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Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 76


“Crispin, where do you think you’re going?” Apple Jack asked her son as she saw him trying to sneak away from doing his chores.crispin

Crispin blinked as he looked at his mother. “Nothing ma… I was just well… Sprinkle Icing invited me to a party and I’d hate to disappoint her by not showing up.”

Apple Jack approached him. “I suggest you finish your chores then.” She pointed out the bales of hay that need to be put into the loft of the barn. She then walked away. “After those are put up then you can go traipsing off to snuggle Sprinkle.”

Crispin felt his ears burn. “Ma! This will take forever.”

Apple Bloom watched the exchange and watched as her sister walked into the house. She then approached her nephew. “Just use yer magic.”

Crispin looked at his aunt. “Ma doesn’t want me to use my magic, she says just using my strength builds character.”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. “Oh please, what is one time? I finished my chores I’m going to Sprinkle Icing’s party now. Should I tell her you can’t make it?”applebloomolder

“That ain’t fair AB. I want to go too.” He muttered.

“Use your magic then.” She stated. “It won’t hurt nothing.”

“Ma would know.” He whispered as he looked at the house.

“So what, yer a unicorn; use yer magic. Geez.” Apple Bloom sighed.

“Okay, but if Ma gets upset I’m blaming ya.” Crispin said as his horn started to glow. The hay bales glowed and he hefted them up and into the barn. He squinted his eyes as he strained with his magic. He walked towards the barn and watch where he placed the bales in the loft. After he let them lose he let out a sigh. “Those were heavy.”

Apple Bloom was staring at him. “Whoa… Crispin yer strong. Where did ya learn that spell?”

“Um, Aunt Twilight had been teach’n me some things.” He said quietly. “Ma doesn’t know, although I told Twilight that ma told me I needed to learn from her.”

“Crispin! Ya lied?” Apple Bloom gasped at her nephew. “Ya never lied. Why did ya lie?”

“I wanted to learn magic.” He put his head down. “Paradox, Lilly, Scarlet Grace, Sweetie Belle, Rarity, every unicorn I know has magic knowledge but me. Paradox, Scarlet Grace and Lilly aren’t even unicorns and they know more magic than any of us.”

“More than I.” Apple Bloom muttered.

“Yer an earth pony AB.” He said.

“Yes, and so is yer mom. Ya know if AJ had known ya wanted to learn; she would have let ya. Another thing, Paradox, Scarlet Grace and Lilly aren’t ponies. They’re draconequuseses… whatever.” Apple Bloom stuck her tongue out. “Their magic comes naturally for them.”

“I know, but I am a unicorn and I want to learn to be one. I should’ve asked.” He sighed.

“Let’s go then. I hope they haven’t started eating cake without us.” Apple Bloom grinned as she and Crispin headed to Sugar Cube corner in town.

Apple Jack watched them from the house and walked out when they left. “It figures he’d have to rely on Apple Bloom to encourage him to use his magic.” She shook her head, fixed her hat and trotted towards Ponyville.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 75


Fluttershy awoke in a panic. “Oh my goodness!” Her heart was racing and she was shaking all over.

Discord was instantly alert. “What is it? Who’s there?” He asked in the darkness until he realized it was his wife that was shaking. “Fluttershy? What is it?”

“I had a bad dream, but it seemed so very real.” She started to shiver.

He put his arms around her and pulled her to him. “Tell me about it. It might be nothing. Do you remember any of it?”

“I remember running away and my wings were gone and I…” She leaned against him. “It scared me.”

“Almost sounds like you were dreaming of our first meeting.” He chuckled.

She shook her head, “No. I was scared then, but this was… worse.”

“Okay Fluttershy, let me calm you.” He whispered as he placed his claw over her head moving his fingers though her mane softly. She usually thought he did that to soothe her but what he really was doing was entering her dreams.headmassageDiscord stood in Fluttershy’s dreamscape he looked around and saw a few doors. He strolled through them; they were well organized and labeled appropriately. “Animals, birds, insects, love, Discord, food, recipes, friends, pregnancy, dragons, monsters, shadows, strange noises…” from happy to scary dreams. He stopped at the door that read: recent dreams. Placing a paw on it he opened to door slowly and walked in.

