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Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 48


A month later.SprinoEternity

Discord stood looking at the Spring of Eternity and he scratched his head. Twilight Sparkle stood next to him as she tried to make sense of why the spring was not producing any more water.

“So it stopped? Just recently?” She asked.

“No, it was slowly going away.” He stated. “If it was still producing water then we wouldn’t be here.”

Twilight looked up at him and noticed that he was frowning in puzzlement. “What do you suggest we do?”

“Maybe we will have to shrink ourselves down and follow it to its source. No, that would be … crazy.” He muttered as he started to smile.

“What?” Twilight asked.

He looked at her. “What?” He asked back. “I was just thinking out loud.”

“You said we should shrink ourselves down.” Twilight stated.

“If you heard me, why did you ask ‘what’?” Discord chuckled.

Twilight just looked at him for a moment. “Do you really think it would be a good idea to shrink ourselves down?”

“No, but what would be the harm? Besides getting smashed, eaten, maimed and many other horrible circumstances, I don’t see why not?” He grinned at her.

Twilight seemed to think about what he said. “If that is a way…”

“Aunt Twilight, why would you even begin to consider it?” Paradox asked as he looked at his father and aunt.

“Dox, with my knowledge of the spring, I believe shrinking is the only option.” Discord said. “Also I have always wanted to see little itty-bitty ponies.”ittybitty“Well, Silver Dash is not going.” Paradox said.

“Are you kidding?” Silver interjected as she looked at Paradox. “You may be my mate, but that doesn’t mean you make decisions for me.”

Lilly started to laugh. “Okay, Dad suppose we shrink down, but what if at the end whatever is blocking it, is way too large for little ponies to unblock it?”

“Well, I don’t know.” He snapped his fingers turned smaller snapped them again became giant sized then he slowly became normal size.

Twilight grumbled. “Real easy for you Discord, but some of us have a different way of doing magic.”

“Yes I know Twilight, but you see I have two of my children here and they can do chaotic magic as well.” He grinned at his son and daughter.

“I am not going in that small hole.” Paradox muttered.

“That isn’t what you said last night.” Silver giggled.

Paradox suddenly blushed. “Silver… not in front of Dad.”

Discord grinned. “Dox, I like your mate. She’s got a great sense of humor.”

Silver Dash smiled at Discord. “At least someone appreciates my humor.”

“Discord will make comedy out of anything.” Twilight stated as she walked over to the spring’s fountain. “Maybe it just needs repaired at this fountain.”

Paradox walked over to the fountain and poked his claw into the opening. “It’s dry.”

“See now you are poking your fingers in strange holes.” Silver muttered.

Discord snickered as he went over to the fountain. “I guess I’ll go first, being that I’m the smartest one here.”

Twilight gave him a look. “Ugh seriously?”

Lilly sighed. “Gee, thanks a lot Dad.”

Discord smiled as he snapped his fingers and shrunk down.

“I guess. I’ll have to shrink you all down?” Twilight grumbled.

“No way.” Paradox said as he put his paw on Silver Dash and they both shrank.

Lilly shook her head at Twilight. “Sorry Twilight, but I think I’ll just sit this out. I’m a little too pregnant for this.” She turned and nudged Zero towards Twilight. He had been quiet the whole time. “Zero will go.”

Zero flapped his wings. “What? Oh, wait a minute…” Lilly clicked her tongue and he shrunk while protesting.

“Okay then. See you later Lilly.” Twilight took in a deep breath as she used her unicorn magic and shrunk down.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 47


Flight Strike swallowed hard as he looked at the door in front of him. He knew that his father-in-law and the rest of the family were in the waiting room. He looked behind him and then forward again. They deserved to know.

He placed his hoof on the door let out a deep sigh and pushed it open.

Every pony looked up expectantly at him.

“Hey, um…” He began but was suddenly interrupted when Discord put his paw on his muzzle. He noticed the whole room was frozen in time.

