Story: Life with Paradox – Chapter 11


He was laughing, why was he laughing? It wasn’t that funny. Why won’t he stop?laughingparadox

Silver looked at him. “Are you feeling alright?”

Paradox kept laughing as tears fell from his eyes. “No.” He managed to say and caught his breath as he looked at the doctor. “What did you say?”

“It’s a high possibly that Silver is going to have twins.” Epona repeated.

He was about to burst out laughing again. “Why would we have twins?” He asked as the urge to snicker rose.

“Your father was a twin, you’re a twin. High probability.” Epona answered. She looked at Paradox and blinked. “Are you alright?”

He stared at her. “Yeah. Peachy. Why?” He snickered and tried to compose himself.

“You have a crazed look on your face. When did your fangs grow in?” She asked.

“I’m not crazed am I? And I had fangs for a while they just recently grew in larger.”

Epona looked doubtfully at him. “Come here.”

He nodded as he snickered moving closer to Epona. “Yes?”

She looked into his eyes and then made him open his mouth. She looked at his paws, horns and fangs. “Unusual fur growth, claws won’t retract… hmm. Growth potion?” She asked casually.

Silver and Paradox looked at her in shock. “Yes.” they said together.

“You youngsters always in a hurry.” She muttered.

“Wait, no it was an accidental ingestion.” Paradox grinned he was still feeling giddy with laughter.

“Oh, you should have come to me sooner. Sounds like magical poisoning.” She disappeared and instantly reappeared holding with her magic, a bottle. “This should stop anything new that shall come up. It will also help with your claws and fangs.”

He looked at the bottle, it had some purple capsules in it. “I don’t trust it.”

“I didn’t ask if you trusted the medicine. Take one a day for five days and you’ll notice the difference. If you want to stop the changes to your body, I suggest you take it.” She looked at him.

“Can I take one now?” He asked and started to chuckle.

“Please do.” The Epona muttered.

Paradox took a capsule out of the bottle and looked at it. “It’s the size of a horse pill.”

Silver giggled. “You’re part horse.”

He nodded. “Yeah, I am… whoa awesome. Talking horses.” He took the capsule.

“As I was saying…” Epona turned to look at Silver. “You might have twins, but probably not. But I’d never rule that out. Look who the father is. It runs in his family. Yet they’re fraternal twins so…”

Silver nodded. “So the possibility is smaller of having twins.”

Epona nodded. “Let me check you.”

Paradox was sitting in a chair looking at his paws. Just staring at them and not paying attention to the Doctor or his mate. When he heard a heartbeat he sat up and looked over. “What is that?”

“That is your wife’s heart.” Epona replied and waited until he walked over before she moved the Doppler wand down. The sound changed to rapid fluttering noises. “That sound is the foal’s heart beat.”

Paradox’s mouth suddenly hung open. He looked at Silver and saw her smile at him. He placed his paws on his head. “I heard this before, but it’s totally different when it’s your own.” He smiled as he went over to Silver. “That’s our baby. Our foal. Silver, you’re awesome.” He kissed her.

Silver was blushing. “Oh… you helped.”

“With the fun part!” He laughed. Silver giggled along with him as she blushed.

Epona sighed and rolled her eyes. “Paradox, be sure to take those pills daily until they are gone. Plus help your wife as much as possible.”

He looked at her. “Help her do what?”

“Things around the house. Take care of her.”

“I do that already.” He smiled and kissed Silver’s cheek. “Don’t I?”

“Looking sexy isn’t helping. She means doing chores.” Silver replied as she pushed him with her hoof.

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