Fluttershy was running quickly and suddenly ran right into him. “Oh my goodness! Discord!” She was panting. “We have to run! Please run.” She looked behind her with panic in her eyes.

He looked at what was approaching and saw nothing. “Fluttershy, there’s nothing there.”

“No its there! Go Discord! Please!” She wiggled from his grasp and ran off.

“It’sss you!” A voice whispered to him.

“The shadow?” Discord’s eyes narrowed. “What’re you doing in my wife’s dreams?”

“The quessstion isn’t that, it’ss what are you doing in her dreamsss?” The shadow started to loom up above him. “We’d love to invade your dreamsss maybe we’d get you to be on our ssside.”

“I doubt that.” He frowned as he looked at the shadow closer, for a moment he could have sworn it sounded like… He shook his head. “Leave my family alone.”

“Discord? What are thou doing?” Luna said as she walked into the dream.

Discord pointed at the shadow. “This is trying to come back.”

The shadow suddenly started to cringe and recede at the sight of Luna. “Hisss.”

She looked at Discord. “I’ll handle it. Please Discord let Fluttershy know that she is safe as long as I’m around.”

“Thank you Luna.” He blinked and was out of the dream and back in bed slowly rubbing Fluttershy’s mane.

“Discord, that feels so wonderful.” Fluttershy murmured as she cuddled up against him. She had no idea he’d gone into her dreams.

“Do you feel better?” He asked her softly continuing to rub her mane behind her ears and down her neck.

“Knowing that you are here, I feel better.” She whispered and yawned.

“Luna will protect you in your dreams.” He whispered to her. “I’ll protect you here.” He rubbed down her back between her wings and moved his paw to her pregnant belly. “I only want you to be happy, healthy and relaxed. I love you and our family.” He frowned as he recalled the voice of the shadow. It sounded like some pony familiar.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 74


Paradox and Silver Dash arrived at the Clover Café a little late. Rainbow Dash actually didn’t mind since she was sitting at a table with Apple Jack and her unicorn son Crispin. Silver and Dox approached the table.

“Sorry we’re late Mom.” Silver apologized as she sat down in the chair that Paradox held out for her.

“It’s okay.” Rainbow Dash shrugged. “I’m with good company.”

“My goodness.” Apple Jack spoke up. “You two have sprouted like weeds.” She looked at Paradox. “You are almost a spitting image of your father.”

Paradox smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m not as good with magic as dad though.”

Crispin’s ears went up. “I can do magic.”

Apple Jack looked at her son. “Not at the table.”

“Aww, Ma.” He sighed and was quiet again.

They talked a while and ordered their food. After dinner Paradox was trying to go through ways to ask Silver to marry him in his mind. He looked over at Crispin and leaned over. “Hey Crispin… can we talk?”

Crispin nodded. “Yep.”

Paradox got up from the table. “Crispin and I are going to get desserts.” He waited as Crispin got up and they both walked up to the bar of the cafe.

“What’s up?” Crispin asked.

“I need an idea on how to ask Silver to marry me.” He said.

Crispin blinked. “Just ask her?”

Paradox shook his head. “No, it has to be awesome and romantic.”

“Dox, you’re asking the wrong pony. All I want to do is hang out with Sprinkle Icing; she makes the most delicious cookies.” He smiled.

“You only like her for her cooking?” Paradox asked.

“Oh no, I love her, but she doesn’t love me back.”

He stared at Crispin. “Have you told her?”

Crispin looked back at his mother, Rainbow Dash and Silver. “Should I?”

Paradox shrugged. “It’s up to you. You won’t know if she loves you unless you tell her yourself.”

Crispin shuffled his hoof. “I’m not good with my words. I guess I’m almost like uncle Big Mac.”

Paradox turned and ordered desserts for every pony. “You’re talking to me.” He replied to Crispin.