“Don’t.” Discord said to him. “Tell me first.”

“The foal… is fine, but… Grace is very sick.” Flight swallowed. “I’m scared… Dad.”

“Let me see her.”

Flight Strike led Discord through and noticed the whole Maternity ward was frozen but when they entered the room where Epona was with Grace and the foal. Time was going like normal. Epona looked up from tending to Grace. “Discord… your daughter…”

He went over to Scarlet Grace. “Gracie… What is wrong…? Tell me.”

“Dad… I’m… so tired. Help me.” She was sweating and her eyes were blind.

“Okay, I’ll help you. Epona?”

“Do what you can.” Epona said.

“Here’s trying.” Discord placed his paw on his daughter’s forehead and closed his eyes.

“AH!” Scarlet Grace screamed loudly. The foal in the bassinet started to cry loudly and Flight Strike went to stand near his wife and put his hoof on her paw and endured the sound of her screams.

Discord let out a gasp and shook his head as his paw slipped from Scarlet Grace’s head. “She’s bleeding too much. To the left Epona.”

Epona used her healing magic. “It’s difficult to reach. I’ll try.”

“I… I…” Scarlet looked over at Flight Strike. “Flight… I love you…” She suddenly slumped; her eyes closed.

“Scarlet?” Flight said suddenly. “Dr. Epona, did she…?”

Discord felt his chest tighten up. “No…” He whispered.

“Wait… Wait no… I’m still.” Epona Calliope muttered. “I’ve got… it.”

There was a few agonizing moments, then Scarlet Grace sat up and gasped. Discord and Flight Strike looked relieved. Flight hugged his wife tightly, tears running down his muzzle and cheeks with relief. “Oh… Gracie.”

Epona let out her breath. “Scarlet… Oh thank goodness. Discord, have you ever thought to become a doctor?”

“No. I don’t like getting dirty.” He muttered as he rubbed one of his eyes. “I’ll leave the stress to you.” He shook his head and turned his attention to his daughter.

Scarlet Grace looked up from hugging her husband. “Where is our foal?”

Epona smiled as she went to the bassinet and got the foal and brought it over to her. “Here he is. Looks like his Daddy.”

Scarlet looked down at the bundle. “Oh. He’s beautiful.” She started to cry. “Dad… look at your grandson.”

Discord swallowed hard. “Um… I… don’t know. I got to get back and…” Scarlet gave him the foal. He looked down at the foal and let out a sigh. “Oh… Gracie. He’s perfect… Like you. He’s got a yellow coat like his grandmother.” He then glanced at Flight Strike. “I think you’ve gotten another reprieve from me.”

“Dad! Don’t keep threatening my husband.” Scarlet Grace huffed. “Give me Trouble.”

“Trouble?” Discord’s ears went up as he brought the foal to his daughter.

“That’s his name.” Scarlet stated as she held him and kissed the foal’s forehead. “My little Trouble.”

Flight Strike shrugged and gave Discord a grin. “It wasn’t my idea; Scarlet said that he’ll be no end of trouble so she named him that.”

Discord went to the door. “Take two… Flight. Come and announce the birth of your son.”

Flight nodded as he followed Discord out the door, he then blinked when time started up again and Discord disappeared.

Walking to the door of the waiting room he took in a deep breath and opened it. “Hey.” He said to the ponies waiting.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 46


Taking a vacation from the office wasn’t a good idea now that she thought about it, since she’d come back with a little more than just a souvenir. Epona felt so uncomfortable today as she slowly opened the door to the examination room.eponapreg

“Good morning,” She said cheerfully and stopped when she saw LillyRose sitting on the examination table. “Lady Chaos…” She suddenly bowed.

“Dr. Epona, please don’t bow, geez you helped bring me into the world.” Lilly sighed.

“Lilly, you’re pregnant?” Epona asked as she looked at Lilly and saw her little belly bulge.

