Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 50


The Ponyville Train Station.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Rainbow Dash asked as she held Selene and Solana in her arms, she was flapping her wings easily as she held them.

“Yeah, I think Paradox and I need a small vacation.” Silver said as she looked at her mother. “Doctor’s orders.”

“Where’re ya going to go?” Big Mac asked as he took Solana from Rainbow Dash.

Paradox smirked as he carried a bag. “I think we are going to head to the shore. I think some sunshine will do us some good.”

“The ocean?” Silver asked suddenly.

“Yes. A rather large body of water that is usually blue like your lovely fur.” Paradox smiled. “Don’t worry Silver I will keep you safe.”

“I… Just never seen it before.”

“It’s beautiful.” He said as he walked over to Rainbow Dash and took Selene from her. “We’ll be back in a week. I don’t know if we can be away from these two sweeties for too long.” He kissed Selene on her cheek and she giggled as she put her paw on his muzzle. “Da…”triptimecolor2

Silver started to sniffle. “I… I don’t know Doxy… maybe we should…”

“No… We’re going.” He gave Selene back to his mother-in-law. “Our little ones are in good hooves. If you need any help, you know Mom will be there for you RD.”

“I know Dox. You and Silver have fun. I want to spoil them.” Rainbow smiled.

“Dad, don’t let Mom spoil them too much.” Silver said to Big Mac.

“Ya’ll just have fun, don’t ya worry a bit about yer young ‘uns.” Mac said as he gave Solana a kiss on her cheek.

Solana giggled and hugged Big Mac. “Gran’ pa.”

“You two be good.” Silver said to Solana and Selene as she kissed them both. “Keep an eye on your grandparents.”

“Come on Silver.” Dox put his paw on her shoulder. “Don’t worry RD, I will keep Silver safe.”

“Yeah, but who will watch over you?” Rainbow smirked.

“Ha! Funny…” He gave his mother-in-law a smirk in return.

The train whistle went off.

“Oh! Our train is about to leave.” Silver gasped as she looked at her foals. “Oh… I’m gonna miss you two.”

“Go Silver before I push you onto the train myself.” Rainbow Dash smiled.

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