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Story: Paradox’s Despair Chapter 61


Lilly trotted through the broken diamond wall, she didn’t see how the wall had been shattered but she walked faster and then slipped on the slope as she spread her wings and flew down. She was amazed how beautiful the caves were as she looked around. She folded her wings when she hit solid ground. Her hooves made a strange echo in the cave as she walked.lillytorescueTurning to look at the stalactites she suddenly saw a cricket looming above her. Its long antenna was moving over her slightly and it moved toward her. She saw its jaws and mandible working in tandem as it drooled. She physically shivered in disgust and fear. She started to move slowly away from it and it moved with her.

She thought about the magic she had and smirked as she clicked her tongue and used her magic to shrink the cricket down. It stopped advancing on her as it realized it was too small. It then hopped away into a crack. Lilly let out a deep sigh as she continued on her way.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 59


purpleroseSilver was walking carefully around the beautiful purple roses and kept her wings up and ready in case something bad happened while she examined them. She turned around a couple times when she heard a noise. All she saw was roses many different roses but all the same color, purple.

She turned one more time and was facing Paradox and he was slowly kneeling in front of her. She put her hoof to her face as he opened the box he held out to her. An engagement ring was there and she saw Paradox moving his lips but she couldn’t hear him.silvergaspShe felt tears well up in her eyes as she put her hoof out to him. The floor around her started to fall away again and Paradox disappeared. “No… I… didn’t get to tell him that I will… my love. I…” she started to flap her wings before she began to fall. She turned and was flipped around. She was falling again even with wings and she started to panic as the ground raced up to her this time she landed and she was surrounded by white roses.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 58 (Rated mature)

58. (rated mature)

Twilight opened her eyes slightly, she was in a large bed and she blinked suddenly as she felt her cheeks burning at remembering the last thing that was happening to her a stallion nibbling her neck? She sat up fast panting heavily. It was pitch black in the room and she knew some pony was in the bed with her and she started to breath in deeper and faster. Her eyes were wide as she tried to see anything in front of her trying to filter any type of light into her eyes so she could make out shapes. Nothing. She moved her hoof over the sheets and stopped when she felt a warm body next to her.

Whoever belonged to the body moved and she made a strangled cry in which she covered her mouth with both front hooves. “Mm…” She tried to get out of the bed, but it seemed the bed was big and she ended up in the same place she was a few seconds before, sitting up in the dark room right next to a warm body… a stallion? A mare? Both? She still couldn’t see all she could do was feel around. She concentrated to see if she could light her horn and suddenly she realized she didn’t have a horn. “What?” She put her hoof on her forehead. “Oh no…”

The body moved again and she froze in place she felt her heart start to race and she gulped. The owner of the body suddenly sat up next to her, she knew it because she felt the movement and the cold air moved around her body as the sheet was pulled up with the body. She heard breathing next to her and she tried to see who it was that she was in bed with, was it one of those strange stallions? ‘Please don’t be a mare; please don’t be a …m…’

She felt the pony nibble on her neck and she bit her bottom lip as she started to relax at the feel. She suddenly shook her head as hooves were put around her waist she then blinked when she noticed that those weren’t hooves around her waist. “Oh No! Oh No… No…” She gasped as she shook her head more. “No…”twiscared

“Aww Twilight. You’ll hurt my feelings.” He said in her ear as she felt his teeth nibbling and his tongue licking it. “I thought you enjoyed my company.”

She was breathing deeply as she saw his claw and paw around her waist and she put her hoof on them and started to pry him off of her. “No… I don’t want to… No… This isn’t real…”

Discord pulled her to him as he kissed down her neck. “If you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t be here with me.”

She shook in his arms as he moved his paw up her side and moved his claw down her front. “No, this is not… real. It cannot be.” She whispered as he slowly moved his claw down her stomach.

“Of course it’s not real.” He replied as he kissed down her neck. “The real Discord wouldn’t do this to you…” He inched his claw down between her legs and she let out a gasp as he started to slide his fingers over her wet folds. “See, I knew you wanted me.” He muttered softly.

Twilight moaned out as he rubbed her expertly with his fingers. “N… uh… oh… uh…” She sighed as she closed her eyes.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 57


Lilly blinked at the rock that appeared right next to her it was small and didn’t look significant at all. She looked at it and squinted at the unremarkable stone. Then she grinned as she made it bigger. There was something written on it. “Twi, Dad and Silver are under enchantment we don’t know what to do.”lillygoingtoLilly let out a sigh as she went to the door of her Dad’s castle went out to the fountain. She rubbed her pregnant belly as she clicked her tongue and shrunk down and went in search for them.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 55


Silver awoke in a room full of flowers; she looked at them they were blue roses. She blinked in confusion. Roses didn’t come in the color blue; or did they? She put her muzzle up to one and sniffed in the scent of it. She suddenly felt her stomach lurch as she fell into a pit she flapped her wings but she didn’t have them and she screamed in fright. “NO! I don’t want to die!”