“Yeah…” Lilly blushed suddenly. “Mom suggested I see you.”

“I see, so where is the father?” Epona asked.

“He’s working. One of Dad’s guards now.”

“Oh, whose guard was he before?” She asked while she started the examination on Lilly.

“Um, mine.” Lilly blushed.

“Oh… I see…” She grinned as she brought a stethoscope down to listen to her.

Lilly looked at Dr. Epona and her ears suddenly went forward. “You’re pregnant too.”

Epona looked at herself. “Yes, so I am. You’re about as observant as your father.”

“Dad is very observant apparently.” She blushed again.

“Let me guess… he knew you had been with some pony?”

“Yes. How did you know?” Lilly asked.

“Lucky guess,” She shrugged. “Father’s always have a sixth sense when it comes to their daughters. Especially to the ones they are the most connected to. You are like him in so many ways. Lady Chaos.” Epona winked.

“That title… I sometimes like it but sometimes it irritates me.” Lilly sighed and jumped when Epona strapped an instrument to her belly.

“Okay, let’s see.” Epona said cheerfully as she moved a wand over Lilly’s stomach.

Lilly heard noises come from the machine a heartbeat strong and firm. “Oh! That’s my heart.”

“Yes, your heart is strong. That’s great.” She used her magic and moved the machine down more until it picked up a fluttering fast beat. Lilly’s ears went forward. “That is your foal. Sounds nice and healthy.”

Lilly blinked. “Oh my goodness. I wish Zero was here. Do you know what it’ll be?”

Epona started to chuckle. “I don’t know, you have a 50 percent chance of getting a boy or a girl.”

“Oh… that narrows it down. Thanks doctor.” Lilly replied sarcastically.

Epona grinned. “I’m always willing to help. Your sister is going to foal soon. I am so happy to be your family’s Doctor. How is your father and mother?”

“Dad is here with mom in the other exam room.” Lilly stated.

Epona blinked suddenly. “They’re here?”

Lilly nodded. “Yeah, mom is pregnant again.”

“At her age?” A look of worry went across Epona’s face.

“Epona? What do you mean at her age? You’re older than mom and you’re pregnant.”

“I’m also an Alicorn. My body ages differently than other ponies.” She unstrapped the device from Lilly. “You are doing very well, try to not do too many spells where you manipulate your body. Too much magic will affect your foal.”

Lilly blinked at the news. “How do you know that?”

“As I said before, I’m an Alicorn.” She smiled.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 45

It was breakfast time and every pony had a pile of pancakes in front of them. Lilly and Zero sat next to one another and they both were focused on the plates in front of them. Paradox walked in and sat at the table after scrapping his chair loudly on the stone floor. His ears perked up when he saw Lilly and Zero sitting at the table. “I knew you were here!”

Lilly frowned at him. “Oh? How?”

Paradox gave her an “are you kidding” look. “Oh… I knew…” He poured syrup on his pancakes. He smiled when Fluttershy and Discord walked in. “Mom can Silver come in and eat with us?”hmmyeah“Sure Doxy.” Fluttershy replied and she suddenly smiled when she saw Lilly. “LillyRose, I am so happy to see you.” She trotted over to Lilly.

Lilly stood up and gave her mother a hug. “Hi Mom.”

“Silver!” Paradox shouted making Lilly and Fluttershy jump. “Come and have breakfast with us!”

Discord gave Paradox a disapproving look. “You could’ve gotten up and told her to step in here.”

Fluttershy shook her head and went back to talking to Lilly. “I missed seeing you get married.”

Lilly scuffed her hoof on the floor. “Sorry Mom. Sorry about everything.”

“I’m happy you’re back. We all missed you. Scarlet Grace is almost due, and I heard you had an eventful first few weeks this month.” Fluttershy was tearing up at her daughter. “I would’ve wanted to see you get married. I wanted to help you get ready for your marriage…” She moved her hoof up and wiped her eyes.