“That’s different. You’re my friend.” Crispin smiled.

“So is Sprinkle Icing.” He smiled back at him. “Think about that. My mom and dad were friends before they got married.” He grabbed a couple bowls of desserts and Crispin used his magic to hover the other desserts back to the table.

“Sorry I couldn’t help you more.” Crispin said before they got to the table.

“It’s okay buddy.” Paradox grinned. “I’ll figure it out.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 73 (Mature NC-17)


Silver stood up when Paradox walked out of the study. “Hey Doxy. So, why did you talk to mom?”

Paradox blinked at her. “No reason. Just telling her that mom was pregnant again and that we should get her something.”

She looked at him doubtfully. “Uh huh… and you couldn’t talk to her about it with me in the room?”

He shrugged. “Not my fault you decided to sit out here.” He started to casually walk around.

“Doxy! Come on and tell me what you and mom talked about!” She followed him her wings flapping slightly in irritation.

“I told you already.” He smirked as he looked at a trophy Rainbow Dash had put on display. “So, are we going to have dinner here?”

“Are you serious? You want to eat?” She huffed.

He looked at her. “Yeah, I’m very hungry.” He looked over at Rainbow Dash as she walked from the room.

Rainbow Dash yawned. “If you think I’m cooking dinner, you’re sadly mistaken.” She flexed her wings as she approached the front door and opened it. “I suggest we meet at the Clover Café.” She spread her wings and took off.

“Yes… food.” Paradox mumbled as he walked to the door.

“Doxy.” Silver whispered.

Paradox turned to look at Silver. “Yes?”

She was smiling as she looked at him. “Do we have time for a quickie? Or are you too hungry?”

Paradox’s ears went up. “Oh… are you sure? Your mom is going to be waiting…” He stopped talking when she turned around and trotted up the steps. He followed her as he started to grin.

She opened the door to her bedroom and went in leaving it open for him.

Paradox stopped in front of her doorway. “Silver? Where are you?”

She giggled. “In here. Come and get me.”

She was teasing him and he found it arousing. “I’ll get you alright.” He opened the door as he looked in at the same time. She was lounging on her bed made of clouds. His grin widened. “This is your bedroom?” He asked as he walked slowly into her room.silvercuddle

“Yes, I’ll give you a tour later, but right now…” She gave him a pouting face that really made his fur stand on end. “Please. Doxy.”

He smiled as he crawled onto her bed. “Well, I guess a little cuddle won’t hurt.” He started nuzzling into her mane and slowly moved over her placing his paws on her hips. “But that is all you’re going to get; a deep penetrating cuddle.” He moved up against her as he moved his paw over and swept her tail to the side.

“You promise?” She whispered as she felt him move his arousal along her folds.

“Yes… I promise.” He moaned as he pushed into her deeply. “I’ll cuddle you hard and deep.”

She shook with the feel of him. “Oh yes!”

He started to move in and out of her as he leaned down and licked behind her ears. “Smooth as silk.” He whispered as he increased his speed.

“Ah, oh Dox. Yes.” She let out a panting moan. “Fill me. Please. Please.” She was shaking as he felt her tighten around him.

He groaned in pleasure as he felt her muscles tighten up and he bucked into her faster in short thrusts. “Oh! Silver, I’m coming. Ah!” He grit his teeth as he moved faster.

An orgasm washed over her. “Dox! Ah!” Her wings quivered.

He felt her flow around him. “Ooh yes!” He pushed in hard and let his own orgasm go. He moaned out as he filled her and bucked up until he couldn’t spill anymore into her. Panting he leaned on her and kissed down her neck and put his paws on her shoulders and rubbed them slowly.

She panted in satisfaction as she felt him slowly pull from her. “That felt so wonderful.”

“You sure know how to cuddle.” Paradox sighed as he rubbed his paw down her back and over her flank. “I’ll have to cuddle you properly later on tonight.”

They lay on the bed together and he rubbed her flank softly and slowly. “I think we should go down and meet your Mom at the Clover Café.” He said softly.

