t be s…” She then froze in place without finishing her sentence.

Discord looked up at Lilly and his daughter was not moving, as if she was stuck in stone. “Lilly?” He sat up and looked around and saw that Paradox was frozen place too. “Paradox?” He put his paw to his mouth as he looked at his children. He frowned as he looked around the kitchen. “Who is here? Turn them back!”

“It’s so easy. Almost too eassy. Don’t worry so much Disscord; you know being trapped in sstone doesn’t do much harm. Unless sssomething horrible would happen to ssaid sstatue, like it being sshattered into thousandsss of piecesss.” The door of the kitchen opened and Discord immediately had a chill go up his spine as his hair stood up on end.

“You wouldn’t dare!” He turned his head away as he grabbed his children.

“Oh, I won’t harm your preciousss little sspawn. I ssuggest that you lissten to me, but don’t look at me.”

“Believe me, I won’t look at you.” He growled. “This better not be permanent on my children. What do you need?”

The basilisk hissed softly. “No, it won’t be permanent, I sssent a spell ahead to petrify them so they would not look at me. Once I leave, they ssshould be back to normal.” Discord heard the reptilian scales move across the floor of the kitchen. He then heard it eat one of the eggs that he had made for Dox. “I have come to warn you…”

“Warn me about?” Discord hugged his petrified children closer to him.

“Fluttershy is an acquaintance of mine and I heard whissperss about a new evil lurking nearby. I do not want her to be harmed; ssshe gives me eggs to eat.”

Discord almost looked at the basilisk in surprise, but he kept his face averted. “A new evil?” He thought for a moment frowning.

“Yess, I don’t know what it iss.” The basilisk seemed to pause and looked at Discord it then slithered toward the kitchen door. “I will leave.” The large snake paused again. “Maybe we will meet again… Lord.”

“Not if I could help it.” Discord grumbled. “Get out of the house, before I bring a rooster in here to crow at you.” He was getting irritated by the intruder.

The basilisk made a sharp hiss and fled out the door of the kitchen into the darkness.

He placed his children in their chairs and sat down staring at them waiting for the petrification to wear off. “If that thing lied to me…” He clenched his claw.

Fluttershy got home and was carrying in a bag full of groceries when she walked into the kitchen she saw Discord staring at the children and they were petrified. She gasped and dropped the bag onto the floor and ran over to them. “Wha?” She looked at them. “Discord?!” She grabbed his arm and he looked down at her. “What happened?”

“We had a visitor. A basilisk.” He looked back at Lilly and Paradox and they still were frozen as if in stone and he bit his lower lip.

“The basilisk came into my house?!” She looked around scared. “Did the children look at him? Discord, what should we do?!”

Lilly blinked slowly and shook her mane, she started to breath heavily and she sat down as she looked around in a panic. “What happened, Daddy?”

Paradox slowly blinked as well, he let out a small scared noise. “I couldn’t breathe.” He stated as his eyes widened.

Discord felt his heart jump suddenly when they moved and started to breathe again he grabbed his whole family and hugged them all to him. Fluttershy wiggled in his grip but let him hold them tightly. She looked up at his face and there were tears threatening to escape from his eyes. He slowly let them go as Lilly and Paradox still looked at him for an explanation.

“What happened?” Lilly asked first as she put her hoof on her Daddy’s arm. “Mommy is here, you don’t have to be sad anymore.”

Discord let out a deep breath. “Lilly, I am extremely happy again. You and Dox are okay and now your Mommy is here. Everything is okay now, let’s have some food. Now that Mommy is back…” He stood up and looked at the grocery bag on the floor.

“Sorry.” Fluttershy said and went to the bag and picked it up and flew to the sink setting the bag in it. “You had me worried. I thought the basilisk was still in the house.”

“A basilisk?” Lilly said as she flapped her wings excitedly. “Where?”

“What is a base ill ask?” Dox asked.

“Lilly, it wasn’t that exciting, Dox it’s like a large snake that turns ponies to stone.” Discord explained quickly and looked over at Fluttershy who was looking around the room nervously. He went to her and hugged her close and placed his paw on her pregnant belly. “It’s okay Fluttershy, it left when I threatened it with a rooster.” He gave her a kiss on her cheek and she blushed at him.

She looked at him. “I’m glad; I guess I will have to keep from feeding him for a few days.” She looked at the kitchen and saw there were muffins sitting on the counter top along with some boiled eggs. “Discord did you try to make dinner?” She looked at him and smiled.

He looked down with a blush. “Lilly wanted muffins and Paradox wanted a couple eggs.” He answered.

“I thought you knew how to cook?” Fluttershy asked.

“I do, I was being lazy.” He grinned as he rubbed his mane. “Besides I made them what they wanted to eat.”

Fluttershy started to clean vegetables and prepared dinner for everyone, she flew from one cupboard to the next. Discord watched as Fluttershy make dinner and he frowned, because of the way she prepared the meal so quickly. She placed dinner in front of Discord, Lilly and Paradox.

“There we go.” She announced as she slowly sat down and watched them eat. Lilly and Dox started to eat heartily.

Discord looked at his plate and pushed it to Fluttershy. “You’d better eat. You are eating for two now.” She nodded as she looked at the salad she had made and she started to eat; slowly chewing the lettuce as he watched her. She stopped eating for a moment and yawned. “Sorry, I’m really tired tonight.” Fluttershy started to get up.

Discord got up and offered to help her up. “Okay my love, I’ll make sure they go to bed at a good time. I’ll see you upstairs soon.” He leaned down and gave her a small kiss on her cheek.

Fluttershy walked to the other room. He glanced at her as she seemed to look around and started to go up the stairs slowly. His eye brow went up as he watched her.

He looked at Lilly and Dox; they were throwing food at one another. “Sometimes you two act a lot more mature for your age and then you do things like this.” They both looked at him. Paradox grinned for a moment and then threw tomatoes at Lilly; she threw parts of her muffin at him. Discord sat down as they had the food fight if any food errantly headed toward him he’d make it divert back from its source.

Lilly giggle screamed as Dox put his bowl on her head and she shook it off and it clattered to the floor loudly. “Stop it! You make my mane dirty.” She giggled again as she smeared a tomato on Dox’s muzzle.

“Tomatoes squish a lot.” Paradox said as he sneezed.

Discord shook his head as he grabbed both foals. “Okay enough horsing around.” He grabbed a towel and wiped their faces off. “You two need a bath before bed time.”

Paradox squealed in protest. “No! No bath! No… No… NO… please daddy no bath.”

“Sorry, my word is law, you get a bath.” He muttered as he looked at the mess in the kitchen. He left the kitchen he went up the stairs carrying one squirming foal and a rather calm foal. He opened the bathroom door, put both foals on the floor and closed the door before Dox ran out. He used his magic and started the tub water, checking the temperature; then he grabbed Paradox and dropped him unceremoniously into the water.

Paradox growled and splashed in the water in frustration. His eyes glowed yellow and he stuck his tongue out at his father. “I hate baths!” He complained loudly. Then he dived under the water and came back up and shook his head and spit water at Discord and at his sister.

Discord sighed, “Oh yeah, hate baths. Please tell me another one.”

“Spitting is nasty.” Lilly commented. “I’m not taking a bath with Dox. I want my own bath.” She folded her arms.

“Okay Lilly, let me help your brother first.” Discord grabbed the wash towel and started to scrub Paradox’s face with it. Dox growled more and tried to bite Discord a couple times. “Stop moving so much, hold still Dox.” In the end, Discord was soaked when he pulled Paradox from the bath water. He grabbed a towel and started to dry his son off. He still squirmed in his grasp. “Paradox, hold still.”

Lilly went to the tub and looked in it. “It’s gross in the tub daddy.”

“Just give me a moment Lilly; I have to dry him…” Paradox escaped his grip. “Okay then.” He put his hands up in frustration and went to the tub and inspected it. He noticed a ring of grime around it. “Yes, it is nasty.” He snapped his fingers and the tub turned immediately spotless. “The Lord of Chaos, reduced to cleaning duties.” He muttered as he started the water in the tub and filled it again, he added some bubbles to it as well. “Okay Princess Lilly, take your bath.” Discord bowed to his daughter and she smiled at him.

“Thank you Daddy.” She flapped her wings as she hovered over the tub. “Don’t look!”

“Oh! Sorry.” Discord turned his back.

Lilly got into the tub, and started to wash herself. “Okay.”

“Paradox, why can’t you be like your sister?”

“Because… I’m me.” Paradox puffed out his chest.

“Good answer.” Discord smiled and ruffled Paradox’s mane. “After your sister is done, it is bed time.”

“Take your time Lilly.” Paradox said to his sister.

“I’m done.” Lilly stated as she landed next to Discord as he grabbed a dry towel and started to dry her off. She held still as he did so.

“See how much easier it is if you just hold steady.” Discord said.

“It’s only because Lilly is a suck up.” Dox stated and crossed his arms.

“NO! I am not. I’m a princess like auntie Twilight.” Lilly stuck her tongue out at her brother.

“You are both royalty.” Discord stated. “Time for bed.”

They both looked at him wide eyed. “We are?” Lilly asked.

“Of course you are.” He picked them up and carried them to the nursery. “Now please get some rest. I am sure your mom is already asleep, and I would like to get some sleep too.” He placed them in their beds. “Goodnight my children, I love you.” He gave them each a kiss on their heads and Dox batted at him.

“Stop kissing me, embarrassing.” Dox yawned.

Discord finally crawled into bed with Fluttershy and he felt mentally and physically drained. She was sleeping soundly her head leaning on her hooves. He curled up around her placing his paw over her shoulder. “Sorry it took me so long to get to bed.” He whispered to her. He felt her body shift against him.

“It’s okay.” She whispered softly. He looked at her but she had her eyes closed. He put his head down and closed his eyes. Soon they were both asleep.


Discord awoke and noticed that Fluttershy wasn’t in bed. Sitting up he looked around and didn’t see her, it was still dark outside and he felt really odd. He blinked at the feeling, he felt almost sick. He had been sick a few times, but this weakened him as if he was struggling to breathe. He got up as he went to check to see where Fluttershy was.

Discord noticed a light on in the nursery so he walked to the open door and looked in. Fluttershy standing with her back to him she was leaning into Paradox’s bed. His ear twitched because he heard her whispering something. So he walked into the nursery behind her to hear better.

“This is hard enough to stoop so low as to pose as a pregnant pony. The children here are so strong I cannot siphon their love as easily. Almost as if they have a protection spell on them.” She grumbled to herself.

“It’s because they do.” Discord replied.

Fluttershy jumped and looked back at him her eyes glowing sickly green. “How did you know?”

“Oh please, I am the Lord of Chaos. How many times must I remind everyone?” He grabbed her and pulled her away from the children. “Come on Chrysalis we are going to have a little talk.” He grabbed her by the neck and carried her out of the nursery and down the stairs. “It’s a good thing you’re so weak.”

“Unhand me!” She demanded but squeaked when his grip increased.

“I have no idea why you had decided to focus on my family, and really I don’t care, but not knowing where my wife is; is what I care about the most.” His eyes started to glow red as he squeezed her throat tighter. Tight enough for her disguise to melt away. “Where is she? If you harmed her…”

She put her hoof on his arm and tried to make him loosen his grip. “Gah.” She blinked as she saw lights flashing before her eyes. He loosened his grip slightly. Satisfied that she had turned back into her own visage he kept her at arm’s length.

“Tell me where she is.” He growled.

Chrysalis gasped in air. “She is safe so is your unborn child. I just needed to feed… I wasn’t going to feed off of you forever.”

He grinned at her. “Long enough to make me weak then feed off my children and their love for me and their mother? You take me for a fool?” His grin turned into something more sinister. “I’ll smash you like the parasite you are if you don’t tell me where my wife is.”

“She is in Ponyville, being guarded by my most loyal elite. In the house of the Alicorn named Epona, she’s been my prisoner for a few days as well.” Chrysalis smiled despite being in his grip. “You do have a lot of admirers Discord… Epona has a lot of love for you. It’s rather delicious.”

He kept his grip on her, not allowing her to see that he was surprised by the news. “We are going now.” They disappeared in a flash.

They reappeared in Ponyville; the moon was shining brightly upon the streets and Discord held the Queen up. “Where is her house?”

Chrysalis weakly waved at a cottage at the end if a row of similar cottages. “It’s the one with the green and yellow trim.” She coughed as his grip tightened more.

“If she is not there…” He growled as he carried her through the quiet street.

The door of the cottage banged open when Discord kicked it with his hoof. Two changelings jumped in surprise and looked up to see he was holding their Queen in his grip. “Knock. Knock.” Discord said as he looked at the guards.

One guard opened his mouth and nervously answered. “Who’s there?”

Discord grinned as he approached them. “Ima Gonna.”

The other guard gulped. “Ima Gonna who?”

The draconequus laughed. “Ima gonna kick your ass.” He looked at Chrysalis. “These clowns are your elite?” He approached the two guards looming over them they both shrank back intimidated.

“Don’t just stand there.” Chrysalis hissed at her guards. “Help me.”

“But… m… majesty.” One stuttered as he stood up only to be grasped by Discord around his neck. “Urk.” Discord threw him across the room against a wall with a sickening thump. The second guard gulped as he also stood up he put his head down to charge at the draconequus.

Discord flexed his empty hand and gestured for the guard to charge him. “Come at me, I dare you.” The guard looked at him then looked at the queen and shook his head and ran the other way. Discord looked disappointed. “I was expecting a challenge.” He looked at Chrysalis and pulled her with him into the other room.

He stopped when he saw that Epona was in a large green cocoon and she had her eyes closed, right beside her was another cocoon with Fluttershy inside of it her eyes were closed as well. “See, perfectly unharm… erk!” Chrysalis started to say but was choked by his grip again.

“Shut up.” He growled. “Release them.”

“I… It’s hard to when… you have me in a cho…choke… hold.” Chrysalis coughed out.

He dropped her on the floor as he went to the cocoon where Fluttershy was trapped inside. “Fluttershy…” He placed his paw and claw on the cocoon. Fluttershy didn’t move and he growled as he looked back at Chrysalis. “Get her out of this thing.”

Chrysalis looked up at him as she rubbed her neck with her hoof. “What is in it for me?”

He moved quickly to look at her face to face. “You get to live another day.” He snarled. “Free my wife and Epona, now.”

Chrysalis gulped as she looked at him. “Hate is like spoiled food.” She said as she stuck her tongue out, her horn glowed green weakly, the cocoons were surrounded by the glow and slowly opened and a green viscous fluid fell from them as well as Epona and Fluttershy.

Discord left Chrysalis to be beside Fluttershy. He lifted her delicately and looked her over; he placed his ear against her chest to listen for her heart beat. It beat weakly, slowly, and he noticed that she hadn’t started to breathe on her own yet. “Fluttershy… Please.” He whispered to her and slowly held her to his chest. “Wake up… Please wake up.”

Chrysalis stared at him as he poured his love out to Fluttershy and she bit her lower lip. “Such a waste of love.” She whispered then looked over at Epona, noticing that the Alicorn was awake, coughing and taking in a deep breath.

Epona saw Chrysalis and then saw Discord cradling Fluttershy to him. She got up using her wings to balance and she took in the scene in front of her. Her medical training immediately kicked in. “Oh!” She quickly went over to Discord. “Discord…. My Lord… Put Fluttershy on the ground… please!”

Discord looked at her like she was crazy. “Why? Epona… She isn’t breathing, she…” He swallowed hard as he saw the look on Epona’s face so he placed Fluttershy on the floor.

“Okay, Please Discord. You will have to help me.” She quickly explained to him that he had to breathe for Fluttershy while she pushed on her chest. “When I say three, breathe into her mouth.”

He nodded as tears started to stream from his eyes. “I’m ready.” He wiped his cheeks and looked determined.

Epona positioned herself beside Fluttershy with her hooves on her chest and she started to push down and release. “One… two… three… breathe.” Discord put his mouth over Fluttershy’s and breathed into her mouth.

It felt surreal to him, seeing Epona pushing on her chest, he leaned down and breathed into Fluttershy’s mouth. He started to remember all the sweet things about Fluttershy. Her hair, her smile, how she panicked whenever you mentioned a big dragon. How she always thought of her family first. His eyes stung as his tears fell and he leaned down when Epona shouted three and he breathed into her mouth again. “Please.” He whispered again.

Chrysalis watched them do the procedure three more times and started to look around for a way to escape.

Fluttershy suddenly gasped loudly taking in a deep shaky breath. She opened her eyes and she looked up to see Discord looking down at her. He had been crying and she slowly put her hoof up against his cheek. “We need to stop meeting like this. You… keep saving me.” She coughed weakly.

Discord laughed in relief. “Of course I do, you are my life and my love.” He said as he pulled her to him as he let his tears fall again. “My… Fluttershy, I want you to know I will be with you for all of eternity.”

Epona looked around the room and noticed that Chrysalis was missing. “My Lord?” She said to Discord and he looked up at her as he held Fluttershy. “The Queen is gone. I’m going to look for her… Take Fluttershy to the hospital, I might have broken one of her ribs saving her and you have to make sure the foal is not harmed.”

He nodded to her and then he placed his paw on her back she paused and looked at him. “Thank you Epona, I will never forget this. Be careful.” He said as he snapped his fingers and disappeared.


Discord sat in the hallway; he had his head in his hands. His wings shook every so often as he took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. Twilight and Apple Jack approached him slowly not knowing what news to expect.

“Discord?” Twilight asked as she observed his body language. “We came as soon as we could, they only allowed two of us at a time, and Pinkie Pie is at your house taking care of the foals. What happened?”

Discord looked up and Twilight saw that he had been crying he looked absolutely miserable. “Twilight.” He said softly. “Friend, I … I guess I might not be your friend anymore…”

Apple Jack tilted her head. “Why would you say something like that?” He looked at her and shrugged then put his head in his paw. He then pointed to the door behind him with his claw.