Lilly looked at the floor. “I’ll make it up to you.”

Fluttershy looked at Zero. “I never really got to meet you.” She said to him.

Zero blinked. “Yeah, I uh, I… I am so glad to meet you. Lady Fluttershy.” He bowed to her as well.

“Titles like that aren’t meant for family.” Fluttershy blushed and giggled. “And you are now family. You can call me Mom.” She went to over and gave him a hug. Zero had a look of shock on his face as Fluttershy hugged him gently.

She looked around and saw that Silver Dash had walked into the room and Paradox gave her a huge hug. Silver sat down beside Paradox and looked at him lovingly.

Fluttershy let go of Zero and smiled at him. “Welcome to the family.”

“Thank you Lady… I mean… Mom.” Zero blushed a lot.

“Ok, enough of this. Let’s eat something.” Discord announced as he pulled a chair out for Fluttershy. Fluttershy went over and sat down. “Thank you.”

Lilly blinked as she watched her mother, she looked at herself and back at her mother. “Mom?”

Fluttershy looked up at Lilly. “Yes?”

“You’re pregnant?”

Fluttershy blushed and looked at Discord and then back at Lilly. She was about to answer her when Paradox started laughing. “Don’t be silly Lilly! Mom can’t be pregnant.” He picked up a pancake to put in his mouth.

“Um…” Fluttershy began. “Doxy, I am pregnant.”

Paradox dropped his pancake. “What?!”

Silver Dash started to giggle at Paradox’s reaction.

Lilly smiled. “Oh! Mom! I’m so happy for you! How far along are you?”

“Only a month at least.” She blushed as Discord started to pet her mane.

Paradox seemed to shrug as he went back to eating; thinking that none of this concerned him that much.

Lilly started to blush as she looked at her plate of food. “Well, Aunt Misery already told you I was pregnant.”

“Lilly? You’re pregnant?” Silver gasped suddenly. “Wait, I’m missing something here. Doxy?”

Paradox looked at Silver after he shoved a pancake in his mouth. “What?” He asked with his mouth full.

Silver shook her head and was blushing profusely. “Nothing.” She stared at her plate as her cheeks burned with a blush.

Lilly started to laugh a little bit. “Anyway, Mom, we might have our foals at the same time. Isn’t that neat?”

Discord blinked when he realized what Lilly said. “What? Wait a minute; I don’t think I could handle that.”

Paradox started to snicker. “What is wrong Dad? Too chaotic for you?”

Discord’s eyes narrowed as he looked at his son. “Nothing is too chaotic for me. Nothing!”

“If you say so.” Paradox grinned as he stuffed another pancake in his mouth.

Fluttershy smiled at Lilly. “I don’t know maybe we will. Although, you’re showing a little bit more than I am. We should see the doctor soon.”

Lilly blinked. “A doctor?”

“I’m going to go to Ponyville in a couple days to see Dr. Epona Calliope. Want to come along? She’s been taking care of Scarlet Grace.” Fluttershy offered.

Lilly was blushing. “Sure, if it’s not too much trouble.” She then looked at Zero. “Dad?”

Discord had his mouth full since he decided to eat while they talked about pregnancy. “Mmm?” He looked at her.

“Zero needs his job back.”

Discord smiled. “What? Being your guard?” He started to laugh. “I don’t think so. Being married to your guard is a big distraction.” He stared at Zero for a long moment.

Zero gulped at Discord’s stare. “Um… I wasn’t really expecting to be Lilly’s guard again Sir.” Zero replied.

Discord grinned suddenly. “I think I have a new job for Zero.”

Zero felt like he was sweating. “Can I ask what?”

Discord’s grin spread. “I’ll tell you later.”

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 44


Lilly landed on the balcony of her tower. She glanced around and waved him down as she trotted to her door. Zero landed not too gracefully on the balcony almost falling on his face for the third time in a few days.