Silver sat up in her bed. “Oh! Yes! Mom and dinner!”

Paradox started to laugh.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 72


Paradox stood with Silver Dash at her mom’s house in Cloudsdale. It looked beautiful and large. Silver led him through the house to a dining room. He glanced around the place. “Aunt Rainbow does pretty well.”

“She doesn’t like it. Says it’s not nice like a regular comfy cloud.” Silver giggled.

“Your mom is strange sometimes.” He muttered.

“I find that funny coming from a child of Discord.” Rainbow Dash said as she flew over to them and landed expertly on the floor in front of them. “So? You wanted to talk to me?” She looked directly at Paradox.

“Um yeah, I do but, well… privately actually.” Paradox felt his cheeks starting to burn.

Silver blinked. “Why?”

He blinked at Silver. “Because… um I have to ask your mom something.”

She blushed at him. “Really?”

He nodded and tried to keep his face from burning.

Rainbow Dash watched the spectacle for a moment. “Okay, come on Dox we’ll talk in… I guess this room over here.” She opened a door and flew in Paradox followed her while shrugging to Silver Dash.

After they went in the room Silver started to run in place and giggle with giddiness. “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!”

The room was a study, there were book shelves with trophies all over and one shelf dedicated to books. A series of books about Daring Do. Rainbow Dash sat on the desk. “So Dox, what do you want to ask me?”

He swallowed hard. “Um… D… d… aunt Dash. I… I…”

“Paradox? What is going on? I never heard you stutter before?” She looked at him quizzically.canimmmarry“This is… I mean…” He closed his eyes tightly. “I want your permission to marry your daughter.” He blurted it out quickly before he lost his nerve. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash was looking at him. “Did you just ask me my permission to marry Silver?”

He nodded. “Y… yes. I want to marry her, I want to be with her and and…” he started to blush.

“And paint her like you did the other day?” She laughed. “Awesome painting by the way, she had more colors in her mane than I do.”

Paradox’s ears went up. “I well… Um I… she does make an awesome canvas.” He was blushing profusely. “So? Can I please marry her? She makes me happy.” He felt his paws sweat.

Rainbow Dash stared at him and watched as he tried hard to look comfortable under her gaze. She enjoyed making him squirm and fidget. After as few moments she decided to answer. “Sure, you can marry her, but promise me grandchildren.”

“Oh! Thank you… wait… how soon do you want grandchildren?”

Rainbow Dash shrugged. “Whenever. It’s no rush.”

“Aunt Rainbow, you made me the happiest draconequus ever.” He went over to her and hugged her.

“Yeah, well don’t ruin my reputation for being tough. You got to say I was difficult to convince.” she winked as she preened her feathers.

“Sure. Thank you so much.” He suddenly felt his stomach knot up. “Oh, now I have to find a way to ask her.”

“Good luck with that.” Rainbow laughed.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 71 (mature NC-17)

71.DoxycharmsParadox was painting a portrait that he’d been agonizing over for a few weeks. Silver Dash opened his door and peeked in; she was the only one he let look at his art. “Doxy? How’s everything going?”

He placed the paint brush down and sighed heavily as he stepped back. “I’m not sure.”

She walked in and stood next to him to look at the painting. “It looks good to me, but I don’t know a lot about art.”

Paradox looked at her. “I think you’re a work of art. Let me draw you, please?”

“Oh, no.” She put her hooves up.

He smiled and approached her. “Please. Those curves and your lovely smile.” He put his paw under her chin. “Perfection.”

Silver Dash blushed deeply. “Oh, no I’m not that perfect.”

He smiled as he leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. “Please let me draw you?” He asked.

She shook her head. “No, I…”

“Okay, but I’ll ask you again and again.” He whispered as he picked up his paint brush again. “Your body is beautiful.”

She stood there and watched as he put his brush against the canvas and moved it gently over a part of the portrait he’d agonized over. It was that final stroke that suddenly made the portrait look perfect. “Dox…” She said in awe. “That is beautiful.”