She was suddenly caught by some pony she opened her eyes; they were blurred with her tears as she glanced at her savior. He was strong and he flew up into the sky with her. “It’s alright, I have you.”

“What happened to my wings? I was so scared…” Her eyes started to clear up when she suddenly looked at who was carrying her. “Who are you!?” She pushed herself away from the stranger, a gryphon with green feathers and ebony eyes.

The gryphon grinned at her as he let her fall from his arms. “I thought you wanted to be saved.”unnamedgryphon

Silver twisted in the air as she let out another scream in panic. “I don’t want to fall… I…” Her wings spread out suddenly and she flapped them; stopping just inches from the ground and she was surrounded by roses again, this time they were purple.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 54 – Mildly PG rated.


Twilight blinked as she stood up, looking around she wasn’t in the cave anymore. She was in an empty room and it was eerily quiet. Her ears twitched when she heard a strange whispering to the left of her. She turned and spotted a door. She trotted towards it and reached for the handle. The door opened right before she touched it swinging inwards and she looked in the room. The room was luxuriously decorated with large silk pillows everywhere; it wasn’t empty, there were ponies in the room all relaxing, some ate, some slept and she blushed when she had noticed some ponies were doing other things she felt should be done in a more private setting. She tried to walk through the room, but as she walked further in the ponies she noticed were doing more naughty things. She was blushing a lot and she stopped to go back the way she came, but noticed that she couldn’t find the door she used before.

“Join us here.” A young stallion smiled at her, he was looking at her as he lounged on a large satin pillow. “You look healthy, you’d have fun.”

“You have pretty wings.” A mare smiled up at her and Twilight suddenly gasped because the mare was still in the middle of mating with another stallion. “I want to pet them.”

“Um, no.” Twilight muttered. She was trying to back up but ended up bumping into another stallion. “Where are we?”

“You’re nowhere, you’re dreaming, so have fun until you wake up.” The first stallion said as he stood up and nuzzled her neck.

Twilight gasped and stepped further away from him. “No. I’m not comfortable with that, I… I don’t even know you. Where are we? I can’t be dreaming… I don’t dream about things like this.”

“Yes, you do…” Some other pony whispered in her ear and started to nibble along her neck.

“No… I don’t…” She sighed as she closed her eyes. “I only dream about… books…?”

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 53


Lilly was starting to get worried, hungry and cold. She stood up and stretched as she looked around the seemingly abandoned ruins. Her stomach growled as she opened her bag and started to eat an apple. She walked over to one vine covered wall and placed her hoof on it. A door suddenly appeared. “What?” She tried the handle but it didn’t budge. “I wonder where it goes.” She moved her hoof and it suddenly opened. Lilly walked into the room and the door shut behind her the hearth came to life as a fire started to burn; a table appeared with food on it. She blinked in surprise then smiled. “Thanks Dad.”

Discord’s ears perked up. “Some pony is in my castle.”

Twilight looked at him. “How in Equestria do you know that?”

He shrugged. “Oh. Well. I was worried for nothing, it’s just Lilly. I hope she finds it accommodating.” He then grinned at Twilight. “My castle and I, we are best buds. We tell each other everything.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever understand you.” Twilight muttered.

“It’s not in my nature to be understood.” Discord replied. Twilight glanced at him, but he wasn’t looking at her as he seemed more interested in another stalactite that was dripping red water.

Silver walked over to Twilight and whispered. “You know, I am beginning to think that you do like him.”

Twilight scoffed. “Oh… please. He’s just an annoyance. I want this over with so we can help Princess Celestia and get her back on the throne and get Equestria away from his grasp.”

“He’s not that bad of a ruler.” Silver muttered. “So what we get unusual rain and we have odd crops, it’s just part of chaos isn’t it? You cannot go through life without a little bit of disarray. Nothing is perfect.”

Twilight thought about it for a moment. “Hmph. You don’t understand; he’s pretty much the epitome of Chaos.”

Silver smirked. “Be glad he is on our side then. As I said, he isn’t that bad of a ruler.”

Twilight just shook her head and didn’t continue to talk about it as she watched Silver walk over to Discord.

“Um…” Silver said to Discord.

Discord’s looked down at Silver. “Yes?”

“When we find out the source of the water… What will we do with it?” Silver asked.