“Hurry up.” Lilly whispered as she opened the door to her room and was waving him in.

“I’m sorry, these wings.” He whispered back as he ran into her darkened room. She followed him in and closed the door.

They had been gone for about a week since getting married and Lilly was worried about her sister too much to be gone for longer. “Why is it so dark in here?” She asked.

“I don’t know.” Zero answered as he stood in the darkness trying to adjust to it. “Use your magic to get some light in here.”

Lilly used her magic and lit a candle she knew she had nearby. The light of the candle revealed a looming figure of Discord standing over Zero. His claws out and ready to grab him as he had a malevolent grin on his face. She whinnied in shock and the candle snuffed out.EEPquickcoloreepZero wasn’t sure why Lilly whinnied and why she put the candle out so fast. “Dear? What happened?” He blinked into the darkness then a chill ran up his spine as he felt a paw placed on his shoulder and he froze in place. “Horse nuggets…” He managed to mutter.

“Horse nuggets indeed.” Discord said. “LillyRose?” The candles in the room all lit up at once.

Lilly was still standing in the same place as before but she was staring at her father who had his paw on Zero’s shoulder. “Um, Dad. I can explain. Don’t kill him. Please.”

Discord laughed low and menacing. “If ever a thought crossed my mind? My little double flower, your mother is devastated that she didn’t get to watch her little girl get married.” He kept his paw on Zero’s shoulder as he spoke. “Your aunt Misery was here the other day.”

“She said she wouldn’t tell him.” Zero said but flinched when he felt one of Discord’s claws dig into his shoulder.

“She didn’t tell me. She told your mother.” He growled deeply. “While I was in the room, in her own special way. Even revealing the fact that you’re pregnant as well.” He looked at her.

“Heh, yeah. Still Dad, please don’t kill Zero.” She blushed as she looked at the floor she then looked at Zero. “Eloping was my idea.”

Zero gulped as he nervously glanced up at Discord. “Sir, I love your daughter with all my heart and soul.”

Discord grinned and let Zero go. “I know you do.” He then looked at his daughter. “Lilly in the morning, bring your new husband down with you to breakfast. Your mother needs to tell you some news.” He then snapped his fingers and disappeared.

Zero’s legs shook and he collapsed on to the floor. “Holy horse nuggets.” He whispered as he stood up again.

“Yeah.” Lilly whispered. “I guess it could’ve been worse.”

“Worse? I think I might need to run to the little colts room.”

Lilly laughed. “Don’t be silly. Since the secret is out, we don’t need to be sneaky. Let’s go to bed.”

Zero blinked at her. “You’re right. I never thought of that.”

“And so far Dad has accepted you. Just don’t show him fear, he’ll milk it for all its worth. Scarlet Grace’s husband is utterly terrified of him, and Dad takes every advantage of it.” She smiled as she went to him. “Tired lover?”

“Lilly, I’m tired, but not that tired.” He kissed her and they both went to bed together.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 43

Paradox stared at his aunt. “I know you from somewhere.”Doxy1

Misery blinked at him. “Of course you know me! I’m your aunt.”

Paradox grinned. “Oh yeah!” He ate some of his salad and then looked at his father. Discord nodded at him. He looked back at Misery again. “Hey! I know you from somewhere.”

Misery’s eyes narrowed and she looked at Discord. “That is annoying.”

“Yes, I know.” Discord chuckled.

Fluttershy giggled slightly but kept looking nervously at Bleak Claw. She really was afraid of Misery’s husband, but she was determined not to let it get to her. “Um… Misery, what is new?”

Misery suddenly looked at Fluttershy. “Flutters! So glad you asked.” She turned all her attention to her sister-in-law. “Bleak Claw here… he just did a lovely wedding ceremony for a couple of young ones. It was so beautiful. The bride was gorgeous. You should have been there I think you would have been in tears like I was.”