He looked at her as he put the brush down again. “You think so?”

Silver nodded slowly. “I wouldn’t have said it, if I wasn’t being honest.”

Paradox approached her again. “So, did you need something?”

She shook her head. She had started to let her mane grow out since she started dating him. She liked the feel of his paw as he moved it through her mane. Although her mane was sometimes difficult to keep from her face while she wore her helmet. “No. I just got off duty and I wanted to see you.”

Grinning Paradox stood in front of her and put his arms out he was exposing himself to her. “Here I am. Gawk upon this awesome body.”

Silver Dash blushed deeply. “Doxy. You do know that you’re… excited?”

He nodded. “Yes, because you’re in the room with me babe.”

“What makes you think I want to mate with you today?” Silver asked softly as her cheeks were burning.

“My question is: why wouldn’t you?” He countered.

She looked at him and still felt her face burning. “You have paint all over your paws.”

He smiled. “Oh, I’m sorry let me get them cleaned off.” He walked to her and placed his paws on her rump smearing paint on her and over her cutie marks. So she had two large paw marks on her. “Go home with those on your tush and see how awesome your mom thinks they are.”

“Doxy, you know that Mom would be happy with it. She keeps telling me to make her a grandma.”

His ears perked up. “Oh yeah, let’s go through the motions but without making Rainbow a grandma.” He started to move his paw over her tail getting paint on it as well.

She started to giggle as he walked around her. “You’re so bad.”

He moved his hips up against her rump. “Oh? Tell me that in a few minutes.”

Her eyes widened when she felt his arousal rub up against her. “Doxy. I don’t think we… ooh…” she moaned as he moved against her and pushed up into her.

“Silver.” He sighed as he pushed deeply into her. “Do you still think I’m bad?”

She nodded. “Yes, but good… oh so good.” Her legs started shake as he put his paws on her wings and started to grip them as he pushed into her harder. Silver let out a loud moan as she hit an orgasm.

He paused to just feel her body react to him to feel her heat flow around his own. “I love you.” He said passionately and pushed into her deep and hard. He leaned up against her as he felt his own orgasm build up.

Silver panted as he increased his momentum, feeling every movement he made inside her. He grind up against her sensitive button and she let out a gasp as she came again. “Yes, Dox!”

He felt his heart beating in his ears as he felt her tighten around him and flutter in pleasure. He wanted to let go deeply in her; he bit his lower lip as he pulled from her heat. Just as he pulled from her he let his orgasm spill. “Ooh… Silver, I’m sorry.” He spilled onto her flank and near the middle of her back.

Silver felt him spray his orgasm over her back and she blushed because she knew why he did it that way. “It’s okay I understand.”

He leaned on her back and hugged her. “I love you; I’m just not ready to be a father yet.” He whispered to her.

She nodded as he stood up. “I love you too.” Shaking her mane she turned to look at him.

“Silver, I was getting a towel for you.” He said as he placed his paw on her flank. She blushed as he cleaned her off. “I made a mess on you. Oh, I got paint on your wings too.”

“Don’t clean the paint off of me.” She whispered.

“Why not?” He asked.

Silver smiled at him. “I love making my mother guess what I have been doing.”

Paradox grinned. “Ha, and you said that I’m bad.” His smile widened as he walked to his paints and started to get some on his paws more. He then returned looking at her “Allow me.”

paintedponyShe smiled as he placed his paw gently against her side and started to move his paw slowly on her. “I still want to draw you.” He whispered as he placed another paw on her.

“Maybe later Dox.” she sighed at the feel of him. They weren’t making love but the way he touched her was extremely erotic. Slowly, he put his fingers of his paw through her mane and tail getting streaks of multiple colors through them. “Oh Doxy.” She breathlessly moaned.

He felt the hair rise on the back of his neck. “Um Silver. Do that again and…” He ran his paw down her neck.

“I know, but…” She suddenly shook as pleasure ran throughout her body. “Your touch drives me wild.”