Twilight and Apple Jack looked at the door; it was just a door to a hospital room. Twilight went to the door first and pushed it open; she entered followed by Apple Jack. It was a dimly lit room, a couple machines beeped and buzzed, on the bed was Fluttershy she had her eyes closed and there were machines attached to her arms and one attached to her abdomen. She had bandages around her chest and she breathed in a halting hesitant way. Twilight gasped seeing the bandages and she felt a growing urge to yell at some pony for beating up her friend. “Fluttershy?” She whispered.

The yellow mare turned her head and opened her eyes. “Twilight… Apple Jack?” She whispered as she let in another halting breath.

“Hey sugar cube.” Apple Jack said and looked at her friend with concern. “Are they being kind to you?”

Fluttershy nodded. “Yes… I have a broken rib but the baby is fine.” She glanced around. “Where is Discord?”

“He’s outside the door.” Twilight stated. “Why would he say we wouldn’t be his friends any more…? Did he do this to you?”

“Oh… no… he wouldn’t hurt a fly…” She then re-thought that. “He wouldn’t ever hurt me, my family or our children. Why would he say that?” She looked worried and tried to get up.

“No… You should stay in the bed.” Twilight said in a panic.

Fluttershy looked at her friend. “Then can you get him for me? Please?”

Twilight nodded and went out to the hallway.

Apple Jack looked at one of the monitors and tilted her head at it; it was the one that was attached to Fluttershy’s abdomen. “What does this gadget do?” She asked.

“It’s a fetal monitor. It makes sure the baby is okay.” Fluttershy said softly.

Apple Jack looked at it and saw that there was a read out the baby heart rate she looked at her friend. “What is it like?” She asked.

Fluttershy looked at her curiously. “What is what like?” She asked.

“Well, to… have a baby?” Apple Jack blushed.

“It’s the most painful, most wonderful experience in my life, it’s an accomplishment, and it makes it even better knowing I have some pony to share it with.” Apple Jack was shocked to see that Fluttershy had started to cry. “AJ, I am happy to be a mother of such beautiful foals, I love each one as much as I love him. I wish he wouldn’t take the blame for what happens to me. I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. He sure doesn’t make life boring.” She started to laugh quietly but winced when it hurt her ribs.

Discord had listened to her before he walked completely into the room. “Hello, you wanted to see me?” He hesitantly said.

“Discord.” Fluttershy said in relief. “I was worried about you.” She put her hoof up for him to go over to her. He walked to her side and sat on the chair next to the bed. “What is wrong?” She asked him as she looked at his saddened face.

“It’s my fault Fluttershy, she tried to feed off my love for you, and it’s my fault.” He breathed in deep as he looked at her. “All I think about is you. I just want you to be happy, I want you to be healthy, and you get hurt. All because of me.”

“No,” Fluttershy sat up and gritted her teeth from the pain. “You are not to blame; you cannot blame yourself for loving someone too much.”

“She’s right. Love doesn’t have a limit.” Twilight said. “You always respect Fluttershy; you don’t keep her away from her friends, you don’t force her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Although there are times you seem a little over protective…”

“Like when you moved out of the cottage without telling us.” Apple Jack muttered and Discord blushed as he looked down.

“I’m sorry I did that.” He sighed as he looked back at Fluttershy.

“It doesn’t matter now.” Fluttershy smiled at him. “You are not to blame for my being here. You and Dr. Calliope helped me, if it wasn’t for you seeing through her disguise, I would be lost.”

“Wait!” Twilight stated. “Whose disguise?”

“Queen Chrysalis.” Discord answered.

Twilight’s eyes widened. “She’s back, where did she go? What happened with her?”

“Calm down Twilight.” Apple Jack stated. “Let them talk.”

Discord moved closer to Fluttershy as he placed his paw on her hoof. “She wouldn’t have taken you Fluttershy if it wasn’t for the fact that I have been wearing my heart on my sleeve so to speak.”

“No, it isn’t your fault; it was my fault for staying out too late. I was walking home from the shop and one of Dr. Calliope’s nurses stopped me and said they needed me to see the doctor at her house immediately. I shouldn’t have gone with her, but I thought it was important. Dr. Calliope didn’t lie to us.” She leaned her head against his chest and he sat up slightly to let her lean on him. “When I got to the doctor’s house the sun was almost down and it was getting dark. Another nurse met me in the house and told me to go through the door… when I saw that Dr. Calliope was in a cocoon I turned to run out and that is when Queen Chrysalis grabbed me. I don’t remember much after, except waking up to you… and Dr. Calliope.”

There was a knock on the door and they all looked at the door as it opened slowly. Epona was panting as she walked in her mane was a mess and she had a couple scratches on her muzzle. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so late at getting back, I know I look a mess but I had to check on my patient.” She smiled slightly and stopped.

“How do we know that is you?” Twilight demanded as she walked between Epona and her patient.

Apple Jack walked up with her friend frowning as well. “Yeah you will have to prove you are Fluttershy’s doctor.”

Discord stayed right next to Fluttershy and held her close to him protectively.

“That is fair.” Epona stated as she opened the door of Fluttershy’s room wider to show behind her in a magic bubble was Queen Chrysalis, and she was leaning in the bubble with her hooves crossed in front of her. “I was able to catch her right before she escaped into Everfree Forest. It is a good thing she didn’t feed off of Discord’s love too much, because I don’t think I could have taken her on if she was full powered.”

Twilight gasped as she went over to look at Queen Chrysalis. Chrysalis’ eyes widened when she saw Twilight and she sneered. “Twilight Sparkle… Oh look at you, another Alicorn… Interesting.” She fluttered her insect wings as she examined Twilight. “How is your brother?” She licked her lips. “Did I ever tell you how delicious he was?”

Twilight shuddered as she backed away from the Queen. “Don’t talk to me.” She answered. She turned to Epona. “What are you going to do with her?”

“I guess I’ll have to bring her before Princess Celestia.” Epona answered.

“I doubt you’ll do that Epona.” Discord spoke up. “You were never a fan of Celestia’s heavy hooved punishments.”

“As I told you before. I have changed.” Epona looked at him.

“Maybe Celestia will turn the Queen of the changelings into a decorative fountain then.” Discord stated sarcastically as he stood up. “Sorry, she maybe a villain, but no one, and I mean no one… deserves to be encased in stone.”

“Discord…” Fluttershy sat up as she looked at him. “Don’t get upset, they never said anything about stone.”

“You don’t understand.” He turned to Fluttershy. “Princess Celestia is not as forgiving as you think she is.”

“The Princess will be fair.” Twilight defended her teacher. “She did ask us to reform you, didn’t she?”

Discord sighed and nodded. “Okay, well… I guess you are right Twilight. Thank you for pointing that out to me. If she had left me in that prison, I would have never been able to be your friend.” He looked a bit embarrassed and sat down next to Fluttershy and placed his head on her lap. “I have her to thank for bringing me to my true love as well. Even specifically asking her to reform me.”

Fluttershy looked down at him; her cheeks burning at his comments. She placed her hoof on his mane and started to pet him slowly. He closed his eyes and sighed. “I love you.” She said to him.

“You all make me sick.” Queen Chrysalis said.

“You’re just jealous!” Fluttershy shouted at her. “I’m so glad he knew you weren’t me.” She flinched suddenly as her ribs hurt from her shout.

Discord sat up as he put his arms around her. “Don’t hurt yourself Fluttershy.” He looked at Epona, Twilight and Apple Jack. “Is there a way to get rid of cheese legs?” he waved towards Chrysalis.

Epona blinked for a moment then it suddenly dawned on her what he meant. “Oh! Yes, I will take her away… but first I need to check on Fluttershy.”

“No…” Discord growled protectively. “I don’t want her to be near my wife or my friends.”

“Okay my Lord.” Epona bowed which made Twilight look at Epona in shock. “I’ll be back.”

“Thank you.” He said as he relaxed.

Twilight watched as the doctor walked away with the bubble holding Chrysalis prisoner away. She suddenly turned to Discord. “What is going on?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why does Doctor Calliope call you “my Lord” and why does she bow to you? Why is she doing things for you Discord?”

“Um… Twilight, she is my doctor.” Fluttershy said.

“I know she is your doctor, but… she is also an Alicorn… I didn’t know that she was an Alicorn. How long has she been an Alicorn?”

“I think ever since she was born.” Discord muttered. “What are you trying to ask me Twilight?”

She looked at him and frowned. “I am trying to ask you; what do you know about her?”

“Okay. I’ve known her over a thousand years ago… She was a villain, like me… or actually, she wanted to be like me. She did a lot of things to make me notice her, but… She was nothing but a spoiled brat. I treated her as such.” He paused for a moment and saw Epona was returning. “Before my first bid for power… I humiliated her, and she abandoned me. I guess I deserved to be left after treating her like a child. Hello… Epona…”

“Are you telling them about our past?” The doctor asked.

“Maybe.” He grinned and placed his head back on Fluttershy’s lap.

“So you told them that you put me in a corner and placed a pacifier in my mouth.”

“I just said I humiliated you, I wasn’t giving the details.” He grinned. “Thank you again for refreshing the image.” He started to chuckle.

Twilight looked at Epona. “You’re an Alicorn?”

“Yes, I am, but I don’t have any powers of an Alicorn Princess. I was never a Princess, just a normal Alicorn.” She shrugged. “It was so long ago, I started to follow Discord around, I was…” She blushed and looked away.

“Dr. Calliope… Go ahead, its ok.” Fluttershy said. “I know that Discord has a past.”

“I was in love with him… I wanted him to notice me. I bent a lot of rules… Stolen things, made my own chaos, tried anything to get even a little bit of his attention. When he finally started noticing me, I was so happy; at least I thought I was…” She blushed again. “So, when he actually was including me on his plans for taking over Equestria, I wanted to be… his Queen of chaos.”

“But you were too much of a spoiled brat.” Discord muttered.

“And you didn’t love any pony but yourself.” Epona retorted.

He started to chuckle. “I didn’t care. I didn’t know what I wanted… I tried to take over Equestria… and Celestia and Luna used the Elements of Harmony on me.” He looked sheepish. “I knew that you visited me Epona… a few nights after I was trapped… You came by and told me that you didn’t mean to abandon me. Then Luna told you to leave.”

“You knew…” She looked at him.

“Yeah, but I could never love you.” He said quietly. “Sorry Epona. I didn’t love you then; I don’t love you now.”

“I know…” She whispered.

“Do you?” He asked. “Because cheese legs said she had fed off of you.”

She suddenly blushed. “Oh… about that…”

“Wait, I really don’t want to know.” Discord held up his paw.

Twilight blinked. “Dr. Calliope, I would like to talk to you more about your past, if you wouldn’t mind?”

“I don’t mind Princess Twilight, but not now, I have to check on my patient.” Epona stated.

“Of course.” Twilight said as she backed away.

“I am so sorry Fluttershy for breaking one of your ribs.” She put her head down and walked around the side of the bed to look at the monitors.

“You did what you needed to do.” Fluttershy answered, “I am glad you and Discord were there.”

Discord kept his head on Fluttershy’s lap his ear was up against her stomach and he heard the foal’s heartbeat. He blinked when he felt Fluttershy rub her hoof on his horn. His eyes widened and he looked up at her as he blushed slightly. He glanced around the room at every pony and hoped that they didn’t notice that he was getting rather uncomfortable.

“According to this readout, the foal is very healthy. I am so glad… Now, let me see your ribs.” Epona moved toward Fluttershy.

Discord looked up at her. “I am not moving.” He muttered.

Epona stopped and looked at him. “But…”

“Sorry… Not moving.” He muttered again. “This draconequus is staying right here.” He grinned as he felt Fluttershy move her hoof up his horn then back down, she had no idea what it was doing to him.

“Discord?” Fluttershy asked. “Is there something wrong?”

“No… Fluttershy, nothing is wrong…” He sighed happily on her lap closing his eyes.

Epona looked at him then suddenly blushed when she saw where Fluttershy was petting him. “I’ll check on your ribs later.” She continued to blush as she started to look at other read outs. She looked at Twilight and Apple Jack. “You know what girls? I think Fluttershy needs some rest. Visiting hours are over.” She started to herd them out of the room.

“If visiting hours are over with; how come Discord gets to stay?” Apple Jack asked.

“Well, he’s Fluttershy’s husband. He can stay as long as he wishes.” Epona stated as she pushed them out the door and closed the door behind her.

“That was odd.” Fluttershy said. “Can she do that?” She asked him as she pet his horn slowly.

“Oh. Yes. She can do that.” He moaned slightly as his wings spread out slowly.

“Are you sure you are okay?” she asked him again.

“Yes, and if you keep rubbing my horn Fluttershy… I might not be able to contain myself much longer.” Fluttershy looked at him nervously and slowly stopped rubbing his horn.

“I… umm…. Sorry?” She whispered.

He pouted as he looked up at her. “Oh… I really enjoyed that too.”

She slowly put her hoof back on his horn. “What does that do to you?” She asked as she slowly moved her hoof down.

Discord grinned as she rubbed his horn again. “That makes me really horny, literally.”

She stopped. “Discord, I cannot… not in this condition.” She blushed.

“Oh yes, I know Fluttershy… But that doesn’t mean I cannot think of you and I…” He smiled as he looked up at her. “I have a very vivid imagination.” He lifted his head up since she wasn’t rubbing his horn any longer. He kissed her lips softly at first then slowly he pushed his tongue past her lips and they kissed deeply their tongues entwined rubbing against one another, he put his claw through her mane letting her hair just tangle around his fingers. She relaxed while they kissed and didn’t notice that he had slowly got on the bed with her, even though it was smaller than their bed at home.

When they broke the kiss she looked and saw that he was curled up around her. “Discord?”

“Yes my love?” He grinned at her

“You are on my bed.” She smiled at him shyly.

“I think we have already had this conversation before.” He snaked his tail around her as he cuddled up against her.

“We have?” She asked as she moved slightly so she was comfortable lying down right against him and without hurting her ribs.

He nodded, “Yes.” He kissed her. “Let’s get sleep.” He snapped his fingers and the light went out in the hospital room. Fluttershy was suddenly giggling and gasped out in the darkness… “Hey stop that, you’ll hurt yourself more… Fluttershy…” Discord chuckled in the darkness.

“Stop… You are tickling me…” Fluttershy whispered. “Wait… no… Oh…” She sighed into the darkness.


Fluttershy was confined to staying in the bed at home. Her due date was fast approaching and she was not allowed to do anything, because she was still healing from the broken rib. Lilly and Paradox were both on the bed with her. She was sitting up knitting a blanket for the new foal.

“Look what I can do mommy.” Paradox said as he moved his paws together slowly moving each of his fingers; a small spark of magic happened and he summoned one of his favorite toys from the nursery.

Fluttershy blinked. “Oh!” She looked at how proud he was. “That is really good! I am proud of you Dox.” She kissed his forehead.

Lilly was looking at a picture book, she glanced up at her brother. “You show off.” She said softly.

“You’re just jealous.” He said. “I don’t have to make noises to do what I can do.”

“Daddy snaps his fingers.” Lilly retorted.

“Not always!” Paradox growled back.

“Stop it.” Fluttershy said calmly and they both looked at her. “You two shouldn’t think everything is a contest. Daddy and I love you both equally.”

Lilly blushed and put her head down. “Sorry Mommy.”

“I’m sorry…” Paradox muttered and leaned against Fluttershy’s hoof. He then started to chew on the toy he summoned from the nursery.

Lilly looked at him chewing on the toy and she turned back to looking at the pictures in her book.

Fluttershy started to knit again, pausing as she held it up to look at her progress and then adjusted her purls to make the pattern she had been working on. Paradox looked at the blanket and tilted his head. “When will we see our new brother?”

“Sister.” Lilly stated.

“Brother.” Paradox huffed.

“Don’t argue again.” Fluttershy stated as she slipped a purl. She pulled on it and purled instead of knit. “When I have the foal we’ll see if it is a boy or a girl.”

Lilly looked at Fluttershy and she opened her mouth. “Mommy, how did you get the foal in your tummy?”

Fluttershy dropped her knitting in shock. “W… why do you ask that?”

“I asked Daddy, and he said to ask you. I just want to know why the baby is in your belly, why is it not somewhere else? Wouldn’t the baby be hurt if you swallowed it?”

Fluttershy sighed deeply. “The baby isn’t really in my tummy. It’s in a safe place next to my tummy. Don’t worry Lilly; you and Paradox developed in there too after you were born my tummy went back to normal. The same thing will happen after I have your sibling.”

She shook her head. “That is just weird Mommy.”

Fluttershy smiled. “I’ll tell you more when you are a little older.”

“So, did you eat the baby? Is there a baby fruit?” Paradox asked suddenly. “Did you eat too many to make us twins?”

“Dox, I told your sister that the baby isn’t in my tummy.”

He looked at her dubiously. “Mommy, you are making that up. Your tummy is big and you eat a lot. Daddy said you eat for two all the time.”

“Thanks a lot Paradox.” Fluttershy looked at her son and frowned. “There is no such thing as baby fruit…” Her ears twitched suddenly when she heard someone stifling laughter. “Discord, come in here so I can scold you.”

Discord walked into the bedroom with his paw on his muzzle trying not to laugh.

“Very funny.” Fluttershy sighed.

“It is amusing, especially when Dox called you fat.” He snickered as he went over and ruffled Paradox’s mane.

Fluttershy gave him a dirty look. “I cannot help it.”

Discord sat on the bed. “You are not fat. You’re beautiful. You will be your normal self in a few days after this foal.” He pet her wings softly.

Paradox suddenly started to yawn. “I’m hungry.” He announced.

“You are living up to your name.” Discord muttered to his son. “Lilly? You want anything for dinner? I’ll be making it soon.”

“I am not hungry.” Lilly said as she looked at her book, her tail twitched back and forth as if she was irritated.

“I want soup with lots of noodles.” Paradox shouted suddenly as he flapped his wings. They looked like a large blue jays wings.

Discord let out a tired sigh and got up off the bed after leaning over and kissing both of his girls. “My ladies, I shall return. I must go forthwith to procure much food and drinks for my fairest of maidens.”

Fluttershy started to giggle and blush, Lilly looked up at her Daddy and tilted her head. “Daddy, you are being silly.”

“As always my dearest daughter of mine.” He bowed to Lilly and she blushed. He grabbed Paradox and started to walk out.