“That sounds really nice.” Fluttershy said.

Misery nodded as a grin started to spread wide on her face. “The groom… what was his name again? Oh Yes… Zero… He was very nervous.”

Discord’s ears went up. “What?!”

“The bride, she was so nervous that her disguise spell faded slightly revealing her horn and antler.”

Discord started to breathe in deeply and dug his claws into the wood of his chair. “Misery… Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

Misery grinned at him. “Oh Dissy… What do you think I am saying?”

Fluttershy blinked and suddenly looked at Bleak Claw and at Misery. “My baby eloped? Discord!” She looked at him and he was frowning.

“I get it Fluttershy.” He growled as he looked at his sister.

Paradox started laughing. “HAHA! Lilly is in trouble now. This has turned out to be an awesome dinner. Thanks Aunt Misery.”

“You’re welcome.” Misery replied and looked at Fluttershy ignoring her brother. “Flutters they are happy together. I never seen any pony in love as much as those two. Except maybe you and Dissy.”

Discord stood up. “Misery, why did you allow it to happen?”siblingsMisery stood up as well and looked at her brother. “I allowed it because they looked happy and besides… Lilly being pregnant and all; she needs her mate with her.”

“WHAT!?” Discord was livid.

“Wait a minute…” Paradox muttered. “Lilly got married and is pregnant?” He started to rub his paws together. “She is in so much in trouble now. Haha!”

Misery looked at Discord. “Don’t blame me, you allowed your daughter to run off with her lover. What did you expect to happen?”

Discord sighed deeply and sat down. “You have a point. I’ll wait until they get home before I kill Zero. I knew they were in love, but I didn’t know that she was pregnant, if I knew that… I wouldn’t have allowed her to leave.”

Paradox scoffed. “She would’ve left anyway Dad.”

“You’re not really going to kill Zero are you?” Fluttershy asked.

“Zero seemed really nice. He even went with the traditional Gryphon marriage ceremony.” Bleak Claw said finally. “It would be a shame to have him die so young.”

Paradox kept chuckling to himself. “I cannot wait to tell Silver.”

Misery suddenly looked at Paradox. “Doxy! You have a girly friend? Tell me more!”

“Mom?” Paradox looked at Fluttershy.

“You mentioned her Dox. You tell your Aunt about her.” Fluttershy smiled at her son. She then looked at her husband. “Discord. Don’t be mad… I am sure Lilly has a good explanation.”

“I am sure she does. I cannot wait to hear it from her.” Discord started to chuckle. “I am looking forward to terrorizing her husband too.”

“Dissy?” Misery asked as she leaned on Bleak Claw. “I hope I didn’t make your evening worse. You looked tired when we saw you in the throne room.”

“Missy, I’m just getting my second wind. I just have a lot on my mind right now; you just added a couple more things to it. Merci bien.” Discord seemed to say the last thing sarcastically.

“De rien.” Misery replied back and just grinned at her brother.

Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 42


Twilight had helped Discord through the day with the politics of the kingdom. “Thanks Twilight, that was helpful of you. Thank goodness you knew some of those answers because I think I would have just turned them into a bunch of chickens.” He muttered as he yawned and stretched on the throne.bawk

Twilight gasped. “You really wouldn’t; would you?”

He looked at her and grinned. “Oh… no… never.” A halo slowly formed over his head and it twisted slightly then tilted.

“Hmmm.” Twilight muttered. “So Discord, when would be the best time to check on the fountain?”

Discord stood up, stretching and looked at her. “Well, it won’t be today. I have to entertain my sister. Is it urgent about Celestia? I know you have been trying to help with her health… I’ve got to tell you something though… I don’t think the water will help.”

“Why don’t you think the water will help?” Twilight asked.

“I tried it on Scarlet Grace. It didn’t help with her blindness and deafness. I believe it will purge poisons, but I don’t know about the problems of the mind.”

“It’s a risk I am willing to take.” Twilight stated.

