Story: Paradox’s Despair -Chapter 27 (rated NC-17 for naughty)


Lilly and Zero kissed under the willow tree and he pulled from the kiss reluctantly. “So where do we go from here?” he asked.

Lilly looked around and suddenly saw something across the field. She saw her brother picking a pony up? She blinked again and looked at Zero. “We go to my room.” she whispered. She put her hoof over him and clicked her tongue.

They were in her room. “I’m not going to ask you for anything.” Lilly stated as she walked to her bed, crawled in it and leaned back pulling her pillows around her.

Zero grinned as he approached her, “Nothing?” he asked.

“Nothing.” She looked at him with her crimson eyes as she snuggled against her pillows erotically.lillylove

He slowly got on her bed and looked into her eyes as he pulled pillows away from her. “If it is up to me …” he moved over to her “I’d just love to kiss and talk to you, get to know you more. You stole my heart, but we don’t know a lot about each other.”

She nodded as she watched him. “You can tell me about yourself. Unless you want to know more about me?”

“I’m rather boring. Tell me about your childhood Lilly.”

Lilly smiled. “My childhood,” she paused. “Thinking in the fact that my father is Discord, it was actually a pretty normal childhood. My mother has a lot of love, caring and understanding. It rubbed off on father and he loves us a lot. He says we are not villains, but having taken over Canterlot makes others think we are.”

He shook his head, “Luna is still in power, you and your family are more likely stewards than dictators.” Zero stated.

“I agree. I was the main catalyst in the banishment of corrupted Celestia.” She shifted uncomfortably on her bed as she moved over to have him settle next to her. “If I didn’t do what I did, Canterlot wouldn’t be here.” She smiled when he relaxed next to her on the bed. She leaned against him. “Back to your original question, Paradox and I are twins, we may not look it, but we are. He and I have a connection to one another. We were taught magic from our father and caring from our mother. We had our mother’s friends around often who were cheerful and always willing to help out.” She quieted down as she nuzzled Zero.

“So, it is true that Fluttershy tamed the Lord of Chaos?”

“Do you think it is wise to talk about your future in laws in that way?” she asked.

Zero gulped suddenly as he looked at her. “I never thought of it that way.”

“Our union up in the study. You know the one.” She said softly.

Zero nodded as he remembered her telling him to mount her and how good she felt, he suddenly got aroused as he thought of it. “Oh yes.” He grinned.

“It seems I was in season at the time; you are going to be a father.” She stated.

Zero blinked as the news sunk in. “I, but it was our first time.”

She smirked. “It only takes once. Father said he knew when Dox and I were conceived, it was the second time he and mother ever mated.”

“Don’t you find it odd that your father would tell you that?” Zero asked.

“No. Can you tell me a little about yourself?” she asked suddenly as if the news of her pregnancy wasn’t a big deal.

“You know that I was just your guard. I grew up outside of Canterlot my father was a farmer, mother was a great cook. I wanted to be more than a farmer, so when my cutie mark appeared after I saved my little sister from drowning, I knew my calling was to protect.” He looked at his cutie mark which was a plain gold shield on his flank. “I joined the ranks of the guards here in Canterlot, the odd one though since I’m just a mere earth pony. All the others are unicorns and Pegasus, but I made my way through the ranks to become one of the elite. Only to be fired by you.”

She laughed. “I don’t know how father found out about you. He made me fire you and I know why.” She moved her tail around him slowly.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because he knew it before I did, he knew I was in love.” Lilly blushed. “Ever since we mated all I thought about was finding the time to be alone with you. You were always on my mind and I saw you every day. Everyday standing there. Everyday being there to do what I ask of you. I wanted you. I needed to be held by you.” she pulled a pillow toward her and he pushed the pillow from her hooves and gave her a kiss. They kissed softly at first; his lips pressing gently with hers then slowly and firmly. She moved her tongue out slightly and he pushed more until his tongue invaded her mouth. The struggle of tongues as they fought to control the mouth one wrapping around the other in a passionate erotic kiss. She sighed as he kissed her passionately her body surrendering to his as he moved up against her. She moved her tail granting him what they both desired. He released her tongue and mouth as he moved over her body to rub his hard need up against her hot desire.