He smiled as he looked into her eyes. “You’re one of my art projects now; a painted pony.” He put a color dot on each freckle on her cheeks. He then kissed her deeply their tongues wrapping around one another as he placed his paw on the back of her neck.

Silver seemed to melt into the kiss as her knees wobbled. She moved forward her urge for him to take her again rising. When he pulled back from the kiss she was panting. “What do you do to me? I want you so bad.”

Paradox’s ears perked up. “Ooh. I think I know why. Silver… you’re in season. No way are we going for a round two right now.” He kissed her muzzle lightly. “Sorry my love.” He rubbed his paw under her chin getting yellow on her. “As I said before… I’m not father material. Yet.”

She looked at him, her eyes big as she wobbled her bottom lip at him. “But… Doxy.”silverpoutHe grinned. “Oh… The heck with it…” He went over to her and started to kiss her passionately again as he picked her up and carried her to his bed.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 70


Fluttershy hugged Discord. “I’m so glad you’re back. How did it go?”

“Well, it was an experience to say the least. The water is back and I gave some to Lilly to offer to Zero. I told her to let him choose if he wanted to be with her for eternity or not.” He sighed and looked at her. “Sorry my love, I didn’t give you a choice.”

“If I was given the choice, I would have chosen to spend an eternity with you.” Fluttershy replied as she hugged him again.hugHe hugged and pet down her back slowly. “Thank you for being so caring for being so… you.” He smiled at her. “I don’t know how you can put up with me?”

She giggled. “One day at a time.” She teased him.

“Oh, is that right?” He whispered as he picked her up and started to tickle her.

Fluttershy squealed and laughed in his arms as he tickled her pregnant belly. “Ah… stop it! Discord!”

He laughed as he carried her to the bedroom. “Stop what?” He continued to tickle her and enjoying her laughter as he kissed her softly against her lips.

She stopped laughing at his soft kiss as she looked into his eyes. “You’re not telling me something.”

He nodded as he placed her on the bed. “You read me like a book.”

“The most interesting book in the library. Tell me what is wrong?” She asked.

“I don’t think the water will help Princess Celestia and I believe that I’ll be blamed for it not working. I hope that it would work because I know you’d be happier at the cottage with your animals.” He sat in the bed beside her.

“Having a taste of all this power you would still be willing to give it up just for me?” Fluttershy asked.

“Just so I could be with you, I’d give up everything. Power is nothing compared to the love I have for you.” He whispered as he lay back on the bed.

She snuggled up against him. “I hope that you don’t get blamed; is there any other options for Princess Celestia?”

“I don’t know. Maybe my library would have a clue, but I’ll look tomorrow, tonight I’m tired and want to snuggle up with my lovely wife.”

Fluttershy looked around. “Oh my! You’re married? Better be sure I leave before she gets here.” She teased him.flutterflirt

“Fluttershy,” He laughed as he pulled her to him. “You’re so adorable. I love you.” He nuzzled her neck.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 69


Twilight had gotten back from the castle, she had helped Luna get Celestia back into the bed, the Princess was still not herself and the water that she had gotten from the spring wasn’t what she expected. It made Celestia have more energy but it still didn’t help her.

She looked in the other room where Spike usually slept, but he wasn’t home. She let out a tired sigh as she walked slowly to her throne and sat down. The room was darkening as the sun set slowly. Twilight suddenly realized that Discord was making the sun set. She ran over to the window and looked outside; she had watched the sun set without any dramatic flair.

“Hmm.” She muttered as she walked up her stairs, to bed. “I thought maybe he’d be gloating or something.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 68


Lilly sat at the table and looked at the vial of water that her father given her; he had filled it up and slipped it to her before her and Zero left. She remembered what he whispered her. “Ask Zero if he wants to before you give it to him. It is not called The Spring of Eternity for nothing.”

Zero walked into the room and saw her looking at the vial. “Lilly? Where did you get that?”

She looked up at him and she put her hoof on it. “Oh, Dad gave it to me.”lillyroll“Why did your Dad give you it? Is that the Spring of Eternity water?” He went over and sat across from her.