“No… Not to go cook with you daddy.” Paradox squirmed in his grip.

“Too bad, you got us in trouble so you have to come with me.” He walked downstairs carrying Paradox.

“I didn’t… no daddy, I don’t do girly stuff, cooking is girly.” Paradox whined.

“It’s not girly.” Discord grumbled to him.


Fluttershy yawned and rolled over in bed, he felt her roll against him placing one of her hooves in his back. Discord blinked as he looked at her and he let out a yawn stretching out until his tail flopped out from under the sheets. He sat up slightly as he moved a bit getting her hoof from stabbing into his back. She was on her side facing him and he had to smile because her stomach was round and swollen. He put his paw on her belly and pulled away quickly when the foal kicked him hard. He smiled wide and placed his paw back on her belly again. Fluttershy was still sleeping and made a small groan as she turned over, he moved his paw before she lay down on it.

He put his claw through her soft pink mane, letting her hair slip through his fingers slowly. Discord fought an incredible urge to wake her up as he slowly got out of bed. He was so glad her rib was feeling better and she moved so much easier. He covered her up with the sheets and gave her a kiss on her head. He stretched and yawned as he walked out of the bedroom and walked down the stairs. He was going to make breakfast for the family.

Fluttershy rolled over again as she took in a deep breath and awoke with a start. Blinking in the pre-dawn she gasped again as she was hit by a weird feeling. She sat up as she felt her stomach tense up again. “Oh, my.” She put her hoof on her stomach and looked around, Discord wasn’t in the bed, but where he lay was still warm. He’d gotten up, she guessed and she slowly scooted to the edge of the bed and slipped out and started to waddle out to the stairs. She heard him in the kitchen and she flapped her wings as she descended the stairs slowly. She paused a moment as she was hit by pain rippling through her stomach. She continued to go down the stairs and paused again as she got to the bottom of the steps. She let out the breath that she had been holding in. She sat down for a moment and winced in pain.

Discord sat at the table as he mixed the flour, eggs, milk, and butter in a bowl with his magic. The whisk suddenly stopped when he noticed the door of the kitchen was slowly opening.

“It’s just me.” Fluttershy stated as she pushed the door open and walked in.

Discord immediately stood up and went to her. “Wait, No… You are not supposed to be out of bed. What are you doing down here?” He asked as he slowly picked her up.

“Oh… ouch…” She cried out as he lifted her.

“Oh Fluttershy.” He whispered as he walked to the kitchen table and helped her sit in the chair. “What hurts my dear?”

She waved her hoof, “It’s just umm… I’m having labor pain.”

He stood up and stared at her. He then glanced at her stomach then back at her. “Okay, so I am not hearing anything, did you just say labor pain?”

She looked up at him. “Yeah, this is how I felt when I went into labor with Doxy and Lilly; of course I was a little more stressed out then.”

He kneeled in front of her as he looked into her eyes. “Fluttershy, should we get you to the hospital? Do I need to do anything? Anything?” He lifted her hoof up and started to kiss it.

She started to blush as he kissed her hoof and she let out a small gasp as pain hit her again. She saw his ears twitch at her gasp and his face got even more worried. “It’s ok Discord. I’ll tell you when I’m ready for the hospital.”

He stood up after giving her a small kiss on her forehead. “I’ll trust your assessment Fluttershy. I think I will start getting you ready, get Lilly and Paradox up, and tell our friends.” She noticed that he was starting to panic a little bit, one of his eyes started to twitch slightly.

“Relax Discord. There is time. Believe me.”

“But… Fluttershy…” He looked at her incredulous. “You’re in labor, and… just sitting there, like it is nothing.” He made a flourish with his hands.

“It’s not… nothing… It’s something.” She said calmly. “I just know that if I panic, it’ll make it worse than it is.”

Discord bit his bottom lip as he looked at her and he saw her face every time the pain hit her; he had to restrain himself from grabbing and taking her to the hospital. “I’m going to make breakfast, just sit there and look beautiful.” He said as he levitated the bowl up and started to whisk the flour mixture again in the bowl.

Fluttershy leaned against the table as she watched him make breakfast. She was slowly drifting off to sleep as she lay her head down on the table. Next thing she knew she awoke and saw him staring at her. “Ah! Discord you startled me.”

He grinned. “If I knew you’d fall asleep I would have taken you upstairs to the bedroom, or placed you on the couch in the other room.”

“I’m awake.” She said as she shook her head. “Sorry I’m really sleepy. Maybe the couch for a nap would be good.”

He nodded as he slowly picked her up and cradled her in his arms. “Delicate little Fluttershy. I truly love you.” He said to her as he carried her into the living room and placed her on the couch. “I will go get you your knitting and get a blanket as well.” He put his paw against her cheek and petted her gently.

“I love you too.” She whispered to him as he went up the stairs quickly. He returned soon carrying her knitting and a soft blanket in which he placed over her. “Thank you.”

He bowed to her as he smiled. “Anything for you; my lady. If you require anything. Do not hesitate to yell for me. Scream. Whisper. Anything. I will be here so fast that your head will spin. But I hope it won’t of course.”

“Okay Discord, don’t worry, I just need to rest.” She yawned and flinched at the pain.

“You know, every time you show pain on your face… I feel it here.” He put his claw on his chest. “So do not hesitate to tell me when you need to go to the hospital.”

Fluttershy nodded slowly and yawned again as she tucked her head down between her hooves and tried to rest.

Discord frowned as he looked at her and noticed that she flinched every so often. “I’ll get everything ready then.”

He snapped his fingers and disappeared.

Discord knocked on the door to Twilight’s castle. “Twilight, are you awake?”

Twilight sat up in bed and heard pounding on her front door. “What is going on?” She teleported to the front door. She opened the door and looked to see Discord smiling at her. “Discord? What are you doing here?”

“Nice mane style Twilight.” Discord commented as he looked at her.

Twilight glanced at herself in one of the reflective surfaces on the castle and her mane was a mess. “Ugh, never mind that… why are you here?” She asked as he strolled into the castle.

“I needed to let our friends know that Fluttershy is in labor.”

“She is?” Twilight looked a little panicked. “Why are you here then? Is she at the hospital yet?”

“Not yet, she won’t let me take her.” He whimpered slightly and looked at Twilight. “I hope she is right to wait. Anyway, I thought you’d be the one to tell. You can tell the others for me? Today is the day…” He swallowed hard and looked at Twilight. “I’m worried.”

“It’ll be okay Discord. Go back and make sure she is okay, I’ll tell our friends. Thank you for giving me a heads up.”

He nodded as he tried to not look nervous as he snapped his fingers and disappeared.

He reappeared in the house and saw that Fluttershy was still resting on the couch; he went to the kitchen and made breakfast for his children and himself. He made something for Fluttershy but didn’t know if she’d want to eat or not. He walked back into the living room and saw that Angel bunny was curled up asleep next to Fluttershy. He noticed that Fluttershy wasn’t really asleep and she just lay there with her eyes open. “Are you ok?” He asked and she nodded slowly. He marched upstairs and immediately into the nursery.

Lilly was still asleep curled up holding a stuffed toy against her. He looked in on Paradox and saw he was sucking on both of his paws. Discord shook his head as he looked at the nursery, the foals both had small beds now and he glanced at the crib. The crib looked all ready for the new arrival. He picked up a bag and started putting things for the baby in it.

Lilly yawned as she awoke to see Discord packing a bag. “Daddy?” She said sleepily.

He stopped and looked at her. “Lilly, hey my little treasure.” He smiled at her as he picked up a swaddling blanket.

“What are you doing?” Lilly asked as she sat up.

“Well, I’m getting the bag ready for your new brother or sister.”

Her wings started to flap excitedly. “Mommy going to have the baby?”

He nodded as he picked up the bag. “Soon my little double flower.”

Lilly grinned showing her long fang that was just like his. “Where is Mommy?”

Discord looked at her and blinked as he noticed that she had a fang similar to his own. “Lilly when did you get that?”

“It grew in last night Daddy.” She giggled. “It doesn’t hurt and I can make it disappear.” She flapped her wings again. “Where is Mommy?”

“She is downstairs on the couch, don’t bother her too much.” He was going to say more but Lilly was out the door before he could.

“Shush.” Paradox said. “I’m sleeping; you wake me up.”

Discord laughed. “Paradox, you’re a lazy brother.”

Lilly went downstairs quickly and stopped when she saw Fluttershy on the couch. She approached her slowly. “Mommy? Are you feeling ok?”

Fluttershy opened her eyes slowly and looked at her daughter. “Hi LillyRose.” She smiled. “What are you doing up?” She sat up slowly.

“Daddy was fixing up a bag for you; I woke up because it is morning.” She smiled showing her fang again.

“You are starting to look like your Daddy more than me.” Fluttershy smiled.

Lilly pouted and sat down. “I’m sorry?” She apologized.

“Oh Lilly, don’t be sorry.” Fluttershy moved slightly. “Do you have your brush? I’ll brush your mane; it’s a bit messy dear.”

Lilly clicked her tongue and a brush appeared in front of Fluttershy. She grabbed it and started to brush Lilly’s mane slowly and carefully. Lilly started to make a soft purring noise as her mother brushed her.

“You have such a beautiful mane.” Fluttershy whispered as she brushed her daughter’s dark blue mane. It had natural curl that framed her face and curled lightly around her two different horns on her forehead. Lilly was a beautiful young filly and Fluttershy was so proud of her.

Discord and Paradox came downstairs. Paradox looked at Lilly getting her mane brushed and stuck his tongue out at his sister. Lilly just sat there looking regally at him. “Lilly you are spoiled.” He snorted at her.

“You are a Poopie head.” Lilly said softly as she glanced at him.

Paradox was going to jump on Lilly but he was suddenly lifted up in the air with a spell. “Don’t attack your sister while your Mommy is brushing her mane.” Discord reprimanded Dox. “You know that it helps your Mommy relax when she is brushing Lilly’s mane.”

Paradox pouted as he was set down again. “It’s not fair. I never get to have any fun.”

Discord patted Dox on the head. “Yeah but you get to have waffles. Come on we’ll eat while Mommy and Lilly do girly things.”

“Waffles?” Lilly perked up and looked at her mother. “Can I go eat soon?”

“Of course you can Lilly.” Fluttershy smiled as she leaned over and kissed Lilly on the forehead. “I’m done brushing your mane.” She flinched suddenly because of the pain.

Lilly trotted into the kitchen. “I want waffles too with butter and jelly.”

Fluttershy heard Discord chuckle as he made waffles for Lilly and she leaned back as she rubbed her stomach slowly. She had more pain and she flinched again and started to count.

Discord placed a waffle on Lilly’s plate and slid it to his daughter. He buttered her waffle and spread jelly over it with his magic. “Thank you!” She started to eat it.

Discord sat down pulling a pile of waffles to him; he picked one up to put in his mouth when he heard Fluttershy gasp in the other room. He dropped the waffle and was beside her in an instant. “Yes?”

Fluttershy jumped slightly as she looked at her husband in shock. “Umm… sorry I umm… didn’t mean to make that noise.” She blushed as he looked at her in concern.

“What was it?” He asked.

“I was just umm… timing the contractions and… oh!” She winced again in pain.

“Fluttershy…” He said warningly. “How far are they apart?”

She looked at the floor and blushed. “Umm… They are… about five minutes apart.”

He stared at her with his mouth agape. “What?”

“Sorry, you were with the children having fun and I didn’t want to bother you.” She looked at him and smiled as she flinched with pain. “Um…”

He looked at her in shock. “What should I do? Should I take you to the hospital now?”

Lilly and Paradox walked into the room, they looked at their father and their mother as they talked.

“I don’t think going to hospital is necessary yet.” Fluttershy gasped sharply. “I think we are okay… Unless…” She flinched again. “Oh dear…”

Discord was staring at her and noticing she was becoming more and more uncomfortable. He started counting the contractions too. “Fluttershy you are about three minutes apart, I’m going to have to take you to the hospital now or never.”

Fluttershy gritted her teeth. “No… Discord, I can…”

“Come here; Lilly, Paradox… We are going to the hospital.” He put his arms out; he picked Fluttershy up with one arm and held his children in the other. They disappeared.


Epona had a mask in her face as looked at Fluttershy and shook her head. “Fluttershy, you are lucky that Discord is your husband, because if he wasn’t; you’d be foaling at home.”

Fluttershy was out of breath as she looked back at her doctor. “I… didn’t think it would happen so fast.” She bit her bottom lip as she started to push and the doctor put her hoof on her stomach.

“Take it slow… push… and rest…” Epona encouraged.

Discord stood next to Fluttershy and he was looking at his wife as he patted her hoof. “I’m glad I was able to get her here on time Doctor.”

Fluttershy panted and groaned loudly as she pushed down with all her effort. “Don’t… go near me again…” She muttered menacingly at Discord and he took his paw away from her hoof. “Don’t let me go either!” She shouted at him.

He looked at Epona confused as he placed his paw back on her hoof. The doctor laughed, “Discord, she’s just in pain. You came too late to get her properly dosed with pain medication. She is going to say things that she will regret later.” She explained to him.

He let out a breath as he looked down at Fluttershy. “Okay Doctor, but…” He bit his bottom lip.

“Yes?” Epona was concentrating on Fluttershy’s progress.

“What if she says something that she means?”

Epona laughed as she looked up at him for a moment. “I wouldn’t worry about it Discord…” She looked at the nurses in the room with her. “Let’s try and make Fluttershy more comfortable.” The nurse went over and added a small dose of medicine in the IV bag. “Okay Fluttershy, I’m going to ask you to push a little harder.”

“Okay, but I really wish I didn’t know you had loved my husband; makes you being my doctor awkward.” Fluttershy muttered irritably.

Epona laughed loudly. “Well, um okay…” She looked up at one of the nurses and the nurse shook her head as she helped the doctor. “Now let us work on getting that foal out.” Epona blushed as she looked away for a moment.

Discord watched curiously as he leaned up close to Fluttershy. “Okay my love, breathe deep and push…” He grinned nervously as she looked up at him.

“Discord… uh…” She panted out as she looked at him. “I… love … and hate you. All at once. Sorry?”

He nodded at her. “I understand Fluttershy.” He leaned down and kissed her hot forehead. “Please try hard to push my love.”

Fluttershy let out a loud grunt as she bore down hard. “Ahhh…”

“Good job!” Epona seemed to smile from behind her mask. “I see the head Fluttershy, there is another good thing about waiting so long, the baby gets here faster.”

Fluttershy panted as she leaned back slightly. “I’m so tired… I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“You are doing good Fluttershy, please push more.” Epona nodded to her.

Discord squeezed her hoof reassuringly. “You can do it; soon you will have our third little one.”

“Three…” She whispered as she pushed. “Ooh… This hurts…” She pushed again as she closed her eyes. “How can something feel so good to begin with… be so painful later?”

Discord blushed and just kissed her forehead. “It’s almost over… a little more my love.”

“Oh… Okay…” she nodded as she gritted her teeth and pushed.

Epona gasped out. “Oh! The foal is almost…” She looked up as she grabbed the foal. “Oh! Fluttershy… Discord; congratulations you have another little girl.”

Discord swallowed hard and looked at the foal that Epona held up. “A girl… Fluttershy… We have a girl.” He blinked as he looked at the umbilical cord and the fact that the foal looked all wet and… he swallowed again. “I think I will sit down.”

Fluttershy saw Discord had gotten pale as Epona placed the foal in Fluttershy’s arms. “Sit down… before you fall down.” She panted out as she looked at their new foal. She watched as he collapsed onto a chair nearby. “He had fainted again Doctor Epona.”

Epona chuckled as she helped the nurse cut the umbilical cord for the new born. “At least he sat down first. Let the nurse take her for a moment Fluttershy, she will give your baby back soon.”

The foal started to cry after the nurse took her. The nurse had her in a warming bed and started to clean the foal up. “She’s a heavy one. Very healthy.” The nurse announced as she came back with the new foal in her arms bundled up. “Here you go.”

Fluttershy took the foal and looked at her and smiled. “It’s all worth it.” She yawned sleepily.

“Of course it is.” Epona stated as she slowly took off her gloves on her hooves and her mask. “And what better mother than you to take care of her.” She helped Fluttershy sit up better as the nurse brought Fluttershy a blanket and covered her. “Just relax with your little one; I am sure Discord will awake in a few moments. Just like last time.” Epona said and winked as she left the room with the nurse.

Fluttershy looked down at her new baby. Her fur was light gray and she had a fine yellow mane. She opened her eyes slightly and Fluttershy gasped as she noticed that she had two different colored eyes. One eye was a light aqua almost on the verge of white; the other she had a red iris like Discord’s. Fluttershy also noticed that the new baby had a claw, a paw and different wings. She kissed the baby on her forehead. “I love you.” She whispered to her as she started to hum softly.

Discord sat up slowly putting his paw on his forehead. “Sorry Fluttershy, I cannot understand why I do that.”

She smiled as she looked at him. “Discord, it is fine. Come and meet the newest member of our family.”

Getting up he walked over to her and looked at the bundle she held. She held her to him and he picked her up gently. He looked at her and smiled gently. “She is so beautiful. She’s got a yellow mane. Didn’t your mother have a yellow mane?”

Fluttershy gasped. “You know that my mom had a yellow mane?”

“Of course I do, you have a picture of her in our bedroom.” He snickered. “Oh the things your mother has seen.”

“Discord!” Fluttershy blushed when she remembered that she did have her mother’s picture in the bedroom.

“It’s okay Fluttershy; she didn’t really see what we did in the bedroom. Unless of course she is your Guardian Angel and has seen us…” He chuckled again as she gasped. He walked around the room with the foal and kissed her softly. “You are a beautiful treasure, just like your sister and your mommy. Your brother will protect you. He’s going to be great one day. Although I believe the mantle of chaos won’t belong to a Lord in the future.” He was whispering this to her. “I really think your sister Lilly is going to become the Lady of Chaos.”

Fluttershy frowned because she saw that he was whispering things to their new foal. “What are you saying to her?”

He turned and looked at his wife as a sudden halo formed over his head. “Oh, nothing.” He then looked down as the foal started to wiggle in his arms and scrunched up her muzzle to suddenly cry. He held her out as she wailed loudly and fussed. “She has some lungs.” He brought her to Fluttershy.