Zero pushed into her and he felt himself instantly in euphoria, she was as tight as before and he just loved the feel of her surrounding him. “Lilly… you are gorgeous.” he moaned as he slowly pushed deep into her; reveling in her heat and feel, losing himself within her.

Lilly gasped as he pushed deeply and she purred with the feel of him spreading her and filling her with his girth again. She let herself get lost in the sensation of him deep inside of her and her body vibrated with her desire. “Ah… love me…”

He moaned as he started to mate with her again, slowly as if to savor every bit of her and then a little faster as his cock started to throb and swell beyond what he could handle. He held back when he heard her mutter her need for love. “Lilly… I love you.” he replied as he felt his heart clench with the confession as his body ached for release.

Lilly felt tears escape her eyes as he told her he loved her and she panted from the feel of him pushing into her. Her body started to quake as he rubbed himself up against her need and she let out a gasp as her muscles tightened and fluttered in orgasmic pleasure. “Ooh Zero yes. I love you too.”

Zero gasped as she muttered those words and he couldn’t hold back as he flooded her with his own hot desire. He pushed as deep as he could and let himself flood and fill her. His body vibrating as his final deep thrusts delivered his need into her. “Thank you, Lilly for choosing me.” He whispered as he kept himself buried within and he nibbled her neck tenderly and lovingly.

Lilly and Zero spent the rest of the night together. She hadn’t told any of her family she had returned and she snuggled up against Zero. “I’m a bad daughter.”

Zero opened his eyes. “Why would you say that?”

“I returned without telling my family. I only thought of being with you.” She sighed as she looked up at him. “What should I do? Should I tell them or leave without them knowing I came back?”

Zero shrugged as he looked at her. “It’s all up to you my lovely.”

Lilly sat up and looked at him. “Let’s go.”

Zero looked at her confused. “Go? Where? How? If you didn’t notice I’m just an earth pony.”

Lilly grinned almost evilly; she licked her lips; as she did so Zero was watching her little tongue moving along her soft lips. Then she made a click with her tongue and Zero suddenly felt a tingle run along his spine and he looked at her. “What did you do?” He asked her.

Lilly kept grinning as she looked at him. “Oh if you don’t notice in a few moments I will tell you.”

He still lay back and shifted a little. “How come I itch suddenly?” He sat up as he suddenly had a great urge to scratch his back. His wings spread out as he tried to scratch his back. He suddenly stopped and looked at his… wings? “What? Lilly…”

Lilly grinned at him. “What is wrong?”

“Lilly, you gave me wings… I don’t know how to use them.” He moved one wing and it made him fall to the side. “Can you, turn me back?”

She shook her head. “No… I cannot. You’re stuck with them.”yougavemewings

“What?” Zero gasped as he stumbled out of bed with his wings waving a bit erratic. “But, I… Lilly I don’t even know how to fold them to put them against my body!”

Lilly approached him as she tilted her head slightly. “Look at my wings.” She stretched out her bat wings, showing the bone structure of them. “The bones know where to go… just relax them and they fold naturally.”

Zero folded his wings slowly and winced at the feeling. “Hey, it’s not that hard.” He then spread his wings out. “Wait a minute… Lilly, I’m too heavy to be a Pegasus.”

“You think I do half magic? I used chaotic magic on you; it usually does what is necessary.” She pushed him with her hip. “Now flap those wings of yours like me.” She flapped hers and she easily lifted off the floor.

Zero looked at her doubtfully as he spread out his wings and flapped them opposite of one another and he fell over onto the floor.

Lilly tried not to laugh as she helped him up again. “You are a soldier and a guard you know that you have to be organized and structured, think of your wings as part of a whole and flap them together.”

“You are tougher than the Captain of the Guard.” He muttered as he started to flap his wings in unison. He then was surprised how he suddenly lifted off the floor. “I can fly.” He said in shock.

“Of course you can.” Lilly giggled. “So are you ready to come with me to the gryphon kingdom to find my aunt?”

Zero stretched out his wings. “Alright, but are you sure you want to drag me along?”

“I’m sure.” Lilly smiled and gave him a kiss. “We’ll tell my family.”

“You are going to tell Lord Discord about us now?”

She smiled at him. “Yes. He needs to know that I am with some pony that can protect me.”

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