Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 55


The winged serpent female uncoiled around Silver as she looked at Paradox with unblinking eyes. She had moved away from Silver as she stretched out her wings.

Paradox looked at Silver laying lifeless on the sand, he sank to his knees as he pulled her into his lap. “No… No… Why?” He looked up at the serpent as he growled at her his eyes shadowed with a sudden hatred.

The other serpent flew down and slithered over to the female. “Did do it?” It asked.

“Yesss… but, he is of not gracious.” The one that bit Silver said.

The serpent that broke Paradox’s wing frowned and looked at him with unblinking eyes. “Why are you of not gracious?”rsangrydox

“Gracious for YOU KILLING MY WIFE!?” He yelled as he slowly set Silver on the sand as he stood up. “YOU KILLED HER!” He put his paw on his other paw and rubbed them together. His eyes started to glow a deep blinding blue light. “I’m going to tear wings off of snakes!” He suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind the serpent that bit Silver. He grabbed the serpent’s wing and growled deeply as he snapped the main bone like it was nothing but a mere twig.

The female serpent thrashed and coiled around Paradox’s legs. “AUGGHH!! Sssilass!” She hissed out in agony.

“WAIT!” The serpent that broke Paradox’s wing shouted. “The flying pony is not of the dead state.”

Paradox’s eyes were glowing bright blue as he grasped at the coils that were around his legs. He dug his claws into the coils and was about to rip into the scaly flesh. The tail of the other serpent coiled tightly around his wrist pausing Paradox from tearing into the flesh.

“Calm wrathfulness.” The serpent hissed softly at him as he moved forward and placed odd looking mechanical claws on top of Paradox’s paws.silas

Paradox was breathing heavily as he looked into the serpent’s eyes. His eyes glowing a fiery blue that seemed to drip flames down upon the ground which were his tears of rage and sorrow. “What do you mean… She’s not dead…” He looked at his wife’s body and he started to shake uncontrollably. “She’s my… my one… my only… my… reason for… living… My… My… Silver…” He growled as he lifted his paw, reached out and grabbed the other serpent around the neck. “I’LL KILL YOU!”

“Speaks truth. You mate not dead. Not dead, sleeping. Had parasite to rid of. Only way.” The female was gasping in pain as she tried to explain the situation fast. “No kill my mate.”

He kept tightening his grip on the male serpent. “You broke my wing… bit my wife… all for a parasite? What parasite? What are you talking about?” He was seething with anger, he couldn’t control how he felt and he wanted to kill something bad. He flexed his claws into the female serpent’s tail and into the male serpent’s throat.

“Sssah… Speak truth, is parasite… Parasite pretend to be… something not…” The male gasped as he tried to breath.

Silver’s legs moved slightly and she let out a gasp of breath but still remained unconscious.

“SILVER!” Dox yelled as he immediately let go of both serpents and ran to her side. “Silver… My love… please wake up please…” He pulled her into his lap and started to slowly give her kisses on her brow. “Don’t leave me… I love you.”

Both serpents coiled around one another and they looked over their wounds. The female cautiously approached them. She stopped when Paradox looked up at her again in hatred. “Ssssorry… The parasite… It dead… My venom won’t harm winged pony. Safe but must rest… Rest lotsssss.”

“Screw you.” Paradox growled at her.

The male serpent moved up. “Ssah. Not gracious. He cares much of his mate. Maybe other way of tell truth?”

“How other way?” The female which seemed to be named Sah said. “It best to kill before it manifests. Talking is waste time.”

Paradox looked from one to the other. “What are you two talking about?”

The female looked at Paradox and let out a small sigh. “I will try talk your way.” She dragged her broken wing and seemed to flinch when she moved her coils that he had dug into with his claws. “The parasite is a trick, it buries itself deeply into host… and takes place of natural baby…” She seemed to make a face that was odd for a serpent and she looked at her mate.

The male seemed to have the name of Silas spoke up. “It eats other… and takes place. Only way to rid it is to… poison… if left to manifest… it gruesome… kill host and dig its way out. Not good. Should be gracious that we did what we did.”

“We sssave winged pony. Sssorry it turned thissss way.” Sah whispered softly. “Take mate and keep safe. Keep her safe… Sso safe. Sorry for loss of your unborn, parasite killed it before we discover.” She shook her head.

Paradox pulled Silver against his chest… “I… Can you please leave us?”

“Yesss” Both serpents hissed.

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