Fluttershy took her. “Shush, shush, it is okay, that was just your daddy. He’s fun to be around.” She started to feed her as she looked up at him. “What were you saying? I think I heard you mention chaos.”

“Oh Fluttershy, I didn’t say any such thing.” He crossed his arms. “Shall I tell our friends and our children that you are still alive?”

“Please do.” She said. “Oh Discord?”


“I’m sorry for saying anything mean to you.”

“Fluttershy, I know how mean you can get… what you said was nothing that really surprised me.” He winked at her as he opened the door and left.


Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash and the twins all sat in the waiting room. Lilly was sitting calmly in a chair as Paradox started to levitate magazines across the room.

“Paradox stop that.” Twilight reprimanded him.

“Aunty Twilight, I’m just learning to do this.” He muttered as he slapped the table with his paws and the magazines fell.

Lilly looked at her brother and then focused back on the waiting room door. Pinkie Pie poked at Lilly. “Hey Lilly… Don’t worry so much. Your Mom and Dad will be okay.” She said.

“I know Aunty Pinkie.” She whispered. “I just want to see the baby. I’m excited.”

“What are you hoping it will be Sugarcube?” Apple Jack asked Lilly.

Paradox snuck up on Rainbow Dash as she leaned back on the couch and Lilly suddenly glanced back at her brother. “Paradox, don’t attack Aunt Rainbow.” She then looked at Apple Jack. “I want Mommy to have a happy baby.”

Rainbow Dash looked warily at Paradox as he sat down and summoned a halo over his head like his father does. “Hey, did you try to pounce on me?” Rainbow asked him.

He shook his head and pointed at his halo. “Nah uh. I’m just sitting here.” He looked at Lilly and stuck his tongue out at her.

The door to the waiting room opened up and Lilly sat up more as her tail started to wag back and forth. She then stops when it is a nurse coming out to whisper something to another nurse.

Rarity looked at the knitting she was doing as she waited for the news and suddenly gasped when she noticed that half her ball of yarn was missing. “Where is my yarn?” She gasped as she looked around. She suddenly saw Paradox was chewing on the yarn. “What? How come you are eating my yarn?”

“I thought it was grapes.” He coughed up a yarn ball and it rolled under the couch.

“Dox!” Lilly growled at her brother as she got up and looked at him face to face. “Stop being mean to our Aunties.”

“You two shouldn’t argue.” Discord said making everyone jump in surprise.

Everyone looked up at him.

“How is Fluttershy?” Twilight asked.

He smiled. “She is doing great and she had the foal.”

“Daddy!” Lilly shouted and clicked her tongue as she reappeared around his neck.

“Lilly, you are starting to get heavy.” He chuckled as she curled up around his neck like a scarf.

“What is the baby? Is it a boy or a girl?” She asked.

“Now just wait… I was going to tell every pony, but I cannot if you choke me.” He pulled his daughter’s constricting tail away from his throat.

Lilly pouted as she clicked her tongue and she appeared on the floor to look up at him. “Sorry… I’m just so excited.” She started to swish her tail back and forth. “I wanna see the baby…”

Paradox blinked. “I wanna see Mommy.” He said.

“Okay.” Discord smiled and looked at everyone. “The baby is going to be in observation soon, and I will bring Fluttershy out.”

“So you are not going to tell us if the baby is a boy or a girl?” Rarity asked.

He smiled toothily. “Nope. You will find out on your own.” He gave Lilly a kiss and hugged Paradox. “Your Mommy will be out soon.”

Pinkie Pie bounced excitedly. “Oh I love surprises!” She went to the observation room before the others.

“Wait for me!” Lilly cried out as she chased after Pinkie.

Pinkie Pie turned and looked at Lilly. “Okay, come on!”

The nurses looked at them in shock at how much noise they were making. “Please be quiet.” One said crossly.

Pinkie looked at her with wide eyes. “Sorry.” She waved Lilly into the room and the draconequus slinked into the observation room. The others caught up and walked in calmly. Twilight had Paradox on her back and he was looking at her wings curiously.

Inside the observation room they all looked at the foals. “Oh! Maybe that one is theirs.” Pinkie pointed at a small bundle.

A nurse was pushing a bassinet in and she was standing in the way as she tended to the new arrival. Every pony tried to see in the bassinet as the door opened and Fluttershy walked in. “Hello.”

Paradox perked up and jumped down from Twilight and ran up to Fluttershy and hugged her. “Mommy, you’re okay… I missed you.”

Lilly hugged her too and rubbed her cheek against Fluttershy’s hoof. “I am trying to be grown up Mommy… but Dox is being a poopie head.”

Paradox bristled and growled at his sister. “I am not. You are being one.”

“Lilly, Paradox… you two need to stop arguing.” Fluttershy said calmly. “I’m ok and your sibling is ok, just relax and play normal.”

Fluttershy’s friends all went to hug her.

“I am so glad you are okay my dear.” Rarity said as she hugged her friend.

“So where is your baby?” Pinkie asked.

“Yeah! I am curious.” Rainbow Dash stated as she hovered above trying to see beyond the nurse who had her back to them blocking the view of the newborn.

“Oh yes, that one in that bassinet is the baby.” Fluttershy smiled as she indicated the one where the nurse was still blocking the view.

“Let us see the baby.” Apple Jack said through the window.

The nurse turned around and it was Discord dressed as a nurse and he grinned at them and waved. Lilly started to laugh as well as Paradox. “Daddy!” they said in unison.

Fluttershy put her hoof on her face and shook her head.

He carried the baby to the window and showed them. There was a resounding: “Awwww…” from the girls.

Paradox was still giggling at his father dressed up like a nurse.

“A girl!” Lilly smiled and clapped her hooves together. “A sister.”

Paradox pouted suddenly. “More girly stuff.” He looked up though when Fluttershy put her hoof over his shoulder to hug him.

“I love you Dox.” She said to him and gave him a small kiss on his forehead. “You’re my big boy. Don’t worry she’s not replacing you or Lilly.”

Twilight looked at the little foal and smiled. “Oh Fluttershy, she’s adorable. What is her name?”

Fluttershy watched as Discord placed the infant back into the bassinet then he snapped his fingers to reappear in the observation room with everyone but not dressed as a nurse anymore. “Well, um…”

“So gals?” He said as he picked Paradox up and put him on his shoulder. “What do you think of our new little treasure?”

“She is absolutely adorable.” Rarity beamed. “Twilight did ask Fluttershy what her name is.”

Discord grinned. “I’ll let you tell them her name then Fluttershy.” He looked at Paradox. “How is big brother Dox doing?”

“Better.” Dox smiled at him.

Every pony looked at Fluttershy and she suddenly blushed… Lilly went over to Discord and wanted to be picked up, so he leaned over and picked her up.

“We named her… Scarlet Grace.” Fluttershy answered shyly


Spike ran through the common area of the castle, he tripped and slid across the floor stopping at Twilight’s hooves. “Twilight, you got a message from Princess Celestia.” He handed the scroll to her.

Twilight used her magic; hovering the scroll in front of her. “Actually this is a message for… Discord?”

“Why does Celestia want to talk to Discord?” Spike asked.

“She did have us release him for a reason; maybe this is one of those reasons. You should take this to him Spike.”

“Me? But I don’t think he likes me.” Spike said as he fidgeted.

“Nonsense. If you want, I’ll go with you.” Twilight smiled.

“Please?” He held the scroll on his claws nervously.

“Alright Spike; I want to see Fluttershy anyway.” She and Spike both walked out the door.


“Okay, just concentrate on the apple.” Discord was instructing Paradox. “Now.”

Paradox stared at the apple and it suddenly exploded. Paradox’s ears went down and he frowned. “It exploded again. What am I doing wrong?”

“You didn’t do anything wrong but, I think you discovered a better way of making applesauce.” Discord smiled and ruffled his son’s mane.

“Daddy, I need to know what I am doing wrong.” Paradox pouted.

“Maybe you are concentrating too hard.” Discord mumbled as he rubbed his goatee. “We will have to explore this later.” He noticed Twilight and Spike walking towards the cottage. “Looks like we’re going to have some visitors.”

Paradox turned and looked. “It’s Spike and Auntie Twilight. Can I go meet them?”

“Sure, Dox.” Discord grinned. “Remember about being sneaky and the element of surprise is in the pounce.”

Paradox nodded as he suddenly faded from view as he snuck off into the bushes.

“Did you read any of the scroll; Twilight?” Spike asked.

“Of course not Spike, it’s a letter to Discord only, it would be rude to read others mail.” Twilight shook her head. “We’re almost there, we’ll find out soon enough.”

Spike sighed as he carried the scroll and suddenly stopped when he heard the bushes nearby shuffle. “Wait, did you hear that?”

“No… come on.” Twilight kept walking as Spike walked backwards looking at the bush and he turned and ran to catch up to Twilight. They walked casually and Spike stopped a couple times looking about nervously. Twilight sighed. “Spike, stop acting so nervous, it’s the same bushes around Fluttershy’s as always.”

There was a rush of leaves as a figure pounced from a bush landing solidly against Spike making the dragon fall over. The figure stood on all fours and was smiling with large teeth at Spike and Twilight. “SPIKE!” Paradox shouted. “Did I surprise you?”

Spike got up and dusted his legs off but kept the scroll from being torn. “Paradox! You did surprise me.” He gasped out as he looked at the draconequus.

Twilight was surprised at first but got over it quickly when she saw it was Paradox. She laughed in relief. “Hello Dox, where is Discord… um your Father?”

“He’s right there.” Paradox pointed above Twilight’s head. She looked up and saw him hovering above her.

“Discord.” She stated.

“Twilight?” Discord grinned and waved at her.

“Can you come down here? We have a scroll from Princess Celestia for you.” Twilight replied.

He landed and looked slightly puzzled. “A scroll? For me?”

Spike nodded and nervously handed Discord the scroll. “Yeah, um… here.”

Discord took the scroll and looked at it. “Blah, blah… duty… Heh… duty…” He chuckled and read a little more. “Diplomatic…” He then suddenly crumpled up the scroll and burned it in his claw. “Thanks Twilight and Spike.”

Twilight looked at him in surprise. “That was an official scroll from Celestia. How come you destroyed it?”

Discord looked at Twilight. “Not all scrolls are meant to be kept for an eternity Twilight. At the end of this one she told me to destroy it, so… I did. So are you two going to come and join us for some tea? I told Fluttershy you were on the way.”

Twilight looked a bit shocked still and she nodded. “Yeah, we’ll have tea with you.”

They all walked to the cottage, Paradox kept trying to get Spike to play with him. “Come on… Hide and Seek Spike… I am a good seeker. You are a good hider.”

“Later Dox.” Spike muttered nervously. “Maybe we can get your sister to play too.”

Discord looked at Spike and started to frown at him but was distracted while Twilight was asking him something. He looked at her. “Say that again?”

“I am just wondering what Celestia wrote to you. I really am curious. Please tell me Discord.”

They got to the cottage and Fluttershy had everything ready for tea.


Discord placed his head on the table and looked at Twilight and Fluttershy; he was tired of Twilight trying to pry information from him about the scroll. “Let it go Twilight, I cannot talk about it.”

“What are you talking about?” Fluttershy asked.

“I’ll tell you later my love.” He smiled at Fluttershy.

Twilight looked at him in shock again. “You would tell her… but not me?”

He looked at Twilight in astonishment. “I am not married to you.” He answered as if that explained everything.

Lilly was sitting beside her Daddy calmly, she was trying to act like a grown up as she looked at the cup of tea in front of her. Paradox and Spike were playing hide and seek and she just didn’t think that was a “mature” game to play. Spike came running up to the table panting as he looked at Lilly and smiled at her. “Come on Lilly, I bet you hide better than Paradox.”

Discord looked at Spike again and frowned as he slowly snaked his tail around his daughter. Lilly smiled at Spike. “No, I don’t like to get dirty playing those games. Thank you.” Spike nodded and ran off again.

Fluttershy blinked at what she saw and she started to giggle.

“What is so funny?” Twilight asked her.

Fluttershy leaned over to Twilight and whispered in her ear. Twilight blinked and started to giggle too.

Discord’s ears drooped. “I cannot help it… I’m over protective.” He had heard what Fluttershy whispered and was blushing at the way he was acting.

“Discord, I think Spike is a little too old for your daughter.” Twilight pointed out. “Besides, he likes some pony else.”

Discord still curled his tail protectively around his daughter. Lilly looked at his tail and looked at him. “Daddy?”

“Hey my treasure, are you done trying to be a grown up yet?” He asked her.

“No… Do you think I shouldn’t act like a grown up?”

He shrugged. “Lilly, you can do whatever you feel like; just remember you are only young once.”

She giggled at him. “I’ll remember that.”

“Just go play Lilly, you aren’t missing anything. Grown-ups are really boring.” He winked at her.

Lilly nodded and jumped down from her seat and went to see if she could find Paradox and Spike.

Fluttershy, Twilight and Discord watched as Lilly left the room. “So, what was the scroll about?” Twilight asked again.

Discord sighed and tapped the table with his claws. “I was summoned to Canterlot to have a meeting with Celestia, she didn’t say it was urgent, she just wants to see me, and who could blame her?”

Fluttershy looked at him with her eyebrow up. “Really Discord?”

“Oh Fluttershy you know I am irresistible.” He winked at her.

Twilight made a disgusted noise. “Ugh, Discord, you should have gone to Canterlot as soon as you got the summons.”

“Celestia can wait one day Twilight.” Discord muttered.

Fluttershy bit her lower lip. “Discord, maybe you should go see what she wants, I don’t want you to get into trouble.”

He looked at her worried face. “Fluttershy…” He then sighed. “Okay, stop giving me a sad face.” He made a face as he snapped his fingers and disappeared.


Fluttershy sighed as she looked out the window, the days just dragged on since he had to leave to the other kingdom three days ago, Princess Celestia’s orders. Diplomatic mission she had told him, and Fluttershy missed him terribly.

“She just wants me to spy on the gryphon kingdom.” Discord whispered to her after he got back from the meeting with Celestia. The next day he had to leave to go on his diplomatic mission; he almost couldn’t leave when Lilly and Paradox started hugging and crying about him leaving them.

Fluttershy flew to the kitchen and sighed again as she looked at the bag of fresh vegetables she had bought. She flew over grabbed a large soup pot and started to cut up the produce to throw into the pot. She poured water into the pot and placed it on the stove where she put it on low heat. She looked at the extra vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, turnips, celery and tomatoes. She grabbed the celery and chopped it up thinly adding it to the soup. She grabbed an onion and chopped it up. It made her eyes water and she sniffled as she picked up the chopping block and pushed the onion into the pot. She checked the soup then landed on the floor. Slowly she walked out of the kitchen leaving the pot to simmer slowly. The vegetables that she didn’t cut up lay on the counter.

Fluttershy walked up stairs and to the nursery. Opening the door she looked in and saw two small beds and one crib. She approached the beds and looked at Paradox and Lilly, they were sleeping soundly Paradox had his paw in his mouth drooling. Lilly was sleeping like an angel who’d kick her back hoof every so often. She walked to the crib and looked in. Grace was sleeping curled up in a ball. Fluttershy smiled as she walked out of the nursery.

She went back downstairs to check on the soup, she knew it wouldn’t be ready until tomorrow; she just needed to turn the heat off. She walked in and saw she left the vegetables on the counter. She grabbed them as she opened the refrigerator and put them inside. Closing the door she looked around the kitchen, placed a lid on the soup pot, turned the heat off and left the kitchen.

Fluttershy flew slowly up stairs and went to the bedroom. She looked at her bed and sighed, she really missed him. She crawled into bed and pulled the sheets up to her chin sighing softly again. Usually he’d curl up around her and she always felt safe and secure. Placing her head on the pillow she just blinked, waiting for sleep to take her.

She awoke, not realizing that she had drifted off to sleep. She sat up slowly and looked around in the darkness. It was quiet and still. The moon shone brightly into the room and Fluttershy had an overwhelming desire for her husband. She let out a frustrated sigh as she looked at his empty spot on the bed.

She thought of him more; moving her hoof down her body hesitantly. She blushed when she rubbed herself slightly, it wasn’t him but she felt her body jolt slightly at the feel. She blushed again as she rubbed slowly moving her hoof, she panted slightly but she felt self-conscious so she stopped and looked around in the darkness. Her face was flush with the feeling she had done something naughty.

Sighing, she really wished Discord was with her, she decided she’d try again. She looked around again as she moved her hoof down, she started to pleasure herself again rubbing slowly along her wet lips. She wasn’t getting as much satisfaction as she’d wanted though and she felt more frustrated than satisfied. Shaking her head she rolled over on the bed and she put her face into his pillow and breathed in deeply his lingering scent. “I really miss you.” she sighed.

The morning was dreary and cold out, Fluttershy got up and walked to the nursery. Lilly was awake and trying to look at her sister in the crib. Paradox was piling blocks on top of things and knocking them over. “Hello.” She said gently, “How is everyone this morning?” She walked to the crib and smiled. “Good morning. Is my little Scarlet Grace hungry?” The foal smiled as Fluttershy lifted her then slowly walked to the rocking chair sitting down. She fed her as Paradox and Lilly both played.

“When is Daddy going to be home?” Lilly asked.

“Another two days.” She whispered.

“Will he bring us something?” Paradox asked as he stared at the blocks that wouldn’t stay piled up.

“I’m not sure Dox.” She smiled. “Your Daddy never forgets you three.”

Lilly placed her hoof on Fluttershy’s leg. “It’s ok Mommy, Daddy will bring you something too.”

She smiled at her daughter. “I’ll be happy when I see him again. He doesn’t have to bring me anything but himself.”

Lilly didn’t understand but nodded anyway. “I hope he doesn’t forget us.”

“He won’t Lilly.” Fluttershy yawned a little bit and lifted the baby to her shoulder and started to pat the little one on the back. Once she burped Fluttershy carried her back to the crib. “Watch her for a few minutes while I get ready okay?” She told her children.

“Is she going to do anything?” Paradox asked.