Lilly looked up at him her cheeks were burning. “Yeah, Dad wanted me to ask you if you wanted to.”

Zero looked at the water and back at her. “Wanted to what?”

“Dad gave Mom the water without her permission and he sometimes regrets doing it but also doesn’t because he saved Mom and it healed her of a problem she had for many years.” She looked at the blue water and pushed it slightly with her hoof.

“So you are asking me for my permission to use it?” Zero asked.

“Yes.” She swallowed. “Do you truly want to be with me… for an eternity?” She looked at him. “If you do not; you don’t have to drink it at all. I’ll understand. Paradox and I… We are Discord’s children; we will live for a long time maybe longer barring no accidents. We were given the spring water when we were babies, I was very ill as a filly… I just wanted to tell you what you have to put up with if you do drink that water…”

Zero grabbed the vial, opened it quickly and drank it down. He shook his head and licked his lips. “There is your answer Lilly.”

Lilly smiled at him as she got up from the chair and walked over to him. “I love you Zero.”

“Lilly, I love you… I’d spend a thousand eternities with you no matter what, you are stuck with me.” He got up and kissed her.


Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 67


Twilight held the water up to Celestia’s lips. “Please drink this Princess. It has healing properties.”

Celestia just stared into space like she always did but she drank the water slowly as Twilight tilted the glass to her.

Luna watched carefully as Twilight administered the water. “Tell me Twilight, where is the Spring of Eternity?”

Twilight looked at Luna smiling as she was about to say exactly where it was but she stopped. “It’s right on the… wait. He was right…” She blinked.

“Who was right?” Luna asked.

“Discord, he said I would not remember where the spring was…” she looked at Luna apologetically. “He was right… I don’t remember.”

Celestia blinked slowly and put up her hoof sweeping the glass of water onto the floor where it shattered. She moved slightly and shook her head she placed her hooves on the sides of her head. “No… NO! NO!” She started yelling.nocelestia

Twilight and Luna were shocked by the sudden reaction by Celestia. The princess was suddenly more animated she had been in almost a year. Both of them advanced carefully to Celestia.

“Sister, are ye quite alright?” Luna asked as she approached her.

“Celestia, its ok…” Twilight said as she approached too. “It’s me, Twilight Sparkle and your Sister Luna.”

“NO!” Celestia screamed suddenly. “NO!” She stood up quickly and spread her wings

“We need to restrain her!” Luna yelled out. “She cannot be allowed to fly in her state.”

Twilight nodded as she used her magic to make Celestia’s wings fold back. “She’s strong!” She gasped.

“We know.” Luna said as she used her magic too. “She is still not healed. We thought the Spring of Eternity would help.”

“It sure gave her more energy.” Twilight huffed out.

Celestia was breathing hard as she stared at both Luna and Twilight. She was frowning with her head down and her breath came out as snorts through her nostrils. “No…” she said again as she slowly took a couple of steps and collapsed, falling asleep almost instantly.

“Perhaps we shall give her less of the water tomorrow? Maybe a little goes a long way?” Luna asked.

“I’m beginning to think I was tricked in giving Celestia the wrong water.” Twilight muttered as she frowned.

Luna glanced at Twilight. “Thou said that Discord drank the water in front of thou. How is that a trick?”

“I don’t know, but I have my suspicions. I think I will confront him about it.”

“Don’t be so quick to judge.” Luna stated. “Be sure thou has a valid argument before thou confronts.”

“But, Princess Luna… How can you let him rule in place of Celestia? Do you have any idea what he does during the day?”

“Yes, we do.” Luna frowned. “We have witnessed what Discord does during the day. He conducts matters of the kingdom during the day, he listens to the citizens and he does what needs done. What is he doing that makes thou disapprove?”

Twilight sat for a moment, unable to come up with a valid argument. “He’s planning something. That is all I have to say.”

Luna shook her head. “That is not a valid reason until he does something ye will have to endure until Celestia is well again.”