He smiled. “Well, I am hoping to get enough water to…” He paused as if he just didn’t want to tell Silver what he really wanted to do with the water. “I’m sorry; I just cannot tell you my intentions. Now, Twilight is intending to save her mentor Celestia, and I am not so sure even the Spring of Eternity will help her.” He looked sad then he smiled. “Hopefully, when we find the source we’ll be able to fix the problem.”

Silver watched him as he made a vial of water disappear as he strolled casually down the cave. She walked beside him as Twilight walked a couple paces behind taking a book from her side pack and was paging through it.

“So…” Discord said breaking the silence. “Silver, indulge me. What makes you interested in Paradox?”

Silver started to blush as she stumbled slightly at his question and she looked at her hooves. “I… I love him.” She felt her cheeks burning and she looked up at Discord. “I always wanted to be with him, we grew up together, but he was always fawning over other fillies so I… resigned myself that he and I were never meant to be… Until … the night he and I met on the training field near the barracks.”

His ears perked up. “Oh? Do tell.”

“Well, I thought he was a unicorn that had fallen down drunk and I offered to help him up and… he turned into Paradox and he told me… That I was beautiful.” She blushed as she flapped her wings. “He then asked me an odd question.”

“What question was that?” He blinked as they turned a corner and he looked up slightly.

“He asked me if he looked like a monster.” Silver said.

He glanced at her. “And your answer?”chatwdis“I… I told him no… and he hugged me and thanked me.”

Discord smiled. “Thank You.”

Silver blinked and looked at Discord. “Why are you thanking me?”

He shrugged as he was staring suddenly at something ahead of them she looked ahead too and stopped in her tracks. Looming ahead of them was a large barricade made of a fine crystal beyond the barrier was the water for the Spring of Eternity. It was backed up but in a few spots the barricade spouted little trickling leaks.

He smirked and made like he was cracking his knuckles as he strode over to it but stopped suddenly and fell over as if he fainted.

Silver gasped and ran forward, but fell too. Twilight frowned not knowing what was going on, carefully she approached the barrier felt her ears start to ring loudly she shook her head and stumbled forward only to fall as well. Knocked unconscious by something.

Paradox and Zero walked around the bend not even twenty minutes later and noticed the large crystal barrier then noticed Discord, Twilight, and Silver on the ground seemingly asleep.

Paradox saw Silver and was going to run to her side when Zero grabbed his tail.

“Wait, that isn’t normal. It’s an enchantment; I don’t think it’s safe to run over to them.” Zero stated. “It’s so strong that it even got Twilight and your father.”

“So, what do you suggest we do?” Paradox asked. “I don’t know anything about enchantments; Lilly is the only one that studied them.”

“Can you send Lilly something that would hint on the fact that we need help?” Zero asked.

“Maybe.” Paradox said.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 52


Paradox grumbled as he walked ahead of Zero. “What are we looking for?” He asked.

“I guess we will know when we see it.” Zero stated as he looked at the walls that seem to change different colors as they walked.

“I think we should go back and tell Dad that this way was a dead end.” He looked back at Zero. “What do you think?”

Zero started to slow down and looked at Paradox his eyes growing wider. Paradox didn’t like that look and stopped walking backwards. “What’s behind me?”whatsbehindmeZero started to back up. “Um… just start walking towards me like you don’t know it’s there.”

Paradox started to walk towards Zero as Zero backed up. “I don’t know what’s there; you have an advantage knowing what I don’t.”

“Well, if we were our normal size, this wouldn’t bother us at all but since we are as small as we are… Hurry up Dox.” Zero said.

Paradox glanced behind him and saw a cricket; a huge cricket and it was heading towards them. “Ugh, I hate crickets!” He started running and Zero turned and ran with him.

They ran faster and they heard the scrape of the cricket as it moved through the cave on their trail. “Oh… I don’t want to be cricket food.” Zero was saying as they reached the fork in the cave. “Maybe we should go down the way Discord went.”

“I agree.” Paradox said as they both turned the sharp corner. The cricket went past them as they ran down the left tunnel.

They kept running until they came to the dead end of the tunnel. Paradox stopped and placed his paw on the wall; he was panting and trying to catch his breath. “If… this is the end of the tunnel… where is Dad, Silver and Twilight?”

Zero looked around and then stopped when he saw the hole on the floor of the cave. “It’s not a dead end. There is a cave down below.”

“This place is too full of bugs and caves.” Paradox grumbled. “I just want to find out why the water isn’t working so we can get out of here.” He flapped his wings and jumped down into the hole. Zero followed after he looked down the tunnel where they came, he hoped that they had lost the cricket.