“Maybe drool or cry.” Fluttershy answered with a smile. “Just keep Grace entertained, don’t take her out of the crib or nursery.”

“Okay.” Lilly answered as she looked into the crib at her sibling. She started to make faces and Scarlet Grace cooed and giggled.


Fluttershy held Grace as she watched Lilly and Dox play in the newly fallen snow outside. Paradox had thrown snow balls at Lilly and she made an avalanche of snow fall in his head off the roof. Fluttershy yawned again, knowing she hadn’t gotten good sleep. “Another day. How did I cope without you before?” She asked out loud.

Both foals ran into the house. “Lilly called me a name!” Paradox tattled.

“I didn’t. You’re lying.” Lilly huffed out trying to catch her breath.

“What did she call you?” Fluttershy asked as she tried to get snow from his mane.

“She said I was a colt.” He whined.

“But Dox you’re a colt and Lilly is a filly.” Fluttershy explained.

“I thought we were dragon sequences?” He asked as he pulled away from her.

“Draconequus.” She grinned as she handed Lilly and Dox a towel.

“Easy for you to say.” Lilly muttered.

“That is what your father is. Don’t ever be ashamed of who or what you are.” Fluttershy stated as she got them to sit at the table where she gave them soup.


Fluttershy sighed as she tossed and turned in bed. She hated the way she couldn’t sleep lately. So she lay there looking at the ceiling again as she wished Discord was home. She slowly put her hoof down and started to rub herself again feeling her body react to her touch, she wanted more but she would take what she could get as she closed her eyes and imagined him with her, doing things to her. She gasped in the darkness as she imagined him making love to her. “Ah…”

Discord landed outside the cottage stretching his wings and letting out a yawn, he stretched his back after he transformed out of being a gryphon. “Ugh. What a tiring week.” he muttered. It was night and he’d noticed all the lights were out in the cottage. Fluttershy was probably asleep. He snapped his fingers and reappeared in the living room. Angel bunny looked at him irritability from the couch and turned his back on him. Discord’s ear twitched when he heard a noise upstairs, he went to investigate. He stopped near the nursery and looked in. All three were asleep and he smiled to himself, so glad he was home again. He heard another noise and it was from their bedroom, he tilted his head and slowly opened the door.

Fluttershy was moaning softly as she thought of him and she bit on her lower lip as she moved her hoof slowly up and down along her wet folds.

Discord blinked at his wife in surprise as he watched her rub herself. She wasn’t aware he was watching her as she moaned softly; she turned putting her face against his pillow as she breathed out. “I miss you.” He clenched his claw as he watched her; he was becoming aroused by her display as he placed his paw on himself.

She rolled in the bed putting her rump up as she rubbed up against her button with both hooves; she gasped with each light touch and wished that he was there.

Discord licked his lips as he saw her move and present herself to him; he watched as he stroked himself slowly, wanting to mount her but, he’d also wanted to know if she would notice him first.

Fluttershy gasped out as her wings extended. “Oh… Discord… I wish you were here. I need you.” She rubbed against her sweet spot again as she shuddered in pleasure and need.

His ears went up at her pleading groan as his shaft suddenly throbbed painfully to be within her. He bit hard on his bottom lip as he approached the bed. He watched her as she gasped and moved her hoof up along her wet slick lips. He couldn’t take it anymore as he reached out and grabbed her hips.

Fluttershy gasped in surprise when she felt his paw and claw on her hips. Her eyes widened and she felt her cheeks warm up with a blush as he rubbed the tip of his arousal against her wanton lips. “This is a… wonderful surprise.” He moaned out as he slowly pushed into her hot sex.

“I… didn’t think… you’d be home tonight.” She gasped out as he pushed deep into her. Her wings shuddered with her desire for him.

He grinned as he started to make love to her. “I’m so glad I did come home tonight.” He huffed as he pushed into her deeply. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t have walked in on you thinking of me.” He moved his hips as he pulled and pushed into her, he humped her slowly then he moved his hips faster as he leaned over her. “You are still so very tight…”

Fluttershy panted in pleasure as he pushed deeply into her, she felt him swell inside of her as he started to reach his climax. She started to moan louder as he rubbed up into her and against her hard need, her body seemed to vibrate with desire and she gasped again as she came; her hot juices flowed along his shaft and he paused as he felt her rush of desire hit him.

He held back as much as he could but the feel of her orgasm flowing around him and the tightening of her muscles made him gasp in pleasure. “Ah!” He growled as he released himself deeply into her as he held her shoulders with his claws. He gave her a couple more hard powerful thrusts as he filled her tight need. He pulled her to him as he kept himself buried inside of her. He rolled on the bed holding her until they both were lying beside each other. He curled around her back still inside of her putting his arms around her, spooning her.

Fluttershy was panting from the session she still felt him in her and she squeezed him with her muscles. His reaction was him hugging her tightly to his body. “Discord?” she suddenly said.

“Hmm yes?” He asked as he nuzzled her hair.

“Did you miss me?” She asked timidly.

“Oh… gods yes, I did…” He murmured as he slowly nibbled along her neck.

Her eyes widened when he moved his hips against her and felt him getting hard again. “I missed you too.” She whispered as she tightened her muscles around him.

He smiled as he felt her and started to slowly lick her neck as he moved his hips pushing into her deeply. “I really missed you Fluttershy.” He whispered as they started to make love again.

Morning came and Fluttershy snuggled up to him and kissed along his neck. He smiled as he looked at her. “So three times in one night isn’t enough for you?” He teased as he kissed her on the lips.

“It’s more than enough, I’m just so happy you’re home.” Fluttershy blushed as she hugged him tightly. “I wish I could go with you sometimes.”

“It can be a little dangerous love.” He muttered. “You think I’m over protective now…?”

“I know, but what do you do?” She snuggled up against his warm body.

He sighed as he pulled her close against him. “I infiltrate the security of a neighboring kingdom and find out if they are planning anything bad against Equestria. Boring political things.” He waved his paw.

“So you weren’t kidding when you said you were a spy.” She said softly.

He chuckled. “I didn’t lie to you.” He held up his claw and looked at his ring. “This here keeps me out of a lot of trouble.”

She looked at the wedding band she’d put on him when they married. “How does that keep you out of trouble?”

Discord grinned as he placed his claw on her hip. “Well apparently I make a fine looking gryphon and all the single ladies hit on me.”

She gasped. “Discord, you don’t…”

“As I said, the ring keeps me out of trouble. I flash that beauty in their face and bam they walk away.” He grinned as he traced his claws along the butterflies on her cutie mark.

She sighed deeply as she felt his tender touches on her. She was so happy that he was home again and kissed along his neck. “Thank you.”

“For what?” He asked as he looked at her.

“For coming home safe.” She whispered as she kissed him on the lips softly. “You know who will be happy to see you?”

Discord chuckled. “Do I get any guesses?” He asked.

Fluttershy was about to nod when the door to the bedroom opened and Lilly and Paradox both jumped on the bed. They both tackled Discord. “Daddy!” They yelled in unison.

Discord put his arms up and pretended he was being attacked. “Oh no… I’m being attacked by vicious children. Help me Fluttershy.”

“Sorry, you are on your own.” Fluttershy giggled as she got up. “I’m going to go get Grace.”

“Okay.” He answered as Paradox hugged his neck and Lilly pulled on his arm. He managed to pull away from them. “You two, my goodness, makes me think I should be gone for longer. No one missed me.”

Lilly blinked. “You’ll be gone longer next time?”

“No… Daddy. We miss you too much.” Paradox growled.

“I think Mommy missed you the most.” Lilly whispered.

“Nope. No one missed me.” Discord smirked as he saw that Lilly and Paradox were pouting. “Aww, you two should know how I am.” He kissed them both and hugged them. Paradox acted embarrassed by the kiss but Lilly was purring happily at the kiss and hug.

Fluttershy came back in holding Scarlet Grace. Discord smiled as he held his arms out to take the foal. “Let me hold her, I missed my little Scarlet.”

Scarlet Grace put her paw on his muzzle and started to gently pet on him. She made a cooing noise and blinked her eyes. He grinned as he looked at her eyes. “You have the most beautiful eyes.”

Fluttershy watched him look at Grace and she looked down guiltily. “I… um… I think she is blind in one eye.”

His ears went up but he kept looking at Grace. “No. She isn’t.” He stated.

“Are you sure?” Fluttershy asked.

“No, but she tracks me with her eyes.” He whispered. “You are a beautiful girl. Just like your Mommy and sister.”

“I’m handsome.” Paradox stated as he puffed out his chest.

Discord glanced at his son. “Yes, unless you want to be beautiful too?”

Paradox’s eyes widened. “No, no, don’t put me in dresses. It’s only funny when you do it.”

Fluttershy giggled. “My husband is a cross dresser.”

“I’ll have you know that I only do it to make you laugh Fluttershy.” He answered.


Epona grimaced as she examined Scarlet Grace’s eyes. Fluttershy was nervous as she sat next to Discord. She glanced up at him to see if he was as nervous as she was. He looked unfazed. Epona took out a scope and looked in each of Grace’s eyes. “Hmm.”

“Is that good or bad?” Fluttershy asked anxiously.

Epona looked at them. “It seems she has limited vision in only one eye, but if she wears a patch it can improve.”

Discord blinked. “Like a pirate?”

“Um, yes if you want to think of it that way, any way she can see out of both eyes fine just one wants to wander more than the other. It’s best to wear a patch on her good eye so her bad eye works more.”

Fluttershy blinked. “So, she’s okay then?”

Epona bit her lower lip, “Yes and um no.” she sighed as she looked at them both. “I hate to tell you bad news but she doesn’t seem to hear. I think she may be deaf, but we’ll have to run some basic tests to see.”

Discord frowned. “What? I don’t think I heard you correctly.” He rubbed his ear. “I thought you said that Grace is deaf.”

“I said she may be deaf. I’m not sure.” Epona answered. She knew that Discord hated hearing bad news and usually tried to make light of the situation.

“So… Um…what do you suggest we do?” Fluttershy asked calmly.

“We can evaluate her hearing with tests; I’ll have a nurse set you up an appointment for the testing. Then we can go from there.” Epona stated, and looked at the twins who were having a staring contest. “Now these two…”

Paradox glanced at Epona and looked back at Lilly and blinked.

“HA! I won again.” Lilly shouted triumphantly.

“It’s not fair, I looked at the doctor.” Paradox muttered.

“You two are really growing fast.” Epona smiled at them. She looked at Paradox and noticed that he was getting horns on his head, Lilly had already had her horns months before her brother and she wondered why his were developing so much later. “Discord, did you see that Paradox has horns now?”

“Yep. It took a while for my sister to grow horns. I think he looks really good with those.” Discord reached out and ruffled his son’s mane.

“So it runs in the family then.” Epona stated as she went to look at Lilly. Lilly grinned at her doctor showing her fang and putting her head down to show off her horn and antler. “Oh, Lilly you are beautiful.” She gasped at Lilly as she looked at her soft mane and her healthy coat.

Lilly blushed as she slowly hid her face behind her dark blue mane. “Thank you.”

Epona looked at Fluttershy and Discord dumbfounded. “You better watch out when Lilly and Paradox start school.” She said softly. “They will be the envy of the school yard.”

“Discord and I have discussed it and we are going to teach lessons at home.” Fluttershy stated.

Discord nodded. “Yes, they will go to school when they are older for socializing, but we can teach them what they need to know.”

“That works as well.” Epona nodded as she finished her examination of the children. “They are healthy and highly intelligent. I would love to see them back in six months for a checkup.” She trotted to the door but looked at Fluttershy. “Discord? Can I talk to Fluttershy alone?”

Discord nodded. “Sure.” He herded Paradox and Lilly out of the room. “Let’s go annoy the nurse.”

Fluttershy was still holding Scarlet Grace as she sat and looked at the doctor. “What is it Dr. Calliope?”

“I really think you need to stop.” She said.

Fluttershy blinked. “Stop? Stop what?”

Epona rubbed her muzzle. “Stop mating with him so much, you are going to be pregnant again if you don’t watch out.”

Fluttershy suddenly blushed as she looked at her Doctor. “I…” She looked at the floor; she then bit her bottom lip. “I’m married to him Epona, I think it is my choice or not if I want to mate with him.” She looked up at her doctor and frowned.

“Okay, okay…” Epona laughed. “That sure answers my question.”

Fluttershy looked at her confused. “What?”

“I think you should seek out Zecora and find a way to keep from having another foal; I don’t think your body can take another pregnancy.” Epona sighed. “And from what I have witnessed you are either very fertile or he’s extremely potent.” She blushed as she looked away. “It’s all up to you Fluttershy. I just know Zecora knows the best herbs for anything.”

“I see. Why don’t you know of any herbs for prevention?” Fluttershy asked.

“I’m not a botanist, and I really am not a pony to ask about preventing a pregnancy, I can only recommend abstaining.” She started to laugh. “Just be careful Fluttershy.”

“Is that all?” Fluttershy got up to go out the door.

Epona nodded. “Yes. I guess I will see you back in about six months for a checkup; unless something else comes up.”

They both came out of the room and Epona looked up at Discord and started to blush as she went over to the nurse station. “We get to see them all in about six months except for Scarlet Grace. She needs to be evaluated for blindness and hearing loss.”

“Yes Doctor.” The nurse made the appointments.


Fluttershy knocked on Zecora’s hut door and looked nervously at the ground when the zebra waved her into the hut. She had stood there for a moment then told her what she needed. “My doctor said you know of some herbs that will prevent pregnancy?”

Zecora looked at Fluttershy and trotted around her for a moment. “So… Maybe you need a little something to fight his seed?”

Fluttershy blushed at her and nodded. “Um… yeah, I’m sorry this is a little embarrassing for me.”

“We shall be discrete, don’t accept defeat.” Zecora went over to her dried herbs and looked through them. “Stone seed and root, your fear is moot. Some fresh thistles too, shall fix this for you. You also must heed, take only in need. Too much of this brew and no more foals ever for you. I shall mix up a fix up.”

Fluttershy blinked as Zecora started to put together a mix of herbs into a pouch. “Do many ponies ask for this?” She asked suddenly.

Zecora stopped and looked at her but went back to mixing up the herbs. Fluttershy looked around the cottage and noticed a vial of green liquid hanging on a wall. It looked like one of the vials that Discord used to put the Spring of Eternity’s water in, but that wasn’t the spring’s water. She glanced at Zecora and looked at other stuff along the wall.

Zecora placed the mixture in several bags. She then started gathering other herbs and mixing them up as well. “Wild carrot seed and smart weed leaves.” She said softly as she mixed them up.

She then pushed the mixes into a bag and labeled them. “This is bitter to drink. Use only once a week.”

She put the other mixture in a different bag. “Drink after the deed, to prevent implantation of a seed.” She winked and gave the mixtures to Fluttershy. She then put her hoof on Fluttershy. “Do not use these; unless you need to please. These mixes are drinkable but are very unpredictable.”

“Um… I won’t start talking funny will I?”

Zecora smiled and shook her head. “This is more than poison joke; and won’t help with a simple soak.”

Fluttershy nodded. “What do I owe you for your trouble?”

Zecora thought for a moment and looked at Fluttershy. “I am not bluffing when I ask for nothing.” She bowed to her.

“Um… Thank you Zecora.” She trotted away after Zecora opened the door, she didn’t know what to think of the herbs that the zebra gave her and she felt a little guilty getting them.


The creature hissed as it crawled through the Everfree Forest. “It is not here.” The creature growled malevolently as it slithered away like a shadow, its tendrils fading.

“Discord, why are we in the Everfree Forest?” Rarity asked the draconequus after she ducked under a tree with gnarled branches. “Oh… my mane; it keeps getting tangled up in the low hanging branches.”

“Rarity, you wanted a rare color for your newest designs. What better way to find it then within the Forest?” Discord replied as he carried Paradox on his shoulder.

“I was mostly hoping that you’d just magic me a color up.” Rarity flinched when a small spider dangled close by her.

“Can you do that Daddy?” Paradox asked.

“Of course I can, but it’s a lot more fun to find a color then to just create one.” Discord moved a low hanging branch for Rarity. “After you… age before beauty.”

Rarity gave him a dirty look after she walked in before him. “Ha… ha, very funny.”

Paradox started to laugh. “That was funny Daddy!”

“I really don’t like being in this forest for longer then what is necessary.” Rarity stated as she looked at unfamiliar flowers that she noticed. “Oh, I really like this color.” She looked up and noticed that Discord was missing. “Discord?” She plucked the flower and used her magic to place it in her bag. “Where are you? Paradox?” She was suddenly surrounded by noises that made her jump and back up. “Stand back… I… know how to…” A paw was placed on her shoulder and she jumped and screamed. “AHHH!”

Discord squinted at her scream. “Rarity… I’m right here, although, now I cannot hear in my left ear.” He rubbed his ear.

Paradox was holding his ears with both paws. “Aunt Rarity. You scream louder than mommy does when she is with daddy in their room.”

Discord blinked innocently and put his paw on Paradox’s mouth. “Shush Dox. Ahem… Anyway, sorry we got slightly lost back there. It’s the forest. Did you find what you needed?”

Rarity tried to ignore what Paradox said about Fluttershy and Discord. “Yes, I found a couple unusual flowers. Can we please leave? This place makes my mane a fright.”

Discord sighed. “Okay… Try to help a pony out.” He placed his paw on her as he snapped his fingers they disappeared and reappeared just outside Carousal Boutique. “I hope that you don’t mind if Dox and I go shopping now? I got to get something for Fluttershy.”

Rarity grinned. “Oh, what is the occasion?”

“Oh… I don’t know…” He waved his claw as his ring sparkled brightly on his finger. “Some sort of occasion in which Fluttershy and I said ‘I do’ or some such nonsense.”

“Oh! Sorry Discord, it completely slipped my mind, I’ve been so busy lately.” Rarity blushed. “I hope you find something nice for her.”

“Thank you.” Discord bowed to Rarity and headed into Ponyville with Paradox still riding on his shoulders.

“Oh! Daddy, I want to go to Sugarcube corner.” Paradox pointed.

