Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 51


Silver slept soundly on the soft bed. Paradox had found a lovely house that had a private beach and the ocean breeze made her feel relaxed as she slept in. She rolled on the bed and noticed that he wasn’t there, she looked up sleepily and yawned. Sunlight streamed in through the white curtains and the window was open, she heard the sound of the waves hitting the shore.

Paradox was already awake and making breakfast for her. He had made pancakes and walked to the bedroom. “Silver. Time for breakfast.”

She stretched and looked at him. “Good morning Doxy.”

He smiled at her. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you… but it must have been something right.”

“Oh Doxy. I love you.” She said to him as she slowly got out of bed. “What did you make?”

“Just some pancakes.” He answered as he watched her slowly walk past him. He started to growl low under his breath as he looked at her hips.

“I love pan… eek!” She exclaimed as he grabbed her hips and moved up against her.

“Oh Silver…” He moaned out as he pushed into her.

“Ah ohh Doxy…” She shuddered in pleasure.

He thrust into her hard and rough. “Oh… gods yes… I need you so bad.” He huffed.

She moaned out as he pushed into her deeply. “Faster love.”

“Yes. Yes…” He panted as he gripped her shoulders while pounding her.

Her wings quivered as her orgasm flowed around him. “Ah Doxy!”

He growled as he pushed deeply and released into her. “Gods yes.” He moaned out lustfully.

They stood panting for a moment as he slowly pulled from her heat. She looked back at him her face flush. “That was sudden.” She said softly.

“You make me horny.” He confessed.

“I’m alright with that.” She replied. “Now I’m starving for food.”

He grinned. “So am I. Let’s eat.”

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