Discord nodded. “Okay… In a month, we’ll go to the fountain. In the meantime, don’t give up searching for a different solution. Thanks again Twilight. I have to lower the sun and have dinner.”

As he finished saying dinner the throne room door opened and Misery walked in followed by Bleak Claw. “Dissy, we’re here!”

Twilight looked at Discord’s sister and backed away. Discord’s sister made her very uncomfortable. “Um, bye Discord, see you later. Say hello to Fluttershy for me.” She then blinked out.twilight

Misery stopped in mid stride. “Dissy? Who was that?”

“That was Princess Twilight Sparkle.” He said. “Apparently she’s nervous around new arrivals.”

“Oh! So you’re enjoying the princesses time then? Having some alone time with them?” She teased and nudged her husband in the side. Bleak Claw just righted himself and fluffed out his feathers.

Discord sighed and looked at his sister. “No Misery, Fluttershy is my one and only.”

“Just keep telling yourself that Dissy, that princess was looking at you like she wanted you.” She teased more.

Discord’s eye twitched. “Twilight? No, I fully doubt that. Come on, dinner will be ready soon and I still have to make the sun set.” His sister still made him annoyed and what she was suggesting was ridiculous. “Twilight is just a friend. A best friend to Fluttershy, come along.” He strode out of the throne room past his sister and didn’t wait for her to follow him.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 41

Misery was looking at the shops in Canterlot, she really wanted to go to the castle and bother her brother. Bleak Claw wanted to find something for her though in the shops. So she let him lead her into shop after shop. She was getting tired though. She knew that Gryphons liked bright shiny things but he was putting a lot of gold baubles on her and it was weighing her down.

Bleak had another ring in his claw as he approached her. “This has sapphires; they shine like your eyes.”

“Bleakie, those are beautiful. Thank you, but can we go to the castle now? Please?”

Bleak Claw scratched his head slightly and tilted his head at her. “I just want to make you happy.”

“Oh Bleakie, you make me very happy.” She kissed him lightly on the beak. “I’m itching to tell Dissy about his LillyRose.”

“Oh! Dearest you promised her you wouldn’t tell him.” The Gryphon blinked.

Misery laughed. “I’m not going to tell him right out… I didn’t promise to not tell her mother and if Dissy is in the same room at the time then… oops.”

“I have married a truly evil female.” Bleak Claw shook his head as his feathers fluffed out.

“Yes, but I make things exciting.” They started walking to Canterlot castle.

Story: Paradox’s Despair – Chapter 40

Discord appeared again in the throne room. “So sorry about that.” He strode past Twilight and sat on the throne again. “You were saying?”

Twilight sighed. “I didn’t even get to say one word when the guard interrupted us and you just disappeared without saying a thing.”

“Twilight Sparkle,” He sat forward. “Tell me what is in that beautiful head of yours?”

She paused at his compliment. “Um…” She shook her head. “Celestia isn’t doing well, I was wondering if you are able to get me some of the Spring of Eternity’s water?”

Discord sat back as he sighed he closed his eyes as he remembered using the last of the water he saved on Scarlet Grace, hoping it’s powers would heal her partial blindness and deafness, it didn’t. “I’m out of the water. The fountain is all dried up.” He sat back up and looked at Twilight almost apologetically. “If you don’t believe me, we can go to the fountain itself.”

Twilight perked up. “We can do that?”

“Sure, but not today. I have a few things on my plate right now.” Discord sighed heavily.

Twilight suddenly noticed that Discord didn’t look as energetic as he usually was. “Are you alright?” She asked concerned.

He sat up further. “Oh yes, I am just peachy. Too much on my mind right now Twilight. I will feel better later.”

She sat there for a moment. “Do… you need any help?”

He looked at her and then looked at the throne room, where a line of ponies were starting to line up to have an audience with him. He looked back down to Twilight. “What do you know about politics?”