“Not yet.” Discord walked into the marketplace as he looked from one vendor to another he then paused when he saw Apple Jack with a cart full of apples. She was talking to three fillies at the time as he approached them.

“Now, Apple Bloom, I need you and your friends to watch the cart for just a few minutes while I go to the other shop and pick something up that Granny Smith had ordered for us.” She turned and started to walk away but ran into Discord making her hat fall in front of her eyes. “Who in tarnation put a brick wall in my way?” She looked up. “Oh, Howdy Discord.” She noticed Paradox. “Howdy Dox. Excuse me, I’ve got to pick up something, can you keep an eye on those three?” She asked Discord.

“Oh, okay, but Apple Jack…?” Discord made Apple Jack look at him. “Who is going to watch me?”

“Ugh! I’ll be back.” She stomped off.

Discord looked at the three fillies as they stared back at him. He shook his head and leaned against the cart, bored.

Paradox looked at the fillies too; he yawned and blinked as he looked at each one. His eyes widened when he spotted the Pegasus with the orange coat and magenta mane. “I want down. Daddy. Down.”

“Okay Dox. Hold your horses.” Discord took him off his shoulder and placed him on the ground, then stretched his neck and shoulders.

Paradox sat for a moment staring at Scootaloo. All three fillies sat staring up at Discord expecting him to do something, say something, anything, but all he did was stand and wait for Apple Jack to get back. Paradox bit his lower lip as he stood up on all fours and walked over to Scootaloo. “What is your name?” He asked as he stared at her, his blue eyes shining.

Scootaloo looked at Paradox and blinked. “My name is Scootaloo, what is your name?”

“I am Paradox and you are pretty.” He was then lifted up as Discord spotted Apple Jack coming back.

“It has been fun.” Discord said to Apple Jack as he placed Dox back on his shoulder. “Let us get together again in the near future.” He walked away and Dox kept looking at Scootaloo until they were out of sight.

“I think she is pretty.” Paradox sighed deeply.

“What are you talking about Dox?” Discord asked as he stopped before the jewelry shop and walked in.

“It’s nothing daddy.” Paradox sighed again.

Sweety Belle and Apple Bloom looked at their friend Scootaloo, she was just sitting still looking at where Paradox was just a few minutes before he was lifted up and taken away.

“Hello?” Apple Bloom waved her hoof in front of Scootaloo’s face.

“Scootaloo, what is wrong with you?” Sweety Belle asked as she nudged her friend.

Scootaloo blinked and looked at her friends. “Oh, um Hey. Did you two hear what Paradox said to me?”

“Is that what Fluttershy’s sons name is?” Apple Bloom asked.

Sweety Belle shrugged. “What did he say to you Scootaloo?”

She looked at her friends and shook her head. “Umm… well it’s not important I guess. Come on Apple Bloom let’s go before your sister tries to get us to watch the cart again.”


Fluttershy drank the tea slowly as she looked at Discord; he was lying on the couch reading a book. Paradox and Lilly were both playing staring contest. From what Fluttershy had counted Lilly was ahead by three points. She sipped the tea and smiled slightly when she looked at a box on the other side of the room.

Lilly yawned loudly and Paradox cheered. “I win.”

“That isn’t fair.” Lilly said sleepily.

Paradox yawned too. “It is too.”

Discord looked at the twins. “It’s almost time to go to bed you two. Grace is already in bed.”

“Grace is a baby. We’re not babies.” Paradox muttered.

Fluttershy smiled. “Yes, you are not babies, but you’re both tired and you need sleep.” She drank the rest of the tea and got up. “Come on you two.”

Discord sat back and went back to reading as Fluttershy and the foals went upstairs. He was reading a part of the book that was really interesting and he didn’t notice that Fluttershy flew downstairs and over to the bookshelf where she had a box. She picked it up and went back to her tea cup and sat back down.

Discord looked up from his book to notice that Fluttershy was looking at him. “Oh, I didn’t know you had come back down.”

She smiled at him. “It’s ok; I um… have something for you.”

“Something for me?” He placed his book on the table as he got up and walked over to her. “What is it?”

She placed a box on the table and pushed it across to him. “Sorry it’s not a lot.” She blushed.

He looked at the box and at her. “I told you that you will have to stop apologizing to me.” He pulled the box to him and saw she had a scroll attached to it. “I guess I’ll read this first.” He unrolled the scroll and read it quietly to himself. She watched his reaction and wasn’t disappointed when he looked up from the scroll. “Oh. Fluttershy.” He swallowed hard and placed the scroll down he went over to her and kissed her softly, gently and lovingly.

“I hope you like it” She whispered as he looked at the box and opened it.

He pulled a long multi-colored scarf out that she had knitted. It had all his colors on it. “This,” he kept pulling it out of the box amazed how long it was. “Is lovely.” He looked at her and put it around his neck. “Thank you.”

“Happy anniversary.” She whispered.

“Was that today?” He teased as he faked a shocked look. “Oh Fluttershy,” he waved his claw and a box appeared in his hand. “This is for you.”

Fluttershy blushed as he placed the box before her. “You shouldn’t have…” She opened it and immediately shut it again. “Discord.” She gasped.

“Dox and I picked it out. Is it too much?” He looked a little nervous.

Fluttershy opened the box again and started to blush. “It’s beautiful, but I don’t know if I could or even should wear it.”

“Please put it on for me?” He blinked and gave her puppy dog eyes.

“Um… okay.” She took the item out; it was a golden crown with precious pink gems in the shapes of butterflies and placed it on her head. She looked at him and blushed.

He grinned hugely at her. “Oh, Queen Fluttershy, you look gorgeous.” He then bowed to her with a flourish.

“Oh my.” she fluttered her wings and put her hooves to her face as it turned red. “Can I take it off now?”

“Oh no… I will not allow you to take it off.” He grinned maliciously. “You are my Queen. It looks perfect on you.”

She kept blushing. “But… I’m uncomfortable wearing this, what if one of the girls see me?”

“Okay my fair lady, you can take it off… but once I take over Equestria… you will be the Queen of Chaos and you will wear it proudly.”

Fluttershy blinked at him. “Discord… You are not seriously thinking that are you?”

He blinked at her innocently. “Oh, um sorry Fluttershy, seeing you in that crown just makes me think of showering you with beautiful gifts and taking over the world…” His eye twitched slightly and he held his breath.

Fluttershy took the crown off and placed it gently back in the box. “Discord are you okay?”

Discord put his paw up to his forehead as he took in a deep breath. “Yes, I am fine, Sorry, so … sorry. I’m thinking rationally now.” He smiled at her. “Thank you for my beautiful scarf. I do hope you like the crown Fluttershy, I didn’t mean to make you nervous about it. It does look beautiful on you. Paradox would like to see you in it I am sure.”

“Thank you Discord. Remember, you don’t have to be a leader of the world to have someone love you, especially someone that loves you as much as I do.”

He smiled gently at her and nodded. “Yes, I know and I remember, but that doesn’t mean I don’t crave a bit of chaos every now and again.” He winked at her and she blushed.

“So, Discord… we have survived being together this long…” She placed her hoof on the table.

“Of course, was there any doubt?” He asked.

“I had no doubt.” She smiled as she opened the box with the crown in it and smiled. “Oh! Is this a scratch?” She gasped as she looked at the gift.

He blinked as he approached her and looked at the crown. “Where Fluttershy?”

She grabbed the scarf around his neck and pulled him to her kissing him deeply. Discord opened his eyes wide for a moment from surprise but he moved closer to her as they kissed deeply his eyes closing to enjoy the kiss their tongues entwining. She let his scarf go as they kissed and she felt around the table and found the crown, she slipped it on her head. She slowly broke the kiss with him as she looked into his eyes. He gave her a soft kiss again and she licked his lower lip. He glanced up and saw she had put the crown back on her head. She put her hoof up against his side as she bit on his lower lip. “Your Queen wants to have some healthy bedroom exercise.” She whispered to him and he grinned widely.

“Yes, your majesty.” He chuckled slightly as he kissed her deeply while picking her up to carry her to the bedroom.


Epona stared at the results of the hearing and eye sight tests that she had ordered for Scarlet Grace. She sighed and placed the results on her desk, she rubbed her muzzle tiredly. A soft knock on her door made her sit up. “Come in?”

Twilight Sparkle walked into the office. “Good evening Epona.”

“Twilight Sparkle?” Epona stood up quickly before she bowed.

“Wait, um you don’t have to bow.”

“You are a Princess; Twilight. I have to bow.” Epona stated.

“I’ll never get used to it.” Twilight huffed.

“What brings you here?” Epona asks as she sits back down.

“I have some questions that I have been dying to ask you when you have the time.” Twilight walked over to the chair and sat down.

“Ask one question.” Epona smiled.

“Oh, oh, wow…” She paused and thought for a moment. “What made you decide to follow Discord in his path of Chaos?”

Epona’s eyes widened and she slowly smirked. “Well, if I tell you that, I’ll be talking all evening. Can you ask a lot simpler question?”

“Oh, well…” Twilight thought for a moment. “How did you meet Discord?”

Epona gave Twilight a look. “We went to Villain College together and had the same classes.”

“Oh, that is interesting!” Twilight perked up.

“And I am kidding.” Epona stated as she started to chuckle lightly.

“Epona, I believed you.” Twilight blinked at her.

“I know, I just don’t think I could have kept a straight face for long… Discord would have been better at keeping up the façade.” She shook her head. “Anyway… It was a long time ago when I met him. He lived in the Everfree Forest; I had wandered in there one day… I met him in there.” She stopped talking.

Twilight waited for Epona to continue, but apparently she was done talking. “Um… okay.” Twilight was suddenly at a loss, she expected Epona to go into more detail about how she met him and what they said to each other.

“Okay that was one question.” Epona smiled as she got up. “Do you need anything else?”

Twilight stood up and looked a bit frazzled. “Wait, you just made me have more questions. I would like to…” She stopped when she saw that Epona was slowly shaking her head.

“I told you … I would answer one question today. That was one.” She bowed to Twilight. “Come by again tomorrow or some other time and I will answer another.”

“But… I’m just curious about…” Twilight frowned when Epona opened the door to her office.

“Sorry Twilight. I really do not have time today. I have to inform my patients about some results I just got. I do hope you understand.” She watched as Twilight walked out of her office. “Nothing against you, but patients results are usually kept private.”

“I understand. Thank you for your time.” Twilight was pouting.

Epona smiled. “You can always make an appointment with my nurse to see me. Then we can have about a half an hour to talk at least.”

Twilight’s ears perked up. “Oh yes!” She then trotted directly over to the nurse’s station.

Epona closed the door to her office, picked up the results to Scarlet Grace’s test and blinked out of the room.

She appeared outside of Fluttershy’s cottage and walked to the door knocking. The door opened slightly as two crimson eyes looked up at her. Epona smiled instantly recognizing Lilly. “Hello Lilly, is your mommy or daddy here?”

Lilly opened the door further. “They’re in the kitchen. I’ll get them.” She trotted off as Epona walked into the cottage and looked around casually.

She walked in and saw Paradox sitting on the couch drawing on a piece of paper. He looked up at her suddenly and placed his paws on the paper to hide what he was drawing. “Hello Dox, what are you doing?” She asked him.

“I was drawing.” He said as he kept his paws on the paper.

“Can I see?”

Paradox looked down at the paper and looked back at her. “Nope.”

“Okay, I was just curious.” She smirked as she looked at the immaculately clean house; it was most definitely Fluttershy’s house.

“Epona?” Fluttershy said. “Why are you here?”

Epona turned and looked at Fluttershy; the gentle Pegasus had Scarlet Grace against her chest in a baby sling. “I need to talk to you. I have the results of Scarlet Grace’s tests.”

Fluttershy looked at Epona nervously. “You came here to tell us? Now I am worried. Come on, care to have some tea? Discord is making dinner.”

“He’s making dinner?” Epona’s ears perked up as she followed Fluttershy to the kitchen. “This I got to see.”

Discord looked over his shoulder as Fluttershy and Epona walked into the kitchen. “Wait, what is she doing here?” He asked as he flicked a spoon at Epona and marinara sauce splattered across her coat. Epona backed off and looked at her coat. Discord grinned sheepishly. “Oops…”

Fluttershy went and grabbed a towel and started to help Epona with getting the sauce off her. “Discord, you should be careful.”

“Yes, I am sorry.” He turned and put the spoon on the counter then wiped his hands on the apron he was wearing. The apron had something written on it: ‘Chaos. Panic. Disorder: My Work Here is Done.’. “What brings you here today Epona?” He asked as he grabbed the tea kettle and brought it to the table.

“I have the results of little Scarlet Grace’s tests.”

“Can you tell us?” Fluttershy asked. “I’m about to panic.”

The doctor pulled the results from her side bag and placed them on the table before her, using her magic she paged through it. “From this, it says that Grace has a minor inner ear deformity that causes slight deafness in her left ear. It may clear up within a few years or it might become worse.” She shuffled through the paper and didn’t look at them yet. “Her eye tests here… says that she has limited vision in her left eye as well. She may become blind in the left eye in a year or so.” She swallowed as she looked up at them.

Discord had moved close to Fluttershy while Epona told them the news and he was rubbing her shoulder lightly. Fluttershy was looking at Grace; giving her gentle kisses as tears rimmed her eyes. He spoke up first. “So Epona, what do you suggest we do? Is there anything that will help little Grace?”

Epona let out a deep sigh. “I don’t think I have the ability to heal Grace of this; I’m mostly relieved it is only her left eye and left ear. You can get Grace some glasses to keep her from losing her sight completely and as for her hearing; you can try and get her an aid for it.” She put her head down. “I wanted to give you better news.”

Fluttershy took Grace out of the sling and she smiled at her as the foal giggled. “You may have a couple problems but we’ll make them your advantages.” She said softly to Grace.


Scarlet Grace wiggled in her crib and rolled onto her tummy. Lilly was smiling at her sister as she watched her. Fluttershy was trying to pick out an outfit for little Scarlet to wear for when they visited Twilight and her friends.

“This one?” Fluttershy asked when she held up a small blue dress.

“That’s so girly.” Paradox scoffed.

Lilly frowned at her brother. “She is a girl, duh. I think the purple one would look better Mom.”

Fluttershy put the blue dress up and pulled out the purple one. “So this one?”

“Yes,” Lilly smiled. “I think that is perfect.”

“Well, I think it does look nice. You wore it once Lilly.” She flew over to the crib and started to put Scarlet Grace in the dress.

“I cannot believe I used to be as small as Grace is.”

“Only a couple years ago. You and Dox, both grew fast, developed fast too… I think it’s because you are draconequus’.” She dressed Grace up and smiled. “She looks so cute.”

Paradox rolled his eyes. “Can I go now?”

Fluttershy looked at her son. “What is wrong Dox?”

“All this girly stuff makes me want to puke.” Paradox muttered.

“I’m going to put pink ribbons in your mane if you don’t stop it Doxy.” Lily commented as she used her magic to help Fluttershy button up Grace’s dress.

Fluttershy lifted Grace from the crib and rubbed muzzles with her. “Mommy’s little baby. I love you.” She put her in the sling around her chest.

“About time.” Paradox said as he got off his bed and ran from the room. “I cannot wait until I have my own room.”

Fluttershy sighed as she walked from the room. “I guess we’ll have to expand the house.”

“Why don’t you ask Dad to make it bigger?” Lilly said as she trotted with her mother.

“I wonder if he can.”

“Maybe a displacement spell will work?” Lilly asked.

“How come you know so much about this Lilly?” Fluttershy asked her daughter.

Lilly blinked at the question. “I… don’t know. Dad has brought some books home and I ask him to read some to me.”

Fluttershy shook her head. “Um… okay. I guess you are never too young to start learning magic.” She made a mental note about asking Discord on what he is teaching the children.

They left the cottage; Angel Bunny was riding on Lilly’s back as they all walked into Ponyville together. Fluttershy had Scarlet Grace in a baby sling as Paradox ran ahead pouncing on anything that seemed to slightly move. A blade of grass, pounced upon, a cricket, pounced upon… etc.

“I want to study magic.” Lilly said, “I want to learn all I can about making magic. Just like Dad.”

Fluttershy smiled. “If that is what you want to do.”

“It is. I love magic. Paradox loves to do artwork. He’s so talented, have you seen his art Mom?” Lilly smiled.

“I think I have seen a couple things he had done but nothing recently.” Fluttershy said. “I would like to see.”

“Lilly! Stop telling Mom about my art!” Paradox grumbled.


“So Discord and I debated it, and we have come to the decision to teach the children at home, but let them join the fillies and colts after school so they have friends.” Fluttershy was explaining to Twilight, Apple Jack, Rarity, Pinkie and Rainbow.

“That seems pretty fair.” Twilight said. “I was taught my magic at home and with a couple of tutors. I studied a lot. I can offer some magic lessons if any of your children want to learn.”

Lilly grinned. “Oh Aunty Twilight. I would like to learn some magic from you.”

Twilight smiled. “Sure Lilly, I’ll teach you some great spells I learned when I was your age.”

Paradox was sitting next to Fluttershy’s chair and was trying to draw something on a piece of paper, ignoring his mom and aunts as they talked. Pinkie noticed him and walked over towards him quietly. She slowly craned her neck to see what he was drawing.

He moved the paper and started to color the drawing a bit. He didn’t notice that Pinkie was watching him as he drew a picture of a Pegasus. “That is a pretty good drawing.” She said.

Paradox jumped and looked up at Pinkie his cheeks turning a deep crimson. “No!” He said and put his large paws over the picture. “You aren’t supposed to see that!”

Pinkie Pie smiled. “But it is really good. Was that a picture of Scootaloo?”

He was still blushing. “You aren’t supposed to see my drawings.” He said defensively.

“Oh… it’s a secret…” She put her hoof to her lips. “I am good at keeping secrets.” She sat down next to him after looking at the girls over talking to Lilly and Fluttershy. “Want to know a secret Dox?”

He looked up at her. “You said you were good at keeping secrets aunt Pinkie… why are you going to tell me?”

“It’s my own secret silly; that is why.” She checked where her friends were again and leaned over to him. “Don’t tell any pony, but I’m going to be a mommy.”

