Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 50


Paradox started kicking a stone down the tunnel and Zero kept looking at the walls as if they were going to crumble down on him any minute.

“Zero?” Paradox said.

Zero looked over to him. “What?”

“So how did you decide that Lilly would be the girl for you?”

He shook his head. “I’m not going to talk about her with you. It’s weird to talk about family with family.”

“Did you ever want to know how Dad knew that Lilly and you had some special time together? Paradox asked.

Zero looked at Paradox. “I don’t want to know, but I can hazard a guess.”

“Aww man… but long story short Lilly and I are connected by some odd level, when I am aroused she becomes and vice versa. When I am sad or depressed she is. And her anger at having to fire you, well that was painful, I sent you back up to be with her only to have you leave. Ugh that made me mad.”

Zero stopped and looked at Paradox. “How did you?” His eyes narrowed. “You were the unicorn guard!”

Paradox grinned showing his sharp teeth. “Yes.” He rubbed his paws together. “I was also the drunken unicorn guard the night Lilly came back. I guess I have you to thank for me meeting Silver. I think she was following you to check on you but she ran into me instead.”

Zero walked further. “You are welcome. So, if you and Lilly are connected emotionally; how are you going to handle her going into labor?”

“Oh! I never thought of that.” Paradox put his paw on his forehead. “You are right. What will I do?”

Zero shrugged as he smiled. “I guess we won’t know until it happens huh?”

Paradox paused as he looked at Zero. “I’m not looking forward to that emotional backlash.”

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