Paradox looked at her dubiously. “You can’t be a mommy, you’re an aunt. Only mommy can be a mommy.”

Pinkie blinked at him and started to giggle. “You’re funny.” She ruffled his mane with her hoof. “Keep it a secret okay?”

Paradox looked at his aunt confused. “Okay, but I still say that mommy is only mommy.” He grabbed another piece of paper and started to draw another picture. Pinkie got up and joined the other girls feeling a bit better for telling some pony her secret even if it was a foal.

“It’s settled then.” Twilight said. “On Monday’s Lilly will come and study with me. On Friday’s Paradox will come by and study. They will learn basics in no time.”

“Aunty Twilight, I know basics already.” Lilly said softly.

“It doesn’t hurt to get a refresher course.” Twilight said and smiled.

Scarlet Grace started to wiggle and cry in the carrier that Fluttershy wore against her chest. “Excuse me.” Fluttershy said as she took her from the carrier. She looked at her foal and suddenly gasped. “Oh dear!”

“What is it?” Rarity asked as she looked at Scarlet Grace. “Oh!” She blinked.

Twilight tilted her head. “What is the matter?” She gasped when she saw the foal.

They all looked at Scarlet Grace and saw that both the infant’s eyes were cloudy as if she was completely blind.

Lilly looked at her sister then looked at her aunts and mother. “What is wrong?’ She asked. “Grace does that all the time.”

Fluttershy blinked and looked at her daughter. “When does she do this? I never seen this.”

Paradox stood up. “She cries in the crib and her eyes get all cloudy and she doesn’t stop until Lilly or I hold her for a few seconds.”

“Why haven’t you or Lilly told me or your father?” Fluttershy asked as she held Scarlet close to her rocking her and rubbing her back between her wings.

Scarlet Grace started to calm down as Fluttershy rocked her and her eyes returned back to normal.

Lilly and Paradox shrugged in answer to their mother’s question.

“That is odd.” Twilight said as she looked at Scarlet Grace carefully. “Does anything else happen when she does this?” She asked Lilly.

Lilly shook her head. “No.”

“I think you should tell your father or I next time it happens.” Fluttershy said.

“I’ll tell dad.” Paradox said.

Fluttershy blinked. “Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

“Because you already saw her do it.” Paradox answered and crossed his paws.

“Dox, you’re going to get into trouble.” Lilly stated.

Fluttershy’s mouth was a straight line as she looked at her son. “Dox, don’t start with me today, you and Lilly should have told me that Scarlet Grace had these spells.”

Lilly put her head down. “I’m sorry.”

Paradox huffed and put his tongue out. “I don’t know why you’re mad at me. I told you now.”

Apple Jack trotted over to Paradox. “Who put a bee in yer bonnet?”

Paradox looked at them and put his head down. “I don’t know. I’m just tired of being around girls all the time.” He huffed. “I want to go with dad sometimes; mom doesn’t need to drag me with her to talk to all her friends. I get so bored!”

“I can talk about boy stuff!” Rainbow Dash offered. “Just hang out with me Paradox. Maybe I can race you a few times.” She flexed her wings and flapped them.

Paradox looked at his own wings and spread them out, they were dark blue and he had a large wingspan for a young colt. “It’s a challenge!” He said. “I bet I could win a few races with you Aunt Rainbow.

“I bet you could, but I won’t hold back just because you’re young! I’m awesome fast!”


Discord looked at Scarlet Grace. “I don’t see anything wrong with her eyes. They look the same to me.”

“She was blind in both eyes and she was fussing.” Fluttershy explained. “Lilly and Paradox said it wasn’t the first time it had happened.”

“Why didn’t they tell us?” He asked.

“I asked the same thing, they both shrugged. Discord, I think you need to talk to Dox, he’s been… aggressive lately.”

Discord looked at Fluttershy. “Aggressive?”

Fluttershy nodded. “I think he feels left out.”

Discord’s ears went down as he pulled Scarlet Grace up against him to cradle her. “So do you think he’d feel better if I talked to him?”

“I don’t know. Maybe if you took him on one of your “spying” trips? The safe ones maybe?” Fluttershy fluffed up her feathers at the thought of Paradox and Discord being in danger.

He was still looking at their foal. “I think taking him with me to spy isn’t a very good idea.” He said as he gave Scarlet Grace a little kiss on her cheek.

“Yeah, I just thought about that; I don’t think you could handle him by yourself.” Fluttershy said.

Discord looked at her in surprise. “Excuse me? You don’t think I could handle taking care of Paradox by myself? Did I hear you right?”

She glanced at him. “Forget I said anything Discord.”

He stared at Fluttershy. “You know, I cannot forget that you said that. Challenge accepted! Next spy trip I am taking Paradox with me… whether you like it or not.”

Fluttershy’s ears went down. “Umm… are you sure about this?”

“My dearest, I am sure I can handle him. He is my son, how hard can it be?”


“Dad! Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, dad, dad, hey DAD! Wake up! Wake up! Dad!” Paradox poked at his father.

Discord opened his eyes and looked at his son. “Paradox, go to sleep.”

“But… Dad… I’m bored.” Paradox whined. “Why did you bring me here anyway? Wasn’t this a spy job? Why are we not spying?”

“We just got here. It’s night time. Get sleep.” He replied as he pulled a pillow on his face.

Paradox looked at his father. “I’m not sleepy. I want to help!”

Discord lifted the pillow off his face. “You want to help?”

“Yes!” He bounced excitedly.

“Then, please go to sleep.” Discord muttered. “Tomorrow I will tell you what we’ll do.”

He blinked at his father. “But Dad… I’m not tired.”

Discord sat up and rubbed his muzzle. “Dox… let me put it this way… If I don’t get any sleep, we cannot go out and spy tomorrow. Capisce?

“Capisce? What does that mean?”

“It doesn’t matter… Get some sleep Dox. If I have to tell you again, I might just take you home.” He yawned.

His eyes widened when he saw that his father wasn’t joking about taking him home. “Okay, I’ll be good. I’ll get some sleep, I’m just so excited.”

“Wonderful. Tomorrow I can show you how to change your appearance.” He ruffled Dox’s mane.

Paradox’s eyes widened. “Really!? Does Lilly know how to do that yet?”

“I don’t think she does, but I won’t teach it to you unless you get to sleep soon.”

“Okay, I’ll get some sleep!” Paradox jumped down from Discord’s bed and went over to the other bed in the room; he jumped on it and settled down into the comfortable sheets and blankets. He pulled the pillows around him as he curled up. “Goodnight Dad!”

Discord watched as his son made the other bed into almost a nest of sorts and chuckled while Paradox curled up. “Goodnight.”


Lilly crossed her arms and looked at her mother. “Mom.”

Fluttershy looked at her. “Lilly, I don’t know how many times I have to apologize to you I didn’t mean for your father to take me seriously when I suggested that Dox go with him.”

“It’s not fair.” Lilly huffed as she looked at Fluttershy. “What if Dad teaches Dox a magic trick that I want to learn.”

“Then you will learn it later?” Fluttershy suggested as she placed pancakes in front of Lilly.

“I don’t want to learn it later. I might need it now.”

“I doubt that Lilly. Don’t worry about this. Your father and Dox need time together anyway. Something about father and son bonding.” Fluttershy placed another plate of pancakes on the table.

“I think Dad should have brought me.”

Fluttershy sighed. “So then I would have to worry even more than I am now?”

Lilly looked at her mother in surprise. “You’re worried about Dad and Dox? Why?”

“I worry about your father a lot, then adding Paradox to it, I am more worried and if you were there then I’d be pretty much beside myself with worry.” Fluttershy felt a chill run down her spine. “Oh, I am so very worried, I don’t know what they are doing and I am afraid that they’ll get hurt or worse.”

“I never knew you felt that way.” Lilly said as she put her head down.

Fluttershy smiled. “I just have to remind myself that your father is immortal although he may become weakened and helpless and he kind of forgets that he is powerful…” She paused. “Anyway I just made myself worry about them more.”

Lilly blinked. “Mom. That can’t be healthy.”

Fluttershy shook her head and gave a big sigh. “I know.”


“Alright Dox, this time you need to really concentrate, if you don’t then something bad might happen. You’re trying to shape change. I may make it look easy but it’s very complex magic.” Discord explained. “One mistake and you can make a change permanent.”

Paradox’s eyes widened. “What?”

“Oh? You don’t like that news?” Discord asked.

Paradox shook his head quickly. “Dad… I thought that you’d just turn me into something and you just tell me how it is done. What am I supposed to do? Remember when you were teaching me how to make an apple disappear? I kept making it explode!”

“This is a lot different than a simple apple. This is you!” He put his arms out to indicate all of Paradox.

He gulped. “Exactly!”

Discord sighed and stuck his tongue out. “Okay, it’s really simple and complex all at once.” He put his paw out and turned it into a hoof. “Easy.” He slowly turned into a pony and stood there as a unicorn pony. “Easy… now watch…” He shook and wings popped out and his horn disappeared. “Now I’m a Pegasus!” He smiled and his fang showed.

“Dad, that is not easy!” Paradox said as he put out his paw and tried to use magic it shimmered almost turning his paw into a hoof but Paradox shook and it turned back into a paw. “See! I am not good at spells.”

“Tut! It’s easy.” Discord turned back. “I know you’re not a natural like Lilly, but you are extremely talented like your mother and I. Especially me.”

“Lilly has always been good at magic. I don’t have any natural talents.” Paradox pouted.

Discord’s ears went down. “Son, you just have to concentrate more. Nothing wrong with that. Turn your paw into a hoof; it’s not as difficult as you think it is.”

“But you said if… if I make a mistake it will be permanent.”

Discord put his claw over his eyes and started to rub them. “Yes… but you’re a draconequus… you’re already parts of different species. You can turn your hoof back into a paw.”

Paradox blinked. “Oh… OH! I get it now.” Paradox suddenly grinned. “Why didn’t you tell me that to begin with?”

“It was an assumption on my part. I’m sorry I didn’t make it clear to you.” Discord looked at his son and grinned.

“So… I just…” Paradox’s paw turned into a hoof and he looked at his other paw and it turned too. “Dad! I did it!”

“Well done! I knew you could do it. Now the rest of your body.”

Paradox changed into a unicorn pony completely except for his sharp teeth when he grinned. “I did it! I’m a pony!” He pranced around then suddenly stopped and looked at his flank. “I’m a blank flank.”

“Of course you are! You’re young; you haven’t gotten a cutie mark yet. Not like me.” Discord transformed into a unicorn and showed off his flank. “A basic cutie mark. A tornado. Sorry to disappoint you but you won’t have a real cutie mark…”

“Yeah I know. I’m not a full pony, Lilly and I won’t have cutie marks.” He put his head down.

“Sorry son.” Discord put his hoof on Paradox’s shoulder. “So do you want to spy?”

“OH! Yes!” Paradox was suddenly happy again. “Show me how we spy.”

“Alright then, follow me.”

Both father and son walked out onto the busy streets of Fillydelphia. “Dad we’re only in Fillydelphia, I thought we’d be going to an enemy territory or infiltrate a top secret laboratory.”

“Not all of my jobs go into ‘enemy’ territory.” Discord replied. “Besides, your mother would tear off my wings if I put you in harm’s way.”

Paradox muttered something.

Discord looked at him. “What did you say?”

“Mom can’t tear your wings off.” He replied louder.

Discord chuckled. “You obviously don’t know your mother as well as I do.”

“Mom won’t hurt a fly.” He whispered as he looked at his father. They had started to walk down the road.

“You really don’t understand Dox. Your mother has a temper and I have been able to rile her up a few times. Usually she’s what you see, but when she is angry. Oh ho, watch out.” He licked his lips. “Anyway, you want to know what we are doing today.”

Paradox’s eyes widened as he nodded. “Yes!”

“Is simple really, you see that restaurant over there?” He pointed his hoof at a diner.

Paradox nodded.

“We’re going to go in there, sit and eat.” He grinned.

“That’s it? We’re going to eat at a diner?” His son didn’t look convinced.

“Yes, I’ve been dying to try one of their secret recipes for Fillydelphia cheese mushroom sandwiches.”

“Dad really? A sandwich? We came all the way here for a sandwich?”

“No, not just a sandwich. The secret recipe for the sandwich.” Discord smiled as he opened the door to the diner letting his son in first. “Now shush I’ll do all the talking.”

Paradox made a face as he and his father was seated at a table. “Don’t tell me you eat at restaurants all the time?”

“Oh no, just this time. Celestia just wants her chef to make her something new.”

“That is just lame.” Paradox said as he gave a big sigh.

“Being a spy isn’t always exciting.” Discord replied. “I’ll find out this recipe and we’ll head on home.”

Paradox pouted. “Sure Dad. At least you taught me something Lilly doesn’t know. Thank you.”

Reaching over the table he ruffled Paradox’s mane with his hoof. “You’re smart Dox; you can do anything you put your mind to. Stop making everything with your sister into a competition. One day you will find out that you will need her as much as she needs you.”

“Okay dad, I will try to get along with Lilly, but she needs to stop being better than me at everything.”

“She just studies more than you, doesn’t mean she is better than you.” Discord suddenly winked at his son and got up. “I’ll be right back.”

“Dad?” Dox sat up and watched as his father walked into the kitchen of the diner. Suddenly he appeared right next to Paradox in his original shape he held a scroll in his paw. “Come on Doxy, we have to go!” He grabbed his son and they disappeared.

An earth pony with a chef’s hat came running out of the kitchen looking around. “Where did…? Argh!” He put his head down and went back into the kitchen.


Scarlet Grace blinked at her sister as Lilly put her hoof against her muzzle. “Gracie… Big sister is going to give you a kiss right on your nose.” She leaned down and kissed Scarlet Grace on the muzzle. The foal giggled and made a squeal and put her paw on Lilly’s muzzle.

Paradox looked up from a comic book he was reading. “Lilly, stop teasing Scarlet.”

“I’m not teasing her.” Lilly snorted and smiled at Scarlet and the foal started to blink a few times. When she stopped blinking both her eyes were clouded over. “Dox. Get mom and Dad… Scarlet is doing that eye thing again.”

“Okay.” Paradox got up and walked to the door. “MOM! DAD! SCARLET IS BLIND AGAIN!” He yelled down the stairs.

Lilly gave him a dirty look. “I said go get them not yell.”

Discord appeared instantly in the nursery. “Let me see her.” Lilly picked Scarlet up and handed her to her father.

“It worked.” Paradox said and stuck his tongue out at Lilly; she looked sternly at her brother.

Fluttershy flew into the nursery and landed beside Discord. “Discord that is the way she looked when we were at Twilight’s castle.”

Discord looked at Scarlet Grace closely and put his paw in front of her face. She had no reaction to him moving his paw. “She’s completely blind.” His ears went down. “I don’t understand.”

“She goes back to normal in a few minutes.” Paradox said. “Lilly was teasing her before it happened.”

“No I wasn’t.” Lilly huffed.

Scarlet Grace blinks her eyes and shakes her head her eyes turn normal and she looks at Discord with her eyes crossed and places both her paw and claw on his muzzle.

“Dada!” She started to rub her muzzle against his.

All of them gasp.

“Her first words.” Discord grinned and swallowed hard as he gave her a kiss. “Yes, I’m your Dada.”

“Dada!” She giggles and hugs his muzzle. “Dada.”

“Gracie, say Dox!” Paradox started to jump around his father trying to get Scarlet Grace to look at him.

“Good luck on that Dox.” Lilly said as she crossed her arms. “Looks like she only has eyes for Dad.”

Fluttershy smiled as she looked at Scarlet hugging Discord’s muzzle. “Aww… so cute!”

Scarlet Grace let go of his muzzle and looked at him tilting her head slightly. He gave her another kiss on her cheek and cradled her in his arms. “So, what do we do about her episodes?” He asked Fluttershy.

Fluttershy sat and let out a sigh. “I don’t know, I guess we’d have to figure out why she gets them to begin with. Should I make another appointment with Dr. Calliope?”

“I guess so.” He said letting out a deep sigh then he moved his head down sharply when Scarlet Grace grabbed his beard and pulled on it. “Ouch.”

“Dada!” Scarlet Grace giggled; her fingers entangled in his beard fur.

Fluttershy started to giggle. “Discord, she really likes your beard.”

“Can you help me?” He asked.

Paradox helped untangle Scarlet Grace’s little fingers from Discord’s fur. “Say Dox.” He whispered to Scarlet Grace as Discord handed her to Fluttershy. “Say Dox… please Scarlet say Dox.”

“Dada!” Scarlet Grace squealed.

Paradox put his head down and pouted. “I’m Dox.”

Lilly smiled. “Don’t worry Dox; she’ll be talking more before you know it. I’ll teach her to call you a poopie head.”

Fluttershy shook her head. “No, that language in this house is not allowed. No pony is going to be calling any pony a poopie head.”

Lilly suddenly blushed. “Um… okay mom.” She forgotten that Fluttershy was listening to her.

“Hah, you’re in trouble.” Paradox muttered to Lilly.

“Well, poopie head isn’t as bad as some other words that can be said.” Discord grinned. “Shall I list them?”

Fluttershy looked at him with wide eyes. “You wouldn’t dare say them in front of the children!”

“Don’t worry dear. I won’t say any of them in front of the children.” Discord put his claw up on his beard to check to make sure it wasn’t tangled too much. He then looked around the nursery. “I think that we should do some renovations Fluttershy.”


Discord used his magic to make the children’s bedrooms; Lilly’s room was across from Paradox’s room the nursery was going to be Scarlet Grace’s room when she got a little older. He had used a displacement spell like Lilly suggested.

He waved his paw as he moved Paradox’s bed to the side of the room. “Right here?” He looked at his son.

“Yeah.” Paradox muttered. “I guess that is okay.”

“You either like it there or not. If you don’t decide soon I will just leave it in the middle of the room.” Discord grumbled.

“That is fine Dad.” Paradox smirked. “Thanks.”

“About time.” He grabbed sheets and blankets from Fluttershy who was holding them out to him.

“Make your own bed Dox.” Discord threw the sheets and blankets on his son.

“Discord!” Fluttershy gasped and flew into the room and started to help Paradox make his bed.

Discord shook his head. “You spoil him too much Fluttershy. I’ll be rearranging our bedroom.” He walked over to his bedroom but his ears went up when he heard Lilly humming in her new bedroom. He walked to the door way and looked in.

Lilly was using her magic to put posters on the wall. A poster with the Thunderbolts on the wall. Another poster with some colt with a purple mane. She hung paper stars from the ceiling all the while she decorated she hummed to herself. He stepped into her room and she glanced at him and smiled. “Hi Dad.”

He walked over to her posters. “Thunderbolts? You want to become a flyer?”

She suddenly blushed. “No, but I like watching them fly.”

He then looked at her poster of the colt with a purple mane. “Who is this?”

Lilly looked at the poster. “Um… Just umm… he sings some of my favorite songs.” She blushed more. “Dad you’re embarrassing me.” She shuffled her hoof.

“I don’t mean to embarrass you.” Discord grinned at her. “Does my double flower like her room?”

Lilly nodded and gave him a tight hug. “Yes! Thank you! You are the best Daddy ever. I don’t have to share it with Dox anymore.”

He ruffled her mane. “Just keep your room clean.”

“I will.” Lilly went back to hanging up paper stars.

He walked to Fluttershy’s and his room and smiled as he rubbed his paw and claw together. “Now… this room.” He kicked the door closed.

Fluttershy walked out of Paradox’s bedroom, went into the nursery to get Scarlet Grace. She flew out of the nursery holding Scarlet and she looked around. “Discord?” She flew over to Lilly’s bedroom and looked in. “Have you seen your father?”

Lilly looked up. “I think he went to your guy’s room.”

Fluttershy landed for a moment. “Why? I thought he was only going to make your and Dox’s room bigger.”

Lilly shrugged. “Maybe Dad is tired?”

Fluttershy had a concerned face. “That isn’t like him. Can you hold Scarlet while I check on him?”

“OH! I love watching Scarlet for you Mom!” She took her sister from her mother.

Scarlet flapped her wings as Lilly held her. “Dada?”

“Say Lilly.” Lilly said to her sister as Fluttershy walked out and down the hall to her and Discord’s bedroom. The door was shut, she tried the knob and the door opened easily.

“Discord?” Fluttershy asked as she entered the bedroom and noticed the room was dark. “Did you come in here to take a nap?” She walked in further she didn’t notice that the door closed slowly. A tall figure loomed up behind her a grin showing clearly in the darkness. She looked behind her and smiled. “There you are.”

“Hello my dear, nope I wasn’t taking a nap.” He snapped his fingers and the lights came on in the room.

Fluttershy gasped at how much bigger their bedroom was. “Oh… my…” She looked around and saw that he had even made their bed bigger. Pictures of the children were hung on one wall and he had added another window that looked over the garden outside.

“So? What do you think?” He asked her.

“You didn’t have to make our room bigger, but it looks beautiful. She walked to the bed. “Do we really need a bed this big?”

He strolled over to the bed. “It needed to be bigger.” His body grew in size as he flopped onto the bed. “See it barely holds me comfortably.”

Fluttershy giggled as she walked closer to the bed. “Is it comfortable?”

He rolled on the bed and looked at her with his head upside down. “Why don’t you join me on the bed and find out?”

She looked at him. “So you think I want to get on the bed with you? That sounds like a trap to me.”

Discord scoffed. “A trap? Ha! No Fluttershy… I don’t have to trap you; all I have to do is…” He grabbed her and pulled her onto the bed. Fluttershy started to giggle as he kissed her and tickled her sides.

“Stop! Oh… Discord… I’m ticklish there.” She pushed him away from tickling her sides.

“Oh? Are you now?” He grinned as he licked her neck.

She shivered as she sighed. “Yes… very ticklish.”

He started to nibble on her neck and she relaxed. “I think we should break in the new bed.”

Her ears suddenly perked and she shook her head. “Oh no… Discord, we shouldn’t do that yet.” She wiggled out of his grip and got out of bed. “I have to feed Scarlet Grace and make dinner.”

He watched as she smiled at him apologetically. “Aww, but Fluttershy… I need you now.” He gave her a pouting look, making his eyes big like a kitten.

Fluttershy blushed. “Discord, you know that Scarlet is on a schedule, I really need to feed her.”

He pouted as he got up out of the bed. “Okay, but tonight we get to break in the new bed.”

“Okay.” She winked at him as she went out the door.


Scarlet Grace was in a hospital crib and Fluttershy was sleeping in a bed next to her. Dr. Epona Calliope wanted Scarlet Grace to stay in the hospital for observation. She wanted to find out what really happens during one of Scarlet’s spells. The little draconequus had wires on her head and wrists, but amazingly she was sleeping soundly.

Fluttershy rolled over on the uncomfortable bed and awoke instantly when she heard the door to the hospital room open. Epona walked in and was looking into the crib at Scarlet Grace. “What is going on?” Fluttershy asked the doctor.

Epona rubbed her muzzle tiredly. “I’m just checking on the patient. Sorry I wasn’t here earlier, I had to assist with a very difficult patient.”

Fluttershy nodded as she yawned slightly. “Have you noticed anything from the readouts?” She asked when Epona was looking at the sheets with little squiggle lines.

“So far they are normal.” Epona stated as she shuffled the papers in her hooves. “Of course this has only been a couple hours. Let’s see what the morning brings, get some sleep. I’ll be in here a couple more times tonight.”

Fluttershy settled back down into the bed and stretched out. “If there’s anything, please tell me.”

“I will.” Epona nodded as she walked out of the room. She turned to one of the shift nurses. “If anything happens, please tell me right away.”

“Yes Doctor.” The nurse nodded.

Dr. Epona walked down the hallway paused at a patient’s room, looked at a chart and then went in.

Fluttershy couldn’t sleep and she sat up on the bed and just looked at Scarlet Grace inside of the crib. She wanted to find out what the spells were about, but she had a feeling that what Scarlet went through wasn’t anything to be ultimately worried about. She sighed. “I wish you could just tell me what is wrong with you.”

“She’s clairvoyant.” Luna walked into the hospital room.

“Princess!” Fluttershy bowed to her.

“Do ye know what we are telling you?” Luna asked after Fluttershy stood up from the bow.

“No, what’s a clairvoyant?” Fluttershy asked.

“She can tell the future. She is very young so ‘tis very scary for her. Ye should comfort her at the times her power peaks; she will experience ‘bouts of weakness and headaches. She is very unique ‘tis as if there are two ponies within her.” The Princess of the moon looked at Scarlet Grace and smiled gently.

“Two ponies?” Fluttershy looked at her daughter and then back at Luna, but the Princess had disappeared. “A clairvoyant?” She now had more questions than before.


Discord paced back and forth in front of Fluttershy who was holding Scarlet Grace, they were back from the hospital. “Wait a minute… Wait…” He paused and looked at his daughter who was giggling stretching her paw and claw out to him. He grinned at her as he went over and took her from Fluttershy. “How did you find this out?”

“Princess Luna told me.” Fluttershy blushed. “I don’t know how she knew.”

“She’s Luna. Of course she would know.” He looked at Scarlet Grace and she giggled at him and placed her paw on his muzzle.

“Dada.” Scarlet cooed and then yawned sleepily.

“It shouldn’t be that bad? Maybe we can teach her to control it?” Fluttershy asked.

“I don’t know. I never dealt with a real clairvoyant before. Most of them are frauds.” He gave Scarlet Grace a kiss and handed her back to Fluttershy. “What I want to know is what Luna meant by two ponies inside of her.”

Fluttershy shrugged as she looked at her daughter.

Scarlet puffed out her cheeks and she suddenly smiled as she put her paw on Fluttershy’s muzzle. “Mama.”

Discord smiled. “You’re her second word Fluttershy.”

Fluttershy looked at her daughter in shock and blinked. When she blinked she felt a tear fall from her eye. “I’m your Mama Scarlet Grace. I’m so proud of you.”

“Mama, Dada.” Scarlet looked at them both. “Dada, Mama”

Lilly walked in. “What’s going on?”

“Scarlet said her second word.” Discord grinned at Lilly. “She said Mama.”

Scarlet Grace saw Lilly and started to put her paw out to Lilly. “Illy! Illy!”

“Close enough.” Lilly said as she went to her sister and put her hoof up and booped her nose. “Thank you Scarlet. You said my name before Dox!” She giggled and Discord frowned at her.

“It’s not a contest Lilly.” He warned his daughter.

Lilly put her head down hiding the smile that was on her face. “I’m sorry Dad. I promise not to gloat.”

His eyebrow shot up. “A likely story. You are my daughter; I know what you are thinking.”

“What am I thinking then?” She looked at him her eyes blazed a slight red.

He looked at her in shock. “Goodness Lilly. Well, you need to calm your temper just slightly and you are going to gloat the first chance you get.”

Lilly blinked. “Umm, okay Dad, sorry I got just a little upset that you didn’t believe me. Yeah, I will gloat as soon as I find the opportunity only because Dox gets really annoyed with me.”

“You two need to learn to get along.” Fluttershy said. “You know your father and I won’t always be around to help you.”

“But mom you two are immortal.” Lilly answered.

“Even immortals have weaknesses.” Discord grumbled irritability.

Fluttershy started to giggle at him. “I think you have two weaknesses Discord.”

He looked at Fluttershy. “What is that my dear?”

“You don’t know then? Oh, I better keep it a secret.” She giggled as she trotted out of the room carrying Scarlet Grace.

“Mama!” Scarlet Grace was heard as Fluttershy walked down the hallway towards the nursery.

Paradox ran into the room. “Did Scarlet just say Mama?” He looked at his father and his sister.

Discord stepped forward and gave Lilly a stern glare and she closed her mouth and smirked at her brother. “Yes, Scarlet Grace said “mama”.”

“No!” Paradox gasped and put his paw against his forehead as he kneeled down. “Scarlet! Why do you forsake me?”

“Overly dramatic.” Discord clapped. “Do you require an award for best acting?” He asked.

Paradox got up and smiled at them. “Where is Scarlet Grace?”

“Mom took her to the nursery to put her down for a nap.” Lilly said and looked up at Discord then back at her brother. “Grace said Lilly too.”

Discord put his paw on his face and sighed. “Lilly, I told you not to.”

Paradox blinked at his sister. “No… she didn’t. Did she?” He looked up at his father and saw the look of exasperation on his face. “SCARLET GRACE! YOU’VE FORSAKEN ME! NOOO!!!” He collapsed on his knees again and hit the floor.

Fluttershy came back in the room with her ears back. “Dox… be quiet; your sister is asleep.”

Paradox stood up quickly and smiled at his mother. “Oops, sorry Mom. I’ll be quiet.”

“I think you should take up acting as well as artwork.” Lilly said.

“I am multi-talented.” Paradox smirked. “I know that Scarlet Grace will say my name. I’m just being silly.”


Discord lay back onto the large bed that he’d made for them. He summoned a book and started to read it. He had read a couple pages when Fluttershy slowly came into the room. She was walking quietly as she approached her side of the bed. He turned a page of the book and didn’t say anything to her. Slowly she got into bed and scooted down under the covers.

“So, what weaknesses do I have?” He asked casually.

Fluttershy blinked innocently at him. “Pardon?”

“I remember you saying that I had two weaknesses, what are they?” He glanced at her.

She moved on her side to look at him as she faced him. “Well, we already know that you have a weakness to the elements of harmony.”

He made a face then smiled. “Which you promised to never use on me.”

“Yes, of course.” She smiled at him as she moved the blanket off of her. She had one hoof on her side and she had her legs apart slightly.

“What is my other weakness?” He asked as he looked at her lying there provocatively.

“I thought I’d keep it a secret.” She whispered as she moved her hoof down her side.

“Oh no Fluttershy, you are going to have to tell me.” He grinned at her as he started to move his paw closer to her.

She looked at his paw. “No, I can’t tell you.”

He grinned. “Oh Fluttershy, it’s because you don’t really know.” He started to chuckle. “You know as well as I do that I only have one weakness.” He shook his head and leaned back closing his eyes to gloat at the fact that he had won. His ears suddenly went up and his eyes widened in shock. “Uh what..? I guess mmm… I spoke too soon.”

Fluttershy smiled when he leaned back and she made her move. As he was leaning back she lifted the sheets and when he started to gloat she opened her mouth and started to lick his arousal.

He felt her tongue rub against him and he shuddered with pleasure. “Oh… Fluttershy…” He moved his paw down and rubbed her ears as she slowly ran her tongue over his shaft.

She rubbed her tongue on him slowly, and then worked her way up to the tip of his cock. She moved her hoof up to his hip as she wiggled and positioned herself a little more over his body. At his tip she rubbed her tongue slowly on his most sensitive spot. She looked up at him and he was leaning back his mouth agape from pleasure. She smiled to herself. She rubbed her tongue along the bottom of his tip, and felt how he was swelling with her attention.

He was panting at the feel of her tongue. His heart beating hard in his ears as she took her time in giving him pleasure. “I might explode.”

She looked at him as she stopped licking for a moment. “What kind of explosion are you talking about love?” She asked but didn’t wait for his response as she went back to licking then wrapping her lips slowly over his thickened tip.

“Ooh…” He moaned out. As his whole body shuddered in ecstasy. “A good explosion…” he answered breathless.

He moved his hips up as she sucked him into her mouth rubbing her tongue under his shaft as she took him deep. After being married to Discord for a few years she knew how to give him the pleasure he enjoyed. Although fellatio wasn’t her favorite thing to do she knew that it was one of his biggest weaknesses.

He bit his lower lip as he moved his hips up pushing his hard cock deeper into her muzzle. He put his paw and claw on her mane tangling his fingers through it slowly. “You’re torturing me.”

She blinked as he pushed into her mouth trying to take over the speed in which she was pleasuring him. She knew he’d do that so she started to move slightly faster. Taking him into her muzzle deep and pulling back until she had built up a rhythm.

“Mm yes.” He whispered breathless as she did her work on him. He was on the edge of no return though and he let go of her mane as he suddenly gripped the bed. “Oh, Fluttershy. I’m… coming…”

She felt him swell inside of her muzzle. She wanted to taste him. She took him deeply into her muzzle when he released into her mouth. Her mouth was suddenly flooded with his hot desire and she started to swallow and drink him down. He throbbed in her mouth, each pulse delivering a gush of his seed. When he finished she swallowed and slowly pulled back licking her lips. She put her hoof up to her lips and looked at him.

“Ah Fluttershy…” He moaned lustfully. “Your muzzle. You.” He panted out as he looked at her.

“That is one of your weaknesses.” She said. “It renders you helpless and makes you weak.”

He looked at her and saw she had a smirk in her face. He knew that was a weakness of his. “Oh, I heartily agree. Though I fully doubt any enemy of mine would think of making me helpless by giving me a blow job.”

She giggled. “I would and just did.”

“Yes, but you’re not my enemy, at least I don’t think you are.” He looked at her warily.

“I’m the worse kind of enemy. I know all your secrets, all your plans, all of your weaknesses.” She giggled as she straddled him and looked down at him. “I know that if I wait long enough you’ll have the energy to go again.” She leaned against his chest and looked into his eyes.

“Hmm. Yes. I also know your weaknesses too. Your secrets, your plans…” He grinned as he placed his paw and claw on her back under her wings. “I also know that I already have the energy for a round two.”

She smiled as she wiggled against him. “Oh?”

He nodded as he moved his hips up and poked her. “Yes.”

She grinned at him as she suddenly sat up and his paw and claw slipped down to her flanks. She lifted up on her back legs and looked down at his arousal she smiled as he helped her by holding himself so she could easily lower on him. “Ah… yes.” she moaned as she lowered on him slowly and he pushed up into her.

He grinned as he slipped deeply into her easily. “You are very wet my dear.”

Fluttershy bit her lower lip as she rocked forward on him making him push into her deeper. “Mmm… Yes and you… are very hard.” She panted as she pulled up.

He gripped her hips as she rode on him, moving his fingers through her fur. He traced his claws along her butterflies.

She shook on him as she arched her back placing her hooves on his legs as she rode his shaft. “Oh! Discord! I cannot…” she gasped as she hit orgasm. “You feel so wonderful!”

He growled at the feel of her orgasm running over his hardness. And he held her tightly, lifting her body up slightly so he could push up into her hard and fast. “Hold on Sweetheart.” He rumbled as he pushed up deeply.

“Ah!” She gasped. “I… can’t uh…” She came again and panted.

“Yes my love…” He pulled her against him and he rolled until he was on top of her. He took over the love making and started to thrust deep into her.

She panted as she looked up at him.

He looked down at her and slowly put his lips to hers and kissed her deeply as he pushed into her hard and fast. He rubbed his tongue against her tongue; he tasted her as well as himself. They both breathed heavily kissing each other hungrily as they mated hard. He gripped her hips as he pushed harder into her. Her eyes widened as she gasped in the kiss as another orgasm washed over her. She tightened her legs around his hips moved her hooves down his back as she held him against her. He growled and broke the kiss his tongue licking her lips. “I’m going to … fill you up.”

She couldn’t say anything but moaned in ecstasy. She felt dizzy with the pleasure as she used her body to give him pleasure back tightening her sex around him as he pushed in deep. She felt him shake as he pushed into her deeply and released.

He panted as he released himself into her. “I love you Fluttershy.” He held her against him as they both panted from the lovemaking.
Fluttershy nuzzled against his neck and was still breathing heavy. “Discord… I love you too.”

As he held her he kept rubbing her flank. His claw traced one of her butterflies and then another one. He didn’t even need to look at her cutie mark to know where each one was. She had six butterflies all together. They were her butterflies and he liked to think that they were his too. “I am so happy you have chosen to be with me Fluttershy. I really don’t think I would be happy with any other pony.”

“I know I wouldn’t be with any other pony.” She whispered. “You probably would’ve found someone else, but I wouldn’t have.” She didn’t say anything else as she snuggled up against him.

“It’s okay Fluttershy, we found each other, and that is all that really counts isn’t it?” He held her against him and kissed her neck.

She nodded as she felt comforted in his arms. “We have a forever lifetimes now; our future will be one adventure after another I am sure.” She giggled. “We should sleep; our children never let us sleep in.”

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